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Embrace Hearing

4.65 Stars (23 Reviews)
Updated: May 22, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Since 2011, USA based Embrace Hearing has sold high performance, state-of-the-art hearing aids online for about a third of the price local retailers charge. They buy high-performance hearing aids from the top manufacturers in the world and sell them directly to you. They put an emphasis on product quality, outstanding customer service and exceptional value.

Embrace Hearing

Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 4.8 Stars
Warranty 4.6 Stars
Price 4.8 Stars
Customer Service 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.7 Stars

Bottom Line

Embrace Hearing makes and sells custom programmed, state of the art hearing aids. Models start at $899 per ear and offers exceptional clarity, smartphone connectivity, and rechargeability.

23 Embrace Hearing Reviews

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5 Stars

September 18 2021 11:21AM

This is my second set from Embrace. I had another one before from another company but it was pretty expensive and Embrace was much cheaper and much better. When I don't have the hearing aids in, I can hardly hear anything, but when I put it in, I'm hearing everything. So, it's perfect.

I now can converse with people. I wasn't participating in conversations before because I couldn't hear without the hearing aids. It makes life better. I can adjust the volume by my own cellphone.

There's also a Bluetooth feature. You have to pair your hearing aid with your phone, and once the call comes in, it goes straight to your hearing aid. Also, my experience with the persons who I spoke with was perfect.

Michael M.
Valley Stream, NY
4 Stars

September 17 2021 6:30AM

Conversation has always been a problem for me if there's background noise. If there's no background noise, I could hear almost well, but I have trouble hearing my grandson because he didn't pronounce really sharply. I probably didn't hear 50% of what people were saying.

I have tried at least four different hearing aid suppliers before Embrace. Then I had an Embrace hearing aid for a while and it was alright, but it wasn't great. Finally, they stopped working. I contacted Embrace and wanted to see what it would cost to get them fixed.

They told me they had a sale on and that the newer hearing aids were more improved than what I had. So, I decided to go with the best hearing aids Embrace had and see how they worked.

My hearing aids now are by far the best that I had. I can really tell a difference. There are still times where I have to ask a couple of times what was said, but I probably hear 70% of what's being said in general.

I can hear the TV much better even with background noise. I just feel like it's too loud and it can be tinny. They're not perfect but the improvement is worth what I paid for it. I paid $2,500 for these hearing aids.

Embrace's customer service reps have followed up with me. When I call about something, they have the right person get back to me.

Even when I had the first set, they were very good about service and trying to find solutions. They can also adjust my hearing aids online somehow. I don't have to send them back.

Jay H.
Mount Arlington, NJ
3 Stars

September 14 2021 12:25PM

I have trouble listening to the TV and my wife would complain because I would turn the TV way up. Then I had trouble understanding some words because I'll back the TV up and watch it again, and I'm trying to figure out what they said.

Then I had another hearing test done. A lady was asking me questions, and I had to ask her a few times over and over, "What did you say? What did you say?" I could hear but I couldn't understand it.

The Embrace hearing aids helped. I don't wear them all the time. I do wear them when I'm in meetings. They're pretty good. I wish the battery life was a little bit longer.

Richard H.
Orange Park, FL
5 Stars

September 14 2021 12:15PM

Embrace Hearing was a lot cheaper than regular in-office providers. I got a reference from a family friend and it was a doctor who also uses Embrace. We have toyed with going to Costco for their service, but they're difficult to access. They're not near my office.

I have been happy with the customer service I've been getting from Embrace. Embrace has helped me to be able to hear. It's opened up opportunities that I did not have before.

Aharon S.
Spring Valley, NY
4 Stars

September 13 2021 12:34PM

After checking Embrace's reviews after doing some research, I decided they would be the best way to go for what I needed. Overall, the hearing aids worked exactly the way I wanted them to. It's just that sometimes the streaming isn't what it seems like it should be.

Eric L.
Grand Lake, CO
5 Stars

June 23 2020 7:06AM

I have severe hearing loss. I had 15% in one year and about less than 50% in the other side. The hearing test came up with exactly what I needed, and Embrace has done that. My girls got ahold my hearing aids and chewed them up. I went back to Embrace because I liked the first product.

They are rechargeable, so that makes them even nicer. I don't have to buy batteries. In fact, I shipped all the batteries that I had to my brother. He's using the same stuff, so it worked out pretty well.

The only problem I have is I can't keep them in my ears. I constantly have to push him back in. I've tried various things. And I've talked to somebody about the leads, and they informed me that I had the longest leads in industry.
So, if that has changed, and there are some longer leads available, I'd certainly be interested in that. I like the product a lot. I would certainly send a friend who needs hearing aids to Embrace.

