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Lexie Hearing aids combine cutting-edge technology, low prices and easy access to customer service. You’ll pay substantially less for Lexie Hearing aids because the company sells directly to consumers. Lexie offers a subscription payment plan to help make hearing aids, parts and maintenance affordable for just about anyone

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Lexie Hearing aids combine cutting-edge technology, low prices and easy access to customer service.

Lexie Hearing Aids Review

Lexie Hearing’s flagship hearing aid is the Lumen. This behind-the-ear (BTE) device is about the size of a paper clip, with six sound profiles you choose depending on your environment. The Lexie Lumen has dual microphones that focus on important sounds in front of you while filtering noise.

The hearX Group developed Lexie Hearing to provide affordable hearing aids with the latest technology. hearX conducted over 1 million hearing tests in 39 countries worldwide to help create low-cost, high-quality hearing aids. Lexie Hearing is based in DeKalb, Illinois, and Lumen hearing aids are manufactured in Minnesota.


  • 45-day free trial
  • Affordable subscription or one-time payment
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Save up to 15% on monthly subscriptions, parts or accessories with Lexie Rewards


  • No in-person support on weekends (available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST)
  • No rechargeable hearing aids at the time of publishing

Our Experience Using the Lexie Lumen & B2 Plus

Lexie Hearing offers a paper clip-sized behind-the-ear hearing aid. The Lexie Lumen may not be suitable for those who prefer the smallest hearing aids. The device is fairly inconspicuous, with clear tubes and tips. BTE hearing aids provide hearing correction for a broader range of hearing loss compared with smaller models.

Consumers get the most important hearing aid features with Lexie Lumen. Dual microphones filter out the clutter of background noise while enhancing what you want to hear. The telecoil clarifies phone conversations, music and other sounds. Although Lexie Lumen hearing aids are not rechargeable, batteries can last 36 hours or more, depending on use.

To learn more about our experience using the Lumen, watch our YouTube review. We also scored it across 10 different metrics, which you can see below.

We also spent two weeks testing the Lexie B2 Plus and scored it across 10 different metrics in our YouTube video below. The B2 Plus hearing aid is one of our favorite OTC hearing aids we’ve tested so far. It’s a BTE device with Bluetooth capabilities with control options via a phone app, which you can use to toggle between six different hearing profiles.

The B2 Plus’ standout features are its battery life and its connectivity. The Lexie Hearing app is user-friendly, and you can chat with a Lexie consultant directly through the app.

MetricLexie LumenB2 Plus
Product Quality109
Ease of Use99
Sound Quality89
Sound Profiles710
Size and Discreteness99
Tinnitus Management89
Overall Score8.19.3
Lexie Hearing Aids Scorecard

Lexie Mobile App

The Lexie app for Android and iOS uses Bluetooth connectivity to adjust hearing aid volume and other settings. Developers designed the app to be very easy to use, even for people unfamiliar with personal technology.

Download the Lexie app to create a custom hearing experience and to access these features:

  • Battery level monitor
  • Video calls to get help or to have an expert adjust your hearing aids remotely
  • A 2-minute hearing test with automatic programming based on results
  • Lexie Rewards goals tracker
  • Video and step-by-step tutorials
  • Help section

Lexie Care Support

Lexie Care provides customer service to ensure you can use your hearing aids to the fullest. The program starts with advanced support during the first 45 days, so customers can learn how to use and maintain the devices.

Hearing experts are available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. Contact them via the Lexie app or by phone. The mobile app also features self-help videos and illustrated tutorials.

Lexie Rewards Program

Lexie Rewards is a free, optional points-based program. The program awards you points for meeting goals that help you adjust to your hearing aids. Use accumulated points to get up to 15% off the monthly subscription rate or Lexie hearing aid batteries, domes, tubes and accessories.

Lexie Rewards sets goals customized to fit your lifestyle. Wearing goals are based on the length of time you wear the devices. Activity goals involve learning how to use Lexie Hearing aids and the mobile app.

The goals build on what you accomplished the previous week. If you don’t reach your goals, Lexie Rewards automatically adjusts the next week instead of increasing goals. You receive full points for achieving goals and partial points otherwise.

Lexie Hearing Aids Costs

Lexie B2 Plus (RIC)– In-app setup and customization
– Bluetooth
– 14 sound profiles
– Noise reduction and feedback cancellation
– Rechargable
$999 per pair
Lexie B1 (RIC)– Bluetooth
– Several listening environments
– Noise reduction and feedback cancellation
– Battery powered
$799 per pair
Lexie Lumen (BTE)– In-app setup and customization
– Bluetooth
– Six sound profiles
– Noise reduction and feedback cancellation
– Battery powered
$799 per pair
Lexie Hearing Aid Pricing

Lexie Hearing keeps costs down by selling hearing aids online directly to consumers. To relieve any concerns about buying online, Lexie offers a 45-day trial period with a full refund policy. The most recent data cited in a National Institute of Health Devices study notes that hearing aids purchased online performed well when paired with a smartphone app for customizing settings.

