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Harmar offers home stairlifts for straight and curved staircases. The company produces both outdoor and indoor residential stair lifts, and the brand is well-received by customers who appreciate its customer service and commitment to safety. Local dealers are available nationwide to help you buy, install, and service your stair lift.

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With seven stair lift models, Harmar has a stair lift that can meet almost every need. Harmar stair lifts are a great option for bariatric users or for customers who need fast, same-day installations.

From stair lifts to wheelchair lifts, Harmar helps make aging in place possible with accessible mobility solutions. Harmar has thousands of dealer locations across North America that provide home assessment services, installation, and routine maintenance. The brand stands out as a top stair lift company because its customer service is available before, during, and after the sale.

Every lift is weight-tested at capacity before leaving the factory. The company says it performs life-cycle testing that goes over and above industry guidelines.


  • Models support 250 to 600 pounds
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Stair lifts arrive preassembled for faster installation
  • Patented greaseless drive reduces maintenance costs


  • Stair lifts can only use Harmar proprietary parts
  • Prices not available online; must contact local dealer

Harmar Stair Lift Options

Harmar sells its products through local dealers that conduct in-home consultations and install the lift for you. Search for a dealer near you using Harmar’s online search tool. 

In addition to wheelchair lifts (discussed below) the company sells seven stair lift options: five straight (including an outdoor model) and two curved stair lifts.

  • Price: $4,000 – $9,000+
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: Yes, varies by dealer
  • Weight capacity: 300 – 600 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year, 3-year, or limited lifetime

Harmar Straight Stairlifts

Harmar’s Pinnacle SL600HD straight stair lift incorporates a patented helical worm gear drive, which translates to a smoother, more quiet ride. The greaseless drive requires little maintenance and is easy to clean. Capable of transporting up to 600 pounds, the SL600HD boasts the highest weight capacity in the industry.

The Pinnacle SL300 is Harmar’s most affordable and compact straight stair lift. All Harmar lifts come with safety sensors. If you want to increase floor space or minimize intrusion, opt for the automatic folding rail.

SL600-Folds as narrow as 10.5”
-Patented gear system for a smooth and quiet ride
-Low maintenance and easy to clean
-Up to 60 trips on full charge
-Great for long stairs (track length up to 70′)
350lb weight capacity
SL600HD-Track length up to 40′
-Patented gear system for a smooth and quiet ride
-Padded seat
600lb weight capacity
SL300-Track length of 15’6″ standard (up to 36’)
-Swivel seat at upper landing
-Up to 40 trips on full charge
-Safety sensors
300lb weight capacity
SL350AC-Adjustable backrest and footrest
-Mounts to the stairs (not the wall) 
-Controls at top and bottom of stairs
350 lb for 15’9″ track
250 lb for 15’10” to 25′ track
SL350OCOutdoor model350 lb for 15’9″ track
250 lb for 15’10” to 25′ track
Harmar Straight Stair Lifts: At a Glance

Harmar Curved Stair Lifts

Dealers measure curved staircases with a calibrated camera kit for accuracy. Though curved stair lifts often require custom fabrication, Harmar’s UP modular stair lift can be installed as soon as the same day. The Helix curved stair lift’s rail is welded for a smooth ride according to your stair’s configuration.

Up-Joystick remote control
-Auto-folding footrests and automatic seat swivel
275lb weight capacity
Helix-Can maneuver tight, 180-degree turns
-Rails up to 164′
350lb weight capacity
Harmar Curved Stair Lifts: At a Glance

Stair Lift Warranty

Harmar warranties vary by stair lift type. Its most comprehensive warranty is offered on the SL600HD: 3 years for parts, 10 years for the gear rack, and 1 year for the battery. 

All other models have warranties ranging from two years on parts to limited lifetime warranties.

Harmar Stair Lift Costs

Harmar is a manufacturer, so they sell their lifts to dealers throughout America. A Harmar representative told us that dealer stair lift pricing will vary by location and type of lift. Based on our analysis of other stair lift brands, you’ll pay between $2,500 to $5,000 for a straight stair lift and over $12,000 for a curved model. Harmar does not offer financing, though some dealers may offer rental programs that can make the cost of buying a lift more affordable.

Where to Buy Harmar Lifts

Authorized dealers located throughout the U.S. and around the world sell and service Harmar stair lifts. The dealer can help you choose the best stair lift for your needs, take measurements, provide quotes and answer any questions. Use the dealer locator on the Harmar website to find an authorized seller in your area.

Wheelchair Lifts

Harmar is a mobility assistance company, which means the brand also sells vertical platform lifts, otherwise known as wheelchair lifts. These lifts are a more compact alternative to ramps; Harmar’s HIGHLANDER II lift is 36 inches by 48 inches. Its lift can transport you and your mobility device up to 14 feet, providing access to decks, porches, second-story entries, and more.

Again, Harmar does not publish wheelchair lift pricing online, but pricing for other wheelchair lift brands ranges from $4,000 to $30,000, according to Retirement Living editorial team research. Your final costs depend on lift type, sizing, and travel distance.

