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Select Home Warranty

4.4 Stars (32 Reviews)
Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Dr. Steven Rydin
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Select Home Warranty is a New Jersey-based home warranty provider that offers protection for home systems and appliances. They received the Best in Service designation from the Home Warranty Awards in 2017. Overall, we like Select Home Warranty for their favorable terms and conditions, flexible coverage options and nationwide network of contracted service providers.

Select Home Warranty Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 5 Stars
Affordability 5 Stars
Coverage 5 Stars
Customer Service 4.1 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Select Home Warranty offers affordable home warranty options to homeowners. For the most comprehensive coverage with only a minor price increase, we recommend the Platinum plan.

Select Home Warranty offers a level of protection for homeowners, home buyers, home sellers, realtors, and anyone with an interest in protection from large expenses due to unexpected home repairs. Their home warranties cover a variety of budgets and needs. Submitting a claim is as simple as filing via their online system, which is the most efficient way to reach their customer service team.

How does Select Home Warranty compare to other home warranty companies? We recently updated our guide for choosing the best home warranties and found Select Home Warranty stood out for it’s combination of coverage and affordability.

Select Home Warranty Review

Select Home Warranty is a popular choice for coverage of common household appliances and repairs with several plans to choose from. Whether you just want to cover your appliances — or need a comprehensive plan that repairs home systems and extras (such as pool and spa) — the company will work with you to cover just what you need for the times you really need it. Their large network of contracted service providers ensures coverage in rural and urban areas, alike.


  • Service plans to fit most budgets
  • Plumbing stoppages available
  • Large, nationwide service network


  • Won’t cover common pre-existing issues

Select Home Warranty Plans

Coverage starts 30 days from the time customers purchase a plan. Once a covered appliance or system stops functioning, customers of Select Home Warranty can call, email, or fill out a form online to have a service professional set up a repair appointment. This professional will come at a time convenient to the homeowner. After paying a trade service fee, the repair or replacement is made — assuming it meets the terms of the service contract. If the covered item cannot be fixed, Select Home Warranty issues a check for the amount appropriate to replace a similar item. Sometimes, Select Home Warranty requires service records, receipts, or other proof of the condition of an item and its upkeep before authorizing a repair.

Select Home Warranty is one of the few companies offering coverage to homeowners across the United States. They have a large network of repair professionals, ensuring access to a service professional in any part of the country. Most covered repairs happen within a few days of the claim, and customers report that claims filed online have some of the fastest service times in the industry.

Select Home Warranty prices

This company offers three tiers of service. Their plans range from $429 – $499, depending on your service requirements and location. Optional coverage riders are available, as well, and customers can pay for plans in monthly installments or with a one-time annual or multi-year fee. Select Home Warranty frequently offers discounts, such as $200 off a year-long plan or additional free months with purchase. They have been known to throw in a premium coverage rider, such as roof coverage – at no additional cost.

Select Home Warranty Costs
Bronze Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
$429* $429* $499*

*Retail price on Feb 1, 2018 for a single family home less than 5,000 sq. feet. May be subject to changes or sales incentives. Contact Select for a current quote.

Bronze Care

This plan covers qualified repairs of the clothes washer and dryer, garbage disposal, refrigerator, stove/oven, built-in microwave oven, cooktop, and dishwasher.

Gold Care

This plan covers qualified repairs of the heating and plumbing systems, hot water heater, ductwork, A/C and cooling system, and electrical system.

Platinum Care

This plan covers qualified repairs of everything under both the Bronze and Gold Care plans, as well as the garage door opener and ceiling fans. Platinum Care also covers plumbing blockages.

Additional Coverages Available

Customers of Select Home Warranty who purchase one of the above plans are eligible to add optional coverage benefits for the pool and spa, central vacuum, sump and well pumps, rook leaks, stand alone freezer, lawn watering system, septic tank and system, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and refrigerator ice maker. Plans exist for additional refrigerators, AC units, heating units, and water heaters.

Select Home Warranty Fees

There is a trade service fee due at the time a repair professional comes to your home. This fee averages $45 – $60 per professional per repair, but it varies by contract. Sometimes, this charge is also called the “deductible”. Customers pay this fee regardless of whether the service or parts end up being covered by Select Home Warranty.

How to Purchase a Home Warranty from Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty is unique in that it that offers nationwide coverage. They make their quotes available all U.S. time zones, via their online price request or through their toll-free number at 1-855-267-3532. Once you are a customer, claims are made through a customer service phone number, via email or via their online claim form. Claims can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Select Home Warranty will then contact a professional repair technician in your area to contact you and set up a repair appointment.

