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Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

4.75 Stars
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Nectar Sleep sells innovative and thoughtfully designed adjustable beds and high-quality foam mattresses to help customers get a better night’s sleep. The company sells direct to consumers online or through approved dealers to provide a lower price. Nectar Sleep’s motto is, “great sleep should be accessible to everyone,” and diligently manages costs, so the adjustable bed and other products remain affordable. Purchase now and receive free accessories valued at $399 (free mattress protector, sheets and premium pillow) with every mattress purchase.

Nectar Sleep

Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 4.9 Stars
Availability 4.8 Stars
Price 4.8 Stars
Customer Service 4.7 Stars

Overall Rating 4.8 Stars

Bottom Line

Nectar Sleep is an online mattress retailer offering premium memory foam mattresses, with an optional adjustable base. Two premium memory foam pillows are included with a mattress purchase. Purchase now and receive a free gift worth up to $200.

Nectar Sleep Review

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services underscores the importance of getting enough restorative sleep. While sleeping, the body and brain work to heal and prepare for a new day. There are links between a lack of deep rest and many medical problems, including depression, obesity, diabetes and more. We feature Nectar Sleep in our Best Adjustable Beds Buyer’s Guide. We selected the company because it provides the industry’s most extensive in-home mattress trial for adjustable and conventional beds, and a lifetime warranty.


  • Innovative adjustable bed features
  • Forever Warranty
  • Full-year risk-free mattress trial
  • Free shipping and returns in the contiguous United States
  • Easy mattress set up


  • Some product availability issues

Nectar Sleep Adjustable Beds

The Nectar Sleep adjustable bed allows you to raise your head, foot or both to find your most comfortable sleep position. Customers can also benefit from the bed’s zero-gravity setting, used to improve circulation and relieve pressure points. The Nectar Sleep adjustable bed provides 15-minute massages across three different zones to promote relaxation and help you drift off to sleep with ease. The adjustable bed settings include one for TV recline, and built-in USB plugs keep your devices charged. Operating the bed is a snap with its programmable memory and wireless remote.

Nectar Sleep adjustable beds come in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Split King sizes. The Split King has two side-by-side independently-operated Twin XL mattresses and is ideal for couples with different sleep preferences. Other frames you can buy from Nectar Sleep are a contemporary platform base, a conventional metal frame and a platform bed frame with a headboard.

The Nectar Sleep Mattress

The Nectar Sleep mattress is comprised of five layers to promote supportive and restful sleep. The memory foam keeps sleepers cool and conforms to the body, evenly distributing weight. The mattress cover is breathable, soft, and absorbent to regulate body temperature further. Nectar Sleep manufactures mattresses with CertiPUR foam, so there are no ozone depleters or harsh chemicals like formaldehyde in the bed. Nectar Sleep mattresses come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes.

Nectar Mattress

Other Nectar Sleep Products

Nectar Sleep sells multiple bed frames, high-quality mattresses and bedding products to suit a variety of consumer needs. Nectar recommends purchasing their complete sleep system, which includes a mattress, adjustable bed and mattress protector. The company also recommends using their weighted blankets to help with insomnia and provide a calming effect, sheets and pillowcases. Nectar Sleep recommends creating a complete sleep system with all these products, but the mattress is compatible with almost any bed frame or accessories.

Nectar Mattress 30-day Review

Nectar Mattress Arrival

Nectar Mattress Arrival. Source: Retirement Living

Nectar’s bed-in-a-box mattress delivers a high-quality memory foam sleep experience. The mattress consists of multiple layers of memory foam designed to provide comfort and support. According to Nectar, the feel of the mattress is medium-firm, but for those changing from an innerspring mattress to a Nectar Mattress, the feel of the mattress will be medium-soft.

In our tests, we slept on the mattress every night for 30 days in a row. We evaluated the mattress based on ten basic metrics that evaluate the quality and comfort: durability, materials, sleep temperature, pressure relief, edge support, sinkage, motion isolation, noise, warranty, and price. The Nectar Mattress received a score of 89/100. We expanded on our findings below detailing our experience and how we scored each criterion.

Durability – 9/10

Nectar is a five-layer memory foam mattress that offers a supportive and comfortable night of sleep. The mattress feels very well made, especially for the price point. The company has been shipping mattresses in a box since 2016, making it difficult to speculate on the longevity of the mattress; however, Nectar offers a 365-night warranty, which is one of the best in the industry.

Materials – 9/10

The mattress cover is a breathable and temperature-regulating material that feels soft under the sheets while also ensuring a cool sleep temperature. The mattress’s materials feel high quality, but the mattress cover can tend to move around slightly.

Sleep Temperature – 9/10

The Nectar mattress sleeps much cooler than the standard memory foam mattress thanks to the breathable mattress cover. The multiple layers of medium- and high-density memory foam prevent heat-trapping. Based on our 30-day test of the Nectar mattress, sleep temperature was medium-cool. The temperature regulation from the mattress is natural and does not feel artificial as might cooling gel from other mattresses.

Pressure Relief – 8/10

Based on our 30-day test, Nectar is a body-conforming mattress that provides higher-than-average pressure relief. Pressure relief is a subjective metric for this mattress based on how much you weigh. Weighing less than 130 lbs., our test sleeper said the Nectar mattress gave solid pressure relief overall. He experienced great shoulder, leg and tail-end pressure relief. The only area that was lacking for him was lower back support.

