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Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators

4.55 Stars (120 Reviews)
Updated: January 8, 2024
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Inogen® has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative portable oxygen concentrators used to deliver supplemental long-term oxygen therapy to patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions since 2001. They are a leading global medical technology company offering innovative respiratory products for at home use.


Editorial Breakdown

Price 4.8 Stars
Flow Settings 4.8 Stars
Battery Life 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

Inogen® designs and sells oxygen concentrators including two models of portable oxygen concentrators and one in-home oxygen concentrator. All Inogen® oxygen concentrators meet FAA standards.

120 Inogen Reviews

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3 Stars

May 20 2021 4:47PM

It is louder than I expected, though quieter than the big cylinder I had to lug around before. Everyone is assigned an Inogen rep for questions, but mine left shortly after I bought, and though I read the entire manual, there were things I forgot -- like cleaning it regularly.

After a few months using it, I got "Oxygen Error" messages. I would turn it off for a while, then back on. Eventually, it would start working right again. This is a very handy little machine, so portable. But if I needed it to stay alive, I'd be up a tree. I'd need a standby.

So I would recommend that users have a traditional oxygen tank available if oxygen use is a life-or-death situation. I can go days without it, but feel better when I use it regularly.

Janice M S.
5 Stars

May 20 2021 4:43PM

I love my unit! It is so much easier than oxygen bottles. Light weight and easy to carry around. I sleep with it as well.

Great part is not having to deal with the oxygen firms bringing and leaving bottles all the time. I am also assured that I will never run out of oxygen as long as there is a plug to recharge.

Wanda B.
Corrales, New Mexico, NM
5 Stars

May 20 2021 4:36PM

This instrument is the Cadillac of oxygen machines. I used it when I go out and it also works in case of emergencies like the power going out. I love it. I would buy it again if I didn't already have one. It's a little heavy and I'd like to see it lighter.

Elizabeth R.
White Sulphur Springs, WV
1 Star

May 20 2021 4:33PM

The G4 works wonderfully when it works. When using the device the pulse of oxygen is great then, unaccountably, no pulse or weak pulse of oxygen, this may persist for several breaths, then resume normal operation for a few breaths.

Then it starts all over again. Very erratic operation for a device that costs thousands with batteries, etc. Customer service is extremely difficult to get through due to extended wait times on hold.

I purchased a new G4, customer service sends refurbished units that work even worse. I returned 3 refurbished units that had the same issue but worse. I received my original G4 in August of 2020 and used it occasionally when necessary.

By early December 2020, I was seeking help from Inogen. The people that finally answer are as helpful as they can be with a limited script and knowledge of the product.

Today I am stuck with a temperamental device of my original purchase that I gave up on attempting to get remedied to no successful avail. DO NOT BUY INOGEN!

Gregory N.
West Deptford, NJ
5 Stars

May 20 2021 4:29PM

Having a member in our family with severe asthma it's frightening not to have oxygen on hand ready to give at any given moment. I'm most grateful for Inogen's fast delivery for everything we desperately need to keep on hand. Thanks, ** family.

Debra/william M.
Thorsby, AL
5 Stars

May 20 2021 4:08PM

Great company, professional and caring customer service on the phone, online and the online app is amazing.

The pricing was better than other similar companies and being able to purchase, directly through them, was a big plus. The design features and variety of portable equipment was a special incentive.

Lea M.
Crestview, FL
4 Stars

May 20 2021 4:02PM

I really like my Inogen but if you tap it on side it shuts off. The system is light and works great. I have two batteries and can be gone 14 hours then I have charger for car. I use the Inogen for my primary oxygen. I have another system for bedroom.

Karen S.
Bluff City, TN
5 Stars

May 20 2021 3:55PM

I had avoided getting supplemental oxygen because I didn't want to be dragging those big tanks around. I met a woman at the store once who showed me her Inogen and showed me how compact it was and how it had given her back her mobility.

Flash forward a year. We found ourselves once again surrounded by encroaching wildfires. The air had become too smoky for me to breathe and we were trying to decide where to go. I called my doctor who told me (again) about Inogen. This time I called.

The service was amazing! I ordered the machine on a Thursday, they overnight-shipped it to me so it arrived on Friday night, Saturday morning I was reading the instructions and going through the training on how to use it and Sunday morning we evacuated our house!

We were able to go along the high elevations of Highway 50 across Nevada without the limitations of my lungs.

