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August 24 2019 1:52AM

Had to get their credit and paid off the aids. I ensured them. My dog eat them, I went to file a claim. The hearing aids were in pieces. The replacement was going to be almost 900.00 per aid. Ridiculous considering that over 5000.00 was paid on the original set. The people were very nice in the office. Not their fault. But the prices are outrageous. These are my husbands hearing aids. He refuses to pay that price. So back to not hearing.

Becky M.
Conway, AR
August 21 2019 3:06PM

We received an ad for free hearing aid tests. My husband had no problems, but I have hearing loss due to a nerve problem. I paid over $7000! I had to continually go back to get it adjusted because they would not stay in. The last time I went I thought surely this will fix it, my trial period was almost up, but no they just wouldn’t stay in! I have tinnitus and they set up my Android so I could get Tinnitis masking. I had ocean waves and I got so sick of hearing those! The technician was fantastic, had great personality and tried to help, but when I lost one while out shopping, he called the owner and said I would have to pay 25% to get another one! After already paying over $7000, I don’t think so! So here I am stuck with one hearing aid and a huge bill! They should be held accountable for doing this to seniors OR ANYONE ELSE!

Pamela H.
Ringgold, GA
August 18 2019 10:19PM

With my recent Follow up appointments, both Bonny and Jennifer are a pleasure to work with. They are one reason this 53 yr old will be a Miracle Ear customer for life. Just one drawback, the Genius app isn't compatible with android phones. Time to catch up with technology... Otherwise, Good work...

Vincent H.
Austin, TX
August 18 2019 12:01PM

I’ve had other hearing aids in the past but the Miracle Hearing aid surpasses them all with ease of use and the ability to hear clearer and better by being able to select different noise environments. The ability to connect it to my smart phone for making and receiving calls is just so fantastic. La Tasha and Tammy in the local Miracle Ear office are just great. They are super friendly and professional. I highly recommend them.

Frank M.
Red Bank, NJ
August 16 2019 12:06PM

The prices you list for Miracle Ear are several thousand dollars below what they cost. They sell for from $ 6,000 to $ 9000. Usually there are sales tho. I tried a lower priced (and on sale) model. I had all sorts of problems with it thru out my trial. Some of it I understood was just getting used to it.

But these problems were pretty rough. Your voice sound VERY loud and weird. But some were problems with feedback and buzz/whistle. I had several adjustments then tried it on a trip and it buzzed and was annoying through out. Useless. I took it back well within my trial period and did get a refund minus a $100 which I knew was part of the deal.

I did have less than a great experience with the person doing the fitting. They aren't audiologists at Miracle Ear but trained technicians. This a personality thing. You are given I believe 3 years of unlimited appointments for adjustments or whatever. This is given as a selling point. An ear/nose/throat doc I went to said his office could do much better and for less. I wouldn't be paying for the extensive tv advertising or unecessary "free" appointments.

When I see all those ads now on tv how people perk up and rave over clear and perfect hearing I know that's baloney.

Laura S.
Lexington, KY
August 15 2019 8:00PM

Sales personnel are not technological knowledgeable of their products. First visit I asked about Android phone. Was assured the technology was there. After 30 days I find out you have to have more equipment do this feature. Returned hearing aids. Felt I was not getting full functions for the money I paid.

Shirley J.
Murray, KY
July 25 2019 3:29AM

Having finished perusing today’s mail, I was reminded that I need to/want to/am delighted to write a review for Miracle Ear and, at the same time, honorably mention Audibel and DIShonorably mention Christie Clinic. Included in today’s mail was a flyer from Audibel offering impressive, believable reviews.

I was prompted to mention Audibel in this testimonial because of the mailer and, mostly, due to a recent conversation with a friend who has been a satisfied Audibel-wearer for many years. My mother purchased her first pair of hearing aids from Christie Clinic a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, she was unhappy with the product and the technician.

Following are examples that support her dissatisfaction: 1. The price was higher than most sellers’. 2. She was never properly “trained” on how to use the hearing aids. 3. Her hearing was not improved enough to warrant spending the high price. 4. The technician did not listen to my mother.

From the beginning, Mother told her that she was getting very little (if any) sound from the left aid. On my mother’s final evaluation, the tech mentioned that her left hearing aid was weaker than the right one. Really? It’s interesting that this discovery was made after the warranty expired. THE POST OFFICE AND MIRACLE EAR TO THE RESCUE!

This time, it’s my mother who received the advertisement (from Miracle Ear) in the mail. Due to her experience with Christie Clinic, she was hesitant to believe the ad. I offered to accompany her, so we could check it out. AARON ** is Amazing, Bright, Caring, Determined, Efficient, Funny ... I could go through the whole alphabet. One of his most impressive characteristics is his ability to listen and then act.

My mother explained what she expected from hearing aids and, after a hearing test, Aaron assured her that he felt Miracle Ear was the correct answer to improving her hearing. ... And he was right!

THERE’S MORE: Our appointment with Aaron was pleasant and he was not pushy. In fact, it was obvious that, above all, his primary goal is to help people. When I asked Aaron if Mother would receive a discount for referrals, he made a generous offer … Noticing that I had been using the following terms a lot lately: “huh?, what?, excuse me, say that again, I beg your pardon,” I thought it might be time to have my hearing examined. EVERYBODY’S HAPPY! Aaron must be happy because he sold two sets of hearing aids, instead of one.

We (Mom and I) are happy with our new hearing volume. Hopefully, people with hearing difficulties will read this and visit Aaron Hobbs at Miracle Ear and find happiness, too! ICING ON THE CAKE! When you walk in the door, there she sits— Alisa! She is friendly, considerate, caring, knowledgeable, concerned, and ever so helpful.

Dixie T.
Champaign, IL
July 07 2019 10:51PM

My 2 star rating is based on the product. Folks at the location I go to are very cordial and want to help. However, the product is actually less than desirable. It seems that something is always going wrong with one or the other hearing aid, on a continuing basis. As I write this, I am waiting on an appointment that when set was two weeks away, for problems with the right ear. As of today, I have cut the left ear OFF due to constant static. Good luck understanding anything I hear for the next week and a half. And they cost how many 1,000s of dollars. But then why be upset. As I have already stated, there is always something going wrong.

Donn L.
Cornelius, NC
June 20 2019 11:17AM

I like the others that had a bad experience, cost me $300.00 restocking fees for hearing aids that didn't work. I was treated like I didn't know what I was talking about. The hearing aids had a tinny sound and didn't even work the day after I got them. After 4 weeks of bs they said I had to give them a chance to replace them. They came back with a message that they had been corrupted. Their way of saying they were broken from the first. But I was treated like I must have been making it up. They replaced the inside, however they still worked the same. All tinny and crackling. I was told I didn't give them long enough to fix them. I don't have that much time to play their game. So I had to lose $300.00 to restock faulty hearing aids. For $4,500.00 they should work. I should not have to pay for them to throw away faulty merchandise. Stay away from this place, they are not a miracle.

Jerri N.
Spanaway, WA
June 11 2019 8:40PM

I have hearing loss from my days in the army. I went in to Miracle-Ear with hopes to be able to hear things clearly again. They sold me hearing aids for $7000. When I decided that they were not helping me and wanted to return them they said I could but there was a restocking charge. Cost me $700 to try and find out that they didnt work. Costly mistake on my part. Wish I didnt even try them.

Chuck C.
Bensenville, IL
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