Edge Support – 8/10

Edge support is a difficult metric for memory foam mattresses due to their material, but Nectar does a solid job providing edge support. Our test subject regularly sleeps on his side relatively close to the edge and reported no drop-off or discomfort on the edge.

Sinkage – 8/10

Sinkage is a term commonly used when referring to the sinking feeling of memory foam. Based on our test, sinkage was low compared to other memory foam mattresses but can still make it difficult to adjust during the middle of the night.

Motion Isolation – 9/10

Motion isolation is a category where Nectar mattresses thrive. In our sleep trial, movement on the mattress was isolated and movement from one partner was not felt by the other.

Noise – 10/10

Nectar aces this category with a nearly silent mattress. If you are considering switching from an innerspring mattress to a Nectar memory foam, this lack of noise is quite appealing. The only noise experienced in our test was from the Ikea bed frame used.

Warranty – 10/10

Once the Nectar mattress arrives at your home, you have a 365-day trial period, which is much higher than the industry standard 100-day trial. Nectar also offers a “Forever Warranty”. To break down the terms of the warranty, Nectar will replace the mattress if any factory defects are found in the first 10 years. After 10 years, the company will repair the bed and will cover the transportation costs associated with the factory defect.

Price – 9/10

The cost of the Nectar mattress is less than the average bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress, and the company commonly offers discounts of $100+. The Nectar mattress is a great value as the quality of the mattress is high and the cost is below average.

How to Buy Nectar Sleep Adjustable Beds

Consumers can buy Nectar Sleep adjustable beds and other products directly on the website or at one of over 120 retailers across the country. You can find dealers on the Nectar Sleep website. The company ships orders for free in the contiguous United States. Nectar Sleep does not ship internationally.

Nectar Sleep
Adjustable Bed Prices
Size Adjustable Beds Mattresses
Twin N/A $399
Twin XL $549 $469
Full $599 $599
Queen $699 $699
King N/A $899
California King N/A $899
Split King $1,198 N/A

Nectar Mattress Unboxing

Nectar Mattress Unboxing Screenshot

Nectar Mattress Unboxing. Source: Retirement Living

Tired of the standard furniture store routine? The Nectar mattress is delivered directly to your doorstep in a sturdy box with handles on the side. When taking the box inside you should take it to the bedroom in which you are planning to use it. Once you open the box you will see the mattress covered in vacuum-sealed plastic wrap. After pulling the mattress out of the box you should place it on the frame so the mattress can fully expand once the plastic wrap is removed. Full expansion of the mattress can take up to 24 hours, but in our test, it only took about two hours. A fully expanded Nectar mattress will measure 11 inches in height.

Nectar Sleep Complaints

Nectar Sleep receives an “A-” rating from the Better Business Bureau. ConsumerAffairs reader scores average out to 4 out of 5 stars. ConsumersAdvocate places Nectar Sleep in the second-best spot in the Mattress category with 9.5 out of 10 points. SleepSherpa rated Nectar Sleep adjustable bed frames and mattresses 9.4 out of 10 while noting setting up the bed is a simple process, and the controls are easy to use. Most consumers are pleased with Nectar Sleep, although we found some complaints. Issues were primarily regarding shipping delays, customer service and refunds.

Nectar Sleep Q&A

  • Can I finance a Nectar Sleep adjustable bed?

    You can take advantage of financing offers from Affirm to buy a Nectar Sleep adjustable bed. Interest rates start at 0%, and you can apply on the Nectar Sleep website. Affirm runs a soft credit check on applicants with no credit score impact. You may need to make a downpayment to qualify for financing.

  • How does Nectar Sleep’s Forever Warranty work?

    Nectar Sleep offers a best-in-class Forever Warranty on mattresses and a three-year warranty on adjustable bed frames. The mattress warranty covers defects arising from regular use. Electrical component coverage, such as drive and massage motors, fall under the adjustable bed warranty. Review the warranty documentation carefully for more details, including coverage exceptions.

  • How does Nectar Sleep handle returns?

    Contact Nectar Sleep within the trial period (365 days for mattresses and 50 days for adjustable beds) to start the return process. A local company picks up the mattress for donation or disposal, and you receive a refund of the full purchase price after the pick up is confirmed. Some online reviews indicated no returns in the first 30 days because the mattress trial period doesn’t begin until after that time. Nectar Sleep adjustable beds are eligible for free return shipping for customers in every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Does Nectar Sleep offer help if I don’t want to assemble the adjustable bed myself?

    While Nectar Sleep makes assembling the bed very simple, customers who need or want assembly and disposal services can take advantage of the White Glove delivery. A technician assembles the bed at the time of delivery, then removes the old mattress. The service starts at $149 to set up a mattress, then add $45 for an adjustable bed frame. White-Glove services are nonrefundable, and residents of California, Connecticut and Rhode Island pay an additional state-imposed mattress disposal fee. Select White Glove delivery when you checkout to receive the service.

  • Do I need to use a mattress cover on a Nectar Sleep adjustable bed?

    Nectar Sleep advises customers to sleep with a mattress cover for protection against stains and spills.


Nectar Sleep adjustable beds and mattresses are a healthy and eco-conscious choice for consumers because of the CertiPUR foam used to make the product. The company keeps prices down by doing business directly with consumers. 356-day in-home trials and lengthy warranties create additional value. Nectar Sleep sells a mattress with gentle but full support and an adjustable bed with several features, including a zero-gravity and three massage settings for top-level comfort.

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