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Signia is a new hearing aid brand introduced by Savantos to replace Siemens hearing aids. Signia offers the latest in hearing technology, including the Styletto and Styletto Connect SLIM RIC devices with attractive, slimline designs. The proprietary OVP technology available in some Signia hearing aids allows the wearer to hear their own voice and the voices of others more clearly. Signia is considered a premium brand in the hearing aid market, and their devices are sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

  • Own Voice Processing (OVP)
  • myHearing app connects directly to hearing care professionals
  • Tinnitus solutions
  • Many attractive styles

  • Higher cost

Signia Hearing Aids Technology

Signia’s hearing aids feature top-of-the-line technology, making the devices an excellent choice for people who want to get the most out of their hearing devices.

  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion technology, so you don’t have to deal with batteries.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can stream sound from your smart TV, music player, or smartphone directly to your hearing aid.
  • StreamLineTV accessory transmits audio directly from a television to your hearing aids with Dolby Digital quality. StreamLine TV can stream sound to multiple individuals wearing Signia hearing aids, and the myControl app on your smartphone is your remote control.
  • StreamLine Mic works with Signia Nx hearing aids to stream sound from someone speaking up to 65 feet away or connect to Bluetooth devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets to listen to music, audiobooks and more. StreamLine Mic works well with digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
  • Tinnitus programs that play adjustable white noise or ocean sounds.
  • Signia’s Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology makes your voice sound more natural and pleasant to you compared to other hearing aids, which often distort the wearer’s voice.

Mobile Apps for Signia Hearing Aids

Signia offers mobile apps with industry-leading features to simplify hearing aid adjustments and to extend functions in some device models. Signia’s mobile apps work with iOS or Android smartphones and most contemporary Signia hearing aid models.

Signia’s myControl app is a remote control for your hearing aids. The app relays motion sensor data from your smartphone to make automatic adjustments to hearing aids, so you get the best experience when you are moving around. Features include:

  • Use as a remote control for StreamLineTV and StreamLine Mic devices
  • 360-degree hearing aid mic steering
  • Adjust microphone volume and bass to treble balances
  • Change hearing program, including tinnitus therapy
  • Hearing Aid Airplane Mode lets you use the remote control features in-flight
  • Customizable low battery warning

Signia myHearing mobile app gives you access to help from your doctor from your home or anywhere else with real-time remote services. The myHearing app is a remote control for your hearing aids and provides:

  • TeleCare remote fine-tuning for hearing aids
  • CareChat gives you access to assistance quickly via text, phone or video call
  • Virtual follow-ups make it easier to adjust to new hearing aids without an office appointment
  • Video tutorials

Signia makes two other mobile apps for controlling hearing aids. The easyTek app controls sound and mic directionality and connects to Bluetooth devices. The touchControl app offers similar features but adds the ability to mute your hearing aids. Finally, you can download Signia’s free Hearing Test app, designed to help you know if you might benefit from hearing aids.

Signia Hearing Aid Models

We’ve listed Signia hearing aid models below along with the type of hearing aid, who would benefit from each model and standard features.

Compare Signia Hearing Aids
Model Best For Features
Styletto Connect
SLIM Receiver in Canal
Mild to moderate loss
Modern, sleek style
myControl app
Pure Charge&Go Nx
Receiver in Canal
Mild to severe loss
Rechargeable with travel charger
myControl app
myHearing app
Motion Charge&Go
Behind the Ear
Mild to moderate loss
Modern, sleek style
myControl app
Styletto Connect
SLIM Receiver in Canal
Mild to severe loss
Pocket controller
In the Canal
Mild to severe loss
Invisible in the ear
myHearing app
Completely in Canal
Mild to severe loss Custom made
Invisible when worn
Type depends on paired aid
Single-sided unaidable hearing loss Rechargeable
Must be used with a hearing aid

Signia Hearing Aids Cost

Signia hearing aids can be expensive, depending on the type you choose. The cheapest option we found is from the Pure Nx line at $1,349 per device, and the most costly option is the Insio 7Nx at $2,299 per aid.

How to Buy Signia Hearing Aids

Check out the company’s website to find a retailer near you. You will need to schedule an appointment to have your hearing evaluated, and your hearing care professional will advise you about which type of Signia hearing aids are best for your degree and type of hearing loss. After the hearing professional takes a mold of your ears to ensure the best fit, it will take a few weeks for the device to come in. Then you return to the office to get fitted with your hearing aids.

