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GoodRx Prescription Discount Card Review

GoodRx is an online marketplace for finding the best deals and discounts on prescription drugs. GoodRx shows you the lowest prices at participating pharmacies in your area, no registration required. You can save up to 80% on most prescription drugs at over 70,000 U.S. pharmacies using this service.

In addition to drug prices, GoodRx offers coupons that provide discounts well below the cash price for a prescription. You can print, email or text yourself a free coupon on the GoodRx website or mobile applications. You can also sign up to receive a free GoodRx discount card via mail by providing your name, address and email address.

  • Over 1,000 prescriptions for under $10
  • Exclusive discounts on online doctor visits
  • Prices may be lower than insurance co-pays
  • You can sign up for alerts to be notified when the price for your medication drops
  • GoodRx’s subscription program, GoodRx Gold has even lower prescription prices. You can try GoodRx Gold with a 30-day free trial (cancel anytime)

  • GoodRx Gold is not available at all pharmacies

How GoodRx Works to Cut Pharmacy Costs

We included GoodRx in our Best Prescription Discount Cards guide for providing great discounts. To find the lowest prescription prices, either use or download the mobile app. Then enter your ZIP code and medication to see a list of free coupons and pharmacies in your area.

You can compare prices and see how far each store is from your location without signing up for an account. However, setting up a free account may help you find additional savings through price alerts.

GoodRx Discounts and Coupons

You save money in a few ways with GoodRx:

  • Take advantage of free coupons by using the GoodRx website or mobile application. Simply text, email or print a coupon to show your pharmacist to get the discount price. You can also use the website or mobile app in the pharmacy by showing the pharmacist your GoodRx coupon on the website or mobile app.
  • Use these coupons as many times as you want for refills. You can always check GoodRx before each pharmacy visit to see if there’s a better coupon price available.
  • You can also sign up to receive a free GoodRx discount card via mail.

GoodRx Gold

GoodRx Gold helps you even more on prescriptions compared to or the GoodRx mobile applications. Discounts with GoodRx Gold can be up to 90% off the cash price.

The monthly subscription price for GoodRx Gold is $5.99 for an individual plan or $9.99 for a family plan with up to five people. With this program, you have access to over 1,000 prescriptions under $10. Generics have the best savings, but there are savings on name-brand drugs as well.

GoodRx Gold does not work at as many pharmacies as the regular service does. However, you can still use it at thousands of pharmacies, as well as many large chains like CVS, Safeway, Vons and Kroger. GoodRx Gold does not offer discounts at Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Publix or Walmart.

GoodRx Prescription Savings Programs
Benefits GoodRx GoodRx Gold
Free search for lowest prescription prices Yes Yes
Free coupons for prescription medications Yes Premium Deals Included
Savings off cash price Up to 80% Up to 90%
Discounts on No Yes
20% off diabetic supplies No Yes
20% off over 300 lab tests No Yes

GoodRx Prescription Discount Program Costs

There is no cost to use GoodRx to look up drug prices or find and use coupons. GoodRx Gold costs $5.99 per month for an individual membership and $9.99 for a family plan.

Where to Find GoodRx

Use GoodRx’s website or mobile app to take advantage of its discounted drug prices. The free mobile app is available for Android and iOS. Over 146,000 Android users and over 500,000 iPhone and iPad users have downloaded the GoodRx app.

GoodRx Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives GoodRx an A+ rating. Consumer reviews on the BBB site average to 3.25 out of 5 stars. Most negative reviews result from pharmacists erroneously claiming they can’t take the coupons instead of insurance. GoodRx customer service has addressed the misunderstanding. Many positive reviewers say they saved hundreds of dollars on prescriptions.

GoodRx mobile app is rated 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play and in the iOS App Store. The app is easy to use, and many consumers save substantial amounts by using it.

GoodRx Q&A

  • GoodRx Gold sounds great, but what if I decide it’s not for me?

    GoodRx Gold comes with a 30-day free trial. You can cancel GoodRx Gold any time by logging on online, calling or via email. To cancel online, visit your account page.

  • Does GoodRx only work with generic medications?

    GoodRx primarily offers savings on generic drugs. However, when you search for medications, there is an option to see prices for brand-name prescription drugs.

  • Is GoodRx health insurance?

    No, GoodRx is a prescription discount savings plan, not an insurance company. You can use GoodRx while you have insurance, but you can’t use both a GoodRx coupon and insurance at the same time.

  • Can I use GoodRx for pet medications?

    Yes, GoodRx can help you find lower priced pet medications.


Consumer reviews indicate you’ll love GoodRx, and it can save you a significant amount of money on your prescriptions. The product is easy to use and nearly every pharmacy in America takes it.

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January 06 2021 10:19AM

This GoodRx prescription is a great thing to have when you don't have insurance or just low on income because of your bills you have to pay. For me it's really helpful to me in so many ways...

I know that it's will help you out so much and you will not leave a Pharmacy mad, sad, aggravated, depression, think it's the worst of the worst about how high prescriptions can really be.... But I want to really say thanks so much for being here for me and helping me out.

Thomas D.
Jamestown, TN
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