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Liberty Home Guard

4.3 Stars (7 Reviews)
Updated: April 26, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Liberty Home Guard's three customizable home warranty plans provide homeowners with peace of mind should an appliance or major home system fail. The company quickly processes claims and dispatches vetted, qualified professionals to repair or replace what's broken. Liberty Home Guard puts customers in control with several options to create a home warranty that's just right.

Liberty Home Guard

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.5 Stars
Affordability 4.8 Stars
Coverage 4.6 Stars
Customer Service 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

In addition to the coverage you would expect for the home and its major systems, Liberty has more than 30 options for additional coverage and a longer-than-average workmanship guarantee.

Liberty Home Guard Review

Liberty Home Guard offers multiple home warranty options to repair or replace major appliances and systems with one annual or monthly fee. Recurring payments are much easier to budget for than unexpected household breakdowns that can happen at any time. We included Liberty Home Guard in our Best Home Warranty Companies Guide because the company allows consumers to tailor a plan with an extensive selection of add-on services and a 60-day workmanship guarantee.


  • 30+ add-ons
  • Live chat feature on the website
  • No inspection required
  • Fast claims response times


  • Excludes all pre-existing conditions
  • Must purchase additional coverage for pro-series and commercial appliances

Liberty Home Guard Plans

Liberty Home Guard has three coverage plans and more than 30 available add-ons. It’s one of the few home warranty companies that offer optional coverage for carpet cleaning, saltwater pools, wine coolers, and gutters.

  • Plan types: 3
  • Response time: 24 hours
  • States served: All 50 states
  • Service fee: $65 to $125

As of April 2023, LHG is available in all 50 states. There is no age limit on appliance coverages, and a home inspection is not required for service.

Home Warranty Plans and Coverage
Total Home Guard
√ Washer and dryer √ Air Conditioning √ Washer and dryer
√ Refrigerator √ Heating √ Air Conditioning
√ Ice maker and dispenser √ Ductwork √ Refrigerator
√ Built-in microwave √ Plumbing √ Heating
√ Dishwasher √ Electrical √ Ice maker and dispenser
√ Garbage disposal √ Water heater √ Ductwork
√ Range / oven / cooktop √ Built-in microwave
√ Ceiling and exhaust fans √ Plumbing
√ Garage door opener √ Dishwasher
√ Electrical
√ Garbage disposal
√ Water heater
√ Range / oven / cooktop
√ Ceiling and exhaust fans
√ Garage door opener

Liberty Home Guard Add-Ons

You can customize any of the three Liberty Home Guard home warranty packages listed above with add-ons to get customized coverage for your home. One add-on you won’t find from Liberty is for a refrigerator ice maker. Unlike many home warranty companies, Liberty Home Guard covers the entire refrigerator including the ice maker and dispenser.

Liberty Home Guard
Pool and spa Limited roof leak
Sump pump Re-keying locks
Well pump Gutter cleaning (annual)
Septic system Pest control treatment (annual)
Additional refrigerator Floor cleaning (annual)
Standalone freezer

Liberty Home Guard Limits

Coverage caps on most covered items are $2,000, which is slightly lower than some companies for HVAC systems, but slightly higher than competitors for many appliances.

  • Plumbing and electrical systems, pool and spa equipment, and well and sump pumps are capped at $500.
  • Septic system pumping is capped at $200 for access, diagnosis and repair or replacement.
  • Coverage for R-410A refrigerant is limited to $10 per pound.

Repairs caused by human misuse or natural disasters are not covered by home warranties, but homeowners insurance may cover the damage. The company’s sample contract lists additional exclusions, such as routine maintenance, chimneys, solar systems, lighting, and smart devices, among others.

How to Buy a Home Warranty and File a Claim

Liberty Home Guard is currently available nationwide. Get a quote by completing its online form or calling the toll-free number. Home warranty plans are comprehensive, but there are some exclusions. Ask questions about the home warranties when you speak to the agent, and review the sample contract on the site, so you know the details before you buy.

Liberty Home Guard provides 24/7 customer service. You can file a claim through the online portal or by calling the company. Once you’ve submitted the request, Liberty Home Guard will notify a local technician who will work with you to schedule an appointment. The company claims that most customers can have a technician come to their home within 24 to 48 business hours.

Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty Costs

Liberty Home Guard’s prices are slightly higher than average. Our team requested a quote and received prices ranging from $54.99 per month to $69.99 per month. We could also choose an annual plan and get two months free. Annual costs fall between $699.99 and $799.99. Services fees vary depending on your plan, location, and add-ons. Read your service contract to determine your assigned service fee. You can add optional coverage for an additional $4 per month to $150 per month.

Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty Complaints

Though not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, LHG has an A rating and over 1,900 reviews. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and most complaints stem from confusion with their contract. LHG boasts a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. ConsumerAffairs also accredits the company, and readers praise the company for fast and professional service, clear and knowledgeable communication, and a smooth claims process.

Our Experience With Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard has great customer service. We used the live chat feature to discuss service fees and contract terms for a North Carolina single-family home, and they were extremely helpful. Like many home warranty companies, Liberty has sample contracts on its website, but the company stands out among others for the way they simplify per-item limitations by offering coverage caps of $2,000 for most items (with a few exceptions noted above and in the sample contract). Moving forward, we’d like to see Liberty be more transparent about service fees in their quote and online resources.

Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty Q&A

  • What sets Liberty Home Guard apart from other home warranty companies?
    Liberty Home Guard treats customers exceptionally well and offers customized home warranty coverage, so you pay for what you need. The company is known for fast service when a covered appliance or system breaks down. You can reach a Liberty Home Guard agent any time via phone, email, online chat, mobile app or the customer portal on the website.

  • Do I need a home inspection to get a Liberty Home Guard home warranty?
    No, Liberty Home Guard does not require a home inspection or maintenance records for you to qualify for a home warranty. The company will not deny coverage based on the age of your appliances or systems, either.

  • Can I change my Liberty Home Guard home warranty plan?
    Yes, you can change your Liberty Home Guard plan within 30 days of purchase by calling customer service to switch to a different home warranty or add or remove options.

  • Can I cancel my Liberty Home Guard coverage if I’m not satisfied?
    If you’re unhappy with your Liberty Home Guard home warranty, you may cancel within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, less a small administrative fee. You will get a prorated refund minus the administrative fee if you cancel after 30 days.

  • Does Liberty Home Guard provide coverage in the event of a natural disaster?
    Home warranties are not homeowners insurance, and Liberty Home Guard’s coverage only applies to an appliance or system failure due to normal wear and tear, not as a result of a natural disaster or abuse. Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover damage due to fire, weather and other hazards.


Liberty Home Guard offers coverage for uncommonly covered items like window washing, gutter cleaning, pest control, and more. The company responds to claims swiftly, and its customer service representatives are available via several methods, including phone, email, and live chat. These features, and many more, make Liberty Home Guard worth considering for a home warranty. For a personalized quote, call (888)205-9398.

7 Liberty Home Guard Reviews

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1 Star

November 13 2023 2:29AM

Please save yourself a huge headache, and just save as much of your hard earned money as possible, and pay for issues out-of-pocket as they arise. These warranty companies are all a scam nowadays. LHG has been the worst experience to date. Filed a claim regarding my AC unit on Sept. 16. Technician assigned by LHG never provided a follow up report, so after calling LHG over a dozen times to get a new technician assigned, I was told by an Account Manager (and an Authorization Rep. on Oct. 19) that I could pay for my own tech out-of-pocket and be reimbursed in full if my claim was denied.

I did this, and paid $285 for a wonderful tech who told me I needed a new AC unit ASAP. My entire claim was denied because LHG “does not cover damage caused by leaks of any kind”. Okay, I said, “then please reimburse me the $285 I paid for the tech”. Well, they refused to reimburse me. I was livid, so I cancelled my policy and managed to recoup $243 of the $720 I spent on my policy initially.

The level of non-service provided by LHG has left me feeling as though I have been robbed of my hard-earned money, and misled by the representatives I have dealt with. Such experiences are not only distressing but also diminish trust in your company. I strongly urge LHG to take a moment to re-evaluate its operational and customer service strategies. It is crucial for any successful business to ensure that customers feel valued and fairly treated, and unfortunately, in my case, this has not been achieved.