Signia Hearing Aids Complaints

Signia hearing aids have mixed reviews. ZipHearing gives the brand 5 out of 5 stars, with positive reviews for technological options, hearing quality and customer service. ConsumerAffairs readers rate the company 2.5 out of 5 stars with mixed reviews, some regarding the old Seimens brand and not Signia. ConsumersAdvocate ranks the brand 3.5 out of 5 stars but notes that it is difficult to provide a full evaluation because the brand is new.

Signia Hearing Aids Q&A

  • What are the advantages of lithium-ion rechargeability in Signia hearing aids?
    Lithium-ion rechargeable cells are used in consumer technology to ensure a quick charging time and more time between needing to charge again. You can use most Signia rechargeable hearing aids for 19 hours without needing to replenish the battery, and the devices reach a full charge in about three hours.

  • Does insurance cover the cost of Signia hearing aids?
    Some insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of Signia hearing aids. Discuss your insurance with your hearing care provider, and they can help you check to see if your coverage includes the device you need. Medicare does not pay for hearing aids, but some Medicare Advantage plans, Veteran’s Affairs benefits or nonprofit organizations can help you afford the cost of hearing aids.

  • Is it easy to recharge Signia hearing aids?
    If your Signia hearing aids are rechargeable, they will come with a charging station and simple instructions. If you still have questions, contact your provider or download the free myHearing app on your smartphone, and a hearing care specialist will help you charge your hearing aids.

  • Are Signia rechargeable hearing aids more expensive to buy?
    At first, the cost of rechargeable hearing aids can be higher compared to devices with replaceable cells. However, if you use your hearing aids for 10 hours a day and stream audio and talk on the phone for three hours each day, you can save around $50 a year by not buying batteries. There’s also a convenience factor to recharging hearing aids, including not dropping tiny, difficult to see batteries.

  • Do Signia hearing aids come with a warranty?
    We searched Signia’s website and two consumer brochures and found no mention of a warranty, but found a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on other websites with options to extend coverage. Check with your retailer for warranty details for the device you are buying.


Signia hearing aids may be an excellent option for people who want the latest technology in a streamlined, user-friendly device. While this premium brand is new, it replaces a highly-regarded name in hearing aids and is built on some of the same technology. Savantos, the company behind the Signia brand, is a well-established leader in the hearing aid market and is known for innovative developments.

Signia Hearing Aids Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
March 25 2022 2:55AM

I was recently fitted with PURE C&G AX SIGNIA hearing aids and I could not be happier!! I have worn hearing aids for the past 29 years so I have had a great deal of experience with various hearing aids! These are absolutely SUPERB!!!

When I am on the phone I can honestly say my hearing is better than normal hearing! I have a profound hearing loss. I would say my aids provide me with nearly normal hearing. I no longer need closed captioning and I can hear my rapid speaking, mumbling daughters!!!

I am thrilled and they are really thrilled! Due to Covid I have not been in any noisy crowded situations, so I do not know how these aids will perform in such a venue, but I can honestly say I am truly thrilled with them! Speech sounds absolutely normal—- crisp and clear!

It is making such a difference in my life. Perhaps the disgruntled customers whose reviews I have been reading were not fitted by an experienced audiologist. I am certain a fair amount of adjusting etc. is extremely important.

Fortunately I believe I have the best audiologist in the world!! I strongly urge anyone with a severe hearing loss to try these life changing hearing aids!

LoAnn R.
Wichita, KS
June 14 2022 3:39AM

Very poor design, so far I have the same issue with 6 of my hearing aids, 3 with the regular hearing aid, and 3 of my crossover, less than 3 years, they all fail the same way, battery hard failure, just so happen I just got this repaired/New/exchanged hearing aid about two weeks ago.

Today at work, it died on me, neither less to say I'm working, without being able to hear, this is is a very bad hearing aid especially for the price you pay for it, it does not last long at all... Junk.

February 19 2022 5:15PM

Bought Signia Active aids via Kaiser Senior Advantage Plus as it is the single choice brand available, have been using the aids for four days, they are very noisy, lots of chirps, beeps, and other annoying noises. Tried adjusting Volume all the way down to 0, and Bass to 3, still annoying noises.

Service via phone from Hear USA is poor, as they don't return calls. I have used other brand aids for over five years and am familiar with their use. These are the poorest in performance I have experienced and I will use the Kaiser guarantee to return them.

