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Humana Medicare Supplement Review

Depending on your state regulations, Humana offers Medicare Plans A through N, often called Medigap insurance. You can research all Medicare supplement plans Humana offers on their website by entering your ZIP code, and you can buy a plan directly off the site or from a local agent.

Now the third-largest health insurance provider in the U.S., Humana was founded in 1961 by David A. Jones, Sr. The company started as Extendicare nursing homes then transitioned into hospitals. Twenty years later, Humana joined the health insurance industry, and by the 1990s, the company left the hospitalization sector altogether. Today, the company offers Medicare supplement policies, Medicare Advantage plans, and Part D coverage as well as dental, vision, prescription drug plans, Medicaid and group insurance.

Getting around Humana’s website to learn about Medicare supplement insurance options and check rates is a simple process. We found competitive prices and did not have to enter any personal information to see quotes.

  • Easy-to-find plans based on your ZIP code and compare pricing
  • Research and buy online or meet with a local agent
  • Website offers extensive insurance information and health-related resources

  • No messaging customer service via the customer account portal

What Makes Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Different?

You can buy Medicare supplement insurance from many providers in your state, but a Humana policy includes some perks other providers don’t offer.

  • Discount for paying premiums automatically using electronic bank drafts or a credit card.

  • Silver Sneakers fitness program.

  • Access to a nurse by phone 24-hours-a-day.

  • MyHumana Savings Program with discounts on eye exams, contact lenses and glasses, over-the-counter medications, massage therapy, weight loss programs and more.

  • Access to Humana Transplant Centers to maximize benefits.

  • Secure online health record repository you can access via smartphone at medical and wellness appointments.

Humana Medicare Supplement Coverage

While Medicare supplement plans vary by state, policies are standardized into Plans A through N, adding various benefits to what Medicare provides. Humana Medicare supplement insurance plans A through G have limited out-of-pocket costs with higher premiums while plans K through N offer similar benefits with lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs. As with any insurance, all policies have exclusions and limitations.

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Source: Humana

We outlined each plan below, and you can read What Do Medicare Supplement Plans Cover? to learn more.

  • Plan A: Best for people who want more coverage than Medicare Parts A and B, but don’t anticipate using many healthcare services.

  • Plan B: Extra coverage for hospitalization.

  • Plan C: Pays Medicare deductibles or coinsurance for skilled nursing facilities, hospitalization, medical and hospital outpatient expenses, and payment assistance for medical emergencies when out of the country.

  • Plan F: Most complete coverage available with all Medicare supplement Plans A, B and C benefits. Plan F also offers a high-deductible option.

  • Plan G: Includes all benefits of Medicare supplement Plans A, B and C, and covers 100 percent of Medicare Part B charges except the deductible.

  • Plan K: Pays a percentage of your costs for lower premiums. Covers all charges after the annual out-of-pocket maximum.

  • Plan L: Covers a higher percentage of your costs with a lower annual out-of-pocket amount and out-of-pocket limit.

  • Plan N: Covers 100 percent of Medicare Part B coinsurance costs after a small copay for office and ER visits.

Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Cost

We used the quote tool on Humana’s website to get rates for a 66-year-old male who doesn’t use tobacco and listed the premiums from four locations around the country in the chart below. If we’ve listed no premium, the plan is not available in that state. We found some states with Medicare supplement plans not following the A through N designation, such as Wisconsin which has four plans: Basic, 50% and 25% cost-sharing, and High Deductible.

*High Deductible Plan F has a $2,300 deductible. No out of pocket maximums except Plan K ($5,560) and Plan L ($2,780).

Humana Complaints

Humana’s Medicare supplement insurance rates 9 out of 10 stars on calls the company one of the best health insurance providers with 9.7 out of 10 stars. Humana is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, which gives the company an “A+” rating.

The cumulative rating from customers is 2 stars with 262 complaints in the past three years. The low ratings are not specifically associated with the Medicare supplement insurance, and Humana responded to each complaint. On ConsumerAffairs, Humana scores an average 2 out of 5 stars as a company, but the consumer reviews do not focus on Medicare supplement policies.

Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Q&A

  • Are there any Medicare supplement Plans Humana doesn’t offer?
    Humana offers eight of the 10 medicare supplement plans. The company doesn’t provide Plan D or Plan M.