Harmar Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Harmar an A+ rating at the time of publishing, thought the business is not accredited. Harmar addressed several consumer complaints that reference installation issues and delays in contacting service contractors for repairs. 

Because Harmar sells its stair lifts through local dealers who oversee the sales and service of its models, Retirement Living recommends asking who each dealer contracts with for repairs and scheduled maintenance before buying a lift.

Harmar Stair Lifts FAQs

Do Harmar stair lifts require regular maintenance?

Harmar designs stair lifts to operate trouble-free with little maintenance, but the company recommends you have the lift inspected for safety each year. Follow the maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual. 

Are all parts of a Harmar outdoor stair lift weatherproof?

Harmar’s exterior lifts are designed to withstand weather if you use the weatherproof cover to protect the device. Harmar outdoor stair lift remote controls are not weather-resistant. You’ll need to remove and store the controls indoors when not in use.

Does Harmar sell lifts for vehicles?

Harmar manufactures chair lifts, hoists and mobility scooter platforms for use with vehicles. These mobility devices are sold through Harmar authorized dealers, which you can find on the company website.

Where do I get help if I have a problem or question about my Harmar stair lift?

Harmar trains authorized dealers to assist customers with parts, accessories, product brochures, installation and technical support. You can also use the contact form on the website. Harmar customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

How quickly do Harmar stair lifts move on staircases?

All but one Harmar stair lift model moves the seat 20 feet per minute. The SL600HD is designed to carry up to 600 pounds at 14 feet per minute.


Harmar products are built with the latest stair lift technology, and with seven stair lift models, they manufacture a stair lift that can meet almost every need. Harmar stair lifts are a great option for customers who need fast installations or products for bariatric riders.

6 Harmar Stair Lifts Reviews

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2 Stars

July 19 2023 3:17PM

The lift is OK but they need to address a major problem. Anyone using this lift needs to be tall. My wife is on the short side and she can't get up onto the seat without using a portable step. The step on the lift is useless for her.

For the amount of money they want for the lift, it will not adjust to anyone but "average" size. Our installer told us that they have received many complaints about this. "Try before you buy" really applies here. Fix this problem!

R W.
Arvada, CO
2 Stars

March 30 2023 3:12PM

There were a few installation "hiccups" in that there was a missing part and there was no seatbelt, etc., but they installed the rail and the chair in an afternoon. Initially it was "solid" and it's not fast by any means, but reliable.

There were a few service calls after because the seat became very "unstable" on the lift mechanism - it has a LOT of play to the point now after a year, it's like a rocking chair.

No one abuses this chair - no kids or pets in our home. It became so unsteady that it's no longer used and the installer is now saying "it's supposed to be that way" - no, its not. Would not recommend this dealer nor Harmar at this point.

Sarah K.
Duncan, SC
2 Stars

March 08 2023 5:08PM

Had the lift for 6 months and have had 6 warranty calls. The seat was bent upon installation, there weren't enough brackets supporting the 18 ft rail which caused the rail to flex noisily. A second tech installed more supports and removed a bit of the track which took care of the flexing.

The unit has failed to work on several occasions for similar reasons and I would have to wait about a week for 101 Mobility to service it. I was told Harmar was the best lift on the market, but my experience differs.

I'm still fighting with 101 Mobility to replace the seat which they now say I damaged which is baseless. I weigh 80# less than the weight for which the chair is rated.

Avoid Harmarchairs and 101 Mobility out of the Cleveland area! I'm now going to demand this lift is removed and Bruno unit is installed.

James W.
Struthers, OH
1 Star

February 14 2023 8:19PM

Bought a chairlift model 300SL from Harmar. Hurricane damaged the power cord. Harmar won't sell parts and has no one that services the chair in our area. My wife and I have been left out in the cold and I assure you the company does not care. Sell it and forget must be their motto.

I would never do business with this company. Be warned. Use this company and be ready for extreme pain if you need help. If you think I enjoy doing this review you are incorrect. They are useless.

Peter H.
Sanibel, FL
1 Star

April 12 2022 4:35PM

Service impossible to get. Have spent 2 months trying. No direct service contact, just contractors with no interest in service--just new sales. Perhaps medicare would get more respect. Either way I still have no way upstairs.

Belinda F.
Elmore City, OK
5 Stars

August 25 2021 10:56PM

I purchased our SL-300 "used" from a private party in mid Dec. 2020. It has manufacture date of May 2020, so it was only 7 months old. I installed it myself after following the install instructions.

It has been used 4-8 times (up and down trip) daily since purchased, with absolutely "0" issues, ever! It is one of the best products I've ever purchased. My disabled friend was unable to use the stairs to her room when purchased, and this has literally improved her quality of life.

I was blessed to have this specific unit "fall into my lap" sort of speak, not realizing it is the most reliable and maintenance free stairlift on the market. Thank you to Harmar for helping to ease the struggle just to get around for the handicapped and disabled . -Steve A.

Steven A.
Bellmawr, NJ
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