Robert F.
Alpine, CA
January 04 2022 6:49PM

Signia 5NX silk. Terrible speech recognition. At times I take them out so I can understand speech better. Have had them adjusted several times. Certain voices are ok and others I can understand only about 10 percent of what is being said. Looking for alternatives. I definitely do not suggest buying these.

Rick R.
Sherwood Park, AL
October 02 2021 10:48AM

I just got a pair of 5x- ric-s. I'm concerned of the right ear speaker crackling. The set isn't shown on display anymore? But the first pair I had the application provides 2 sets of volume adjustments.

The new replacement only has 1? But this time the company I'm working with has their name printed on the side. Why isn't 5x shown anymore when you look it up? Why do I have less control of this set? Why is it crackling after the first hour of use?

My fear is I'm being taken advantage of. At 5808.00$ plus the fitting was a problem. Bottom line. I will have to look elsewhere. Before this trial offer expires. It's really sad. My thoughts are the company brought out the discontinued units to sell to me at top dollar.

Richard C.
Chesterfield, VA
September 23 2021 1:58AM

Purchased Signia hearing aids based on recommendation of my audiologist. Paid more than $3K for the set. After 1 1/2 years first the right and then the left hearing aid have stopped working. The right one was sent back to Signia and it was replaced for $300.

Now the left one is about to be sent back for another $300. So total cost of the set of hearing aids is now approaching $4K. Disgusting. I have had coffee makers, costing around $30, last longer than this set of $4000 hearing aids.

Neither the audiologist who sold the aids nor the company seems to care since the aids are out of warranty. They are junk. I could've purchased cheaper ones that would have at least lasted this long. Do NOT buy Signia hearing aids.

David C.
Sheboygan, WI
July 28 2021 2:44AM

In all I am happy with my hearing aids. Can hear a HELL of a lot better. The only problem I have is there's a stupid head of a person on my app on my phone with a black mask covering his face. When the mask in black I can't hear as well.

I keep turning of the black mask and making it red and can hear perfectly. How the (excuse my language) HELL do I get rid of the dumb unneeded mask.

Judy R.
Chillicothe, OH
July 24 2021 11:31AM

Absolutely, the worst ever! Since November 2020, they have needed service 5x. My Cros has stopped working after 4 hours. It has been 5 days since I received them back, and now the Cros lasts about 15 minutes. On another occasion, both pieces would not recharge.

I was told by Penn ** they were replaced, yet when given back to me the old plug was still on the one piece. Also if the aids were new, why didn’t they have to be reprogrammed?

Each time I have had a problem, I was told that Signia “has had trouble with the programs and are working it out”. Well apparently not! My first repair was about a month after initially purchased. I should have listened to my gut and returned them.

Now I am told I have to keep them. I honestly don't think they have worked for longer than a month without shutting down. These are the $4,000 digital aids. The technology has been completely unreliable for me. Worst purchase choice I have ever made.

Renee Q.
West Chester, PA
July 01 2021 2:53AM

I purchased Connect3 of Signia in January 2020 and was very nice. In January 2021 the Franchisee Aanvi hearing aid Solution asked me to Upgrade and gave me 7X in exchange of my Connect3.

This 7X is a big pain. Am very unhappy with the piece. No clarity in speech hearing, no clarity in hearing through phone, no clarity in streaming, too much noise gets generated, the mobile controls are useless. Am repenting for having upgraded.

Srinivasan I.
New Jersey, MD
June 28 2021 5:13AM

Of all the hearing aids I’ve owned, these Signia NX-7 aids are by far the worst performing. While there are definite pluses: the charge and go, the binaural Bluetooth, the spatial discrimination are great, the design the internal sound processing software is, in my opinion, a disaster.

I refer specifically to the Automatic Gain control: In my opinion, it works backward, and is not adjustable or resettable. I’ll explain: the aids’ AGC makes quiet conditions quieter, but at the slightest sound, the gain goes to maximum volume.

Restaurants, noisy outside areas, children screaming, women’s shrill piercing voices; all are shrieking in my ears at maximum volume! It is NOT ‘natural hearing’ as is cleverly advertised.

When I manually turn the gain down to something reasonable, I am unable to hear my companions. This alone makes this NX-7 and perhaps its future generations, a “DO Not Buy” decision. After 2 years of suffering, I finally accept that I own a pair of expensive door stops.

Woodland Hills, CA
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