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February 27 2021 2:30PM

Bad bad. For 3-4 months the second aid completely dead. Call the seller do not return the call. Call customers support. No answer. On Saturday. Supposed to be open on Saturday. Will never get another Phonak. Now I have wait maybe week or more for another aid. Is in "warranty."

Venko L.
Riverview, FL
February 26 2021 1:17AM

I bought Phonak, paid $3,200. The aids are in the ear. The battery door is so cheap it's pathetic. They have lasted only 1 year. I have bought 3 sets of hearing aids. This is the first broken door. It has been in for repair now for 2 weeks.

Now I can understand why people are going to places like Walmart buying aids for $299. Very disappointed to say the least. My friends are waiting to see my outcome. By the way I am very careful with my aids. They have never been treated rough I depend on them daily.

Eleanor P.
Crystal River, FL
February 16 2021 10:11PM

Received p90rti in December 2020. Right aid lasted about 4 weeks. Stopped working. Sent in. Took over 10 days to return supposed new aid. How is a 10 day turn over acceptable for a $2500.00 hearing aid? I should have been provided a replacement same day.

The left hearing aid lasted to mid February about the 13th then just failed. I have a 3 year guarantee but for $2500.00 an aid and I can get 3/4 of the same technology for $150.00 on any Bluetooth hearing pods or I should be getting a lifetime guarantee or at least a ten year guarantee.

As far as my opinion is stay away from these pieces of garbage. I fell into their hype but don’t you. These are really poorly made and if you spend $5000.00 for a set you are just getting screwed like I did.

Douglas T.
Loudon, NH
February 09 2021 1:10PM

The 2-star is based on bluetooth technology outdoors. I walk my dogs every day and bike ride. I was super excited to use these for streaming sound/phone calls while outdoors.

BUT if the phone is in my pocket or backpack the connection is so intermittent it will cut in/out 10+ times during one song.

I reached out to Phonak customer support and they confirmed "the hearing aid signal is not strong enough to detect the phone so it will cut in and out". Their solution was to hold the phone, which is NOT a solution while walking dogs or on a bike.

I wish I would have known this limitation prior committing to this brand. My sister has 4+ yr old Resound hearing aids from Costco and has no issues with the bluetooth connection with the phone in her pocket during outdoor activities.

April H.
Rochester Hills, MI
February 06 2021 2:28AM

I’m a first-time hearing aid user and, in general, am pleased with my new, rechargeable Phonaks. My only complaint — and I consider it to be major — is in the Bluetooth capability.

The default Phonak setting on my phone App is “AutoSense OS 4.0” and this is good for just about everything. However, if I manually select a different setting (TV, Restaurant, etc.) and a call, text, or I check my Facebook page on my phone, the App instantly reverts back to default.

A HUGE audible difference. I love the TV setting, but it’s almost impossible to hold on to. During any given TV program, I find myself going in to reset the App to TV 10-15 times, depending on my family and Text traffic.

The Phonak representative suggested I turn off Texts and Facebook while I’m watching TV. WHAAT? Why? There needs to be a patch update for the Phonak App... yesterday!

Catherine L.
Pittsburgh, PA
January 19 2021 5:17PM

I bought my Phonak hearing aids at Berks ENT in Womissing, Pa. My audiologists is Leslie ** and she is totally AWESOME! I purchased my Phonak hearing aides November 2013! They still work and perform like new! I am very happy with them! I never thought I could ever hear this good again, wow it’s amazing how I can hear so clear again. Knock on wood I have never had a major problem with either one of them other than having the wires replaced and having them checked every year & keeping them cleaned!

I clean them every 2 weeks and replace the wax traps and the boots, If the boots need changing. If they don’t need the boots changed, I certainly change them at least once a month! Key to your hearing aids lasting for a long time is taking care of them and regular maintenance! I love my Phonak hearing aids and I am soon going to purchase another pair! They are the best!

Paul S.
Blandon, PA
August 31 2020 12:31AM

The tv connection that I bought does not work and I tried 2. I have up and it sits with dust. Sometimes one aid will have such a loud noise that it “screams” in my ear and I pull it off and throw it. Sometimes the left one will just stop and start back in a minute or 2.

My BIGGEST complaint is a small part of the plastic broke off the door but I cannot get it fixed in Anchorage and has to be sent away for a week. It is the worst ear and I CANNOT go without it that long.

The wonderful Johnny at Costco said he could put a door on in 30 sec but the “policy” is they won’t send them to the store and I can’t order one to be sent to he nor I. COME ON!!! That is the craziest thing I ever heard.

That’s the equivalent of saying you don’t care that I can’t hear for a week. Not ok, I’m putting this on social media bc it’s not good customer service.

Deb O.
June 18 2020 3:51PM

Have Audeo V purchased 2016. In January 2020, the Phonak app stopped supporting my aids. Now a trip to the audiologist is required to make changes, rather than my iPhone. Poor product support for an expensive hearing aid set.

Deb S.
Fort Collins, CO
May 12 2020 9:31PM

Wow when my husband lost his right hearing aid in his shirt while dressing for bed then failed to tell me until I had started washer I thought all was lost. I managed to fish it out at the end of cycle. I returned it to the charging case and the next day it was back working. Now I call that truly beyond the call of duty.

Carol H.
Eugene, OR
April 11 2020 7:06PM

My behind the ear Phonak's for batteries are 12 years old. I wear them every day since I have a high-frequency hearing loss in both ears. Fitted professionally and checked out semi-annually ever since purchase. I am at the top of my range and will be looking at replacing these whenever the time comes. Never had a repair or replacement. Why buy any other brand! Wonder what kind of deal Phonak might offer me?

Janet B.
Roscoe, IL
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