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June 23 2020 7:06AM

I have severe hearing loss. I had 15% in one year and about less than 50% in the other side. The hearing test came up with exactly what I needed, and Embrace has done that. My girls got ahold my hearing aids and chewed them up. I went back to Embrace because I liked the first product.

They are rechargeable, so that makes them even nicer. I don't have to buy batteries. In fact, I shipped all the batteries that I had to my brother. He's using the same stuff, so it worked out pretty well.

The only problem I have is I can't keep them in my ears. I constantly have to push him back in. I've tried various things. And I've talked to somebody about the leads, and they informed me that I had the longest leads in industry.
So, if that has changed, and there are some longer leads available, I'd certainly be interested in that. I like the product a lot. I would certainly send a friend who needs hearing aids to Embrace.

Rich N.
Eagle, ID
March 14 2020 11:54AM

I have a mild hearing loss and another family member has Embrace so I got a set too. I’ve got the app that controls them and I’ve got it split so that I can turn it up in one ear. I have talked to their staff about that. They said to give it a little bit more time and then if I still want it done, I can send it back and they will permanently set that one volume on that one.

My only thing is the batteries die every week and I have to replace them. Other than that with Embrace, I can hear better. I don’t have to ask people to repeat things as much. It’s a good product and a good company.

David K.
Shakopee, MN
May 30 2019 9:32AM

I had moderate hearing loss. The price of Embrace hearing aids seemed to fit the quality of the item that I was looking for. Their people were very friendly and helpful. I got the one with the 12-channel feature and I generally hear a lot better. It’s a good balance. I know there are hearing aids out there with more channels, but I'm not sure that they would have made a difference, or I would have noticed a significant difference. I'm just very happy with what I've got. I'm hearing things I'm not used to hearing. I wear it first thing in the morning 'cause it's part of my routine, but I go exercise in the afternoon, and I take them off. And then, I can go the rest of the day without them and then I go, "Oh, hey, I forgot them." The other thing that would happen is I'm ready to step in the shower and go, "Oh, yeah, I forgot to take them out." That's basically my problem.

Rolland M.
Terre Haute, IN
May 29 2019 2:31AM

I had a perforated eardrum. I had surgery about 20 years ago and then, my hearing improved. The right ear has been a gradual loss. And then, what happened over time, after the surgery, which is common with that surgery, a bone in my ear collapsed almost completely and I had surgery last November to correct that. And I was hoping it would improve the hearing, but it did not. My doctor was quoting me for hearing aids but those were too expensive.

I started to research on the internet and on Facebook actually came across Embrace Hearing. And I just liked what I was reading about the hearing aids. And when I called Embrace, their customer service is wonderful, and I was impressed with that. And they were actually calling me to see how it's going once I received the hearing aids. I have zero complaints about any of their service. And the hearing aids are wonderful. They're very natural. The h-700 is not tinny and squealy. I'm not missing anything unlike before and I have recommended them to a couple of friends already and family members as well.

Josephine G.
Indio, CA
April 21 2019 9:09AM

I had a lot of questions for Tim, and he was excellent in answering all of the questions. I was impressed. After all my conversations with him, it made me finally decide to go with Embrace Hearing. The sound is a lot crisper. I highly recommend them.

Kirk B.
Burlington, WI
March 25 2019 9:19AM

I was told I had 30% hearing loss and I saw Embrace advertised on the internet. I read a little bit about them and decided to try one. I got the behind-the-ear type. I chose that because I didn’t like the one in the ear. It seems to work. It does most everything I want it to. I get, once in a while, a little wind sound in there, whistling in the ear. But other than that, seems to work fine. The biggest difference I noticed was when I’m watching TV, the volume was about half of what it used to be and people could hear what I was watching two rooms away and now, it’s down to normal.

Randy G.
Jefferson, WI
December 10 2018 8:04PM

I had seven-year-old hearing aids that was out-of-date technology, and I missed a lot of what was going on but with having Embrace hearing aids, it’s been better. It can pick up on a whole lot of what I was missing. And also, they were priced a little bit less than what I could get the high-end hearing aids anywhere in Little Rock, Arkansas so, I appreciated it. Everybody at Embrace was very nice and very timely in doing things. At first I had where you had full volume adjustment on each ear. When I got home, I decided that I would rather have one ear where it did the programs and then the other ear where I can lower the volume if I needed to, in case something was too loud. Since I've gotten that done, I've never changed anything. My unit has four different settings but I haven't used the other two controls.

John M.
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