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May 21 2021 10:29PM

Allows me to move around outside of the house more. Frees us up to travel more also. The only problem I experience is a lower O2 absorption.

I've been on continuous airflow (5 liter) and the Inogen on 5 liter isn't nearly the same as it only works from an inhaled breath. It's been very helpful for me.

Nayda S.
Three Rivers, MI
May 21 2021 8:18PM

I could not imagine living without my Inogen equipment! The base unit at my bedside is so much quieter than the rental companies and so compact. My portable unit is small and so very light.

We are beginning to see more and more people with the portable units in use as we are able to be out and about now (since we have completed the Covid shots).

Jeannie P.
Gainesville, FL
May 21 2021 4:32PM

I have not needed to contact customer support but the sales lady was very helpful with all my questions. Items arrived on time and in excellent condition.

Only problem was that I did not like the financial system they have up. I set it up so they would automatically take it out of my account. The second month I got an email saying that my payment was behind.

The financial system never took my payment out. I put it on my credit card and paid the financial system off. I can deal easier with my bank.

Kathryn B.
Logan, UT
May 21 2021 4:29PM

Living with the after affects of Covid 19 for several months and unable to adequately breathe I found Inogen to be a life saver. I was able to take this machine anywhere and breathe comfortably. My lungs are now healed and feel great thanks to Inogen.

Robert R.
May 21 2021 4:01PM

My experience with Inogen has been excellent. My calls are answered promptly and Dana, my Inogen person, is always helpful and courteous. If I have an issue it is addressed immediately and with understanding that having to go on oxygen 24/7 is very emotional for the customer.

Nancy D.
Saint Louis, MO
May 21 2021 3:53PM

The best Christmas present I have ever gotten. The Inogen has changed my quality of life! Thank you Inogen and my wife. The durability of this little oxygen generator is amazing. As careful as I try to be, it has withstood all bumps and bangs. True quality engineering.

John H.
May 21 2021 3:25PM

They were able to quickly and efficiently track down an expired oxygen concentrator prescription because the company had changed hands four times since my original prescription.

I’ve enjoyed my portable concentrator for almost 2 years and last week got the battery operated one so I can go camping off the grid and still get a good night’s sleep. Thank you.

Pam F.
Layton, UT
May 21 2021 2:52PM

Overall the unit performs well but if you are very active as I am it has some issues. I highly recommend you purchase the lifetime warranty.

I bought the complete unit with the larger battery, and extra large battery with the external charger and a backpack to use when we are travelling.

My battery life is good with no complaints, on a setting of 2 it will go over 10 hours. When I need to use it on 3 I can get 6 - 8 hours before I replace the battery. On two occasions I've had to use it on 6, at that time you need to plug it in, which we did inside the car.

In 18 months I've had to have the unit replaced 4 times, the charging connector fails and I can only charge using the external charger I purchased.

Other issues with my Inogen 1: 1. The air hose connects off of the top pointing straight up, this causes the hose to fold over and pinch off the air flow when the unit is hanging off your shoulder, you need to get thicker walled air hoses or devise a way to prevent this, otherwise the air supply is greatly reduced.

2. You need to make sure if you are in a car not to lay the unit down, it will overheat and shut down, we make sure our unit stays upright with nothing blocking the air vents.

3. If you purchase the external battery charger with battery adaptor it comes with a different power supply that is not compatible with the Inogen one unit. It also only has an AC charger so if you are on the road you can not charge your extra battery in the car.

Dana C.
Meadview, AZ
May 21 2021 12:58PM

I was sitting in the dentist chair getting my last 4 teeth pulled. No beep. No nothing. I had a hard time breathing. I was just getting numbed up too. I grabbed my strap to El Machine. Brought it up to look at it. It quit working. It would start and die. No sounds. No warning.

Got up, went to truck, got Oxygen Tank and back into Chair. I called Inogen. Explained situation. It is 4 months old. Used 20 hours total.

You need that Cylinder Thing? What? It is sitting on the table. Give Me my Life back. 100 bucks for 5 years for crap? Sorry Y'all upset my Life Charles **.

Charles M.
Pittsburg, TX
May 21 2021 12:50PM

Living with oxygen can be difficult to say the least. Support is very important. With Inogen support is their middle name. The equipment is outstanding however, it's still only as good as the folks behind it and Inogen truly stands behind their equipment like I've never seen.

Not to mention the G4 is so light and is a powerhouse. The people the product are the best in my book. I'm even getting one for my mom.

Karl A.
Albuquerque, NM
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