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June 19 2019 3:21AM

When I was told I will need some very serious surgeries and will be homebound for some time, as my Kids said I need a Medical Emergency Alert Device that can notify them if I push the 911 button. I saw the John Walsh advertisement on Great Call Lively Mobile Plus Device that just came out.

So my kids got me one, connected to their smart phones to notify them when I pushed the 911 button, Great Call Promised it was Water Proof, has a Fall Detector, Emergency alert response etc. Well as we all now know that all was a total fabrication and not true at all. The Devices were removed from the store we got it from, so we called the company in Carlsbad, CA and learned the Device was in fact a Nonfunctional Device and would not help if we needed help. After having an incident and using the device prior to knowing the device is faulty and on recall, it did NOT work when I needed help, thankful for the Neighbor who heard my screams.

I can not ever recommend any Device from Great Call as they lied and continue to lie. I have every intention of filing or joining any lawsuits against these dishonest cheating companies.

Lynne C.
Las Vegas, NV
June 18 2019 2:18AM

As one who had first hand experience and know two people who work in the Reno, CALL Center for Great Call the New Mobile Lively Plus Device for Medical assistance does NOT work, not one of the many items the company says it can do, does not do, got several letters for some clients telling them to return the device. The device in the companies own words say "Safety Recall." The medical devices do not work. Never did yet the company sold them all over the USA, DEFRAUDING THE ELDERLY AND ILL, the device never was waterproof nor does it get any fall detection that works. Sent it back to Amazon who by the way took it off there site, due to defective device.

Karen S.
Reno, NV
June 17 2019 4:39PM

As a retired and ill person, I was told to get this Great Call New mobile Lively device, when I got it in April-2019 it never worked, I called customer service many times all I was told was to unplug it and turn it off to reset? Then is still did not work, a few days ago I got a call and then a letter telling me to return the device and not use it since it does not work and could be a health danger? They offered me a Best Buy fifty dollar gift card to satisfy me into not complaining then that offered me a Jitterbug NO Thanks to GreatCall I'm done with the lies and fake stories of theirs to try and appease us for buying a worthless device.

Kendra L.
Los Angeles, CA
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