Whereas a year before we'd had to cut our trip short because of my breathing difficulties, this time we were able to easily cope with being evacuees as well as seeing a very beautiful part of the country. We ended up being gone for six weeks.

I was able to get additional tubing from the road by using Amazon and General Delivery. The unit is very light and the backpack carrier enables me to wear it on my back very comfortably--I even did a short hike. We were lucky--our house was spared.

Others were not so lucky. One of the few positive things about that time was that I was able to get the Imogen machine, learn to use it, have support at the other end of my phone when I needed it and manage a crisis without that horrible feeling of not getting enough air.

Patricia O.
Santa Rosa, CA
5 Stars

May 20 2021 3:45PM

I never looked back after purchasing my Inogen G4. It has allowed me more freedom and worry free comfort. I bought an inexpensive mesh backpack and go everywhere! My activities have returned more closely to normal. Well worth the money. Thankful.

Kristyn Laurel M.
Rochester, WA
2 Stars

May 20 2021 3:43PM

My Mom has had her Inogen machine going on two years. She bought right before Covid hit. About eight months after very little use it showed the columns needed to be replaced. You replaced them free of charge because they are to last between 12-18 months.

Because of Covid, quarantine and her breathing problems she was only out for doctor appointments or emergencies for over a year. One month ago the machine showed she needed new columns again. Less than 12 months of use on these!

You refused to replace them free of charge and she had to pay over $100 for them. Nothing has lasted like we were guaranteed it would. Her Inogen machine has had to be replaced also!

She wishes she had never bought it! Instead of stress free, it's very stressful for her. Would not recommend this product.

Barbara W.
Fayetteville, AR
3 Stars

May 20 2021 3:23PM

Your sales staff were REALLY awesome to work with as my mother purchased a portable unit. After she passed away I called back to the sales lady asking if there was a program to reuse or helping out someone in need of a portable air machine.

I was told she would look into it. I haven't heard from her since... I will reach out to a local Dr instead...

Dan H.
Thief River Falls, MN
5 Stars

May 20 2021 3:20PM

I had a number of good conversations on the phone with your agent (forget the name now) who lives in Texas. He guided me to get the Inogen 5. I have had it over a year. It needed new battery and I just needed it before the warranty - so I got a new one free! The product has worked well.

I have ordered a number of other ancillary products and am happy with it all. I am retired, 76, and have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

5 Stars

May 20 2021 3:15PM

From my first call inquiring about Inogen I was extremely well taken care of. My contact showed patience and understanding as I asked all my questions and expressed my frustrations with being on oxygen and feeling so restricted in my activities.

Once I received the unit, instructions were clear and contact with the Company was available for questions. It didn't take long for me to have my unit up and running and I went for a leisurely walk around the block.

Now I can go back to real retirement living without the worry of tanks running out or the need to refill tanks constantly. Headed next to MahJong.

Gayle S.
Cary, NC
2 Stars

May 20 2021 3:13PM

The worst investment I have ever made. Batteries do not last long enough for a dr appt. And if I need more oxygen doesn't go that high and wears battery that much faster.

A huge Waste of money. Not worth the price you pay and not helpful at all to help you with issues without spending another 1000. Sales rep just wanted the sale.

Carol K.
Fountain, CO
2 Stars

May 20 2021 3:12PM

Inogen has very poor quality assurance. My brand new Inogen that I paid $3,000 for out of pocket, came broken.

In a one year period I have had to replace the unit twice and I have had to replace parts that should not have needed to be replaced this soon. If you buy, you had better buy the lifetime warranty!

Linda T B.
Muscle Shoals, AL
5 Stars

May 20 2021 3:08PM

Love the machine, easy to use. Our problem is this is the 2nd one that we 'broke'. Problems 1- the air supply get cut off at 1" from the connection, it sometimes crimps over, cutting the supply off.

2- is user problems, I need the air 24/7 anywhere on the oxygen from 3 to 5, (which is wonderful that you can supply), but I get the hose caught and it goes to the ground, don't know if there is anything you can do. User error. But I can have mobility for my trying to lead a semi normal new lifestyle.

Harry B.
West Valley, NY
2 Stars

May 20 2021 3:05PM

I have INOGEN 4. Heats up quickly and alarm goes off with “system hot”. Alarm needs to be turned off for long time before cools off leaving me without O2 out in community. This unit gets too hot even in air conditioned room at Dr office.

Very disappointed in product and told can not get refund. Have replaced twice and told problem taken care of then overheats again sometimes even just 15 min after out of house. I Only use Inogen out in community.

