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LTC Consumer

4.6 Stars (34 Reviews)
Updated: November 20, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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LTC Consumer is an independent, online resource that provides long-term care education. The company assists with evaluating solutions so that you can find the best insurance for your situation. LTC Consumer’s experienced long-term care insurance specialists help consumers find the best long-term care insurance while balancing financial goals and health care needs.

LTC Consumer

Editorial Breakdown

Product Options 4.7 Stars
Availability 4.5 Stars
Policy Features 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4.6 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

LTC Consumer matches consumers with providers that offer products best suited for their situation.

LTC Consumer Review

LTC Consumer’s free website explains long-term care insurance with no sales pitch. You can learn about long-term care costs and coverage by reading or watching short videos. If you have questions while learning, you can quickly get in touch with one of LTC Consumer’s experts. This assistance is free, and the specialists can also explain various types of long-term care policies from the top-rated insurance companies and provide benefit options specific to your situation.

LTC Consumer is a broker, which means they shop all the top companies for you so you don’t have to try to find the best deal. We include the company on our list of the best long-term care insurance companies because of the education and price comparisons they provide. MasterCare LLC developed LTC Consumer to provide self-guided learning directly to consumers. Founded in 1988, MasterCare LLC is among the oldest and most respected long-term care insurance brokers in the U.S.


  • Research long-term care costs and insurance without sales pressure or cost
  • Its resources are backed by 35+ years of industry experience
  • Easily reach a specialist to discuss coverage options or to get in-depth answers to questions
  • Specialists shop the top insurance companies in your state to provide long-term care plans and make sure you get all the discounts available


  • No online chat option
  • No instant online quote comparisons

LTC Consumer’s Free Online Long-Term Care Resources

LTC Consumer’s website exists for one purpose: to educate consumers about long-term care insurance. LTC Consumer does not share your data with other companies, so use the free resources without concern that you may start receiving unwanted phone calls, texts or emails.

The chart below describes the three information sections you’ll find on LTC Consumer’s website. You’ll also see the Get to Know Us section that explains the company’s background and provides contact information. There’s also a Get a Quote tab, which is described below in our How to Buy section.

LTC Consumer Free Online Long-Term Care Insurance Information
Section Information Covered
Consider This
  • Planning for the Future: Planning for a long-term care event

  • What is LTC Insurance?

  • Choosing a Long-Term Care Plan: How much insurance, inflation protection and more

  • Qualifying for LTC Insurance

  • For Women: Gender-based pricing

  • LTC Insurance Rate Increases: How to manage costs

  • Long-term Care Government Programs: Tax incentives and partner plans

  • Cost of Care Map: Click on a state to see average long-term care costs

  • Cost of Long-term Care Insurance: Factors affecting what you’ll pay for long-term care coverage

  • Free Guides: Long-term care trends, tax guides and more

  • Video Gallery: Comprehensive short videos explain long-term care insurance costs, myths vs. facts, benefits breakdown and more

  • Blog: Online articles relating to long-term care, wellness and insurance

  • Eldercare: Where to find help within your community

  • Glossary of LTC Terms

LTC Facts
  • Healthcare Reform: How the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impacts long-term care insurance

  • Medicaid: How long-term care insurance differs from Medicaid

  • Medicare: The very different benefits long-term care insurance and Medicare offer

  • LTC Insurance Claim: How to file a long-term care insurance claim

  • FAQs: Answers to frequently asked questions about long-term care insurance

  • Statistics: Various statistics regarding the cost of long-term care and managing the expense

Types of Long-Term Care Insurance LTC Consumer Provides

The U.S. Department of Treasury reports in its long-term care insurance regulation study that insurance companies are responding to changing consumer needs. Discuss your retirement planning concerns with an LTC Consumer specialist and learn about the benefits of short-term, long-term and hybrid LTC policies.

  • Short-term care insurance is often available to those who are disqualified from long-term care insurance due to health. Benefits typically are in place for 12 months or less and are designed to help offset the cost of care. Short-term care insurance gives the insured’s family time to prepare for further care.

  • Long-term care insurance pays for long-term physical and cognitive impairment care. Premiums are tax-deductible, and you don’t pay premiums after you start receiving long-term care benefits.

  • Hybrid LTC policies combine traditional long-term care insurance coverage and life insurance with a death benefit for heirs. You typically pay a hefty premium upfront for this kind of coverage, but many people prefer the flexibility and peace of mind it offers.

LTC Consumer can help you compare quotes and coverage levels for these insurance types. You’ll get help understanding the benefits so you can balance premiums with the cost of expected future medical needs. Coverage typically starts when you are unable to perform a few activities of daily living.

LTC Consumer Insurance Partners

LTC Consumer doesn’t mention its insurance carrier partners on the website. According to a company representative, LTC Consumer provides quotes from the following high-quality insurance companies partnering with MCA:

All of these insurance companies are financially stable and have decades of experience with insurance. You can count on any of these companies to be around to pay benefits to cover long-term care costs in years to come.

LTC Consumer Costs

You pay nothing to access the information LTC Consumer provides online. Working with a specialist is free, too. The cost of long-term care insurance varies by provider, coverage level, your health and other factors. The elimination period, or length of time between when long-term care starts and when you receive benefit payments, also impacts premiums.

An LTC Consumer specialist can ensure you understand your best insurance options, whether or not you buy a policy.

How to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance from LTC Consumer

Click on the Get Started tab at the top of the LTC Consumer website to open your options. You can watch a short informational webinar, fill out a questionnaire to find out if your health qualifies, and request a quote You’ll provide a minimal amount of personal information on the form.

A dedicated long-term care insurance specialist receives your information after you click “Submit.” The specialist will call you or send an email. LTC Consumer’s specialists are available to answer questions about long-term care insurance and provide information about various LTC policies.

