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Orion Metal Exchange

4.9 Stars (76 Reviews)
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Updated: November 29, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Orion Metal Exchange is a full-service precious metals dealer. What we like about Orion is its competitive pricing, in-house IRA department, website with real-time precious metals pricing, and offer incentives to provide reimbursement for precious metal storage, insurance and custodial fees.

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Editorial Breakdown

Customer Care 4.7 Stars
Price 5 Stars
Reliability 4.8 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.8 Stars

Overall Rating 4.9 Stars

Bottom Line

Orion Metals Exchange is an affordable precious metals dealer that provides a variety of services, including an easy-to-set-up IRA account.

76 Orion Metal Exchange Reviews

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5 Stars

December 30 2022 11:49PM

I received prompt and courteous answers to all of my questions and concerns. I was pleased with the simplicity of the transaction, as well as the open line of communication throughout the purchase and delivery process. Anyone interested in purchasing precious metals should consider Orion Metal Exchange.

Tony M.
Riverside, CA
5 Stars

December 30 2022 11:28PM

There is only one word to describe my experience: WOW! Some years ago, I purchased a product from another company and was treated extremely unfairly. Throughout the process of purchasing more coins, I spoke with Ben numerous times. When I made my purchase, I was blown away by his patience, his knowledge of the product, and his professionalism.

Jennifer G.
Austin, TX
5 Stars

December 30 2022 11:18PM

For the first time in my life, I bought metals, and Blake guided me throughout the entire process. Blake was so patient with me while I decided what I wanted to do. Throughout the process, he sent me articles to educate me! Very happy with the service. More metals to come.

Thomas M.
New Brunswick, NJ
5 Stars

December 30 2022 11:09PM

Orion Metal Exchange has been nothing but wonderful to deal with in my dealings with them. Upon interacting with them, I was impressed with their commitment to excellence and their superior customer service. The company's employees have all been very courteous and helpful.

Jerald A.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Stars

December 30 2022 10:28PM

We received prompt responses to all of our questions and telephone calls. There is always someone available to help you and they are very friendly. My research and discussions with other companies took a considerable amount of time. I was most impressed with Orion Metal Exchange. Orion Metal Exchange is highly recommended.

Jeremy B.
Indianapolis, IN
5 Stars

December 30 2022 10:04PM

It has been a pleasure working with Orion during my investment journey. A five-star rating would be appropriate for the service I received. They have my highest recommendation and I am looking forward to doing business with them in the future. There is no doubt that they are the best in the industry.

Brittany C.
Ojai, CA
5 Stars

December 30 2022 9:53PM

A professional and courteous response was provided to all my questions and concerns. Throughout the purchase and delivery process, communication was open and efficient. Anyone looking to purchase precious metals would be well advised to use Orion Metal Exchange.

Nicole S.
San Diego, CA
5 Stars

December 30 2022 7:08PM

Very reliable service and I believe the company is honest and sincere. It was explained to us in detail the process of opening an account with Orion Metal Exchange before any agreements were signed. It was a very simple and straightforward process.

Jaelyn L.
Maui, HI
5 Stars

December 30 2022 5:01PM

Reliable, efficient, satisfying, and friendly all great qualities to this company. They won't let you down and they are extremely educated on investments. So if you are struggling to understand, they will clear any confusion or questions! Thank you Orion Metal Exchange for such great service!

Sydney H.
Fort Worth, TX
5 Stars

December 29 2022 10:07PM

It was a pleasure to receive my metals on time. It was also a pleasure to work with Orion with how persistent, efficient, and outstanding customer service. Orion won't let you down. Happy to continue my relationship with Orion in the future.

Omari J.
90266, CA
5 Stars

December 29 2022 9:47PM

Upon leaving my previous employer, I transferred my 401k to an Orion Precious Metals IRA. It was after speaking with Jacob that I decided to select Orion over a few other companies.

Throughout our discussion, he was very knowledgeable about precious metals and patient with me as I sought to understand my personal goals and make an informed decision. 10/10 recommend.

