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Kohler Walk-In Tub Review

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 68 percent of injuries in bathrooms take place while the injured person was bathing or getting in or out of the bathtub or shower. Kohler’s Walk-in tub offers convenient and safe bathing to consumers wanting to age in place or who have limited mobility.

Founded in 1873, the Kohler Co. evolved into a global manufacturing business. Producing a variety of goods such as engines, home interior products to name a few, Kohler is best known for its wide range of kitchen and bath products. Kohler Co. ranks #51 on Forbes’ 2018 list of America’s largest private companies and won many awards through the years for innovation, design and environmental awareness.

Kohler’s Walk-in Bath – its walk-in tub model– comes in a variety of colors, textures and safety features. The tub can be customized with specialty options such as a selection of bath walls and faucet finishes making these walk-in tubs attractive in the bathroom.

  • Quiet and relaxing spa-like experience
  • Fast-drain technology offers convenience and time savings
  • Quoted price locked in for a year
  • Industry-leading Warranty

  • No wheelchair-accessible or bariatric options

Kohler Walk-In Tub Safety and Comfort

The KOHLER® Walk-In Bath walk-in tub offers five industry-leading features to ensure your safety:

  • Low three-inch high threshold is the lowest available among walk-in bathtubs.
  • Two handrails located inside the tub and on the outside rim allow bathers to steady themselves while getting in and out of the bath.
  • Textured flooring is slip-resistant.
  • Extra-wide door with an easy-to-turn handle.
  • Ergonomic Control panel control panel easily operates jets and heated surfaces with the touch of a button.

While safety is most important, Kohler Walk-In Baths offer comfort features for a relaxing bathing experience to soothe aching joints and wake up tired muscles.

  • Hydrotherapy whirlpool jets massage back, legs, and feet while air jets create tiny energizing bubbles.
  • Adjustable heated surfaces for the neck and back with a heated extra-wide seat for comfort while filling and draining the tub.
  • Retractable hand shower with an ergonomic design and multiple water flow and temperature settings.

Kohler Walk-In Tub vs. Traditional Bathtubs

Kohler bath products are known for having a variety of designs, and the Walk-In Bath is no exception. From a classic, traditional look to a more contemporary and modern style, the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath offers several design options. Kohler gives you a choice of eleven color and pattern combinations for the LuxStone bath walls and two metal finishes for the faucet, in addition to a crisp white or a creamy biscuit shade for the tub. LuxStone is made of natural marble and durable fibers to create a surface that is stronger, more durable and won’t chip, fade or discolor like fiberglass can. Only Kohler offers LuxStone walls.

Kohler offers a video gallery on the website so you can see features in action. Take the innovative Interactive Tub Experience for a spin on the site, where you can create and view a 3D representation of your Kohler Walk-In Bath.

Kohler Walk-In Tub Advantages
Kohler Walk-In Bath
Walk-in Tub
Traditional Bathtub
Low 3” threshold Up to 24” tub wall to step over
Two safety handrails Limited grip areas, if any
Textured tub floor Smooth, slippery tub floor
Elevated seat eases getting out of tub Tub floor is difficult to get up from
Multifunction hand shower Standard faucet
Heated surface Cold surface
Hydrotherapy jets and air jets Standing water

Kohler Walk-In Tub Cost and Price Promise

Given the customer has many options for customizing the Kohler Walk-In Bath, the company provides no general cost information over the phone or on the website. To get pricing, submit an online quote request on the company site to schedule a free in-home appointment. Kohler offers a variety of financing choices like monthly payment plans and runs money-saving promotions from time to time.

At the in-home quote appointment, a Kohler representative discusses your needs and tub features and completes a 35-point checklist taking into account your plumbing, electrical and bathroom layout. The no-surprises quote is the price you pay for the tub, any optional upgrades, installation, delivery, removal and disposal of the existing bathtub, and the warranty. Kohler’s Price Promise makes the quote valid for one year from the day you get the estimate.

kohler walk-in tub

Source: Kohler

Kohler Walk-In Tub Warranty

Kohler offers a lifetime limited warranty on the Walk-In Tub, which is installed by a Kohler-certified installation specialist. The warranty guarantees your KOHLER® Walk-In Bath will be free of manufacturing defects for as long as you own your home. In the event a manufacturing defect does occur with any KOHLER® Walk-In Bath component, the repair and replacement are free of charge. This warranty stands out as it includes the pumps, motors, jets, bath door seal and the hand shower.

Kohler Walk-in Tub Complaints

ConsumersAdvocate ranked the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath first among all walk-in bathtubs, with an overall consumer rating of 9.9 out of 10. Top10Reviews notes Kohler Walk-In Baths are among the highest quality walk-in tubs you can buy. The Kohler Co. receives an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, indicating the company gets top scores in each of seven business quality categories.

