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Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators

4.55 Stars (120 Reviews)
Updated: January 8, 2024
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Inogen® has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative portable oxygen concentrators used to deliver supplemental long-term oxygen therapy to patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions since 2001. They are a leading global medical technology company offering innovative respiratory products for at home use.


Editorial Breakdown

Price 4.8 Stars
Flow Settings 4.8 Stars
Battery Life 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

Inogen® designs and sells oxygen concentrators including two models of portable oxygen concentrators and one in-home oxygen concentrator. All Inogen® oxygen concentrators meet FAA standards.

120 Inogen Reviews

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5 Stars

May 30 2021 12:09AM

I sleep every night with my Inogen one. Recently I have been ill and have been taking an afternoon nap with my inogen one. My doctor has me on 2% setting. I am now at the point I have to call and the columns so they can be changed.

I live in a rural area about 100 miles from any large town and they don't service inogen products so have to rely on the post office, not good.

Beverly B.
Ennis, MT
5 Stars

May 29 2021 3:59PM

I have COPD and was tired of being hooked up to a large home concentrator and was able to purchase an Inogen One G-5. The convenience of having this portable unit gives me the assurance that I won’t have to lug a tank around or constantly Getting them filled. I love it.

Teresa S.
1 Star

May 27 2021 6:52PM

Bought a G4 last year & have had it replaced 3 or 4 times since they all started to make noise. We got a prescription for a G5 and for 2 weeks have been trying to get the unit (subsequently a G3) on a rental basis.

After signing the patient agreement on 5/13, giving our credit card #, having our doctor fax all medical paperwork, someone from Cleveland calls and says you are backing out of the agreement since you don't do business with HMO's.

Cannot believe this, and have talked to Michelle, Jessica, Sheree who (guess what) all promised a return call, but (guess what) we are still waiting for that call.

Michelle originally completed everything on 5/13, but she won't even return a call now. She was going to talk to her Supervisor last Friday morning and get back to me...still waiting.

Sheree yesterday was sending a note to her Supervisor (Barbara), who would then get back to me...still waiting. These people are all in the Intake unit. When confronted with a problem, their service stinks. We are done with Inogen....forever. Except for service on our G4.

Ken & Gloria R.
5 Stars

May 25 2021 4:40AM

My experience with Inogen has been excellent. I purchased my oxygen concentrator last year, when looking for a unit I could easily take along when traveling. It fits in my carry-on suitcase perfectly! It’s quiet and I’ve had no problems with it. I would definitely recommend Inogen.

Carol V.
Penryn, CA
1 Star

May 24 2021 11:40PM

Two portables died within three month of each other. Had to pay $240 for a new charger. First portable took weeks to be delivered so I was housebound. If I had been out when the portables died on me and would not charge batteries, I could have died from lack of oxygen.

Laura K.
Hartsdale, NY
5 Stars

May 23 2021 10:43AM

I love the Inogen! It’s much easier to take along than the cylinders. I had a part go out 9 months after having the machine (I’m sure it was just a fluke) but they sent me the part out immediately. Thank you Tom (the gentleman that I dealt with) and Inogen for making my life easier!

Cynthia J.
Middleburg, FL
3 Stars

May 23 2021 12:29AM

When I first contacted your sales representative and visited with his about getting an Inogen, he was told that I was on Social Security and that my primary physician had prescribed the product for me.

After several conversations he said it was ok to order the product direct from him and that I would be reimbursed for the transaction. I used my Visa credit card and paid the $2,495 amount for the machine.

I hadn't heard anything from my supplemental insurance of Medicare about the reimbursement. I contacted them and they said the claim was in the process.

This all transpired in October, 2020 and I have yet to receive reimbursement. although I contact them periodically.

It would behoove your sales representatives to let their Medicare customers know that the product should be ordered through a company who has a contract with you and not directly from you. I cannot afford to be out this kind of money.

Connie T.
Hermosa, SD
1 Star

May 22 2021 4:03PM

Worst product I have ever bought in my life! Batteries only last HALF the time they are supposed to, I still have to take a regular tank with me when I go to appointments because I’m fearful this machine will quit on me.

