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Moves for Seniors

4.05 Stars (7 Reviews)
Updated: February 3, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Moves for Seniors specializes in assisting retirees with local and cross-country moves and a variety of senior moving services to help with the often emotional prospect of downsizing living space or organizing belongings accumulated over many years.

Moves for Seniors

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4 Stars
Services 4.5 Stars
Price 4.3 Stars
Coverage Area 3.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.1 Stars

Bottom Line

Moves for Seniors is a full-service moving company specializing in senior-specific services. Services include senior community relocation, downsizing and decluttering and legacy services.

Moves for Seniors Review

The staff at Moves for Seniors pitches in to assist you as much or little as you like with preparing to move, downsize or relocate to a retirement community. Senior moving service packages range from labor-only for loading and unloading the moving van to concierge-like moving services where a specialist handles every detail of relocating. Moves for Seniors makes sorting, organizing, donating and disposing of years of accumulated items less stressful, whether you are moving or staying in your home. The Legacy Services help you deal with determining what to do with a loved one’s belongings after they pass away.

To differentiate Moves for Seniors from traditional moving companies, founder and CEO Chris Smith developed his vision of adding senior support and assistance to conventional moving services. Smith’s plans grew into a nationwide professional team dedicated to the needs of the senior housing industry and the residents moving into smaller homes or independent living and assisted living communities.

Moving to a retirement community or a smaller home usually requires downsizing a lifetime of possessions and memories, a burden significantly reduced by working with an impartial and compassionate professional from Moves for Seniors. We chose to include Moves for Seniors in our Best Senior Moving Services Guide because of the selection and variety of services the company provides.


  • Full-service senior moving services company provides one contact for all moving plans and activities
  • Offices in every state except Alaska
  • Experience with the sales and marketing of retirement communities to better facilitate relocation


  • Contact information required for a quote

Moves for Seniors Full Service Senior Moving Package

When you think of a concierge, visions likely come to mind of someone who can quickly find answers to any question and solutions to any problem. Moves for Seniors offers that level of assistance with your relocation. Senior Move Facilitation is a concierge-like moving service with a fully-credentialed Senior Move Facilitator who comes to your residence to discuss your needs, then manages every aspect of your relocation, from sorting through belongings to preparing boxes for moving or donations, to coordinating the pickup and delivery of your items to your new home. With the Senior Move Facilitation service, you have a moving specialist at your disposal at your current residence and at your new home.

 Moves for Seniors

Source: Moves for Seniors

A Senior Move Facilitator meets with you in your home for a free consultation to develop a floor plan for your new residence and determine where your furniture and other belongings will fit. The next phase involves sorting through belongings with help to decide which items will go to your new home, family and friends, be donated to charity or disposed of. The things you keep are safely packed up at the right time, and your facilitator works closely with the moving company to ensure loading and transport go smoothly. When your items arrive at your new home, everything is unpacked and staged according to the floor plan. If you move a long distance, you have one Senior Move Facilitator in the originating city and one in your new town.

Moves for Seniors Relocation Services

If you’re moving 50 miles or less, Moves for Seniors local moving service is a network of fully licensed, insured and vetted local moving partners to handle transporting your belongings. The company provides all boxes, materials and movers to pack your home then load, transport and unload your belongings. If you have some items that need storage, Moves for Seniors will unload those boxes at a secure local storage facility or a loved one’s home.

You may be one of over 130,000 retirees moving to a warmer climate. Moves for Seniors’ long distance service provides the same personal touch the local moving services offer, but with their nationwide network of specialty moving partners.

Moves for Seniors Discard & Donate Services

For those items you no longer need or use, Moves for Seniors’ Discard & Donate service smooths the process of sorting through everything and deciding what to do with each piece. These professionals understand the attachments we can have to our belongings and the difficulty of selling, giving away or disposing of some of these things. With your Discard & Donate advocate, you will go through the process of determining what to keep and what to let go of, then the service removes items you have selected from your home to deliver them to the charitable organization of your choice, family members or they will dispose of them.

