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December 21 2018 3:20PM

I had been 100% deaf in my left ear since I was 8 years old due to a terrible case of mumps. 47 years later I was blessed to meet Mark ** who made my dream come true! He not only is an awesome human being with a great personality and infectious sense of humor, but he's passionate about his work, and truly compassionate about his clients! That's why he went above and beyond to make sure I could hear 100% again! I don't care where you live, It's well worth the trip to see Mark and his awesome staff!! Thank you, Mark!!!

Sherry D.
December 20 2018 5:41PM

I have to give my hearing aid people in Huntingdon and State College, Pa 5 stars. First, they told me I had 60 days by state law to return them if I wasn't happy. They reminded me of that several times including 3 days from the last day. I have been very happy with them and kept them. One of them needed repair, they sent it off, and I got it back in a few days. The owner said "if I can get you any money for your hearing aids from your insurance, I will." I have Aetna thru Penn State University. I got a check from Aetna marked for hearing aids for $1400.00! He recommended one level below the top of the line, the Miracle Ear Genius 3.0, which has been an excellent fit. The technician I work with is very knowledgeable and accommodating. It does take a several tries to get them set correctly, but I believe that is to be expected.

The only issue is the Miracle Ear application for Android, stopped working and cannot be synced with my aids any longer. Others have complained about it as well. Part of the problem is the kind of Bluetooth Android uses. I can live without it as I wasn't looking for it when I bought the aids, but it would be nice. It's pricey, but get the test done when they send you a flyer. It offered me a $1000 off if you buy it the day you are tested. I did. I did my research and talked to people who had it, so I pretty much intended to buy them, unless they turned me off. You can get cheaper from others. Our friend got a much cheaper version from another company and is not happy at all.

Joseph B.
December 20 2018 1:46PM

I purchased hearing aid from Miracle-Ear in September and have had nothing but ISSUES that seem incurable 1 or the other quits working frequently you have to consult with them to get replacement domes which is **. I am trying to return these but am getting the run around. Bad customer service

Daniel M.
December 17 2018 7:36PM

One hearing aid failed. We were told it needed repairs, then told whoops... It is just out of warranty. $275.00 up front to fix it. We paid over $7000.00 for the set and now we have to dig deeper. Next time, we will get them because we need them... but certainly NOT from Miracle Ear

Judith H.
December 12 2018 11:15PM

I would give zero star if it were an option.Since my initial comment I have been going in circles trying to return this set of aids. I am currently in contact with a rep from corporate who tells me the franchisee is in total charge of whether on not to accept returns. First, any franchise I have ever dealt with is controlled by corporate they cannot set their own policy. Second, I tried to return them 2 weeks after getting them and was refused. I tried to return them a week later and was refused yet again. Then I could not get another appointment for three weeks putting me at more than six weeks after purchase. Not a customer oriented business if you ask me. I expect a call in the next day or two, but who knows. At any rate, be very very careful if you do business with this company!

Robert A.
December 05 2018 9:42PM

I know lots of people that have bought hearing aids from companies you have never heard of, only to find out later they went out of business. When I needed hearing aids I asked friends who I should go to and all said Miracle-Ear. I am a retired machinist so I do not have a ton of money or health care to cover the cost. I chose an office close to where I live and went in for a free test. Right from the start I felt very comfortable with professionalism and care the staff showed my wife and I. Once I was tested I realized how bad my hearing really was. I was given several options based on my needs and budget and was never pressured. It was clear that they were there to help me hear better and I chose a set I could afford. That was over 20 years ago and I now am on my 4th set. I have been to Miracle-Ear locations in 3 different Florida cities as well as in North Carolina. I can say I was treated the same everywhere. My wife also now wears Miracle-Ears... so I can say Thanks to all the staff at all the Miracle-Ears who have serviced me so far.

James C.
November 27 2018 11:46PM

I bought my set of hearing from Miracle ears few years ago and after 5 years they want to replace my hearing aids for a new one. Nothing was wrong with the current one and the new was not more powerful than the current. It was a no win situation for me but was for them since they would make more money. I was not pleased with this situation and the technician keep pushing me until I got upset. I still have the old hearing; and I need to replace it now because my dog chewed the right ear. Am I going to buy through Miracle ear? No!!!! Do I recommend them to anyone? No!!! Definitely not; they take advantage of people with poor hearing like me that still young and are desperately to keep forward with their work and lifestyle. If they did that to me I just wonder what happen to older folks. Very sad that still Business that only think about money and no comparison or consideration.

Claudia P.
November 27 2018 3:58PM

My mother got Miracle Ear hearing aids about 3 years ago, yesterday she went for her check up. Well to my dismay they talked her into buying a new pair for another 6,000, supposed to have a control for the TV (not worth another 6000). What company can come right out and say they don't work anymore. At that price do something about it. Don't just say give me another $6000. I should also mention she can hear but apparently they think it would be better with new ones. I understand wear and tear can be a problem however my mother does not wear them all the time. Most likely because they get in the way of her glasses and she'd rather see with comfort. She was also told she would hear people talking better and the hearing aid would eliminate noise. She hears everything loud ever since she got them, so the music still drowns out the people talking.

Deb M.
November 05 2018 6:14PM

An 84 year old woman with macular degeneration (very poor eye sight) with poor hearing and mobility was completely taken advantage of. Even tho they said they're given her a refund, they're keeping 10% ($539) for b.s. restocking fee. They told her she was getting $9000 hearing aid which was a lie. No such thing. Keep your moms and dad and anyone you know away ffom Miracle ear. Costco sells the same hearing aids for half the cost. They're a rip off. Rebecca (so called specialist) is a liar and took advantage of an old woman with poor eye sight and hearing. Paul beach (owner of multiple locations in Michigan), well, good luck trying to get a hold of him. Miracle ear (corporate) said they couldn't much because the offices are independently owned and couldn't do much. Stay away from Miracle ear. They took advantage of an old woman with disabilities. They're horrible.

Ayad S.
November 01 2018 1:53PM

Anna **, hearing specialist in Lancaster does an outstanding job. She is kind, considerate and extremely knowledgeable. I would not have made such an investment unless I had complete confidence with the specialist. She took time to explain my hearing loss and options available. She answered all questions and there was no pushing or the feeling of having to hurry to make a decision. She offered me an informative decision and I highly recommend Anna ** and the Lancaster location for any hearing needs.

Bob R.
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