Caleb W.
Las Vegas, NV
5 Stars

December 21 2022 5:18PM

It would be my pleasure to recommend Orion Metal Exchange to you. There is a great deal of friendliness and assistance offered by them. Beau is a very professional man. He is not pushy nor does he give the impression that he is out to make a sale.

We were very satisfied with the ease of purchase of precious metals for our retirement account. I would like to thank you for responding promptly to all of my questions and telephone calls.

Avery B.
Caliente, NV
5 Stars

December 20 2022 9:58PM

This was our first purchase with Orion Metal Exchange and I am very satisfied with my decision. We found Jacob very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. We really appreciate his willingness to guide us through this process. Everyone at Orion is very friendly and professional.

Moe A.
5 Stars

December 06 2022 9:40PM

I was duped by a Michael ** of Rosland Capital and his Broker manager told me that he left the company, I asked about my silver and Reed's manager Jamie ** said "I don't know. Ask him", luckily I found Ben ** at this company who went out of his way to recover my Precious metals!!! TY Ben!!!

Rommel D.
Vallejo, CA
5 Stars

October 25 2022 12:42AM

This is a great precious metal company because they really care about the customer and that's hard to find now a days.

So If you want to invest in precious Metals but you're afraid of finding a company that will take advantage of you then you've come to the right place because Orion Metal Exchange is a company that will take the time to explain how it all works and ease your mind knowing your life savings are in good hands and with Our representative Blake he made the process easy.

Plus they have great specials that give you the opportunity for free coins and a great self directed IRA to help build up your retirement. :)

Wendy J.
Muskegon, MI
5 Stars

October 16 2022 6:24PM

The folks at Orion treat me like family. I really enjoy doing business with their friendly staff. I respect their opinion also. They explain all phases of the transactions in an easy to follow conversation and they take the time to make sure I totally understand. 5 Star review!

Soni M.
Roseau, MN
5 Stars

September 14 2022 1:14AM

I did a lot of research before my wife and I selected a Precious Metal Company to put some of the IRA holding into.

Finally narrowed it down to what I thought were the Top Three and then checked all the Pro and Cons for each Company and Reviews by Customers and Orion was head and shoulders above them all in my opinion.

Know we have not been disappointed with our selection, Orion, and they take the time and care to answer any and all of your questions. Not only were each and every Employee we encountered eager to help, but didn't rush you or pressure you in any way.

Their attitude, professional and it's your money and you deserve to have all the information so you can make the best choice. They are very understanding to the Client's needs, no matter how big or small your investment. A+++ in our view and we highly recommend Orion.

Dr Edward H H.
Houston, TX
5 Stars

September 09 2022 6:28PM

I found Jacob and Zelda to be very thorough and professional. Due to the current uncertain times, we decided to put some of our retirement funds into metals, instead of having it all in paper with ink printed on it.

Gold and silver have never been worth zero, but some paper has been, and some is currently worth next to nothing. Jacob is a senior partner at Orion and not just a salesman of metals.

His knowledge and years of experience will give you the confidence and the information you need to help you with the process of setting up a metal based IRA. I researched a half dozen companies and spoke with or emailed several of them.

Jacob was the only one I found, who was more interested in helping me, than selling me. Call some of the other companies first, and then call Jacob, you will notice a difference. Orion is the only company that posts their prices online for everyone to see, that says a lot.

Jack J.
Webb City, MO
5 Stars

July 29 2022 1:58PM

When I decided to add some physical precious metals to my assets I discussed the process of pricing, buying, selling, tax implications, etc. etc. with many companies. Some of the largest and most advertised, in my opinion, were borderline illegal.

Some wanted my money prior to even explaining exactly what I would be buying and what the price would be. I found the process complex especially if one wanted to really understand what was involved to price, buy and sell.

Orion Metal Exchange was different, they were refreshingly open and honest and responsive to my questions. I deal with Jacob ** at Orion and he knows the metals markets well and meets all my expectations.

Ed C.
Auburn, CA
5 Stars

July 29 2022 12:09AM

I transferred my 401k from previous employer into a Precious Metals IRA with Orion. I talked to a few other companies but Orion was my choice after speaking with Jacob. He was very knowledgeable, and patient with me, about precious metals and provided the education I needed to make the best decision for my personal goals.