  • Is there anything Humana Medicare supplement insurance doesn’t cover?
    Medicare supplement policies don’t cover long-term care, like rehab services in a nursing home. There is no coverage for vision and dental care, hearing aids, private-duty nursing and prescription drugs unless otherwise specified.

  • How does Humana Medicare supplement insurance work with Medicare coverage?
    Medicare pays covered healthcare expenses first, then Humana Medicare supplement insurance pays all or part of the remaining amount, depending on your policy. If the bill is not paid off entirely at this point, you are responsible for the balance.

  • Does a Humana Medicare supplement insurance plan replace Medicare Parts A and B?
    Medicare supplement insurance does not replace Medicare coverage, instead, these plans fill gaps in Medicare Parts A and B. Humana Medicare supplement insurance pays for deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, so you pay less or nothing out of pocket for medical care. Medicare Advantage plans replace Medicare Parts A and B entirely.

  • What is the difference between a Medicare supplement plan from Humana and other insurance companies?
    Plan benefits don’t vary across insurance companies because of government regulations. The difference between Medicare supplement policies is in the cost of premiums and any add-ons the insurance company provides. Humana includes health care discount programs, 24-hour access to a nurse, a well-designed customer account portal among other benefits at no additional cost. We also found Humana’s rates to be very competitive.


Humana is a solid company to start your Medicare supplement plan research. The website provides easy-to-understand information and pricing to take the guesswork out of your search, and you do not have to enter any personal information on the site to get quotes. You can buy a plan online or schedule an appointment with an agent in your area. Humana licensed insurance agents are also available via the phone number on the site seven days a week from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Humana Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
January 10 2020 6:03AM

I'm sorry to hear those horror stories of folks who are getting billed. And they have a Medigap policy. You should not be getting bills. If that is happening then you should call the biller and ask if they have your Medicare I'd and they must know to bill medicare first and Humana second.

As long as every procedure/ visit/ surgery/ etc. Is medicare approved and you are in network with Medicare then humana will piggyback and pick up the rest of bills/ copays / deductible when it applies. For your medical visits. If your getting bills make sure it's a bill and not eob. Then call the biller and ask if medicare was billed first. And are they in network with original Medicare not with Humana. Never in network with Humana. Humana supplement policy is your secondary. I hope that helps.

Sarah L.
Las Vegas, NV
December 04 2020 4:12PM

You have indeed met your deductible and your benefits were applied, at this point however you've accumulated more than $4020.00 on your prescription and you've moved to the Coverage Gap (Donut hole).

While you're in this stage you will have to pay 25% of the cost of your medication and Humana will cover the remaining 75%. High deductibles over $100.00 to $270.00.

October 21 2020 4:57PM

Supplemental is good, I to had to call the biller and make her do corrections on her billings. All is good now. I have problems with Humana RX. The pharmacy has gotten me crossed with another client same name & same date of birth. It has been horrible.

They never sent a letter of apology. They never cleared it with Medicare. Medicare paid bills that were not mine. I had to pay .06 that was not mine or they would not send me my meds, because I had an outstanding balance.

Really! .06 Yep as soon as I paid it they sent the medicine. It was a totally separate charge for .06 lousy cents.

Linda D.
Harlingen, TX
September 09 2020 5:01PM

The rating system here leaves a bit to be desired, because I'd give different aspects of this insurance different scores. I have Humana Gold Plus (HMO) insurance.

I was looking for a policy that had drug coverage and was told by the agent that sold it to me that this was a Medicare supplement policy. The first time I went to use it for a MRI I needed, I was told that it was not a supplement, it REPLACED my Medicare coverage.

I was kind of unhappy about that, because it doesn't cover some of the things that Medicare does! Another thing I don't like is that every time they pay out or get a request from a doctor for payment, they send you more paperwork than any insurance company that I ever had!

Example: 6 pages, front and back covered, (12 pages) to tell me about the 4 prescription drugs I take every month. Thank God that you don't have to fill any of it out!

Next, I wanted to enroll at their website so that I could ask some questions about what would be covered on a procedure that my doctor wants me to have. It won't let me register.

You fill out 3 pages of crap and when you get to the end it says, "Sorry, we can't register you at this time, but our techs are working on it." This insurance does have some good points, but there are bad points to match every good one. Thus, I give it 3 (2.5) stars out of 5.