Elsie T.
Albuquerque, NM
3 Stars

May 20 2021 3:00PM

I'm hard of hearing and often cannot hear the signals from the unit. When I set the unit down it sometimes turns itself off. I cannot hear it. Was in a noisy restaurant last week. Machine shut off. Was off for over an hour. I was sitting and didn't realize that it was off.

When I got up and took a few steps, I became dizzy and nearly passed out. The warnings need to be louder or at least adjustable.

Chris P.
Wichita, KS
2 Stars

May 20 2021 2:51PM

The equipment is great. I am now able to go out of the house without pulling a tank behind me. I felt freedom after being tied down for months. The only problem I have is the battery only last 3 1/2 hours to 4 hours. I was told I would receive a battery that would last a lot longer.

I got another battery that is exactly like the one I already received. I have called twice about this issue. I was told that the guy that sold it to me no longer worked there and that I got exactly what was ordered.

I tried to explain that the I had spoke with the guy that sold it to me and he assured me I would get the other battery after the first of the year. When I didn’t receive it I called and was told the above, lady was very short and I received very bad customer service.

I called back and spoke to a man who was nice and I received better customer service. He said he referred me to a supervisor and that she would get back to me.

Now it is a few months later and I still haven’t received any further communication from Inogen and I still not have the longer lasting battery. For the above reason I feel I was lied to and I won’t recommend this to anyone. This is why I gave it a bad review.

Joann F.
Keystone Heights, FL
5 Stars

May 20 2021 2:41PM

I love my machine, so light and easy to operate. I really like the battery life also. I have also upgraded the carry bag to the back pack, love it!!! So comfortable with lots of room for other stuff I may need for my trip.

Charles D.
Aurora, CO
2 Stars

May 20 2021 2:38PM

I bought a unit from you a year ago and tried to download on the app. & the registration number did not work. Not happy with customer service. Called the gentleman that sold it to me. Have never heard back from him? It would be nice to finish setting it up.

John M.
Charlotte, NC
4 Stars

May 20 2021 2:34PM

There’s one design flaw in the product that can be fixed with a simple torsion spring. The outlet for the air hose, located at the top of the unit, flexes and shuts off airflow in normal use. This could be fixed by a redesign or with a simple torsion spring.

Linda H.
Evansville, IN
5 Stars

May 20 2021 2:26PM

It's been great this last year being able to get outside with my G5 and not have any worries about a tank going empty or having to recharge for over 7 hours. I purchased a back pack so it stays in place and isn't swinging around my neck and shoulder like a pendulum and dead weight.

I can reverse the back pack to the front and drive my tractor or utv around on the farm. It's been good to me, Thanks.

Don W.
1 Star

May 20 2021 2:24PM

I bought the big batteries. They're suppose to last 6 to 7 hours. I went to Mayo in min. Went into clinic with it. Set on 2 and about 3 hours I was out of air. Battery was dead. One of the nurse said that's all the batteries are good for. There you are. No air.

Al S.
Chippewa Falls, WI
3 Stars

May 20 2021 2:24PM

The oxygen hose kinks too much. They need to fix this problem as soon as possible. Thank you very much and let me know when it is done. Please please please fix as soon as possible. This causes issues with the oxygen coming out.

Johnny D.
Marlinton, WV
5 Stars

May 20 2021 2:22PM

This unit has been a blessing for me. I originally had a unit that was the size of a carryon suitcase and weighed 24lbs! It only had a one hour battery life which meant that I was very limited to where I could go outside of my home. I flew to Texas and it was a burden to deal with.

When my sister met me at the airport she was shocked and immediately got ahold of my sisters and they purchased the Inogen G4. My life changed forever. My salesman was excellent and served me well! Company has been great to fulfill my needs! Thank you Inogen!

Eugenie L.
Morrisville, VT
4 Stars

May 20 2021 2:21PM

I was ordered Oxygen, but it did not alleviate my breathing problems, so doctor cancelled the order & Inogen in the trial period & all equip was returned to Inogen & debt cancelled! It was a nice unit & IF I ever have the TRUE need for oxygen, I will contact Inogen! TY, Cleta **.

Cleta B.
Iowa Park, TX
4 Stars

May 20 2021 2:19PM

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Inogen products I have purchased. The only reason I did not give a five-star rating was due to the high cost of accessories. The price of a car charger cord for my portable unit was $75+, which is excessive!

