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Select Home Warranty offers a level of protection for homeowners, home buyers, home sellers, realtors, and anyone with an interest in protection from large expenses due to unexpected home repairs. Their home warranties cover a variety of budgets and needs. Submitting a claim is as simple as filing via their online system, which is the most efficient way to reach their customer service team.

How does Select Home Warranty compare to other home warranty companies? We recently updated our guide for choosing the best home warranties and found Select Home Warranty stood out for it’s combination of coverage and affordability.

Select Home Warranty Review

Select Home Warranty is a popular choice for coverage of common household appliances and repairs with several plans to choose from. Whether you just want to cover your appliances — or need a comprehensive plan that repairs home systems and extras (such as pool and spa) — the company will work with you to cover just what you need for the times you really need it. Their large network of contracted service providers ensures coverage in rural and urban areas, alike.

  • Service plans to fit most budgets
  • Plumbing stoppages available
  • Large, nationwide service network

  • Won’t cover common pre-existing issues

Select Home Warranty Plans

Coverage starts 30 days from the time customers purchase a plan. Once a covered appliance or system stops functioning, customers of Select Home Warranty can call, email, or fill out a form online to have a service professional set up a repair appointment. This professional will come at a time convenient to the homeowner. After paying a trade service fee, the repair or replacement is made — assuming it meets the terms of the service contract. If the covered item cannot be fixed, Select Home Warranty issues a check for the amount appropriate to replace a similar item. Sometimes, Select Home Warranty requires service records, receipts, or other proof of the condition of an item and its upkeep before authorizing a repair.

Select Home Warranty is one of the few companies offering coverage to homeowners across the United States. They have a large network of repair professionals, ensuring access to a service professional in any part of the country. Most covered repairs happen within a few days of the claim, and customers report that claims filed online have some of the fastest service times in the industry.

Select Home Warranty prices

This company offers three tiers of service. Their plans range from $429 – $499, depending on your service requirements and location. Optional coverage riders are available, as well, and customers can pay for plans in monthly installments or with a one-time annual or multi-year fee. Select Home Warranty frequently offers discounts, such as $200 off a year-long plan or additional free months with purchase. They have been known to throw in a premium coverage rider, such as roof coverage – at no additional cost.

Bronze Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
$429* $429* $499*

*Retail price on Feb 1, 2018 for a single family home less than 5,000 sq. feet. May be subject to changes or sales incentives. Contact choice for a current quote.

Bronze Care

This plan covers qualified repairs of the clothes washer and dryer, garbage disposal, refrigerator, stove/oven, built-in microwave oven, cooktop, and dishwasher.

Gold Care

This plan covers qualified repairs of the heating and plumbing systems, hot water heater, ductwork, A/C and cooling system, and electrical system.

Platinum Care

This plan covers qualified repairs of everything under both the Bronze and Gold Care plans, as well as the garage door opener and ceiling fans. Platinum Care also covers plumbing blockages.

Additional Coverages Available

Customers of Select Home Warranty who purchase one of the above plans are eligible to add optional coverage benefits for the pool and spa, central vacuum, sump and well pumps, rook leaks, stand alone freezer, lawn watering system, septic tank and system, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and refrigerator ice maker. Plans exist for additional refrigerators, AC units, heating units, and water heaters.

Select Home Warranty Fees

There is a trade service fee due at the time a repair professional comes to your home. This fee averages $45 – $60 per professional per repair, but it varies by contract. Sometimes, this charge is also called the “deductible”. Customers pay this fee regardless of whether the service or parts end up being covered by Select Home Warranty.

Select Home Warranty Customer Service

Select Home Warranty is unique in that it that offers nationwide coverage. They make their quotes available all U.S. time zones, via their online price request or through their toll-free number at 1-855-267-3532. Once you are a customer, claims are made through a customer service phone number, via email or via their online claim form. Claims can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Select Home Warranty will then contact a professional repair technician in your area to contact you and set up a repair appointment.

