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March 12 2020 2:09PM

We are buying our adjustable bed made by L&P at a local family owned mattress company. We were told the mattresses and adjustable frame (L&P) would be deliverable in about 2 weeks,,, the mattresses were in within two weeks, we are now pushing 5 weeks with no frame and L&P rep telling our local store that it will be in such and such and day and each week it never arrives....its a customer service issue on the part of L&P....

My husband has health issues that prompted us to buy an adjustable bed to help him sleep better. A shame that a company of this caliber and longevity is not meeting the needs of a local family owned store meeting the needs of its community....L&P started out in the same manner....maybe they are valuing the big box stores more...I buy local and family owned as much as possible.

Leslie M.
Foley, AL
February 01 2020 6:52PM

Jan. 2020, We bought the Leggett and Platt adjustable base Designer Series D-222 Split King in 2015. As mentioned, it forms to positions fine when you can get it to work. The problem is it NEVER has worked properly. It also depletes batteries like crazy! It will pause and stay in that position for extended periods on the way up, on the way down or just not move at all. We've had to abandon our bed and sleep elsewhere on occasion because the bed will get stuck in a position and will NOT function with the remote.

At first we would contact the Service Department and they would run us through all the same routine to sync the remotes to the bases. Then they sent out fixes to try and even new controllers that meant tearing down the beds and lifting them to their sides to install. No change. After many calls to the Service Dept. we gave up. for the last 3 years we have just left the beds down and batteries out of both the remote controls and the 9v safety backups. Most expensive do nothing bed frames you'll ever buy!

Dean S.
Washougal, WA
January 23 2020 2:05PM

I just bought an adjustable base on 1/4/2020 and what a mistake. Its not working right and it's not making my body feel better at all. I tried to return it at Mattress Firm but wouldnt do that for us. Just a FYI for you. If you buy it you are stuck with it. I am going to make this a life purpose to tell everyone and then some NOT to buy one.

Danny C.
Holly Springs, NC
December 10 2019 7:28PM

I bought my base in 2011, replaced motor in 2014 and now in 2019, I am replacing it again And this time it cost me $213 plus $150 for a repairman to install the motor. The 25 year waranty does not include electric. I also had to wait 2 weeks for the part. I assume it is because that motor is often replaced.

Haskell G.
Greenwood, SC
November 26 2019 6:54AM

I've had the queen with adjustable and vibrating base for little over year and crap is happening. First the mattress is sagging on both sides and I feel the coils or springs or whatever it is inside and it not in line with a good night's rest. The base is now not responding to the wireless remote. I changed the batteries to brand new ones no help. I will do more troubleshooting when am not in so much pain. This is really not good.

Cayce L.
October 15 2019 12:19PM

I bought a mattress set from Mattress Firm in Texas in January of this year and bought a frame that is a Leggett and Platt frame. One of the legs of the frame has snapped or bent and seems to be a manufacturer defect as I have not done anything that would cause a steel leg to break. Mattress Firm told me that these frame warranties are handled by Leggett and Platt's warranty department and gave me the phone number to contact.

I have called three times and left sent out emails or pictures proving that the frame is bent over the past week. I explained to them several times I bought the bed because I was having Shoulder replacement and hip replacement surgery. I explained how difficult it is to sleep in the sinkhole caused by the bent frame. How much pain I am in.

After telling the operator I want to file a warranty claim. I have not gotten a response and I also emailed the appropriate people from the Leggett and Platt website where I also have yet to receive a reply. I am given the run-around that this takes a process and they will get back to me in 48-72 hours. In the meantime, I am in pain. I now just sleep on my mattress on the floor without a frame, which in itself is another health issue on my hips.

Andrea P.
August 13 2019 8:31PM

Super hard to get in touch with warranty replacement control cord for my Queen Motion Essentials 2 Adjustable Base. Been trying to get through for hours on end to no avail. All I get is a recording asking for me to hold because There is not enough people to assist or it's just a way that you are hoping we will go away and I might have to because I do not have enough enough battery life on my phone.

Livingston, LA
May 18 2019 11:43PM

This bed has been a source of almost daily frustration for me. First my mattress wouldn’t bend to the shape of the base. I was told by my salesman to jump up and down on it to break it in. I’m 62. I don’t need to be jumping up and down on my bed. Then the thing that is supposed to keep the mattress from sliding off keeps coming out of its holes. Every day I have to deal with the sheets and bedspread sliding onto the floor. Regular sheets won’t fit. I bought sheets with 18 inch corners. Still won’t stay on. Also once I get the head and feet raised where I want them the bed is 3 and a half feet off the floor. Wish I had spent the money on a comfortable recliner instead.

Shirley B.
Alvarado, TX
April 17 2019 2:10PM

I've had my S-cape adjustable bed for a month and I am loving it! I am retired so I find myself clinging to stay in bed longer because it is so comfortable. Even though I use the wireless remote, I had no problems pairing it to the bluetooth on my phone. My new bed is another item to assist me as I am living my best life!!

Gloria L.
Atlanta, GA
March 07 2019 7:36PM

The first bed was delivered damaged. They sent another one. It got stuck in the “up” position for days. My husband finally got it down. The remotes are temperamental. On my 3rd. The “WARRANTY” is a joke. I was told it was a 25 year. NO! It’s one year. By the time I got a “working” Bed. My year was almost up. The only thing nice about my experience was my technician. After a year “YOU” pay $.

Kel G.
Carroll County, MD
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