Select Home Warranty Complaints

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates Select Home Warranty with a B, which is slightly better than the industry average. While there are higher-rated services, Select Home Warranty offers satisfactory resolution of most customer complaints and is responsive to inquiries. Consumers consistently give Select Home Warranty a better-than-most rating in the areas of customer service, timeliness in resolving claims, and the quality of their services.

Most of the unfavorable reviews regarding this company are directed at the service providers that Select Home Warranty contracts to do the repairs. Complaints include late or unprofessional repair technicians. Since Select is only contracting the work to them (and no have control over the service provider) they are not involved with the quality of service. Unsatisfied customers report being able to call out a different repair professional in these instances, and their issues get resolved.

Home owners who keep good records of their covered appliances and systems get the most benefit from the plans. Since Select doesn’t cover problems caused by improper maintenance, it’s important for customers to provide receipts and service records for three years or more for items that need repair. Homeowners who cannot provide proof that they have maintained their appliances and systems may find that their repairs are not approved. Select doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Customers with large, approved repairs are among the happiest with Select Home Warranty. A furnace or pool heating system, for example, is usually very expensive to repair ($400 or more). The value of having a covered service is much greater.

Select Home Warranty FAQ

  • What’s the difference between a new home warranty and Select Home Warranty plans?
    Select offers what is also known as a “service contract” which will pay for covered repairs or replacement of items in your home, such as an appliance or heating system. It is an optional service to help pay for things that may go wrong in your home. New home warranties, on the other hand, are given by the home manufacturer to guarantee the workmanship of your building. They may or may not cover appliances or systems and are only for new buildings.

  • My home is old. Can I still get a plan from Select Home Warranty?
    The service plans sold by Select are for your home appliances and systems. It does not matter the age of your home, provided the covered items do not suffer from pre-existing damage, neglect or wear that can affect performance. If your covered items have been properly maintained prior to the date the plan goes into effect, their age doesn’t matter.

  • I have homeowners insurance. Why would I want a home warranty?
    Each type of coverage does very different things. Homeowners insurance largely covers damage from a disaster, fire, or burglary. It offers liability against damages. A home warranty, however, repairs or replaces covered items that break outside of these occurrences.

  • Does Select Home Warranty need to see my home before they will cover me?
    These home warranty plans do not require an inspection or pre-approval. Once your plan is purchased, you can start using it after the 30-day waiting period for any covered item, provided the repair isn’t for pre-existing damage or wear. Your contract details exactly what types of repairs will be covered.

  • Is there a limit on the coverage? How many repairs can I have per year?
    There is no limit to the number of service calls you make, although they are each subject to the deductible (also called a contract service fee.) Some system repairs have a limit set by Select Home Warranty. HVAC repair is limited to $2,000. Each appliance and plumbing/electrical systems have a $500 limit each. Additional coverage plans have a $400 limit per items. Optional Freon coverage has a limit of $250.


With many choices for homeowners to consider when looking for a home warranty plan, it’s important to know exactly the appliances and systems you want covered before purchasing. Select Home Warranty has something for everyone, with plans that meet the basics of just appliances, as well as complete home system options. For the homeowner who wants to be covered no matter where they live, Select’s network of professionals may prove to be the largest in the industry.

32 Select Home Warranty Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

January 25 2023 7:50PM

Can I give them a minus vote? They are nothing short of major scammers. They will cover little or nothing. Service people have little or no experience. They are unqualified of completing a proper repair. Save your money.

If you have been the victim of these unscrupulous people contact me at **. I am planning legal action against them, join us to hold them accountable.

Anthony D.
Melrose, MA
1 Star

August 18 2022 10:38PM

Worst home warranty company compare to others. Got Platinum plan. Plumbing covered, but not faucet. So for faucet leaking, have to pay another $250 to cover faucet fixture. Then technician decided the faucet need to be replaced. Select HW only cover part, not labor. Because it is considered a new installation.

They can denial installation fee under section **. So for this claim, only cover part, not labor. This is the worst home warranty company.

Be careful, there are many other home warranty company much more reasonable, like American Home Shield, Old Republic home warranty, even Choice Home Warranty are much better than this one. Undeliverable, amazing it exists.

Christina D.
Kona, HI
1 Star

October 20 2021 2:35AM

Here's the thing you need to understand about Select Home Warranty. As the article notes, they will only cover $150 of repairs on your A/C if you don't provide 3 years worth of maintenance records from a licensed technician.

What they don't tell you--and what makes no practical sense at all--is that includes the period from before the execution of the contract and before you even owned the home.

I've filed a claim with the New Jersey AG for breach of contract against Select, as the contract states that "you" as the owner are responsible for all maintenance.

If something major breaks in the first year and you don't have records from the prior owner, they won't pay (they paid for other, minor repairs without asking for records and admitted to me that their enforcement of this provision is discretionary--meaning if something expensive breaks, they're going to screw you over).