Select Home Warranty Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates Select Home Warranty with a B, which is slightly better than the industry average. While there are higher-rated services, Select Home Warranty offers satisfactory resolution of most customer complaints and is responsive to inquiries. Consumers consistently give Select Home Warranty a better-than-most rating in the areas of customer service, timeliness in resolving claims, and the quality of their services.

Most of the unfavorable reviews regarding this company are directed at the service providers that Select Home Warranty contracts to do the repairs. Complaints include late or unprofessional repair technicians. Since Select is only contracting the work to them (and no have control over the service provider) they are not involved with the quality of service. Unsatisfied customers report being able to call out a different repair professional in these instances, and their issues get resolved.

Home owners who keep good records of their covered appliances and systems get the most benefit from the plans. Since Select doesn’t cover problems caused by improper maintenance, it’s important for customers to provide receipts and service records for three years or more for items that need repair. Homeowners who cannot provide proof that they have maintained their appliances and systems may find that their repairs are not approved. Select doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Customers with large, approved repairs are among the happiest with Select Home Warranty. A furnace or pool heating system, for example, is usually very expensive to repair ($400 or more). The value of having a covered service is much greater.

Select Home Warranty FAQ

  • What’s the difference between a new home warranty and Select Home Warranty plans?
    Select offers what is also known as a “service contract” which will pay for covered repairs or replacement of items in your home, such as an appliance or heating system. It is an optional service to help pay for things that may go wrong in your home. New home warranties, on the other hand, are given by the home manufacturer to guarantee the workmanship of your building. They may or may not cover appliances or systems and are only for new buildings.

  • My home is old. Can I still get a plan from Select Home Warranty?
    The service plans sold by Select are for your home appliances and systems. It does not matter the age of your home, provided the covered items do not suffer from pre-existing damage, neglect or wear that can affect performance. If your covered items have been properly maintained prior to the date the plan goes into effect, their age doesn’t matter.

  • I have homeowners insurance. Why would I want a home warranty?
    Each type of coverage does very different things. Homeowners insurance largely covers damage from a disaster, fire, or burglary. It offers liability against damages. A home warranty, however, repairs or replaces covered items that break outside of these occurrences.

  • Does Select Home Warranty need to see my home before they will cover me?
    These home warranty plans do not require an inspection or pre-approval. Once your plan is purchased, you can start using it after the 30-day waiting period for any covered item, provided the repair isn’t for pre-existing damage or wear. Your contract details exactly what types of repairs will be covered.

  • Is there a limit on the coverage? How many repairs can I have per year?
    There is no limit to the number of service calls you make, although they are each subject to the deductible (also called a contract service fee.) Some system repairs have a limit set by Select Home Warranty. HVAC repair is limited to $2,000. Each appliance and plumbing/electrical systems have a $500 limit each. Additional coverage plans have a $400 limit per items. Optional Freon coverage has a limit of $250.


With many choices for homeowners to consider when looking for a home warranty plan, it’s important to know exactly the appliances and systems you want covered before purchasing. Select Home Warranty has something for everyone, with plans that meet the basics of just appliances, as well as complete home system options. For the homeowner who wants to be covered no matter where they live, Select’s network of professionals may prove to be the largest in the industry.

Select Home Warranty Reviews

Recent Reviews

February 05 2020 4:51PM

Select Home Warranty sales agents have grotesquely misrepresented, falsely advertised, and bait-and-switched on the presentation of the coverage of their home warranties. Before buying policies from them, I asked very direct questions about coverage amounts and limitations, on several occasions and with several different sales agents.

I was assured that we would have good and timely coverage when we needed it. I asked “if I have a big problem, what is the maximum coverage I can expect to receive?” To this question, I was told “$11,000 annual aggregate limit”. I asked “What about for one particular item?”, and they said “We get discounted labor from our technicians. Whatever the problem is, we’ve got you covered”.

