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Updated: January 23, 2023
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EyeMed vision insurance provides affordable coverage to individuals and families with a network of more than 40,000 providers nationwide. EyeMed makes annual eye exams, glasses and contact lenses more affordable with benefits that allow customers to have healthy vision while looking stylish.

Eyemed Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Cost 4.6 Stars
Plans 4 Stars
Provider Network 4.8 Stars
Customer Service 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

Eyemed is one of the largest vision insurance providers in the country and has a provider network with more than 44,000 locations.

EyeMed Vision Insurance Review

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, regular eye exams are imperative. Getting the proper prescription for glasses or contact lenses is essential, but eye doctors can often make an early diagnosis of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and even seemingly unrelated diseases like diabetes. Having your eyes checked should be a regular part of your annual health maintenance routine.

EyeMed vision insurance offers three plans to take care of your eye health while staying on budget. We included EyeMed in our Best Vision Insurance Companies Guide because the company has the most straightforward online application process with transparent plan pricing and benefit information. The company is part of the Luxottica Group, which also holds Ray-Ban, Oakley and assorted designer eyewear companies as well as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and other eye care-related brands in its portfolio.


  • Three vision insurance plans to choose from
  • Easy online quote and application process
  • Extensive provider network
  • Mobile app and online tools to manage benefits


  • Not available in all states

EyeMed Vision Insurance Plans

EyeMed Vision Insurance coverage is available in three tiers to suit different needs and budgets: EyeMed Healthy, EyeMed Bold and EyeMed Bright. Each level includes an annual eye exam, eyeglass frames and standard lenses, optional lens treatments and contact lenses. Either glasses or contacts are covered each year, not both, which is typical with most vision insurance.

We compared the cost of EyeMed vision insurance across a few states and found no difference. However, the prices and benefits in the chart below may differ slightly depending on your state regulations.

Complete Family Coverage

EyeMed Vision Insurance Plans
Benefits EyeMed Healthy EyeMed Bold EyeMed Bright
Annual Eye Exam $0 copay $10 copay $10 copay
Frames 35% off retail $130 allowance $200 allowance
Lens Treatments* $55 to $135 $20 to $80 No copay for most
Contact Lenses 15% off retail $130 allowance
Monthly Rates
Adult + 1 dependent
Adult + 2 or more dependents
$ 5.00
Best For Basic Coverage Comprehensive Coverage

*Covered optional lens treatments are UV coating, scratch coating, anti-reflective coating and tinting. Other lens treatments may be available upon request.

Discounts from EyeMed Vision Insurance

If you pay for an EyeMed vision policy for a full year, you will receive 5% off the price in most states. The Bold or Bright plan provides a 40% discount off a second complete pair of prescription glasses and 30% off any item not covered by plan benefits. Finally, your EyeMed coverage can take up to 15% off the cost of LASIK eye surgery. Be sure to verify discounts with providers before you schedule an appointment to ensure they honor the cost reduction.

EyeMed Vision Insurance Provider Network

EyeMed Vision Insurance has an extensive network of over 44,000 locations with independent providers as well as well-known names in optometry such as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical and Contacts Direct. The EyeMed website has a provider lookup tool so you can find an eye doctor based on location, hours of operation, services, brands available and other factors. EyeMed vision insurance is not available in Idaho, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, and some counties in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Washington.

How to Buy EyeMed Vision Insurance

Signing up for EyeMed vision insurance is as easy as using the quote tool on the website or calling customer service, which is available seven days a week. Online quotes instantly create a personal account for you where you can review the quote, request a quote on another plan or apply for coverage. Quotes include full plan details and out of network benefits so you can make an informed decision before applying.

EyeMed’s online application process only requires basic information and takes just a few minutes to complete. Once approved, you’ll receive a member ID card and welcome kit. Your online account becomes your member portal where you can view and manage your benefits.

Using EyeMed Vision Insurance

EyeMed makes using vision insurance easy. You can book appointments at your convenience, and providers can look up your coverage without your member ID. When it’s time to get glasses, you can choose any covered frame.

You can shop for eyewear at a retail location, or online from, ContactsDirect, LensCrafters and other sites. Apply your in-network benefits at checkout, and you’ll also get free shipping and returns on any order.