Griselda was also very helpful and efficient in setting up my account and helping me get the monies transferred from my previous retirement account. It was much easier than I expected and highly recommend Orion to those desiring to set up a Precious Metals IRA.

Nancy F.
Leicester, NC
5 Stars

June 07 2022 10:02PM

Great Company with wonderful customer service! Blake assisted me in getting my IRA set up to invest in gold/silver. He was very professional, knowledgeable and patient with my numerous questions.

The transition/transaction went very smoothly from my bank. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone!

Amy C.
Navarre, FL
5 Stars

May 09 2022 7:05PM

I transferred some of my TSP into a Precious Metals IRA with Orion. I talked to a few of the other companies but Orion seemed like the best option. Jacob was very knowledgeable about metals and provided the education I needed to make the best decision for my goals.

Griselda was quite helpful and efficient in working with TSP and setting up my account. It was easier than I thought it would be and can recommend Orion to others considering setting up a Metals IRA.

Debra S.
Boulder, CO
5 Stars

April 20 2022 11:34PM

We had a great experience working with Jacob! This was our first time purchasing metal, and we found him to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. He answered all of our questions and shared his expertise when guiding us.

Everyone we dealt with at Orion Metal Exchange was courteous, professional, and reliable. We highly recommend this company!

Mary Ellen Y.
Hillsdale, NJ
5 Stars

April 11 2022 9:28PM

I have dealt with other Precious Metals companies, but Orion is the best! All who I have spoken with have provided excellent, knowledgeable customer service - especially our Portfolio Manager Michael **. He has gone the extra mile to provide us with trustworthy, outstanding customer service. Highly recommended!

David and Kathleen L.
Hickory, NC
5 Stars

April 04 2022 6:11PM

My wife and I have been looking forward to retirement for a lifetime. I never thought it was going to happen. We always had one of the big brokerages invest our retirement and we never saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

We were referred to Orion Metal Exchange by our friends who actually are retired. We couldn’t be happier. After just a few short months we can see a light at the end of the tunnel and are now finally looking forward to retirement.

Couldn’t be happier with Orion and their team. They’re so professional and straightforward. It was definitely a breath of fresh air after years of feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand. I’m referring everybody I know to them and know they will be in good hands like my family is.

Ryan M.
Dallas, TX
5 Stars

April 04 2022 4:24PM

Excellent experience! I had decided, based on my research and circumstances, that I simply wished to purchase gold to hold myself. Worked with Jacob via phone to determine best gold product for my intended use.

I found that he was patient, very knowledgeable about the various options, and willing to answer any question. I initially had some idea which type of product I was interested in, but decided on a different product based on my conversations with Jacob and his suggestions.

Once decision was made, it was very easy to plan the product purchase upfront via phone with Jacob so that I know exactly what I would be getting and the pricing -- this was very important to me since some other sellers wanting funds transferred first with product selection and pricing occurring after they had the funds.

Orion also posts pricing on their website to make things very transparent and allowing you to compare with that on other websites. Jacob held the price until I could arrange funds transfer even though price had risen before funds transfer was completed.

I received the gold within a week, despite being told by other sellers I had talked to that Orion would be slow to deliver. Unless you want a product that Orion doesn't have (and you may want to discuss options with Orion), I believe you cannot go wrong purchasing from them.

Bob B.
New Smyrna Beach, FL
5 Stars

March 31 2022 8:32PM

A fantastic organization! Great customer support from beginning to end. Jacob B. took the time to thoroughly explain transitioning from TSP to a Self-Directed IRA. Questions I asked were answered clearly and detailed enough to make my precious metals purchase in confidence.

I believe Jacob had my interest at heart and recommended specific precious metals with that in mind. In summation, no nonsense, straight talk and integrity. I would recommend Orion Metal Exchange unreservedly!

Fripp Island, SC
5 Stars

March 11 2022 10:39PM

Mike B. Dallas, TX. My wife and I are both retired. We have been invested in the stock market for many years in both good times and bad. With the ”election” of Joe Biden we decided it was time to exit the stock market due to possible steep downside risk under his “leadership”.