Moves for Seniors Moving Service Options
  • Full service, start-to-finish move management
  • Local and long distance transport of belongings
  • Packing up, loading and unloading boxes and furniture
  • Help with sorting belongings and organizing, gifting and disposal
  • Legacy Services assist with belongings from a deceased loved one
  • Packing and loading
  • Transition assistance for incoming residents
  • Local and long distance move coordination
  • Risk management and resident retention
  • Emergency preparedness

Moves for Seniors Labor-Only Services

A labor-only moving service gives you the opportunity to stay involved with your relocation preparations while avoiding the risk of injury. Moves for Seniors works with a network of fully insured and professional labor-only partners to be your muscle for the heavy lifting. With this service, you have no concern about who will load furniture, appliances, large boxes or other bulky items on and off the moving truck. Because these are professional movers, there is no concern about your belongings not being appropriately secured or getting damaged. When the moving van arrives at your new home, Moves for Seniors unloads the truck and places each item where you want it to be.

Moves for Seniors Legacy Services

When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, packing up, donating or discarding furniture, large family heirlooms, treasured belongings, and other personal items left behind can be one of the most challenging things you will ever do. With Legacy Services from Moves for Seniors, licensed and insured local partners carefully pack the things you want to keep in materials to prevent breakage, then load and deliver the items to anywhere in the U.S. Items for charitable donations are given to the organization of your choice and unwanted items are properly discarded or recycled.

Moves for Seniors Senior Community Services

Moves for Seniors offers services to senior community managers to assist incoming residents with the concierge-style Senior Move Facilitation package and moving services for incoming residents from local or long distance locations. Moves for Seniors also offers intra-community moving to assist residents who move between buildings or floors within a senior living community. Also, Moves for Seniors supports senior community management teams with marketing and risk management. Understanding the senior moving business from the resident and management perspective makes Moves for Seniors a particularly useful moving service for retirees.

Moves for Seniors Complaints

We couldn’t find many online reviews about Moves for Seniors including through the Better Business Bureau. Yelp reviewers give the company 3 out of 5 stars based on two reviews. Customers remark on how the company made their move much less stressful and spoke positively about professional and helpful staff members.

Moves for Seniors screenshot

Source: Moves for Seniors

Moves for Seniors FAQ

  • If I sign a contract with Moves for Seniors, how many people will work with me?
    The total number of people involved varies by the services you select, however, one advantage of working with Moves for Seniors is the company hires and coordinates the people needed for the services you choose. This level of assistance cuts down on you making phone calls or answering text and email messages. If you use the Senior Move Facilitator service, you will have one consultant from the company coordinating and seeing through every aspect of your project, whether simple or complex, and you communicate with that person for simplicity.

  • How much does it cost to have a consultation with Moves for Seniors?
    Consultations are free. During this meeting, you’ll discuss what moving or organizing solutions you need. The Moves for Seniors consultant will give you pricing and explain your options. You can pick and choose from the various services offered to create a custom moving or downsizing package that fits your budget.

  • Does Moves for Seniors provide a senior move facilitator for all services?
    The Senior Move Facilitator service is just one senior moving package the company offers. You can use any of Moves for Seniors services a la carte, or they can design a moving support plan just for you. If you choose to use the Senior Move Facilitator package, one professional will coordinate every detail of your move while staying in touch with you.

  • Can Moves for Seniors help me sell items before I move?
    Yes, Moves for Seniors can help you set up a yard sale for items that have value, but you don’t want to donate or give away. The company has experience with organizing yard sales and can provide the muscle to move heavy items you sell.

  • How do Moves for Seniors agents know how to organize things so well?
    Every Moves for Seniors agent is certified by the National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO). This association offers two tiers of training developed by a team of experienced professional organizers. NAPO’s certification requires learning about evaluating spaces, objects and data, decision-making, and assisting people with functional living and creating order. Productivity training encompasses understanding effective use of time, energy and resources to help clients prioritize and reach their personal goals.