In just a few months’ time, I’ve had the following claims:

1. Claim #**. An entire HVAC replacement due to A/C breaking down and being an obsolete product needing replaced. Direct diagnosis: failure of control board and coil deterioration. The cost to me to replace was $5,150. Select Home Warranty paid me JUST $300!! Even if I didn’t replace the unit and simply performed the repair, I was advised it would be well over $2,000 due to the labor intensive nature of the repair. It took them ALMOST A MONTH to review the case. I couldn’t continue on without A/C so I simply performed the repair after waiting for 3 weeks. They didn’t inform me until almost two months after the claim was started that they wanted “a second opinion”.

In what world is that kind of delay acceptable?? I’m convinced they dragged it on that long just so that I would get fed up and do a repair that they could just deny coverage for. Their emails all say you’ll have resolution in “usually 24-48 hours”, but in my experience, it takes WEEKS, which is simply unacceptable for something important. FURTHER, I was told I would not need service records for service, which is printed right on page 3 of the contract, yet they demanded service records to process the claim.

2. Claim #**. A dishwasher failure. They sent THEIR OWN technician, who advised it would be almost $800 to repair (it’s a VERY expensive dishwasher). Their resolution is to send a check for $200. While the terms and conditions make mention of “depreciated value”, the sales agent insisted that I would have good protection. $200 doesn’t even cover the cost to install a brand new dishwasher that I’ll have to pay for.

3. Claim #**. A plumbing stoppage at another property. The contract makes NO MENTION of maximums for this kind of repair. After speaking with the plumber, they advised that they would only pay $150 for the repair, after he said it could cost up to $500 or more depending on the extent of the blockage. In what world is this good coverage?

4. Claim #**. A microwave claim was called in. In response to this, THEY DIDN’T EVEN SEND A TECHNICIAN. Instead, 19 minutes after the claim was filed (how did they do this so quickly when it took them WEEKS to review the first claim listed above?), they decided to simply send $95 for me to send my own technician and resolved themselves of all obligation, meaning I’m responsible for the cost of the repair/replacement.

Right on their contract, they advertise “Save time finding an expert” and “Select Home Warranty is here to connect you to our vast network of technicians”. According to their contractual obligations, they are supposed to send a technician in response to a claim. They didn’t even do that, and they refused to do it at my request.

This, by the way, is a VERY expensive built-in microwave. These are just the 4 biggies. There are other small ones. By allowing their sales agents to con me into buying this policy (rather than going with a legitimate home warranty policy without a billion contract loopholes), they have cost me THOUSANDS of dollars. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

John G.
Murrells Inlet, SC
November 06 2019 8:03PM

Select Home Warranty is honestly the worst company I've ever had. They send out their technicians fairly quick but once they give you their diagnosis it always needs authorization which takes 72 hours and it's always denied. I find it ridiculous that you pay to have your items covered but when you need the help they denied it all.

In 2 years I've had 3 claims all denied and I had to pay out my own pocket to have them repaired. I will not recommended this to anyone. I give a 0!!!! Simply Ridiculous! I recently terminated my policy and they still figured out a way to take more money from me.

Raphael V.
November 01 2019 10:50AM

How is it that this company gets 4 stars when all the reviews from actual customers only gave 1 star? Is RetirementLiving getting paid by Select Home? This warranty company is worst that I have ever dealt with. They will deny your claims and try to make up the mechanical diagnoses.

I filed claim for heating system week ago and they assigned a contractor and contractor stop doing business with this company. Second contractor they assigned came out and diagnose the problem but this company denied the claim stating they need the maintenance record before they will approve. No contractors in this area wants to do business with this company.

I have paid $5150.00 for 5 properties in December 2018 and now they said I can only get back $1500.00? This company is a fraudulent, they will try to get you signed up offering discount if you purchase, pay for 3 years term. They will not show you the details of what is covered until you have already paid. Be aware!!!

Jung W.
October 10 2019 2:20PM

BE AWARE. This is a horrible home warranty company. when you have a claim. They will tell you a lot of excuses & limitations of the policy just trying not to pay you or offer a few dollars. My furnace broke 2 weeks ago I did claim and nobody contact me I called them again and again finally they send somebody to diagnose. the contractor said one electrical part in your furnace is broken and needs to replace then he called to Selected Home Warranty and talk to somebody and they asked him for repair cost he gave them some numbers and I heard that almost $800.00 then SHW rep told them we need to get approval. So I was ended up with a $45 service call fee that day.