I tell EVERYBODY, total strangers, how this machine is junk and NOT worth buying! I have found a law firm that says there is a “lemon law” even for appliances and I’m listening to what they say. I spent $3,000.00+ on something I can’t rely on, money I didn’t have to spare.

Linda D.
Leavenworth, KS
5 Stars

May 22 2021 8:46AM

I am a CPAP user on pressure 9.5. I live in two place with an altitude of 6500 feet and 7300 feet. Occasionally, I find myself short of O2 using a pulse Ox and getting a 75% and pulse above 100.

I worked with my GP and I was able to purchase an Inogen Portable Oxygen generator. The sales person with Inogen was very good working through the system and the machine arrived in MT.

I can bring my Inogen with me as I travel from home 1 to home 2. It is light and moves from motel to car and back.

Last night, my CPAP machine started to fail and I was able to use the Inogen to get the Oxygen I needed through the night. I had another sleep apnea test and I am not a 11 pressured user. The Portable Inogen really came in handy then.

Jonathan P.
Colorado Springs, CO
2 Stars

May 22 2021 2:07AM

I am disappointed at the amount of oxygen it puts out. You can’t even feel it. I feel it was a lot of money for what you get. My caregiver also agrees. When I use my portable one, you can feel the oxygen right away. The price is too high for what you get!

Dianne H.
Corpus Christi, TX
5 Stars

May 21 2021 11:50PM

I was lucky enough to have a cousin buy me an Inogen machine. Now all I have to do is call them if I need some more equipment and I have it in two days. They are great at answering any questions you may have.

The machine is what I use every day. If I don't I can hardly breathe. I am impressed with it & the company. Great people work there. Thank all of you for making my life easier.

Diane R.
Sun Valley, NV
4 Stars

May 21 2021 10:29PM

Allows me to move around outside of the house more. Frees us up to travel more also. The only problem I experience is a lower O2 absorption.

I've been on continuous airflow (5 liter) and the Inogen on 5 liter isn't nearly the same as it only works from an inhaled breath. It's been very helpful for me.

Nayda S.
Three Rivers, MI
5 Stars

May 21 2021 8:18PM

I could not imagine living without my Inogen equipment! The base unit at my bedside is so much quieter than the rental companies and so compact. My portable unit is small and so very light.

We are beginning to see more and more people with the portable units in use as we are able to be out and about now (since we have completed the Covid shots).

Jeannie P.
Gainesville, FL
5 Stars

May 21 2021 4:32PM

I have not needed to contact customer support but the sales lady was very helpful with all my questions. Items arrived on time and in excellent condition.

Only problem was that I did not like the financial system they have up. I set it up so they would automatically take it out of my account. The second month I got an email saying that my payment was behind.

The financial system never took my payment out. I put it on my credit card and paid the financial system off. I can deal easier with my bank.

Kathryn B.
Logan, UT
5 Stars

May 21 2021 4:29PM

Living with the after affects of Covid 19 for several months and unable to adequately breathe I found Inogen to be a life saver. I was able to take this machine anywhere and breathe comfortably. My lungs are now healed and feel great thanks to Inogen.

Robert R.
5 Stars

May 21 2021 4:01PM

My experience with Inogen has been excellent. My calls are answered promptly and Dana, my Inogen person, is always helpful and courteous. If I have an issue it is addressed immediately and with understanding that having to go on oxygen 24/7 is very emotional for the customer.

Nancy D.
Saint Louis, MO
5 Stars

May 21 2021 3:53PM

The best Christmas present I have ever gotten. The Inogen has changed my quality of life! Thank you Inogen and my wife. The durability of this little oxygen generator is amazing. As careful as I try to be, it has withstood all bumps and bangs. True quality engineering.

John H.
5 Stars

May 21 2021 3:25PM

They were able to quickly and efficiently track down an expired oxygen concentrator prescription because the company had changed hands four times since my original prescription.

I’ve enjoyed my portable concentrator for almost 2 years and last week got the battery operated one so I can go camping off the grid and still get a good night’s sleep. Thank you.

Pam F.
Layton, UT
3 Stars

May 21 2021 2:52PM

Overall the unit performs well but if you are very active as I am it has some issues. I highly recommend you purchase the lifetime warranty.