LTC Consumer does not sell your information to third parties, so you won’t get unsolicited calls or emails from any other agent or company.

LTC Consumer Complaints

We found a few online reviews for LTC Consumer, and all were promising. Over 260 customers (at the time of publishing) give the company 5 out of 5 stars on ConsumerAffairs. ConsumersAdvocate’s review praises LTC Consumer for its extensive educational resources and help.

We found no Better Business Bureau rating for LTC Consumer, so we turned to the BBB rating for the parent company. MasterCare Solutions has an A+ rating with no complaints filed.

We found one complaint from a customer on LTC Consumer’s site. The customer had to wait to get an appointment with their specialist. LTC Consumer replied with an apology and explained that the call volume was four to five times greater than usual at the time due to Washington’s new LTC insurance program. The customer gave the company 4 out of 5 stars, while most others gave LTC Consumer 5 out of 5 stars.

LTC Consumer FAQs

  • Can I apply for long-term care insurance from LTC Consumer if I have COVID-19?
    Yes, LTC Consumer says carriers require a 30- to 60-day waiting period if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19. If you are hospitalized due to a COVID-19 diagnosis, you may have to wait three to six months to get LTC coverage.

  • Am I too old to buy long-term care insurance from LTC Consumer?
    TThe best time for most people to purchase long-term care insurance is between ages 50 and 69, but you can still apply for LTC insurance if you are older. The seven carriers LTC Consumer works with all have a set maximum age for buying their insurance product. The ages range from 70 to 89 years old. The younger you are when you purchase long-term care insurance, the less your premiums will cost.

  • What are the chances I’ll need to use long-term care insurance from LTC Consumer?
    There’s no guarantee you will use your long-term care policy, but nearly 70% of Americans over age 65 will need some form of long-term care in their lifetime, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Is long-term care insurance from LTC Consumer expensive?
    TThe cost of LTC insurance premiums can vary widely due to many factors including the amount of benefit chosen. Most consumers find it is not as expensive as they thought. Weigh the pros and cons of long-term care insurance and use LTC Consumer’s website to determine if the coverage has a place in your financial plan.

  • Do I have to go into a nursing home to use a policy I buy from LTC Consumer?
    No. All policies will pay the same benefits for receiving care at home or in a facility. The best part is you get to choose which setting you want to receive care as long as the home care provider or facility you choose is properly licensed as such by the state.


LTC Consumer provides online tools and information for learning about long-term care insurance on your own. You also have access to a specialist for free customer service and answers to any questions you have. If you decide to buy long-term care insurance, your specialist will explain the various policies you might consider. We agree with the company’s tagline: LTC Consumer is the go-to online long-term care information site.

34 LTC Consumer Reviews

Write Review
5 Stars

October 25 2021 12:39AM

I have received excellent information from Jeff. I had some prior experience looking into LTC. I did not feel Jeff was trying to up sell.

He provided me the information I requested, provided his input, then gave me plenty of time make my decision. I called 4-5 times with different questions. Jeff was always willing to answer each one in detail.

John B.
Hillsboro, OR
5 Stars

October 14 2021 3:28PM

Jonathan was amazing to work with. He educated us about the different products, prices and options. He was very thorough and we felt very comfortable in the knowledge that we gained and the result was we made a good decision to purchase long-term care insurance.

We were able to customize a plan for us and for our budget and the actual process to apply was easy because Jonathan walked us through all of the applications. We will definitely recommend Jonathan to friends and family. He actually should get 10 stars!

Bonnie T.
Benton, AR
5 Stars

October 04 2021 11:46PM

Knowledgeable advisor providing “one-stop shopping” review of all available plans based on pre-appointment screening. Thorough and detailed explanation of plan coverage specifics.

Worked through various scenarios based on specific goals and finances. Respectful of my time and concerns. Overall experience was very positive - highly recommended.

Rebecca T.
O’Fallon, MO
5 Stars

September 26 2021 2:25PM

Cathy ** provided great service walking me through all of the options of purchasing a LTC policy. The process took place over several phone calls and web meetings. Could not be more please with the service she provided.

John B.
La Mesa, CA
5 Stars

September 15 2021 6:00PM

Rich ** made a somewhat complicated activity - learning about LTC options - as simple and painless as possible. He was extremely responsive and available.

We had worked with another broker prior to this and it was not a good experience. Rich is a great professional. Knowledgeable and professional and a pleasure to work with - thank you.

Sarah B.
5 Stars

September 05 2021 11:57PM

Millie was extremely knowledgeable, credible and friendly while discussing a critically important decision. She was able to answer my questions and concerns and explain how long term care rates are determined along with options available. Thank you Millie.

David S.
Blue Bell, PA
5 Stars

August 20 2021 3:47AM

Very helpful and professional in assisting my wife and myself, in finding Long term health insurance. Found the best companies, and tailored the different options to meet our specific needs. Explained everything with honesty and patience.

Joseph M.
San Antonio, TX
5 Stars

July 26 2021 5:24PM

Millie has been great to work with and a subject matter expert! We have been very pleased with her exceptional customer service! We were able to get all of our questions answered and taken care of in a very timely manner.

Wallace Scott S.
Ellijay, GA
5 Stars

July 20 2021 11:13PM

Jeff was truly of service. He was kind and patient and caring. The best! He found a great opportunity for me for long term care and he explained it in detail. He never rushed me. He talked to me like a family member would, the pros and cons, and the realities we all have to face eventually.

Giannina Z.
5 Stars

July 20 2021 12:10AM

Cathy was extremely helpful, efficient, and informative. She covered multiple LTC options with me to suit my expectations, then walked with me through the application process. I plan on sending her multiple other potential LTC customers!

Glenn L.
Frisco, TX