We cashed out and sat on the sidelines while we evaluated options. After “kicking the tires” we decided that precious metals made the most sense for us. We contacted 6 of the well known precious metals dealers, but were disappointed with the results.

We asked simple questions like “how do you price your products (such as spot price plus what percentage”)? The most common response was “we’ll discuss that after you send us the money to fund your account." Not exactly the answer we were seeking!

After this frustrating experience, we found ORION METAL EXCHANGE and things were very different in a positive way. Prices were clearly posted on their website and we got straight concise answers to our questions. We have since opened 3 IRA accounts and a brokerage account with Orion.

Dealing with Jason ** and Griselda ** in opening these accounts was a pleasant experience as they are both true professionals. We highly recommend ORION, Jason and Griselda.

Mike B.
Frisco, TX
5 Stars

January 13 2022 9:57PM

As a financial/business consultant with a Business Book of the Year award I strongly advise others to get with Orion and consider financial safety, since the dollar is becoming questionable and inflation was over 7% last month, which is the highest in over 40 years.

I researched Orion, first and they are head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion... Yes: I made a wise decision.

Kenneth B.
Orlando, FL
5 Stars

January 11 2022 5:19PM

Very happy I chose Orion! They are professional and get things done quickly. They helped me rollover my 401K and everyone I spoke to was attentive and informative. I do not typically leave reviews, but they are worthy of 5 stars.

Sara H.
Youngstown, OH
5 Stars

December 02 2021 6:43PM

Orion Metal Exchange highly recommend. The representatives are beyond reliable and helpful. It was my first time buying precious metals and I couldn’t be more confident with my decision. Thank you Orion Metal Exchange.

Jacob M.
West LA, CA
5 Stars

November 18 2021 9:29PM

I couldn’t express how thankful I was to find Orion Metal Exchange, one like no other. Highly recommend. The representatives are beyond helpful. I couldn’t feel more comfortable working with any other company but Orion Metal Exchange.

Davis C.
West LA, CA
5 Stars

November 02 2021 8:18PM

I called Orion because I was interested in rolling over my IRA. The service I received was worthy of 5 stars. They made this process go by quickly and seamlessly, while managing to always keep me informed. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and knowledgeable.

Maxwell V.
75001, TX
5 Stars

November 02 2021 7:59PM

Orion is the best in the industry. Look no further if you’re looking to invest your money in metals. They are reliable and efficient. From start to finish, the employees at Orion went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident in my purchase. Thank you Orion!

Henry J.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Stars

October 29 2021 5:49AM

My experience with Orion Metal Exchange was one like no other. Highly recommend. Have to say they are a reliable source for up-to-date on silver, platinum, and gold trends and markets. The representatives are beyond helpful. I had never bought precious metals before.

Kennedy S.
Beverly Hills, CA
5 Stars

September 23 2021 1:37AM

This was my first time buying metals and Blake held my hand the whole time. It took me several months to decide what I wanted to do and Blake was so patient with me. He would send me articles to educate me as well during the process! Excellent service. Looking forward to buying more metals.

Anna U.
Fort Washington, MD
5 Stars

August 31 2021 8:06PM

I had the pleasure of speaking and working with Michael ** in opening a precious metals IRA. He was excellent at walking me through the step by step process. Once that was set up he discussed the different metals with me and answered all my questions.

The process couldn't have been any easier. He was very efficient and informative. I also spoke with Griselda ** and Monet **. Everyone was so kind, professional, helpful and knowledgeable.

Courtney J.
Noblesville, IN
5 Stars

August 03 2021 12:02AM

The whole process was effortless from start to finish. It went smoother than I had expected by far. They even helped with some information on some of the metals I was considering, directions, trends, that sort of the thing. I plan on using them to add to my IRA and adding some metals to the safe.

John V.
5 Stars

July 28 2021 10:11PM

Orion Metal Exchange is reliable! Everyone I had the pleasure of speaking to went above and beyond to make me feel valued and in control of my investment. As a first time investor, they made sure I was comfortable with my purchase and gave me ample time to make decisions.