Laurel K.
Tyler, TX
1 Star

September 20 2023 12:42PM

Crook Company, plain and simple. I’ve had LHG for a few years and my experience has consistently gotten worse. I’ll put a few examples below:

1. I needed some general plumbing help. It took a few days to have the plumber come out, which is fine. It was not an emergency, however, it took a weeks after for him to come back and fix. I had to reach out multiple times for him to finally help. Once done, his work wasn’t completed properly and when I called LHG for help they said I’d have to pay the $125 fee again for his mistake.

2. Recently had my AC go out. It happened late at night and they boast they have emergency services but wouldn’t send someone out or approve quick enough so I had to pay out of pocket. They ended up only paying me $80 out of a $400 bill because it wasn’t approved.

Really look at the wording in their contracts. When I called customer care to see if I could get anymore off my bill I was met with extreme rudeness and them saying, "Well at least you’re getting $80."

3. From this incident, I wanted to cancel my policy. I asked them the cancellation process, they told me that once I cancel I would be able to receive partial refund. So then I go to cancel and it’s, "No we are taking all your money and it says in the contract part J." I asked for leadership to assist and they will not escalate up.

I’ve reported them to BBB, getting a lawyer involved and am now leaving bad reviews all over the internet so hopefully someone else is warned. I also found a Reddit thread where some stated they are allegedly paying for reviews > **. If you have to allegedly pay for reviews, you aren’t a good company.

Shay G.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

June 01 2023 1:22AM

On 8/15/2022, I spoke with Salesperson Jerry G. During that conversation, I explained that my existing 12-year-old water heater was a concern due to its age but was assured by Jerry that if my water heater leaked, it would be covered.

On 8/15/2022, I paid $543 to Liberty Home Guard (LHG) for the Total Home Guard Policy. On 05/28/2023, my water heater ruptured due to the mechanical failure of the tank inside the water heater, and which flooded my basement.

On 5/28/2023, I opened a claim with LHG fully expecting (based on what I was originally told by Jerry when I started coverage) to eventually receive approval for the cost of the new water heater - which cost $2260.

I eventually received an email from LHG stating that: Given the circumstances, we authorized you for the Liberty Home Guard Reimbursement Program. Instead of waiting for one of our technicians, you can contact a technician of your choice to service your home.

The company/technician I chose came out on 5/29/2023 and got on the phone number to provide a diagnosis. I was ultimately transferred to the Authorization department and spoke with Ryan who said that because this failure resulted in a leak, that it was not covered under the policy.

Ryan said he was the final authority of authorizations, and I had no recourse to speak with some higher up.

However, the policy states: Part D: Systems Guard, Item 6: Water Heater a) COVERED: All mechanical components and parts, including circulating pumps, up to 75 gallons; Tankless systems. b) NOT COVERED: Insulation blankets; Sediment build-up; Main, holding, fuel, thermal expansion, and/or storage tanks; Low boy and/or squat units; Drain pans and Lines.

In the above there is no mention about excluding leaks, which any reasonable person knows that besides a leak the only other thing that goes wrong with a water heater is failure to heat the water.

Given the circumstances, and the $150 reimbursement offered by Ryan, I had a new water heater installed.

Desired Resolution: Replace the water heater and stop misusing and misinterpreting: Limitations and Exclusions - Item 1, line "u" which states: "unless stated otherwise in this agreement, valves of any kind and leaks, leak detection, and leak searching of any kind" If you read this in reverse, it becomes more clear that this section is being mis-interpreted by the people denying a claim.

In reverse it would say: Valves of any kind and leaks, leak detection, and leak searching of any kind are not covered unless stated otherwise in this agreement.

Well Item 6, Section D for Water Heater IS STATING OTHERWISE in this agreement when it says COVERED: All mechanical components and parts, including circulating pumps, up to 75 gallons Tankless systems.

What do you think LHG has a responsibility to do? Honor the promises of your web site, honor the intent of what water heater coverage is for: lack of heat or a leak - which are the only two failures you can have in a water heater.