EyeMed Vision Insurance Mobile App

The EyeMed Members mobile app helps you manage your vision care while on the go. This free app is available for iOS and Android devices, and you can use it to:

  • View a copy of your member ID
  • Look up providers
  • View your benefits
  • Set vision exam and contact lens refill reminders
  • Contact customer service or providers with two taps
  • Access exclusive savings and more

EyeMed Vision Insurance Complaints

EyeMed has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and was ranked third in Customer Satisfaction by JD Power and Associates in 2018. However, the company received some critical reviews, mostly about difficulty getting claims reimbursed and poor customer service. On Yelp, multiple ophthalmologists stated that EyeMed’s poor support made it difficult to serve patients effectively. TopTenReviews rates EyeMed 9.28 on a scale of 10, especially noting the affordability of the vision insurance.

EyeMed Vision Insurance Q&A

  • What sets EyeMed apart from other vision insurance companies?
    EyeMed makes vision insurance affordable and easy to apply for, and the coverage offers premium eyewear at a discount. EyeMed sponsors OneSight, an organization providing vision care to underserved populations around the world. Headquartered in Ohio, EyeMed also sends employee volunteers to provide annual vision screenings to students in Cincinnati area schools.

  • Is there a waiting period before I can use EyeMed vision insurance coverage?
    There is no waiting period, and you can begin using your EyeMed vision benefits as soon as the effective policy date, typically the first of the month following the date your application gets processed.

  • How do I submit a claim to EyeMed vision insurance?
    If you see an in-network provider, there’s no paperwork to fill out or send to EyeMed. If you go to an out of network provider, you’ll need to pay for service and then submit an electronic claim form for reimbursement. The claim form is available on EyeMed’s website, where you fill in the vision service details and attach your receipt to have your claim processed.

  • How much can I save on eye care with EyeMed vision insurance?
    You can save up to 71% when you get an eye exam, frames and lenses using EyeMed vision insurance benefits, although savings vary depending on a variety of factors.

  • Are there any vision products EyeMed vision insurance won’t cover?
    EyeMed vision insurance does not cover eye care products such as safety glasses or nonprescription sunglasses. Please review your plan details for a full list of exclusions as your state of residency and selected provider can impact coverage.


EyeMed vision insurance can help you and your family get affordable vision care. The company is known for its easy-to-use vision benefits with access to premium brands for less. You will get vision insurance coverage quickly with an EyeMed policy and access to an extensive network of eye doctors to ensure healthy vision for years to come.

18 Eyemed Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

January 30 2024 10:34PM

I agree with the previous reviewer that I met. Must be funding this website because there is no way that anybody that uses the insurance plan would have a good experience with it. It covers very little and never provides EOB’s. The customer service is terrible. It’s all through email and the responses are never related to my initial questions, I sent two emails asking for assistance to access my actual EOB and both replies were how to log into my account to see the EOB’s. All I can see is the date of service and the provider. There is no amount listed so for example both my exam and my lenses are from Target. I have no idea which EOB relates to which item/service.

Courtney D.
Milan, OH
1 Star

January 12 2024 3:27PM

Read on to learn why you don't want this eyeplan, with comments GOING BACK TO THE YEAR 2020. This website must be a paid shill for Eyemed. Don't pay for a yearly eyeplan to get their "discount", you'll regret it and wind up paying 300% more for a service you can't/didn't use. Want a legit discount? Go to a place like WiseEyes and pay out of pocket. You’ll save 90% of what you'll pay eyemed and walk away with a spare pair of glasses, and get legit customer service should there be any problems too.

Avoid all the Luxotica owned eyeglass stores like Pearle Vision, Lense Crafters, and the optical places in Target stores, you'll be funneled there because Luxotica owns eyemed and will deny claims, not honor covered extras, and literally charge you more out of your own pocket, like they did me, than what they charge regular retail for frames to people with no insurance. Like I said, read on and learn more....

Pat W.
Commack, NY
1 Star

August 02 2023 8:10PM

I do not understand how this site is giving them a four and a half star rating. I saw other customers that feel the same that I do where if I could give them no stars, I would! They are rip off, they are LinkedIn to LensCrafters and other high-priced glass places. I am canceling my insurance at the end of the year.

