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Select Home Warranty

4.4 Stars (32 Reviews)
Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Dr. Steven Rydin
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Select Home Warranty is a New Jersey-based home warranty provider that offers protection for home systems and appliances. They received the Best in Service designation from the Home Warranty Awards in 2017. Overall, we like Select Home Warranty for their favorable terms and conditions, flexible coverage options and nationwide network of contracted service providers.

Select Home Warranty Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 5 Stars
Affordability 5 Stars
Coverage 5 Stars
Customer Service 4.1 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Select Home Warranty offers affordable home warranty options to homeowners. For the most comprehensive coverage with only a minor price increase, we recommend the Platinum plan.

32 Select Home Warranty Reviews

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1 Star

June 26 2020 2:51AM

Please do not buy this. You will be disappointed like 22 people here. Takes for ever and they pay pennies on dollar instead of fixing. My ac did not get answer for over 22 days and at the end they offered me $150 for compressor gone bad. Not trust wiorthy. Pray to god if you choose this one.. There are better choices.

West C.
West Chester, OH
1 Star

June 17 2020 2:16PM

This company is the worst, they go out of their way not to play any claims. You can't get their vendors to show up and even diagnose issues, they discount everything that do pay to mere pennies. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY.

Stephanie M.
Roanoke, TX
1 Star

June 06 2020 1:19PM

I totally agree with the reviews that this company misrepresents their coverage. I directly asked several times if the 45.00 dollars was all I had to pay to get anything replaced or repaired and they said yes that was all and they would take care if everything. HUGE LIE..

I had a microwave break and that is when I found out they had misrepresented the whole contract. I spoke with several representatives and they all gave a different explanation of the coverage but all said the company would never paid for anything to be removed and a new one installed. It was the customers responsible to pay for it and have it installed. Paragraph 9.3 states they do not pay for installation. Also paragraph 8 states they will not pay for removal of debris.

It is in the middle of a whole list of things like rubber seals etc. NOT were a labor word should be. And as mentioned in other reviews, you do not get the policy until you pay for the contract. They offer you a depreciated amount and you have to go buy the item first then sent the receipt in then wait for their claim letter and fill it out and wait for them to approve it and then they send a check. You have to pay for removal and installation.

After they calculate the depreciation they then deduct the 45 service charge which they did not send out anyone because they are replacing it. So when it was all over and I deducted the monthly payment I had to pay for select warranty and the installation of the over the range microwave it came out to be 10.00 dollars savings having the service with select. The hassle is not worth it.

Rae O.
Phoenix, AZ
1 Star

June 03 2020 6:44PM

Select Home Warranty is the WORST! It appears that the company works hard to deny claims. I had two claims both of which were denied. One was for the HVAC and this $10,000 cost was denied because the unit was too old...the freon was coming out...anything to say NO. Just this week I submitted a claim to have my oven repaired. They kept asking me if I smelled gas. I said I smelled something once the oven was on for a while. In fact I said to them " I did not say I smelled gas".

Nevertheless before they would even send out a technician they denied the request. Turns out an element needed to be replaced. I just hate that I have been taken in this way. No more service contracts with SHW! Stay far away!!!!

Janice M.
Atlanta, GA
1 Star

February 05 2020 4:51PM

Select Home Warranty sales agents have grotesquely misrepresented, falsely advertised, and bait-and-switched on the presentation of the coverage of their home warranties. Before buying policies from them, I asked very direct questions about coverage amounts and limitations, on several occasions and with several different sales agents.

I was assured that we would have good and timely coverage when we needed it. I asked “if I have a big problem, what is the maximum coverage I can expect to receive?” To this question, I was told “$11,000 annual aggregate limit”. I asked “What about for one particular item?”, and they said “We get discounted labor from our technicians. Whatever the problem is, we’ve got you covered”.

In just a few months’ time, I’ve had the following claims:

1. Claim #**. An entire HVAC replacement due to A/C breaking down and being an obsolete product needing replaced. Direct diagnosis: failure of control board and coil deterioration. The cost to me to replace was $5,150. Select Home Warranty paid me JUST $300!! Even if I didn’t replace the unit and simply performed the repair, I was advised it would be well over $2,000 due to the labor intensive nature of the repair. It took them ALMOST A MONTH to review the case. I couldn’t continue on without A/C so I simply performed the repair after waiting for 3 weeks. They didn’t inform me until almost two months after the claim was started that they wanted “a second opinion”.

In what world is that kind of delay acceptable?? I’m convinced they dragged it on that long just so that I would get fed up and do a repair that they could just deny coverage for. Their emails all say you’ll have resolution in “usually 24-48 hours”, but in my experience, it takes WEEKS, which is simply unacceptable for something important. FURTHER, I was told I would not need service records for service, which is printed right on page 3 of the contract, yet they demanded service records to process the claim.