Fix the misleading and deceptive website information and if you are not going to cover a leak from a water heater, THEN SAY THAT up front in the examples of NOT COVERED. What the site says now is: Does A Home Warranty Cover The Water Heater?

When you purchase a home warranty plan from Liberty Home Guard it will... Give us a call and we will have an experienced, qualified professional contact you immediately. They will schedule an appointment with you and if they can’t repair the water heater, they will order a replacement.

Consider your LHG home warranty plan as an investment in your home and you will always know that the water heater will have a robust coverage that includes most components and parts.

Even circulating pumps and tankless water heaters are covered, with some exclusions such as the following: Auxiliary storage tanks Energy conservation units Tanks for fuel storage Once again, nothing in the above mentions item "u" under Limitations and Exclusions - which is misleading if used to avoid replacement.

Timothy S.
Grayson, GA
1 Star

May 13 2022 1:56AM

TN: ** I am not a happy customer. The quality of customer service and follow-up is terrible. My warranty covers my air condition; however, they want me to make a payment of 5000 and Liberty Home Guard make a contribution of 1,102 dollars in order for the repairs to be fixed.

This is not a warranty, it is a gimmick! How convenient! Liberty claims to be number one in quality service, however their customer satisfaction in my experience is poor quality. Quality service is meeting and exceeding customer's expectations.

Liberty has not met my expectations or exceeded my expectations. In my view, they take advantage of the consumer. The service is terrible. I am a paying customer and have been a long-time customer and the one time I call I get the runaround and no assistance.

Liberty I hope you don't treat all your customers like this. IF you treat others with such poor service, I am going to do my best to address this issue so I would be the last faithful paying customer you abuse. Best regards, Tyrone **.

1 Star

May 01 2022 10:51PM

This is the worst home warranty company, buyer beware! I wish I could give them ZERO STARS. Our double oven broke down in January and it cannot be repaired, they offered us $150! Shame on them, for a double oven that a replacement will cost $2,500.

After many calls they offered $300 even though their policy clearly stated that they will reimburse you up to $1,500. They want to take advantage of good hardworking people and that is not alright with me!

Gianina L.
Dallas, TX
1 Star

July 01 2020 2:39AM

BEWARE. AVOID this Company in all cost!!! To be very short: I signed up with LHG on May 17 for 3 years contract. June 25 Thursday, my A/C stopped working. Took 24 hours and 20+ phone calls (not counting an answering service who is clueless and not helpful) to reach someone from LHG.

After I paid 65$ deductible upfront, I was assigned to some low tier HVAC Co. Called technician directly, he stated that cannot perform same day service and promised to show up next day. June 27 Saturday, called technician— no responses, texted — no responses (even though display indicated massages have been read). Called from different number — picked up, talking like don’t understand what is going on then abruptly hang up and never pick up again.

Called back LHG (again 20+ phone calls). Finally reached agent Kay, who said that she can’t assign technician and offered us to find one to “diagnose problem” BUT NOT to fix and wait until Monday to get manager’s approval. I asked “what if to fix A/C cost 300-400$”. She responded “still NO fix. Only to diagnose and wait until Monday”.

It is ridiculous To wait 5 days in the boiling house 90+ degree and 90+ humid outside until some manager decide wether approve repair or not. We called local HVAC - guy showed up in an hour fixed for 300$. That was it.

On Monday June 29 I sent official email as well as called LHG to cancel my policy and refund all my payments as this Company failed to fullfill their duties. Nobody even responded back to me. Conclusion: LHG only respond immediately when you sign contract with them. Rather save extra bucks for repair than waste money for scams.

Vitaliy G.
Hewlett, NY
1 Star

December 26 2019 1:42PM

This company takes your money and then refuses to pay for any repairs in your home. It is a big sham on avenue u in Brooklyn. They will find any excuse not to pay the repair. My burner is broken with no heat for 5 days already. The pipes are going to freeze. Liberty home guard refuses to fix it. They only collect your money but refuse to pay repairman leaving you with a bunch of local repairman who won't come back to your house since they haven't been paid. Its a big sham. Stay away.

Diane E.