Gabriel S.
Akron, OH
1 Star

July 12 2021 7:38PM

I have requested service for my ice maker on several occasions. In each instance they have found some way of turning down the claim. They neither repair or replace, like they advertise. I gave them 1 star, because that was the lowest I could go. BUYER BEWARE.

Richard B.
Tucson, AZ
1 Star

January 18 2021 9:16PM

I’ve been a customer since 2018. I have used the home warranty service one time for a dryer repair over a year ago. On November 4 I called for a service repair of my freezer gasket, as it was not sealing properly. I was charged $75.00.

The first company referred by SHW was National Alliance. We scheduled an appointment, I waited for 4 hours and no one showed up.

I spoke to SHW for a more reliable company and I was referred to East Coast Mechanical who came to my home on November 13, the repairman said he would order the gasket and call me to install when it came in.

After not hearing from anyone for over 2 months I was informed by East Coast Mechanical that my repair had been cancelled by SHW.

They never called to inform me, no one ever followed up, I’m disgusted that I have paid 49.99 every month for 27 months close to $1350 plus the 75.00 cost to set up an appointment and this is the kind of customer service that SHW has.

I spoke to a nice supervisor who is refunding my $75.00 who informed me a gasket is not included in the warranty and I have cancelled my membership. Don’t waste your money!!

I could have Paid for the gasket 4 times over with the money I’ve paid every month for over 2 years.

Diane R.
Jupiter, FL
1 Star

August 07 2020 3:37PM

If I could give the service a ZERO STARS I would. Do not waste your money. They are a claims review company not a repair company because claims NEVER GET REVIEWED. No supervisors are available to talk to.

All they do is give you the runaround. Waste of time and money!!! Save yourself the headache and do not purchase a warranty from this company.

Gloria V.
Downers Grove, IL
5 Stars

July 17 2020 6:09PM

I saw so many other bad reviews and I don't understand it. I have had Select Home Warranty for a couple of years and they've been wonderful.

Garbage disposal went out? one call & handled. Garage door opener went out ?One Call & handled it. Air Conditioning went out? One call, they replace the capacitor.

Air conditioning went out again? One call, they replaced a fan motor. Air conditioning went out AGAIN...and they are now in the process of getting me a new unit. Select Home Warranty stands by their word.

Teresa P.
Coolidge, AZ
1 Star

July 13 2020 10:03PM

This is the worst company I dealt with. They are so slow in approving. I paid my co pay amount without doing nothing, their technician lied. They keep telling “will review the claim.” Not good service. I want my money back pls.

Imelda V.
Sacramento, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

July 13 2020 8:01PM

STAY AWAY from this Company. They are the WORST. They say they will resolve your issue within 48 business day hours but that is a bold faced lie.

We had our kitchen sink start leaking July 3, ok so the business days don't start until July 6 but still no contact number from them for a plumber July 6 or 7th. By end of day July 8, I have to call them and see why they haven't delivered this contact info as promised.

Only after I call them do I get someone to actually send me this information, 5 days after my initial claim was submitted.

THEN after the plumber actually comes over and assesses that we need a new garbage disposal, we are told that it will take another 2 days to get approval for this part. I mean, it's cut and dry.

We purchased a home warranty, this part is covered and therefore the part should be approved. How long does it take to simply get an approval? After 48 business day hours, once again, they don't call me.

So by end of day on the 10th, they tell me that, not to worry, they will get me the approval by end of day. Again, another bold faced lie. No information, no approval, no nothing.

By the 13th, my kitchen sink has been leaking for 10 days now. I have to put towels and buckets down to catch the water. I called them and was put on hold for a half an hour just to then get an answering machine.

I called them back, was transferred to 3 different people in customer service who would do nothing other than pass me to another service agent who, once again did nothing to help me and pass me along to yet another person in circles and circles with no help.

I had to call this company and be on the phone with them for 2 hours and still, the best they can do is tell me to wait longer for a manager to call me. I have no idea if anyone actually even will and they are already late at this point.

This company is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever experienced. DON'T get a policy from them unless you are ok waiting indefinitely for an issue to be resolved.

I don't know what is wrong with them. They clearly can't or won't do their jobs. I'm cancelling this policy as soon as this issue is resolved.

Sehra H.
La Habra, CA
1 Star

July 10 2020 7:22PM

Useless. Save your money. They can never find a technician to fix your issue. When they do finally find someone to come out to fix it, the item in question isn't covered. Very disappointed.

If you cancel you have to pay a $75 cancellation fee, plus you have to pay (in full) whatever you were able to get them to fix, only to receive a pro-rated return amount.

Thomas W.
Slidell, LA