Anyway, next 48 hours I received an email that they offer $150! why? because you have to provide maintenance records they said. I told them I just bought the home and I don't have any maintenance records and also your technician told the broken part is not related to maintenance. But they just make money for themselves and do not care for you and nobody can stop them. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Amir N.
Sterling, VT
September 18 2019 3:50PM

I have this home warranty for 3 years and by far this is the worst home warranty I have over 20 years. 1st. It takes more than 48 hours to give you a resolution and send a repair person. 2nd. Most of the time they will try as hard as they can to dispute your claim and tell you that "you are welcome to hire your own technician and you can send the receipt and dispute with them" and the new one I got today.

I asked to repair a switch that is cover under my contract. But they are so dishonest that instead of sending a repair technician to do the job and pay the technician, SHW decided that my fan (where the switch is) can't be repair and they will pay $45 dollars so I can buy and install it myself. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND SHW TO ANYONE.

Angel P.
Windcrest, TX
September 12 2019 5:32PM

Please, please do not believe anything they tell you, they are totally scammers and NOT to be trusted. They use your premiums for the customer service reps to give you the run around and pocket free and clear money without rendering any services. This happened in mid July, I had paid $500 in premiums before my cooling system needed repair, Freon not covered. That’s basic and I paid $75.00 service charge. DON’T DO IT!!! I am reporting them to BBB!!

Jacqueline F.
Black Jack, MO
September 04 2019 9:51PM

Don't believe anything they tell you. We had a clogged pipe in our basement that all they needed to do was pull the toilet and use an auger to clean out the pipe. 31/2 weeks later we are still waiting to have it repaired and they will only cover $150 of the $420 bill to have it repaired. When the repairman came he said the reason it was taking so long was because "Select Home Warranty" would not approve the repair. When I called around to find a plumber on my own, no plumber had anything good to say about them. JJ, Orem Ut

John J.
Orem, UT
September 03 2019 4:09PM

Do not do business with Select Home Warranty, company is fraudulent scammers. They try to push you into paying for your policy in full, they assure you no matter how young/old your system is if they cannot fix it they will replace it, you do not even receive the policy until after you purchase.

They request three years of service tickets and you cannot have had a single repair to your unit or it voids the warranty. The most they will reimburse you is $150 which barely covers the cost of the technician coming out to your home, which also was sketchy because the technician never even left a business card or service ticket.

I ended up replacing my unit on my own dime and cancelling my policy, I have asked for their tax id and also a copy of the service ticket from their technician and they cannot even provide me with that. Terrible terrible experience please do not use this company as your home warranty provider!

LeAnna H.
Edgewater, MD
August 26 2019 11:11PM

I had a very bad experience 2 weeks ago. I signed up the contract with SHW and requested very specifically to send me the contact by mail which they have not done as yet. So I had no chance to review the contract and cancel on time. My AC stopped cooling suddenly in this heat of over 100 degrees.

After 3 days the technician came and reported them. No action was taken for another 3 days by the select home warranty. I went on requesting to reply soon as it's so hot and my disabled child was getting distressed and we could not sleep for 6 nights. But no human feelings or action taken.

Then they replied saying they have declined my claim as it's a freon problem. I was not aware that freon is not covered as I had no contract to find out. And I thought everything was covered under Platinum plan which I had taken. I learnt it from there email response. I had to get it done anyway as it's so hot and could wait to fight with them. A real cheaters.

Nafisa B.
Yorba Linda, CA
August 01 2019 5:32PM

Select will promise you all coverages in your packet of your choosing. I had a simple problem with outlet reset button to patio going out in the garage and they denied the claim saying the dont cover the outside electrical but if a payment is missed they will harass you for payment. When I confronted them about the denial claim they said their policy does not cover it but is advertised in package deal. These people only wanna cover the least expensive of coverage to save their company money. Please there are too many good companies out there to fit your needs stay away from SELECT. They only select to take your money and leave you hanging when you need them.

Berry W.
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