Johnny S.
Locust Grove, WV
5 Stars

May 20 2021 2:12PM

We love the convenience and reliability of the Inogen and the ease of mobility it gives Mom. If we have one thing to be somewhat critical of it would be the valve "pop" sound it makes as it cycles. I'm sure Inogen is working on that. : ) Mike **.

Michael K.
Verona, WI
3 Stars

April 16 2021 3:18AM

Spent a lot of money for the Inogen G4 portable for my wife Ann ** who had COPD and wears oxygen 24/7. Ann used the g4 off and on for two years, she has a larger inogen portable she uses when not at home using a home oxygenator.

We had to replace the column and the battery for the larger portable and it is still functioning after about five years, but the little portable we had just over two years has had new columns added but still show as error messages.

Inogen folks are nice but no help in getting the little portable fixed without spending lots of money for the repair. I would be better off buying a new one but it could fail also!

Love the larger portable but the small one is a money Trap for us. Customer care is friendly as long as we have repair money. Sad Times.

Robert B.
The Villages, FL
1 Star

January 30 2021 11:40PM

I bought the Inogen G one home unit for $2,500 plus I purchased a lifetime warranty for $700 and the Inogen One G1 stationary home unit has been horrible for my father and me.

He’s basically on life support at home and I have had to get 9 replacements because every month the Inogen home unit's motor just stops and then I have to call Inogen and tell them everything that happened and it takes a week for my dad to get his full amount of oxygen.

It’s like they keep sending me used machines and I bought a brand new Inogen One G1 home stationary unit for $3,000 including the lifetime warranty and I bought my father a Inogen One G5 portable oxygen machine for $4,000 plus $975 for 3 extra batteries and we’ve never had any problems with the portable unit except for replacing the columns with oxygen.

I give the Inogen One portable G5 unit, 5 stars, But the Inogen One G1 home unit I give less than a single star rating because my father shouldn’t have to suffer because the home unit keeps breaking down and won’t let my dad get his oxygen that I paid over $3,500 for.

I just wish I could get my money back so I can get a home oxygen machine that actually works more than a month. I am happy with the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen machine but I will never ever buy an Inogen One home stationary oxygen machine.

Has anyone else had the same problem with the home unit or did I just get ripped off and my dad’s suffering from it?

Edmund P.
Lodi, CA
1 Star

December 29 2020 8:45PM

This company Inogen is the worst and they lie and do not answer the phone. I called Medicare and they even tried to lie to the Medicare DME person who teleconferenced 3 way call.

Medicare told them that when a Medicare client told them that Inogen needs to pick up equipment they must follow medicare rules and pick up the equipment and stop making people jump through Inogen's made up requirements.

Frankly, I hope that Inogen will not be able to be paid for by Medicare. Inogen needs to stop lying to medicare clients. Liars. Medicare person was on the phone and was transferred 3 times so he understood what I was talking about.

Desperate T.
Denver, CO
Hi, we would like to apologize for your negative experience with Inogen. We’d like to learn more about your specific situation and make things right. If you wouldn’t mind giving us a call at 877-466-4364 at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to speaking with you. Best Regrads, Customer Care Center
1 Star

October 02 2020 4:12PM

This is the worst machine I have ever had. The g4 is just worthless. Don’t buy this product. I have never been this disappointed in a product like this in my entire life. They have the worst consumer service of any place I have ever deal with.

Doug O.
Powhatan, VT
5 Stars

September 15 2020 3:01PM

I owned the G3 and now the G4. I have my G4 going on 4 years. I had to replace the columns twice which is expected. It is a wonderful thing when traveling as I have difficulty sometimes in planes to breathe.

When I had the G3 TSA would always pull it aside and check for explosives. Never happened with the G4. It is a little noisy at night but I get used to it. People really need to do their research before making a purchase.

The portable units are not continuous flow. They deliver puffs of air according to your inhalation. They are meant for use on the go. If your nose is stuffed and you breathe through your mouth it won’t work.

If you chronic sinus issues and a stuffy nose, don’t buy a machine that will not work under those circumstances and then complain about the machine not working.

People don’t ask pertinent questions when making purchases. It’s like buying a stick shift car and then complaining that the dealer sold you it and all you can drive is an automatic.

You need to take responsibility for your own health. There is a magical thing called the internet. Use it. Research. Read before you make a purchase.

Basil R.
New York, NY
5 Stars

August 11 2020 9:35AM

This review is for the Inogen At Home concentrator. The unit has been outstanding over the last 3-4 years. It is well-built and dependable. However, everything needs maintenance.