Moves for Seniors offers professional services with well-developed programs and systems proven to simplify the senior moving process. The company can create a custom organizing and moving plan for you and guide you through each step of that plan, so you always have help when making decisions. The result is far less stress whether you are clearing items from your home or moving to a senior living community.

7 Moves for Seniors Reviews

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1 Star

October 18 2022 8:58PM

Showed up 3 days late for pick up. When they finally showed with a smoking truck and trailer it broke down after loading. They left large amounts of trash boxes at our house we moved from. They lied the whole time of where our stuff was, saying they didn't know.

When it finally showed late one night, it was only half and I had to help unload it because they only had one guy. The second trip was days later and he said he would have help this time. Turns out he didn't. I had to unload the second trailer as well.

They will not refund our money or even return our calls. Please use another company and save your back and mental health.

Kristoper J.
Dover, TN
1 Star

October 14 2022 12:47PM

BEWARE!!! I'm 66 and have been through some stressful times in my life, but Moves for Seniors topped them all by becoming the stressful and sorriest company I have ever, ever dealt with.

They're all a bunch of liars, from the CEO down to the loaders. When you call them out on their lies, they won't answer the phone and eventually block your number.

That's one of the reasons they get all the money up front, because they know they're a worthless company. They get your money and farm your move with the lowest bidder, and I mean the lowest of low.

5 Stars

January 12 2022 6:55PM

The staff was wonderful and provided excellent customer service. The entire process from the time they provided a walk through and quote through the final move everyone was professional, attentive and very accommodating.

They also showed up on site at the facility to ensure the move was going well and checked in following the move to ensure everything was to our satisfaction. We had an excellent experience and would highly recommend Moves for Seniors! Lisa **.

Lisa M.
Cary, NC
1 Star

October 17 2020 3:38PM

Two college age kids arrived with ZERO material to cushion items packed in boxes. They ended up using every single bath towel, washcloth, handkerchief, paper towel, and napkin that my 88 year old relative had in her apartment.

When I Unpacked the boxes, I found a 200 year old GLASS teapot wrapped in a paper towel. Several stacks of about 6 plates/saucers each were simple taped together and stacked in boxes with NO packing material around them.

A dresser, headboard, and table all had minor scratches and gouges that were not there before the move. I received, and PAID, Invoices for the work done, but then (3 WEEKS LATER) we received AN ADDITIONAL bill for 'packing materials' and extra time ($115.00).

WHAT - they charged us for using OUR bath towels for packing material??? We spent $1,757 for some college age kids to pack up/unpack for a total of about 6 hours work.

They did not MOVE anything - just packed it up, then unpacked it after it was moved to a different city.

These kids probably only made about $15 per hour, so that was a HUGE profit for Moves for Seniors. Next time we will just hire some day laborers and save ourselves about $1,500!!!

Tommy G.
Dallas, TX
1 Star

June 16 2020 5:08PM

Price gouging Seniors!!!!!! Taking advantage of their situation of being used exclusively right now during Covid with a company that owns the assisted living facility my dad is moving to. Quoted over $500 for two hours. I live 10 minutes from the facility and the largest item being moved is a twin mattress. 6 boxes.

Karen H.
Austin, TX
5 Stars

January 14 2020 3:57PM

These people are great. We couldn't have done this move from McMinnville to Milwaukie without them. From the first conversation with Len to the last item being unloaded by the 2 movers, everything went smoothly. A sincere thanks. Ken **

Ken W.
Milwaukie, OR
1 Star

May 05 2019 12:34AM

Terrible experience. Our movers we are hour late then went to the wrong address. One of the crew of three was clearly injured and having trouble bending and lifting. The pace of the move was so apathetic to our move out time my family and I started to grab boxes and furniture to ensure we made time. An overall terrible experience.

Jay B.
Niles, IL