Under a subscription plan, customers access the following benefits run for two years :

  • Hearing aid insurance with free repairs and a $120 replacement fee for lost or stolen aids
  • Replacement batteries, domes, tubes and drying capsules delivered to your door
  • New hearing aids every 24 months with the latest technology and trends

There is a one-time $50 activation fee for the subscription, and you can cancel anytime and return the hearing aids.

How to Buy Lexie Hearing Aids

You can buy Lexie hearing aids online. Choose either gray, beige, or silver aids and provide contact and credit card information to complete the order. At the time we researched the company, Lexie Hearing was not offering any financing. Medicare does not pay for hearing aids.

Whether you enroll in the subscription plan or pay upfront for Lexie Hearing aids, you get a 45-day risk-free trial with a full refund if the devices don’t work for you. Subscription refunds in the trial period include the activation fee. Try the hearing aids for at least 21 days to ensure you have a chance to adapt to wearing them.

Lexie Hearing Complaints

Lexie Hearing is a new company with few online reviews. Lexie Hearing has no Better Business Bureau rating, but the BBB gives the Lumen hearing aid manufacturer, IntriCon, an A+ rating. The company has a 5-star Trustpilot rating.

Hearing Tracker published a positive review. Hear Soundly raves about the Lexie Lumen, noting extremely comfortable wear, natural sound production and a true value for the cost. We found no complaints from Lexie Hearing customers.


Is Lexie Lumen a hearing aid, or an amplifier?

Lexie Lumen is a behind-the-ear hearing aid. Hearing amplifiers are often sold online at a low cost. Lexie Hearing’s device is a hearing aid with noise reduction and other features an amplifier can’t provide. Lexie Lumen is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Communications Commission and is HIPAA-verified.

Will I get the same Lexie Rewards points if I only need one hearing aid?

Up to 9,000 Lexie Rewards points are available if you need one hearing aid. Most customers use two hearing aids and are eligible to accumulate up to 12,000 points.

Does Lexie Hearing sell more than one hearing aid model?

Lexie Hearing currently only sells the Lumen but could sell other models down the road. The company continues to seek out quality hearing technology at a reasonable cost.

Will I get the same Lexie Rewards points if I only need one hearing aid?

Up to 9,000 Lexie Rewards points are available if you need one hearing aid. Most customers use two hearing aids and are eligible to accumulate up to 12,000 points.

Do I have to use a cellphone to wear Lexie Hearing aids?

Although Lumen hearing aids allow you to control volume and select hearing programs, you need to use the Lexie mobile app. You can also access Lexie Care and other features on most iOS or Android phones or tablets.

Can I try Lexie Hearing aids before I buy them?

Lexie Hearing aids are only available online. Although you can’t try the devices before you buy them, you will get your money back if you return them within 45 days after delivery.


If you aren’t partial to hearing aids that fit directly in the ear canal, using Lexie Hearing aids will save you a substantial amount of money. Lexie Lumen devices are produced and sold by companies with a history in hearing technology design. The hearing aids have the right mix of technology without bells and whistles you probably won’t miss. The subscription model makes Lexie Hearing aids and accessories very affordable, and you’ll get the latest hearing aids every two years.

15 Lexie Hearing Reviews

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2 Stars

May 14 2024 6:22PM

I have been wearing hearing aids from Costco for over 12 years with no problems, however lately my left ear seemed to need help. After my partner purchased the Lexie aids I was hopeful that they would help. After loading the app, I couldn’t get any hearing on the left ear. Had the aids in my ear for a maximum of a half hour at most. I was referred to an ear nose and throat specialist to see if a tube was maybe plugged. Result was just that left ear needs a crossover set because of damage to the ear. When I discussed with customer service my issue with the aids (mind you this was after the 45 days due to the wait to see the specialist), I was told to buy new wax guards as that was the problem! I wore the aids less than an hour, and the solution was wax…not the case. Anyway, they won’t take back, and now I own a pair of aids that won’t work for me.

Ray M.
Seattle, WA
1 Star

February 24 2023 10:28PM

They have never worked correctly. Have to call all the time to get them adjusted. Hard to clean the tubing. And even if you have the insurance you still have to pay 120.00 to replace one if something happens to it. When you are on disability you cannot just come up with 120.00.

Allen H.
Bristol, VA
1 Star

February 07 2023 2:56PM

I purchased the B2. In a few days I realized the left/right adjustments on the app were reversed. Adjust left and right would adjust. I was told to reverse wires so red wire to blue body and blue to red. They worked but then I called about charging.

