How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost?

December 31, 2022

Stairlift costs depend on where you live, the manufacturer, the model, the stairway configuration, and the options you choose. Still, you should consider the investment carefully, as a lift is something you’ll use daily, and the lift must fit your needs to work effectively.

To help you determine how much a stairlift will cost, we gathered common features and add-ons that affect the final price. We also included estimates on the price to install and maintain a stairlift.

stair lift cost

Stairlift Costs Start with Your Choice of Base Model

A basic straight stairlift averages $3,500 to $5,500 installed, though higher-end models, or lifts installed on longer stairways, can reach $8,500. Curved stairlifts average between $8,500 and $14,000, but can exceed that number if the stairway is complex or the lift has custom. If sitting causes you a great deal of discomfort, standing stairlifts are another affordable option.

Cost of Stairlift Types
Stairlift Type Price
Battery-operated stairlift $2,900 – $7,900
Straight stairlift $2,500 – $8,500
Electric stairlift $2,000 – $14,000
Curved stairlift $10,000 – $14,000
Refurbished stairlift $1,000 – $10,000
Outdoor stairlift $5,000 – $10,000

Convenience Features Can Increase Stairlift Costs

Many stairlifts include comfort and convenience features that affect the final price. Swivel seats, safety belts, and a battery backup usually come standard, and upgraded stairlift technology includes customizable features that add to the stairlift’s cost. Some common stairlift cost factors include:

  • Lift-up footrests
  • Lift-up armrests
  • Speed control
  • Fold-up rails (manual or automatic)
  • Seats that swivel, collapse, or tilt
  • Obstruction detection
  • Harnesses and seatbelts
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Calling systems or handheld remotes

Beyond convenience, some home set-ups or specific mobility issues might require customization. Consider these factors when choosing a stairlift for your budget:

  • Outdoor stairlift: Installing a lift on entry stairways or outdoor patios is a great way to ensure mobility. Outdoor stairlifts require special materials and features to withstand various weather conditions.

  • Stairway configuration: Curved stairlifts are custom-made for every angle of your stairs, which makes them more expensive to manufacture and install

  • Number of steps: Most lifts can handle a track length up to 70 feet, but you’ll pay more per linear foot beyond the standard 14-step staircase.

  • Weight requirements: Basic and mid-priced stairlifts usually have a weight limit of 200 to 300 lbs. If you need a stairlift to carry more weight, you will likely have to buy a more expensive heavy-duty model.

What is the Cost of Installing a Stairlift?

Some stairlift retailers include the cost of labor to install the lift in the price tag, and a qualified dealer or manufacturer representative will install the stairlift for you. Installing a stairlift yourself is rarely a good idea due to safety concerns, so be sure yours is installed by a trained professional. The cost of the stairlift installation could tack another $2,000 onto the price of the lift.

stairlift installation

Source: Stannah

The installation process usually takes about three to four hours to complete. Stairlift rails attach to staircase treads, not the wall. Curved lifts are pre-measured and custom-fitted, so they’ll take about one day to install.

Electric stairlifts require an outlet. If you don’t have an electrical outlet near your stairs, you’ll need to hire a licensed electrician to install one. A qualified electrician charges $50 to $100 per hour. The job should take about two hours to complete.

Stairlift Maintenance and Repair Costs

Yearly maintenance checks: A qualified dealer or manufacturer’s representative will perform annual routine maintenance to ensure your lift is in proper working order. A yearly maintenance charge will run $100 to $200, or $70 per hour. Check your owner’s manual to see when your stairlift is due for service.

Some retailers provide a yearly lift maintenance program for an annual fee. Some maintenance programs also offer 24-hour emergency service. Ask your dealer or manufacturer for details. If your lift is still under warranty, contact the original dealer or installer for service, or call the manufacturer.

Cost of batteries: If your stairlift is not hardwired to an electrical outlet, it is battery-powered. These will charge when not in use and can work during a power outage; however, they require regular battery health checks and maintenance. Your service technician will inspect the battery; if it needs replacement, a new battery costs about $15 to $25.

Bottom Line

For many seniors, climbing stairs can become difficult as they age. A stairlift will help your loved one maintain mobility and independence in the years ahead.

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