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August 12 2019 6:38PM

Since I have become a member of Humana Gold HMO, I have gone from one shock to another. I am 75, f, very health-conscious, live without medications except for a small dose of Lexapro to calm me down between the ruthless, hidden billing from Humana and our country's demise. 1. My primary care is cold and detached 2. I receive bills for Xrays done in the office 3. I received a $210 additional bill from a specialist after just talking to him!! about an upcoming surgical procedure 4. I receive endless phone calls about all the great features Humana offers and none pan out. Just a lot of hype with endless hidden charges. The fact is, it is Sunday and I have to deal with unresolved issues and charges with Humana instead of enjoying my day. I am sure Humana thinks that they can convincingly make fake promises to those who may not be too sharp to see through this. I am also sure that the corporate Offices are enjoying their Sundays, bathed in luxury. This makes me really mad!

Christel M.
Tucson, AZ
May 08 2019 5:00PM

They refused surgeon recommendation for skilled nursing facility after surgery resulting in probable second surgery.. Humana representatives are not knowledgeable and surgeon tried repeatedly to make them understand to no avail... I have cancelled Humana and am interviewing alternative providers.. I would suggest you find a different supplement provider also.

Paul S.
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