Rich N.
Eagle, ID
5 Stars

March 14 2020 11:54AM

I have a mild hearing loss and another family member has Embrace so I got a set too. I’ve got the app that controls them and I’ve got it split so that I can turn it up in one ear. I have talked to their staff about that. They said to give it a little bit more time and then if I still want it done, I can send it back and they will permanently set that one volume on that one.

My only thing is the batteries die every week and I have to replace them. Other than that with Embrace, I can hear better. I don’t have to ask people to repeat things as much. It’s a good product and a good company.

David K.
Shakopee, MN
5 Stars

June 24 2019 11:19AM

I had significant hearing loss and I needed to replace the hearing aids that I was using so I decided to try Embrace. I needed to get hearing aids that were behind-the-ear type. I selected the color that I needed, I viewed them on my iPad and I picked a color that turned out to be wrong. It didn't work at all.

They allowed me to change color and I really appreciated that. I noticed there are some sounds that I do hear better. I have three settings. I complained about how that first setting worked because I couldn't tell which way first was coming from behind me. The second tier works the same way. But I've discovered that setting 3 works for me. So, I decided not to complain about setting 1. I think Embrace Hearing works for me because I have experience with hearing aids.

I chose different domes for my ears than what they originally sent me and that works okay. I would recommend it as far as the treatment that I've gotten. But I would be careful to recommend it to somebody that had never worn hearing aids before. I am completely satisfied with my Embrace. They're the last things I take off when I go to bed and almost the first things that I put on in the morning.

Herbert B.
Sun City, AZ
5 Stars

May 30 2019 9:32AM

I had moderate hearing loss. The price of Embrace hearing aids seemed to fit the quality of the item that I was looking for. Their people were very friendly and helpful. I got the one with the 12-channel feature and I generally hear a lot better. It’s a good balance. I know there are hearing aids out there with more channels, but I'm not sure that they would have made a difference, or I would have noticed a significant difference. I'm just very happy with what I've got. I'm hearing things I'm not used to hearing. I wear it first thing in the morning 'cause it's part of my routine, but I go exercise in the afternoon, and I take them off. And then, I can go the rest of the day without them and then I go, "Oh, hey, I forgot them." The other thing that would happen is I'm ready to step in the shower and go, "Oh, yeah, I forgot to take them out." That's basically my problem.

Rolland M.
Terre Haute, IN
5 Stars

May 29 2019 2:31AM

I had a perforated eardrum. I had surgery about 20 years ago and then, my hearing improved. The right ear has been a gradual loss. And then, what happened over time, after the surgery, which is common with that surgery, a bone in my ear collapsed almost completely and I had surgery last November to correct that. And I was hoping it would improve the hearing, but it did not. My doctor was quoting me for hearing aids but those were too expensive.

I started to research on the internet and on Facebook actually came across Embrace Hearing. And I just liked what I was reading about the hearing aids. And when I called Embrace, their customer service is wonderful, and I was impressed with that. And they were actually calling me to see how it's going once I received the hearing aids. I have zero complaints about any of their service. And the hearing aids are wonderful. They're very natural. The h-700 is not tinny and squealy. I'm not missing anything unlike before and I have recommended them to a couple of friends already and family members as well.

Josephine G.
Indio, CA
5 Stars

April 21 2019 9:09AM

I had a lot of questions for Tim, and he was excellent in answering all of the questions. I was impressed. After all my conversations with him, it made me finally decide to go with Embrace Hearing. The sound is a lot crisper. I highly recommend them.

Kirk B.
Burlington, WI
5 Stars

March 25 2019 9:19AM

I was told I had 30% hearing loss and I saw Embrace advertised on the internet. I read a little bit about them and decided to try one. I got the behind-the-ear type. I chose that because I didn’t like the one in the ear. It seems to work. It does most everything I want it to. I get, once in a while, a little wind sound in there, whistling in the ear. But other than that, seems to work fine. The biggest difference I noticed was when I’m watching TV, the volume was about half of what it used to be and people could hear what I was watching two rooms away and now, it’s down to normal.

Randy G.
Jefferson, WI
5 Stars

December 10 2018 8:04PM

I had seven-year-old hearing aids that was out-of-date technology, and I missed a lot of what was going on but with having Embrace hearing aids, it’s been better. It can pick up on a whole lot of what I was missing. And also, they were priced a little bit less than what I could get the high-end hearing aids anywhere in Little Rock, Arkansas so, I appreciated it. Everybody at Embrace was very nice and very timely in doing things. At first I had where you had full volume adjustment on each ear. When I got home, I decided that I would rather have one ear where it did the programs and then the other ear where I can lower the volume if I needed to, in case something was too loud. Since I've gotten that done, I've never changed anything. My unit has four different settings but I haven't used the other two controls.

John M.