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May 21 2021 7:14AM

At first I could not get through to customer service. Posted online and a rep called me in a few days. All questions answered. Love my machine. Yes expensive and all accessories are too but have to have them if you want to be mobile. My Doc said Kaiser will reimburse me for cost. Time will tell.

Jo R.
CA Fairfield, CA
May 21 2021 2:56AM

It's so very nice not to be hauling tanks around while I'm watering my flowers. The ground is uneven and it's hard to get the tanks upright. My Inogen unit on the other hand hangs fairly easily around my neck and is no problem at all.

Lenora,Marie M.
Layton, UT
May 21 2021 1:57AM

Great company to do business with. Polite, very helpful, and extremely well versed on the various INOGEN products that they feature. We got the INOGEN-ONE-G5. I had the fortune to deal with Brianna ** who did a truly superb job. Thanks!

May 21 2021 12:58AM

The young man who helped me was knowledgeable and personable. I think he got me the best deal available at the time. I am probably going to need continuous rather than pulse oxygen soon. Is inogen looking into making this happen?

Judy M.
Troy, NY
May 20 2021 10:21PM

Inogen One G5 has been the perfect companion for me. It's so easy to use, reliable and travels well. The additional battery ensures I always will have a battery charge and I have the charger for the car for long trips. Inogen One offers freedom to live life I did before my breathing was compromised.

Janelle H.
Laughlin, NV
May 20 2021 10:10PM

Great company and product!! Has given me freedom to attend all the events and go to church on Sunday. My caregiver can take me for rides to the beach and we can go on adventures. Thank you for giving me quality to my golden years.

Alice M.
Bradenton, FL
May 20 2021 9:49PM

Unfortunately, I can't hook up a distilled water aeration bottle to my unit because it pulsates rather than continuous O2 supply. I wake up very dry every day. I should have kept the home unit and just used the Inogen on-the-go.

Christopher S.
Maple Shade, NJ
May 20 2021 8:41PM

Nothing but challenges. Purchased for my Mother. I thought this was the Rolls Royce of machines. Have had four replacements in a 6 month period!!! Not a happy consumer. Seems to be working now, but what if it fails again when she is out and about?

Gregg H.
Kihei, HI
May 20 2021 8:05PM

It doesn't last very long even with the large battery. I've had to send 2 back that did not work. So I'm not incline to recommend to anyone or use. I have spoken to two different people. One was professional and one was rude.

Diane J.
West Covina, CA
May 20 2021 7:51PM

Made it possible to golf easier. The battery last long enough as to get around in. Presently on #2 LPM, at this time enjoying the freedom.

Only issue I wish as I was preparing the cost on what to invest, I wish they would have told me that the unit does not come with an external charger. And answer my questions about the batteries. Do they have to be drained before you recharge?

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