I had safety lights lighting, indicating that something was not working correctly. I called and we troubleshooted the machine. I paid a reasonable price for Inogen to send me the two columns that were needed to get my machine back into its brand new condition.

The columns came with clear, simple instructions. I made the swap within 10 minutes. I highly rate the Inogen At Home and I highly rate the manner in which Inogen went to service my machine.

This would have cost much more had I been obligated to return the machine to Inogen. Thank you Inogen!

Robert K.
Portland, ME
1 Star

January 19 2020 3:45AM

Stay away from them. Bought 2 G5 portable oxygen machines. Both failed when they got hot after 45 minutes, the guarantee is a sham, went to american express in protest, I had a Phillips as a backup, or I would have died.. Again stay clear.

Plandome, NY
1 Star

January 14 2020 3:42AM

Worst customer service ever! Purchased a brand new G4 and it didn't work on delivery. Customer service sent out a new part... Still didn't work. When I said I wanted to return item for a refund it took multiple calls to get RMA number required and Inogen refused to pay for shipping. Sales rep was very prompt during the purchase and nonexistent when there was an issue. Buyer beware! I should have done my homework before purchasing to see all other similar complaints.

Tina C.
Lisbon, CT
2 Stars

December 27 2019 11:25PM

My father, 94 years old, a Navy Vet, purchased this machine and in less than a year had replacements sent over 5 times. Just called again today because once again this freakin machine not working.. This is such poor patient care, false advertising, and putting patients in a life/ death situation. You pay over $3 or 4 thousand dollars for a machine that malfunctions. Then you're told, "!e will send another out." but they don’t want to spend the shipping to have to you same day or first thing in morning and they send a refurbished one that again breaks down.

They sure took our money but definitely don’t honor their equipment. I filed a complaint with better business. These companies that play with peoples life’s need to be shut down. I’m in medical and it really pisses me off that people like this rip people off and have no care over patients. They need to shut them down and refund all these people that fell for their lies...

Paula Z.
5 Stars

November 25 2019 3:12PM

I would like to give kudos to an employee named Andrew. He was a perfect gentleman from the beginning of my purchase, to the follow up after receiving your product. His expert knowledge assisted me in getting a prescription from the pulmonologist, and expediting the product to my home. He took the time to make several calls ensuring that I was aware of the process, and where we were in the process. Thank you very much for all of your assistance.

Elaine H.
Floral Gardens, NY
1 Star

November 22 2019 11:53PM

Loved the machine, until it broke. Used it 2 months, sent it in for repairs, they have had it for three months. I call, and they say it will be done next week. I spent 4000 dollars out of pocket. DO NOT DO IT. I wish I could go on the tv and tell all about it!!!

Evelyn H.
Warren, OH
1 Star

November 13 2019 4:49PM

Read the other reviews, this is a horrible company to deal with and the customer service is atrocious. Still trying to get through the information phase and am actually glad we have not made a purchase from them and happy I am doing the leg work as I think they would have confused and taken advantage of my parent.

Matt M.
Richland, MO
1 Star

November 11 2019 8:52PM

Dont deal with this company, they are pathetic. They will send you bills and never credit you as they have a screwball invoicing system where they bill you for products that you are returning to them before they even get the product back, then they will start calling and bothering you. Also, I read where they are being sued because they lied to all the shareholders. Go elsewhere, there are plenty of reputable companies that are not as stupid as this one.

Thomas S.
Hemet, CA
1 Star

October 01 2019 2:08PM

The absolute worst experience I have ever had in terms of customer service. We purchased the G5 unit back in June 2019. It has NEVER WORKED. 14 phone calls over 4 months, 5 batteries sent, a new power cord- still doesn't work. They wanted to continue to "TROUBLE SHOOT." Finally they agreed it MIGHT JUST BE THE ACTUAL UNIT NOT WORKING (imagine that)!!

They sent a new unit 9/27... but not the G5.... they sent the G4! That was sent back with the delivery man as he has been witnessing all this unfold as well. Immediately, we informed the company that they made a mistake and sent the wrong unit. We were then promised an overnight delivery of the correct unit. Well.... it's been 3 days. No unit. I was finally able to speak with a supervisor yesterday, I had been told up until this point they couldn't "find" a supervisor for me to speak to! I was authorized a full refund- only to be informed WE pay for all of the return costs including the unit that doesn't work and 5 batteries that don't work.