I bought the complete unit with the larger battery, and extra large battery with the external charger and a backpack to use when we are travelling.

My battery life is good with no complaints, on a setting of 2 it will go over 10 hours. When I need to use it on 3 I can get 6 - 8 hours before I replace the battery. On two occasions I've had to use it on 6, at that time you need to plug it in, which we did inside the car.

In 18 months I've had to have the unit replaced 4 times, the charging connector fails and I can only charge using the external charger I purchased.

Other issues with my Inogen 1: 1. The air hose connects off of the top pointing straight up, this causes the hose to fold over and pinch off the air flow when the unit is hanging off your shoulder, you need to get thicker walled air hoses or devise a way to prevent this, otherwise the air supply is greatly reduced.

2. You need to make sure if you are in a car not to lay the unit down, it will overheat and shut down, we make sure our unit stays upright with nothing blocking the air vents.

3. If you purchase the external battery charger with battery adaptor it comes with a different power supply that is not compatible with the Inogen one unit. It also only has an AC charger so if you are on the road you can not charge your extra battery in the car.

Dana C.
Meadview, AZ
1 Star

May 21 2021 12:58PM

I was sitting in the dentist chair getting my last 4 teeth pulled. No beep. No nothing. I had a hard time breathing. I was just getting numbed up too. I grabbed my strap to El Machine. Brought it up to look at it. It quit working. It would start and die. No sounds. No warning.

Got up, went to truck, got Oxygen Tank and back into Chair. I called Inogen. Explained situation. It is 4 months old. Used 20 hours total.

You need that Cylinder Thing? What? It is sitting on the table. Give Me my Life back. 100 bucks for 5 years for crap? Sorry Y'all upset my Life Charles **.

Charles M.
Pittsburg, TX
5 Stars

May 21 2021 12:50PM

Living with oxygen can be difficult to say the least. Support is very important. With Inogen support is their middle name. The equipment is outstanding however, it's still only as good as the folks behind it and Inogen truly stands behind their equipment like I've never seen.

Not to mention the G4 is so light and is a powerhouse. The people the product are the best in my book. I'm even getting one for my mom.

Karl A.
Albuquerque, NM
5 Stars

May 21 2021 7:14AM

At first I could not get through to customer service. Posted online and a rep called me in a few days. All questions answered. Love my machine. Yes expensive and all accessories are too but have to have them if you want to be mobile. My Doc said Kaiser will reimburse me for cost. Time will tell.

Jo R.
CA Fairfield, CA
5 Stars

May 21 2021 2:56AM

It's so very nice not to be hauling tanks around while I'm watering my flowers. The ground is uneven and it's hard to get the tanks upright. My Inogen unit on the other hand hangs fairly easily around my neck and is no problem at all.

Lenora,Marie M.
Layton, UT
5 Stars

May 21 2021 1:57AM

Great company to do business with. Polite, very helpful, and extremely well versed on the various INOGEN products that they feature. We got the INOGEN-ONE-G5. I had the fortune to deal with Brianna ** who did a truly superb job. Thanks!

4 Stars

May 21 2021 12:58AM

The young man who helped me was knowledgeable and personable. I think he got me the best deal available at the time. I am probably going to need continuous rather than pulse oxygen soon. Is inogen looking into making this happen?

Judy M.
Troy, NY
5 Stars

May 20 2021 10:21PM

Inogen One G5 has been the perfect companion for me. It's so easy to use, reliable and travels well. The additional battery ensures I always will have a battery charge and I have the charger for the car for long trips. Inogen One offers freedom to live life I did before my breathing was compromised.

Janelle H.
Laughlin, NV
5 Stars

May 20 2021 10:10PM

Great company and product!! Has given me freedom to attend all the events and go to church on Sunday. My caregiver can take me for rides to the beach and we can go on adventures. Thank you for giving me quality to my golden years.

Alice M.
Bradenton, FL
3 Stars

May 20 2021 9:49PM

Unfortunately, I can't hook up a distilled water aeration bottle to my unit because it pulsates rather than continuous O2 supply. I wake up very dry every day. I should have kept the home unit and just used the Inogen on-the-go.

