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January 29 2020 10:45PM

I quickly read article & it appears Lively is an internet vendor but, here in Manhattan they have a walk-in audiologist. I got an appointment within 24 hrs. After friendly testing I picked up mine in 48 hrs. Doctors & customer service are very helpful and friendly and can be reached by phone, email, internet consultation or text.

Technology allows them to make fine-tuning remote adjustments on your aids almost immediately and they are very thorough on follow-up as well, sometimes sending parts or accessories (overnite) if needed. I went to them because of price $1650/pr but, found there was also a 2 year warranty as well. I have been amazingly satisfied and considering the price of other units think that this is a win/win/win situation.

Etienne C.
January 24 2020 3:32PM

You get what you pay for! I tried the cheaper ones offered on Facebook, I wasted a lot of money! Then I came across Lively. Yes they cost a little more but what a difference! I’ve had them just over two weeks and I forget I have them in! The quality of hearing is unbelievable. Also their response to any questions has been super and look forward to our next quality control meeting on the 28th. I highly recommend this product!

Daryl T.
Elk River, MN
January 24 2020 1:02AM

From the very first contact with Lively I have received outstanding service and results. When I received my hearing aids I was very pleased with them. This is my fourth set of hearing aids (first from your company) I have paid as much as $5800.00 per pair. My Lively hearing are great, easy to control and a joy to wear. Attention after the sale by Lively has been very welcomed.

M O.
Elkmont, AL
January 23 2020 9:30PM

After my diagnosis of hearing impairment, I searched for price, value, & support as I shopped for my hearing devices. Finding the page and talking with their support staff, compared their price in comparison to several others "aids", I was comfortable with my final decision to purchase from Lively. Pre-programming, fit, and comfort was nearly spot on.

I preferred a different ear piece which several are included. Every visit online with the audiologist answered any question I had, and if it is warranted can fine tune my devices through my smart phone. Hearing aid technology has changed, Lively helped me understand and ease my mind about what is n amazing enhancement to my hearing health!

Mike G.
Oronogo, MO
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