Marie H.
Owasso, OK
1 Star

February 24 2023 11:00PM

I'm a senior citizen on social security. My health, dental and eye insurance plan changed from AARP UnitedHealth to Kaiser. I called in mid July to cancel. I was told that day I was canceled and not to use Eyemed any longer. They didn't inform me or send me an email to double cancel.

They took my money for three months. I called eyemed and explained they said I needed to double cancel by phone and by email. I was never sent the email form to cancel.

I had to cut down on groceries for three months because they never did refund the 3 months payment they stole from me. Go with VSP. They will never treat anyone like this!

Sylvia P.
Modesto, CA
1 Star

October 29 2022 2:07PM

I bought some Rx sunglasses from Zenni over the summer because it was so much more efficient than going to the mall. Two months later I remembered I had Eyemed insurance and that had to be good for something, right?

I logged in and looking at the benefits, it appeared I should get an Out-of-Network refund of around $80. Definitely worth it, so I submitted an online Out-of-Network form. It created a claim on the website, but no email confirmation or anything.

Hmm. So today, around two weeks later, I go back on the website and the claim says "Processed" but there's no detail and no hyperlink to drill down. Not even a date that the status changed. I have no idea if they're planning to send me anything. And no contact information on their website.

I've never seen anything like it - no Contact Us or Help or Chat or anything. BTW - I happened to read an article online a few months ago that the owner of EyeMed, Luxottica, also owns LensCrafters, Pearle, Target Optical, and Sunglass Hut.

They also make the frames marketed as Rayban, Coach, Michael Kors, and others. So this insurance isn't really insurance when you use in-network providers - your insurance premium is actually buying a discount on their own products and services.

Which is a good incentive for them to make out-of-network claims too much trouble. Another situation where we're led to believe we have choices when we really don't :(.

Stephanie S.
Kingsville, MD
1 Star

July 29 2022 10:15PM

You cannot care about people you refuse to talk to, period. Get out of healthcare, get out of business, if you don't want to help or talk to your customers. ALL they want to do is create a cheap plan.. you get what you pay for. I will be petitioning my employer to get rid of your terrible company.

Nadia P.
Tampa, FL
1 Star

July 09 2021 3:20PM

Bad customer service. They don't have phone call, only chat. Imagine having vision issues and yet you have to chat and look at the screen! Was chatting with someone called Brittany W. today and before asking my second question she left. Do you call this support/customer service?

Asmaa A.
Mansfield, MA
1 Star

May 14 2021 4:52PM

It’s unfortunate to know that the Executives of EyeMed probably enjoy regular vacations in the Bahamas, since they obviously design their POS customer service system to frustrate clients to the point that they simply give up.

I’m not giving up, yet. I have to get my value out of this ** service first. But, as an employee of a company with over 100,000 and in a position where I contact hundreds of people every day, I’m going to use every opportunity in my power to make sure the executive ** at EyeMed lose as much business as possible.

I hope they die in horrible ways as examples of what should happen to the corporate trash that leeches off of the hardworking people they con into their product. Burn in hell...

Ogden T.
Dallas, TX
1 Star

March 13 2021 9:24PM

Tried to use my coverage for vision exam and was told the exam I submitted was not complete and would not be covered. Just a ploy with the explanation not to honor coverage. Stay away from these frauds as they take your insurance premiums and provide no services.

Bill H.
Belle Mead, NJ
1 Star

February 24 2021 8:29PM

I use Eyemed vision and I don't always get new glasses and I was this year is the year I tend to forget to use my benefits, so I spend hours on their provider website, find a pair I like and add the glasses treatment option that btw doesn't exactly match the benefits breaks down (just to confuse everyone a little more).

I get a total lenses + frame+ lens treatment for 255$, then I apply my vision benefit thinking I have a 130$ allowance then 20% off discount and 25% copay for lenses and couple other thing for lens treatment, after applying the benefits through the website, the total is 284$!!!

So it's like I have to pay to get to use my insurance. I contacted the website support and they told me it was the INSURANCE decision to no apply benefits to discount, frame and lenses were discounted.

I contacted the insurance. They replied this is what it is and that the decision they made. I'd say that any insurance trying to game their customer should be sued and shut down. With all the cheap online option eyemed should not even exist if they are going to game the system.

Aunss G.