You will find a number of positive testimonials in both print and video formats on Kohler’s Walk-In Bath website. Consumers particularly noted the safety and comfort features, attractive design, ease and speed of installation, and the confidence of purchasing a trusted brand.

We found very few complaints about Kohler’s Walk-in Bath but a couple mentioned having trouble getting their walk-in tub repaired.

Kohler Walk-in Tub Q&A

  • Does Medicare or health insurance cover a Kohler Walk-In Bath?
    Medicare and health insurance does not typically cover the cost of a walk-in tub, however, talk to your insurance company if your doctor says a walk-in bath is medically necessary. If you carry Medicare supplement insurance, check to see if you have coverage for part of the cost of a walk-in tub. There are other options for paying for a walk-in tub, including Medicaid if you qualify.

  • How long does a KOHLER® Walk-In Bath take to fill up and drain?
    Kohler Walk-In Baths come equipped with fast-drain technology, so the tub fills and drains within minutes. The time required to drain or add water depends on your home plumbing system.

  • How do I stay warm while the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath fills up and drains?
    Kohler Walk-In Baths utilize heated surfaces to keep the bather warm while waiting for the tub to fill or drain.

  • How many jets does the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath come with?
    The KOHLER® Walk-In Bath has ten adjustable hydrotherapy jets, six directed at the back and spine, two in front of the legs, and two behind the calves. Seventeen adjustable BubbleMassage air jets create thousands of tiny bubbles in the water to simulate a spa-like experience.

  • Do I need to hire a plumber to install a Kohler Walk-In Bath?
    The cost of a KOHLER® Walk-In Bath includes everything upfront, with installation, so there’s no need to hire a plumber. Installation is completed by a highly-trained Kohler-certified specialist, usually within one day.

  • Can I get questions answered about the KOHLER® Walk-In Bath before scheduling an in-home appointment?
    Kohler representatives are happy to answer your questions any time. Call the number listed on the website or use the online chat to get answers.


As retirees choose to live in their homes longer than before, bathroom fall injuries become more common. Several ways to prevent falling in the bathroom exist and the safety features of a KOHLER® Walk-In Bath can help you maintain independence while the tub looks attractive in your home. Creating the walk-in bath of your dreams using Kohler’s online 3D design feature is very useful, and it’s easy to schedule an in-home appointment to receive a quote that’s good for a year. The assembled-in-the-USA KOHLER® Walk-In Bath provides peace of mind with a safe and soothing bathing experience for years to come, from a highly trusted brand in business for 140 years.

To learn more and get a quote from Kohler, visit their website or call 888-392-4813

Kohler Walk-in Bath Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
May 28 2019 11:14PM

I have had my Kohler walk- In - bath for a few weeks, and it is everything the salesperson said it would be. He was very kind in answering all my questions. Installation was fast and completely finished and cleaned when the two gentlemen left. They were very friendly, worked constantly and were very organized. Thanks to all from the owner, the salesman and the installers for helping my life to be more comfortable.

Phyllis F.
Boone, NC
Kohler Walk-in Bath

Hi Phyllis, thank you so much for your kind words. We are so glad to hear that you had a positive experience with our local Kohler Partner, and that the Walk-In Bath has brought you more comfort at home. We hope you continue to enjoy your new bathing experience!

October 12 2020 1:27AM

We purchased a Kohler Walk-in Tub from a company called Get-A-Pro in the spring of 2019. We were told the tub was under warranty as long as we lived in this house.

Recently the drain lever in our tub started to sliding backwards causing the tub drain to close, preventing the tub from draining. We have to manually hold the drain lever open. I have tried numerous times to contact the company we purchased it from, to no avail.

I either get no answer or voicemail. I’ve left several messages but no one returns my calls. I’ve tried other numbers that I had on my paperwork, but those numbers have been disconnected!

I called Kohler Customer Service and they gave me a number to call, again I had to leave a message, but no call back! Where do we go from here? If Get-A-Pro is out of business, we expect Kohler to stand behind its product.

Patricia M.
Salem, IL
July 27 2020 2:27PM

My rating is strictly based on Kohler's price structure and I am submitting this rating to caution others about their scam.

I contacted Kohler directly who sent their install representative to my home for a quote during this months special of 50% off of the installation. The price quoted was over $25,000 for the tub and installation. The installation was promised to take one day only!

The $25k was reduced by a little over $5,000 meaning that installation would amount to over $10,000 for a ONE DAY JOB at the 50% discount. This puts the price of the tub I'd say between $12,000 to $15,000.

The Kohler rep would not tell me the cost of the tub when I asked but did indicate that a $12,000 range was normal. I cannot find a walk-in tub that expensive from Lowe's nor Home Depot. I found high end tubs for $5,000 +. Needless to say I am expanding my search.