Christopher S.
Maple Shade, NJ
2 Stars

May 20 2021 8:41PM

Nothing but challenges. Purchased for my Mother. I thought this was the Rolls Royce of machines. Have had four replacements in a 6 month period!!! Not a happy consumer. Seems to be working now, but what if it fails again when she is out and about?

Gregg H.
Kihei, HI
1 Star

May 20 2021 8:05PM

It doesn't last very long even with the large battery. I've had to send 2 back that did not work. So I'm not incline to recommend to anyone or use. I have spoken to two different people. One was professional and one was rude.

Diane J.
West Covina, CA
4 Stars

May 20 2021 7:51PM

Made it possible to golf easier. The battery last long enough as to get around in. Presently on #2 LPM, at this time enjoying the freedom.

Only issue I wish as I was preparing the cost on what to invest, I wish they would have told me that the unit does not come with an external charger. And answer my questions about the batteries. Do they have to be drained before you recharge?

4 Stars

May 20 2021 7:48PM

Good when out shopping or walking, no tanks to carry or drag the large ones. Quiet operation. Adjustable oxygen levels. But need to have a better way of attaching nose hose to tank so it doesn't bend. I have juryrigged a system but should be part of the oxygen machine.

Judy D.
Pahrump, NV
5 Stars

May 20 2021 7:44PM

Love it but have one concern....I need a humidifier hooked up to it nose is getting all stuffed up during the night & it is keeping me awake...there needs to be some sort of moisture & I can't find any place to hook it up...please look into this & get back to me. Thank you Sandy.

Sandra C.
Montrose, CO
5 Stars

May 20 2021 7:25PM

Inogen is a life changer!! I recently retired; and this gives me the freedom to travel, and still be able to do things I couldn’t have done before without it!! Today I went with my daughter in law to a nursery to buy flowers to plant. I couldn’t have done that before. Thank you Inogen!!

Martha Peterman P.
5 Stars

May 20 2021 7:16PM

It has made life so much easier. I would recommend it to anyone. It works wonderfully, absolutely letting you do more activities. It means FREEDOM.

I had been using the old liquid tanks for years, now I'm able to get out without dragging around the heavy old tanks, thanks to INOGEN I'm free.

Dean S.
Burley, ID
2 Stars

May 20 2021 7:07PM

Can not get through online. Always extremely long wait times. Keep getting emails and calls for returning something but no details. Told to call back but again extremely long wait times.

I have a portable system I paid for and I tried to send emails that I am not sending back my paid for machine.

Janet J.
Las Vegas, NV
5 Stars

May 20 2021 6:53PM

Equipment dependable, quiet and easy to carry for my husband. He passed away February 19, 2021. Thanks for all of your support. He was very pleased with his Inogen equipment and I would recommend this product to anyone who need to be mobile and needs portable oxygen.

Rilla B.
Nashville, TN
4 Stars

May 20 2021 6:52PM

Having the flexibility/mobility of the oxygen is priceless. However, the batteries are a problem - I'm only getting two and a half hours out of a double battery fully charged.

Have tried five batteries in three different machines and cannot get the advertised four and a half hours from any of them - company has been alright about sending me batteries for trying but none have given the length of time suggested. Last time I called the company they didn't return my call.

Valerie M.
San Diego, CA
5 Stars

May 20 2021 6:51PM

Great customer service. Could use higher ox output. I would buy again. The machine could have ox stepped up to 6 or 7 lit output and be a bit lighter in weight. The tech Guy I spoke with was very helpful and got everything going for me. Thanks, Bob **.

Robert E.
Reading, PA
4 Stars

May 20 2021 6:49PM

The Inogen is a life saver. The only problem I have with it is that the oxygen cord crimps and my husband can’t get the oxygen he needs so dearly.

You can’t sit in a chair with the back pack and the Inogen on. If you do the Inogen will overheat and turn off. Once again you will not get any oxygen. Other than that the Inogen is fantastic!

Jack H.
Carleton, MI
4 Stars

May 20 2021 6:46PM

It has been great working with this company. I have enjoyed the liberty of being able to walk about 1-1/2 miles and not have to worry about running out of oxygen. I do have a question, though - how do we know when our batteries need replaced??