2. Claim #**. A dishwasher failure. They sent THEIR OWN technician, who advised it would be almost $800 to repair (it’s a VERY expensive dishwasher). Their resolution is to send a check for $200. While the terms and conditions make mention of “depreciated value”, the sales agent insisted that I would have good protection. $200 doesn’t even cover the cost to install a brand new dishwasher that I’ll have to pay for.

3. Claim #**. A plumbing stoppage at another property. The contract makes NO MENTION of maximums for this kind of repair. After speaking with the plumber, they advised that they would only pay $150 for the repair, after he said it could cost up to $500 or more depending on the extent of the blockage. In what world is this good coverage?

4. Claim #**. A microwave claim was called in. In response to this, THEY DIDN’T EVEN SEND A TECHNICIAN. Instead, 19 minutes after the claim was filed (how did they do this so quickly when it took them WEEKS to review the first claim listed above?), they decided to simply send $95 for me to send my own technician and resolved themselves of all obligation, meaning I’m responsible for the cost of the repair/replacement.

Right on their contract, they advertise “Save time finding an expert” and “Select Home Warranty is here to connect you to our vast network of technicians”. According to their contractual obligations, they are supposed to send a technician in response to a claim. They didn’t even do that, and they refused to do it at my request.

This, by the way, is a VERY expensive built-in microwave. These are just the 4 biggies. There are other small ones. By allowing their sales agents to con me into buying this policy (rather than going with a legitimate home warranty policy without a billion contract loopholes), they have cost me THOUSANDS of dollars. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

John G.
Murrells Inlet, SC
1 Star

November 06 2019 8:03PM

Select Home Warranty is honestly the worst company I've ever had. They send out their technicians fairly quick but once they give you their diagnosis it always needs authorization which takes 72 hours and it's always denied. I find it ridiculous that you pay to have your items covered but when you need the help they denied it all.

In 2 years I've had 3 claims all denied and I had to pay out my own pocket to have them repaired. I will not recommended this to anyone. I give a 0!!!! Simply Ridiculous! I recently terminated my policy and they still figured out a way to take more money from me.

Raphael V.
1 Star

November 01 2019 10:50AM

How is it that this company gets 4 stars when all the reviews from actual customers only gave 1 star? Is RetirementLiving getting paid by Select Home? This warranty company is worst that I have ever dealt with. They will deny your claims and try to make up the mechanical diagnoses.

I filed claim for heating system week ago and they assigned a contractor and contractor stop doing business with this company. Second contractor they assigned came out and diagnose the problem but this company denied the claim stating they need the maintenance record before they will approve. No contractors in this area wants to do business with this company.

I have paid $5150.00 for 5 properties in December 2018 and now they said I can only get back $1500.00? This company is a fraudulent, they will try to get you signed up offering discount if you purchase, pay for 3 years term. They will not show you the details of what is covered until you have already paid. Be aware!!!

Jung W.
1 Star

October 10 2019 2:20PM

BE AWARE. This is a horrible home warranty company. when you have a claim. They will tell you a lot of excuses & limitations of the policy just trying not to pay you or offer a few dollars. My furnace broke 2 weeks ago I did claim and nobody contact me I called them again and again finally they send somebody to diagnose. the contractor said one electrical part in your furnace is broken and needs to replace then he called to Selected Home Warranty and talk to somebody and they asked him for repair cost he gave them some numbers and I heard that almost $800.00 then SHW rep told them we need to get approval. So I was ended up with a $45 service call fee that day.

Anyway, next 48 hours I received an email that they offer $150! why? because you have to provide maintenance records they said. I told them I just bought the home and I don't have any maintenance records and also your technician told the broken part is not related to maintenance. But they just make money for themselves and do not care for you and nobody can stop them. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Amir N.
Sterling, VT
1 Star

September 18 2019 3:50PM

I have this home warranty for 3 years and by far this is the worst home warranty I have over 20 years. 1st. It takes more than 48 hours to give you a resolution and send a repair person. 2nd. Most of the time they will try as hard as they can to dispute your claim and tell you that "you are welcome to hire your own technician and you can send the receipt and dispute with them" and the new one I got today.

I asked to repair a switch that is cover under my contract. But they are so dishonest that instead of sending a repair technician to do the job and pay the technician, SHW decided that my fan (where the switch is) can't be repair and they will pay $45 dollars so I can buy and install it myself. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND SHW TO ANYONE.

Angel P.
Windcrest, TX
1 Star

September 12 2019 5:32PM

Please, please do not believe anything they tell you, they are totally scammers and NOT to be trusted. They use your premiums for the customer service reps to give you the run around and pocket free and clear money without rendering any services. This happened in mid July, I had paid $500 in premiums before my cooling system needed repair, Freon not covered. That’s basic and I paid $75.00 service charge. DON’T DO IT!!! I am reporting them to BBB!!

Jacqueline F.
Black Jack, MO