September 03 2020 6:45PM

My mother was hospitalized for 2 weeks. Her doctors recommended that she go to a rehab prior to going home to get leg strength back. Humana denied the authorization for rehab stating that that my mom wouldn’t get enough out of the rehab for how much it would cost.

The medical director from Humana was extremely hard to reach. My mom’s doctor called the Medical Director at Humana 3 times in one day and never got through for a peer to peer.

After speaking with several different rehabs in Virginia I was informed that Humana is notorious for denying requests. How can they get away with this? Humana also never sent an actual denial letter with patient rights for appeal which is against the law.

Christine L.
Charlottesville, MD
June 17 2020 5:16PM

My mother is 84 years old. She just had a triple bypass. Humana has decided that she no longer needs rehab after 2 weeks in... When I called humana the rep said that her Dr. had to say she was ready. Lie LIE LIE!! They told me in all honestly she is not ready. Humana's Dr. said she was. So it will no longer pay! All that will happen is she will come home, too early and end up right back in the hospital! I have never seen such BS ever!

They said that they go by medicares guide line... BS... Because when she had only medicare she was taken care of far better that now! They never questioned her Dr's and took care of what ever she needed. Yes we paid a small amount however we would have to pay out far more for care with Humana. Because now we have to find a way to pay a sitter and extra help. If you are wise and wont to help you elderly parents, Do not give them Humana!!!

Regina B.
Scottsboro, AL
May 28 2020 1:10PM

I enrolled in a Humana Medicare Supplemental Plan effective 3/1/20. I am being treated by my doctor for hypertension. My blood pressure had been reaching dangerously high levels regularly and my doctor was in the process of adjusting my medication and monitoring the effectiveness in 30 day intervals.

Almost immediately after enrolling in the Humana plan, the country was locked down for the coronavirus. As a senior citizen, our state, county and city put stay at home orders in place and my doctor's office called me to change my late March and April scheduled appointments to telephone consultations.

When I received by EOBs from Humana, I learned that they were not covering telehealth appointments and my claims had been denied. Several days ago I received an online survey from Humana that indicated that Humana had determined that they were going to cover telehealth appointments. I looked online to see if I needed to resubmit my claims and learned that the Humana decision was effective May 1 (effectively after most states had lifted stay at home orders) and that the Humana decision only applied to their Medicare Advantage customers - not their Medicare Supplemental Plan customers.

The reason they gave is that the Advantage customers are senior citizens??? This is not the only problem I've had with the plan. When enrolling I was told that the Silver Sneakers program was included in my plan, only to learn that was NOT the case when I received my enrollment materials. I also receive ** injections twice yearly for osteoporosis, most of which is covered by Medicare but Humana has yet to be able to tell me how to submit a claim for the remaining 20%.

When I phone, I am alternately told it is a medical claim or a pharmacy claim but nobody at Humana knows which or how to file using their forms. I can't wait for open enrollment!

Lee U.
Taylor, TX
October 15 2019 6:10PM

I have plan g and only pay 185.00 for DECT beginning of each year. I have had 2. Surgery and rehab has not cost a single penny. Also paid for all pain management. The best plan and answered all my questions would not change.

Alan N.
Port Charlotte, FL
September 13 2019 11:04PM

When I first signed up the program suggested seemed to be within my budget and paid most, if not all, of what Medicare didn't cover. Then all of a sudden things weren't being paid. When I called, and spoke with an agent, I was given a lot of doubletalk and a final statement that not everything gets paid that's why you have insurance. It's a gamble. It's there if you have a big expense. WHAAAAT? I've never had it explained that way. Why and when did payment procedures change. I'm really fed up!

Suzan M.
Irmo, SC
September 13 2019 11:04PM

When I first signed up the program suggested seemed to be within my budget and paid most, if not all, of what Medicare didn't cover. Then all of a sudden things weren't being paid. When I called, and spoke with an agent, I was given a lot of doubletalk and a final statement that not everything gets paid that's why you have insurance. It's a gamble. It's there if you have a big expense. WHAAAAT? I've never had it explained that way. Why and when did payment procedures change. I'm really fed up!

Suzan M.
Irmo, SC
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