Leonard B.
Coraopolis, PA
2 Stars

May 20 2021 6:42PM

My concentrator, started showing it needed a column replacement after six months use. After I replaced the column, it started showing it needed a column replacement in a week, followed by low 02 and shutdowns. It wouldn't run more than 40 minutes at a time.

I was unable to contact Inogen because their phone system put me on long holds, often hanging up. Even when they returned my calls, they put me on hold. That's the same as not answering or hanging up.

Eventually they replaced the concentrator and then a battery went to about 40% or 50% capacity. I had the same problem getting it replaced. The product works well when it works. The products seem to be unreliable and failure prone.

Service and warranty service are virtually non-existent as their phone system puts us on indefinite hold.

I can not recommend Inogen to anyone, after my experience. Obviously they spent all their money on expensive TV commercials instead of quality control and customer service.

Charles B.
Borrego Springs, CA
5 Stars

May 20 2021 6:02PM

I have used Inogen for Myself and My Late husband, who supposedly did not meet criteria for oxygen when he was released from the hospital after having a Cabbage Bypass!

But he had oxygen in the hospital? You figure this one out? I rotated Inogen and the regular large oxygen tank in my home when we both needed it.

Nancy T.
Glenolden, PA
1 Star

May 20 2021 5:56PM

Your batteries do not function as advertised. Ex. Your 5 hour batteries lasts about 1 1/2 hours; your 3 hour batteries last less than hour. These were new batteries and they have been about the same sends recharging.

This a Is a great danger to people who need your product. I believe a class action case is in order against your Company. You greatly overprice your batteries as well compared to the many companies that use batteries in their power equipment.

Your advertising is very misleading and it shows you are more interest in large profits than helping the customer who need a reliable product.

Ronald D.
The Villages, FL
2 Stars

May 20 2021 5:37PM

Something is always breaking on the product and I have waited up to 45 minutes for someone to come on the line to help me.

Also some of the customer service people don’t know what they’re doing. One actually told me to turn machine off until they could replace it. Nice for someone who on co2 24/7.

Cheryl T.
Lancaster, PA
5 Stars

May 20 2021 5:36PM

Jeff ** was tireless in helping me obtain the systems that I enjoy & love today. He was professional, caring and knowledgeable. The system are both efficient, easy to use and meet my needs. I am a very happy customer.

Susan H.
Columbia, MO
4 Stars

May 20 2021 5:36PM

My experience to date has been good. The only improvements or suggestions I would make are: first, need to provide some sort of back up to lessen the chance that user could be left without O2 without requiring the purchase of a second/back up machine with enough time to get to a hospital.

(Carrying large tanks for back up at all times is not easy or convenient. A reasonable alternative would be to offer long lasting power units at a more reasonable price.)

Second, (and I am sure you are always looking for this) is finding a battery that once charged has a longer shelf life. BTW, I do not know the amount of time the large battery should work with a #2 setting and moderate walking?

I have been reluctant to stray from home more than two hours. We do have the charger for the auto in the auto but do not know if it can provide direct power to the machine if the battery gives out? Thanks.

5 Stars

May 20 2021 5:35PM

After having to use tanks and 50' tubing around the house as well as cutting down by one passenger my vehicle capacity (due to Tank). My Inogen has been God sent. It allows me to do chores around home inside and out without worrying about crimping hoses laying on floor.

I have the backpack carrier as well. This allows me to go out without the strap the comes with the basic carrier that comes with the unit. I LOVE THIS THING. Has given back a portion of my life I thought would be gone.

Raymond W.
North Lauderdale, FL
5 Stars

May 20 2021 4:58PM

They listened to my needs and made it worry free to purchase my Inogen. It has saved my life many times over the past year that I have been using it. I recommend it to everyone who indicates a need for additional oxygen.

Robert K.
Fernley, NV
5 Stars

May 20 2021 4:50PM

I purchased a Inogen for my almost 99 year old brother in 2020. He loved the machine in that he could unhook from the large house machine and even get outdoors and go for rides. Further he used it almost every day when weather permitted him to be out of doors.

My 90 year old brother has the machine now and we both highly recommend the Inogen to anyone who needs Oxygen. We would not be without it.

Arhur K.