David P.
New York, NY
5 Stars

July 22 2021 10:39PM

Griselda was so very kind and patient with me (a crazy old lady). She went out of her way to make sure everything was as I wanted and needed. Brian was very wise in getting the metals I needed.

They were there to help at every turn. I truly appreciate this group of people. I feel lucky to have found them. Sincerely Helyn **.

Helyn R.
Vancouver, WA
5 Stars

June 24 2021 11:51PM

My husband and I decided to invest in precious metals for the first time and Orion made us feel confident and secure in our purchase. They took great care of us both.

Their guidance and knowledge about the industry gave us the assurance we needed. The service here is praiseworthy.

Cheryl M.
Trenton, NJ
5 Stars

June 24 2021 11:36PM

My metals were delivered in a timely manner. They're really engaged and in tune with their clients. They make it a priority that you get taken care of the way you deserve too.

Customer service is outstanding at making sure all your needs are satisfied and ensuring you had an excellent experience. Orion was a pleasure to work with, thank you to everyone for being so insightful, intelligent, and devoted to clients success.

Marty M.
Trenton, NJ
5 Stars

June 24 2021 11:13PM

Admirable company and employees. From start to finish Orion Metal Exchange showed me that the company is made up of friendly, attentive, intelligent, and patient professionals who want you to be well educated and comfortable through out the entire process. Look no further if you are considering purchasing precious metals.

Elizabeth B.
Fort Worth, TX
5 Stars

June 24 2021 10:46PM

My experience with Orion Metal Exchange was great. I worked with Michael and he made me feel valued and well informed throughout the entire process. Their customer service team was always responsive and delightful to speak to. This company deserves 5 stars.

David R.
Portland, OR
5 Stars

June 05 2021 12:50AM

The team at Orion made my move of my 401k to a precious metal 401k very easy. Jacob is very professional and helpful walking me thru the process.

I feel better knowing my retirement savings are in gold and silver now. The stock market is a scary place right now my opinion of course.

Tony S.
Mt.gilead, OH
5 Stars

May 16 2021 8:25PM

From the first phone call to the actual transfer of funds we have been nothing but impressed. Excellent customer service made our decision the right one for us. Quick email responses and always available when we have had questions. Thank you looking forward to our continued relationship.

Colette K.
Clackamas, OR
5 Stars

May 15 2021 8:35PM

Excellent service. Fast response time and friendly employees. Highly recommend for all precious metals purchases. I have been dealing with Orion for 5 years now. Remarkably different from the other dealers I have dealt with in the past. What are you waiting for?

Christopher D.
Newtown Square, PA
4 Stars

April 28 2021 7:35PM

Orion Metal Exchange made the process easy. The only reason they don't get 5 stars from me is because the ridiculously high fees charged for the metals.

About 1/3rd of my money went to fees and over-pricing the gold, silver and titanium coins I purchased, which is common in this line of business. Very friendly folks though and I knew what I was getting into when I called them.

Guy R.
Orion Metal Exchange
Guy, you received the lowest price/best value in the industry for the products purchased. Please let us know how you've concluded that 1/3rd of your money went to our company fees, or that we charged ridiculously high fees for your precious metals. These statements are simply incorrect and we want to help you properly understand the values/redeemable premiums in the products you hold. Please call to discuss. We are here to help you.
5 Stars

April 28 2021 6:46PM

I decided I'd prefer to have my IRA funded with precious metals but had no idea about how to do this. The staff at Orion was very kind, patient and helpful. They explained everything to me. The process was so simple with their help and guidance. I would highly recommend them.

Barbara B.
Sherman Oaks, CA
5 Stars

April 27 2021 11:02PM

Orion made the process of investing in precious metals easy and smooth! I was helped by Michael, and he made sure I was comfortable and taken care of every step of the way.

I'm not one to leave reviews, but the service I received was worthy of 5 stars. I highly recommend them and look forward to doing more business with them in the future. Seriously, they are the best in the industry!

Lee H.
Palm Springs, CA