****Here's the other part, they have the audacity to charge us a $99 restocking fee to restock items that don't even work!!! When I argued this point the customer service representative simply hung up on me. -Yes, hung up on me. I wish I was making this up. I cannot believe this company deals with the many elderly, those that are in a compromised state of health, likely living on SSI. This billion dollar company lacks integrity and is a complete failure when it comes to caring about the customers they serve.

My dad sold valuable items to buy this unit to be able to leave the house- to have somewhat of a life during his final years. He simply wanted to be able to see his grandchildren's sporting events. I cannot even tell you how many he has missed because of the situation. I think he has left the house maybe 2 times since June. He absolutely cant go without his O2 due to end stage COPD. What a disappointment. I urge everyone to reconsider before buying from this company. No one deserves treatment like this.

Joyce H.
Newton, KS
1 Star

September 19 2019 5:02PM

Unit does not supply enough oxygen in response to inhalation. Pulse detection and oxygen supply is inadequate. Oxygen drops to unacceptable levels, e.g. 79. Continuous flow maintains oxygen at 95-97. Operating setting is 4 LPM. Have exchanged machine 3 times with the same results. Nothing ever said about pulse inhalation detection not working for everybody. Stuffy nose, deviated septum, etc. apparently impacts ability to sense breathing.

On the last exchange, customer service tried to blame the doctor. By chance, encountered another user in the area with the same experience. INOGEN refuses to take machine back. I would think that a customer would have the right to expect a high quality, full functioning machine for $3,800. The sales people don't give you all the cautions about conditions in which it doesn't function adequately.

Brett B.
Rock Hill, SC
2 Stars

August 22 2019 6:33PM

Purchased G5 unit August 2019. Was never told that when first putting the unit in use, the patient must breathe into the cannula through the nose and out through the mouth several times so that the unit learns to mimic the patient's breathing. Was also never told that unit can't be placed on the floor of the vehicle or on the seat.

The unit runs EXTREMELY hot, so it obviously can't be placed on the lap or burned balls. They also never mentioned that there would be a restocking fee of $99. When connected onto the post on the unit, the tubing bends and air won't come out. If the user is used to a floor model oxygen generator, they will have to get used to only occasional puffs of air from the Inogen.

ALSO, the air will be dry--there is no way to add moisture to keep the air from drying out your nose. If you intend to purchase, you'd be wise to consider the foregoing VERY SERIOUSLY.

Antonio C.
Lutz, FL
3 Stars

July 30 2019 5:44PM

I purchased a 3G about a year ago. The good: Easy to travel with by air or car. Easy to carry on outings such as shopping, Dr. appointments, etc. The bad: It is not great to sleep with. Using pulse rather than continuous flow, you hear every puff, making it hard to fall asleep. If you are a shallow breather, or have a stuffy nose, it doesn't sense your breath and will alarm. You can turn the alarm off, but then you won't know when you are getting no oxygen. At home I use a continuous flow unit, but when traveling this is all I am able to travel with so have had many frustrating, sleepless nights as it would alarm when I nodded off and couldn't control my breathing. I can't speak about customer service as I have never called them.

Dorothy W.
Omaha, NE
1 Star

July 25 2019 9:46PM

I wish I could give a negative number rating.. Customer service is terrible.. Absolutely terrible.. The "chat now" feature ask name and email then says "someone will contact you"... There is NO email nor phone number for the corporate office.. I guess they are aware they have horrendous service and do not want to address it....

Erik W.
Volo,, IL
2 Stars

July 25 2019 1:35PM

The G3 is designed for very casual usage but not for serious O2 needs. It puts out less than 1 lpm regardless of the setting and simply does not provide enough oxygen for those of us who have 24/7 needs. I use mine strictly as a supplemental supply while I'm driving and have gone back to bottles for any type of activities. Because of it's rather extreme temperature sensitivity, I still have to carry bottles with me at all times. It was not worth the price. Had I know a year ago what I know now, I would not have given them my money.

Dan N.
Del Rio, TX
2 Stars

July 18 2019 11:49PM

Bad experience. Overall poor customer service. Equipment always breaking and shipping times is ridiculous. Sorry I spent my money on this piece of scrap. Helpful when equipment works. Cannot depend on the equipment to save my life. Never know when it’s going to quit working.

Brenda I.
Englewood, CO
3 Stars

July 16 2019 7:45PM

I am disappointed in having to have my machine sent back 2 times since June and that you are told it’s overnight shipping. It isn’t at least this time the representative told me it would take 4 days! How do they expect people to get along without their oxygen machines for that long?

Margaret H.
Pennsville, NJ