First person was stumped. Second said To reverse in charger and third said to return and they would send replacements. Would not send new until receipt and inspection of old. 12 days later, I received the same faulty items back.

I got apology and agreement to send new ones before they receive faulty ones. Awful service. No response to email. Good one on one. Amplifies all sounds so not good with crowds. Comfortable to wear. Holds charge all day.

David L.
Bismarck, ND
4 Stars

January 15 2023 10:15PM

Why I rated Lexie hearing aids only good? I've been wearing my Lexies for one complete week 7 days. Trying to prove after owning a pair of Starkeys 3 years ago. The Starkey's proved that my worst Thoughts about hearing aids were in fact true. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

So many persons have made this mistake just as I did. After all Starkey's was rated excellent. Those person who say they have tried Starkey are not even wearing any hearing ads. Once they received the Starkey's some returned them within the week they were received them.

I wore Starkey's until I lost them, which happens due to The fact they were unconscious the reason was due to the fact I was not wearing them regularly. I gave up on corrected hearing aids. They were not comfortable, could not bring volume up to my level without tremendous amounts of feedback.

The feedback was liking a better word, they were 100 % of what I imagined hearing aids to be. Until Lexies.

Dr. Rick B.
Ellisville, MS
5 Stars

November 11 2022 11:40AM

I am very pleased with the Lexie Lumen hearing aids. Now, I hope they will last as long as I hope. I am taking real good care of them according to the directions. I recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem. READ.

Bernadette V.
Saint Lucie West, FL
2 Stars

September 17 2022 12:45AM

Lexie was formerly Bose. My daughter bought them for me less than two years ago. I have had to replace the wire tubing three times at a cost of $50 each.

They told me I must be getting moisture in them. Had Phonic and another name brand prior to these and never had a problem. Unfortunately I lost both sets during the Covid-19 epidemic while removing masks.

Betty H.
Ocala, FL
2 Stars

August 05 2022 6:51PM

Pros: Comfortable to wear. Like the app. Low price. Cons: Main problem is they are not remotely moisture proof. Just my day to day body oils would seep into the battery pocket and create a short. I would have to take the battery out, dry it and the battery pocket out 6 times a day on average.

Customer Service answer was to put them in a drying jar for 48-72 hours. What good are hearing aids you have to keep in a jar 5 or 6 days of a week?? After a few months the sound quality deteriorated. Sound became tinny.

The wife had a pair that never fit right and had a buzzing sound. After several calls her issues were never resolved. Needless to say we sent them back and canceled our subscriptions..

Martin W.
Ottawa, KS
5 Stars

June 02 2022 5:30PM

I have had my Lexie hearing aids for over a year and they are amazing! I can hear perfectly in most situations. I have had two previous sets, Resound that cost 3000, and Miracle Ear that cost 7000. both of my previous sets were disappointing.

Not only are Lexie's hearing aids the best- the customer service and mobile app, are the best ever. If I could change anything, I wish they were a little smaller.

If you are looking for affordable hearing aids and best customer service, take a look at LEXIE--you won't be sorry! Carolann **- Kingwood, Texas.

Carolann M.
Kingwood, TX
5 Stars

January 24 2022 5:24AM

I received my new Lexie Lumen hearing aids on Saturday and I am just thrilled to death with them! My previous pair cost me $5000 and only lasted me two years and they went bad. The Lexi hearing aids for both ears, are even better than my $5000 hearing aids!

When I called in, I was put through to a sales person named “Lee“ who disarmed me immediately by asking how she could be of service to me! Who says that???

I was expecting a salesman to try and convince me to get these hearing aids and what I got was an empathetic woman who was so nice and was more of a counselor than a salesperson!!!

I’m a very questioning person because I was in sales for 45 years and the quality of most salesman today is terrible. She was unbelievably exceptional and walked me through every question and everything I needed to know including things I forgot to ask.

And now that they’ve arrived and I used the simple Lexie app on my phone to connect to the hearing aids and completely set them up to my own hearing all by myself. That’s amazing and my hearing now is wonderful everything that I was missing, I now can hear!!

I highly recommend both Lexi hearing aids and my favorite salesperson, Lee, at extension 7374!!!! I promise you if you follow the simple setup instructions,you’ll be the happiest person in town!!❤️

Richard A K.
Port Orange, FL
5 Stars

August 23 2021 8:13PM

So far so good. Great fit into the ears. Glad to know they are digital. Works great indoors. I think it takes time to-get it right outdoors. Very great customer service. Definitely worth the price. Will give you a great improvement.

Of course no hearing aid in the world will ever give you the natural sound of how God created your ears to hear. But this is the next best thing to restore some use of what one has lost in their ability to hear.

John P.
Rochester, NY
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