I searched the internet over and over and never found a price for the Kohler tub only so I could get my plumber to install. So it appears that Kohler only sells the package deal, which is a no deal.

Bob B.
Terrytown, LA
November 06 2019 3:47AM

I talked with the NC Kohler representative Mr. **. He was informative and forthright. We decided that now is not the time to buy the tub. But likely we will use him when the proper time comes as I feel he is honest, has the ultimate integrity and does this business well into his late 60s due to love of the work rather than love of the money.

Leland, NC
Kohler Walk-in Bath

Hi Sheridan, thank you for your review! We are glad that you had a pleasant experience with your local Kohler Partner. We look forward to serving you in the future. Have a great day.

October 02 2019 4:46PM

Rosco takes your money then forgets about customer service. Certified installer. The whole process is not easy. Requires numerous phone calls. By the way get a man to call in for you it does get results. At this point! Wish I had never had it put in! Well after writing this I called Kohler directly. What customer service! I wish I could say the same about Minnesota Rusco (certified installer).

Angela O.
Winona, MN
Kohler Walk-in Bath

Hi Angela, we apologize for the experience you had with your local Kohler Partner. We have passed your feedback along to the dealer. We hope that your call with Kohler Co. provided the assistance you needed. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please call us. Thank you.

September 14 2019 5:44PM

The installer cracked my tile floor... he had a picture and said it wasn't cracked... so they didn't fix it. The picture showed a small crack but over time it has racked more. The installer brought his son to help him install it NOT PROFESSIONAL. 14000 thousand dollars... I paid to help my mom... now I'm regretting the purchase. The calking needs to be replaced again...I'm so not happy. Be careful... I wish I bought American standard instead!!!

Karen O.
Hope Mills, NC
Kohler Walk-in Bath

Hi Karen, we are concerned to hear about your experience with your local Kohler Partner, and we sincerely apologize for the damage to your tile floor. We have contacted the installers to remedy this issue and follow up with you. Thank you.

September 10 2019 4:25PM

We thought the walk in tub was a great idea when my father decided to purchase one. Dad has limited mobility. He can stand and walk for short distances but is not capable of lifting his leg up in to a standard bathtub. The issue with your tub is where do you put your feet to get the door opened and closed. The only way to get your feet out of the way of the door is to stand with your heels together in the back corner of the tub where the seat and the back wall meet. Then you have to stand like a ballerina with your feet at a 90 degree angle to each other.

Dad is just simply not capable of doing this as I'm sure most people that are looking at this option will be unable to do. After spending many thousands of dollars on your tub and installation my parents are left with a useless monument to good ideas but very poor design.

David S.
Wapakoneta, OH
Kohler Walk-in Bath

Hi David, we are sorry to hear that your father is having difficulty operating the walk-in bath. Our product designers recommend that he close the door while he is seated inside and his feet are resting on the area where the bottom of the seat meets the floor. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please call us. Thank you

April 30 2019 3:34AM

The company in Phoenix Ariz. fails to answer phone and therefore calls about service or questions go unanswered. I think a company that charges so much, needs to be able to communicate when called. I would not recommend this company.

Charles M.
Tucson, AZ
Kohler Walk-in Bath

Hi Charles, we sincerely apologize for your experience with our partner in Phoenix. We take these matters seriously, and have followed up with the appropriate salespeople and installers to address this matter. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

March 21 2019 7:03PM

We had a new shower, walk-in tub, toilet and floor installed. Five months and 3 days from start to finish before we could use the Kohler shower for the 1st time. The existing toilet, shower and tub was removed for 3 months. We could not shower in the master bathroom from August until after New Year. It took over 3 months before we could use the walk-in tub and no use of the previous tub, which had been removed. The workmanship by Bob and his son, also named Bob, was well done. Bob conferred with us in every decision that had options. Both were personable and respectful and their work was skilled and neat. But come on! It was supposed to be no more than 5-8 days. Neither the Kohler shower head nor the handheld shower is as good as what we had. No municipal permit mentioned in the contract and none was applied for, even though there was a 6-week interval between signing the contract and the initial date to begin construction. Due to the plumbing and electrical work it should have been obvious to the salesman to include this. Without the permits the Township said it could have become a problem on resale of the home. HomeSmart was in no rush to complete. We received apologies from the owners after the fact. Worst experience. There has been no resolution after 2 1/2 more months 3/20/19.

Marvin G.
Ocean Twp, NJ
Kohler Walk-in Bath

Hi Marvin, we sincerely apologize for the delay in service and installation for your Walk-In Bath and shower. We take these matters very seriously, and have contacted the Kohler Partner that was involved in your installation. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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