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Signia is a new hearing aid brand introduced by Savantos to replace Siemens hearing aids. Signia offers the latest in hearing technology, including the Styletto and Styletto Connect SLIM RIC devices with attractive, slimline designs. The proprietary OVP technology available in some Signia hearing aids allows the wearer to hear their own voice and the voices of others more clearly. Signia is considered a premium brand in the hearing aid market, and their devices are sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

  • Own Voice Processing (OVP)
  • myHearing app connects directly to hearing care professionals
  • Tinnitus solutions
  • Many attractive styles

  • Higher cost

Signia Hearing Aids Technology

Signia’s hearing aids feature top-of-the-line technology, making the devices an excellent choice for people who want to get the most out of their hearing devices.

  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion technology, so you don’t have to deal with batteries.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can stream sound from your smart TV, music player, or smartphone directly to your hearing aid.
  • StreamLineTV accessory transmits audio directly from a television to your hearing aids with Dolby Digital quality. StreamLine TV can stream sound to multiple individuals wearing Signia hearing aids, and the myControl app on your smartphone is your remote control.
  • StreamLine Mic works with Signia Nx hearing aids to stream sound from someone speaking up to 65 feet away or connect to Bluetooth devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets to listen to music, audiobooks and more. StreamLine Mic works well with digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
  • Tinnitus programs that play adjustable white noise or ocean sounds.
  • Signia’s Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology makes your voice sound more natural and pleasant to you compared to other hearing aids, which often distort the wearer’s voice.

Mobile Apps for Signia Hearing Aids

Signia offers mobile apps with industry-leading features to simplify hearing aid adjustments and to extend functions in some device models. Signia’s mobile apps work with iOS or Android smartphones and most contemporary Signia hearing aid models.

Signia’s myControl app is a remote control for your hearing aids. The app relays motion sensor data from your smartphone to make automatic adjustments to hearing aids, so you get the best experience when you are moving around. Features include:

  • Use as a remote control for StreamLineTV and StreamLine Mic devices
  • 360-degree hearing aid mic steering
  • Adjust microphone volume and bass to treble balances
  • Change hearing program, including tinnitus therapy
  • Hearing Aid Airplane Mode lets you use the remote control features in-flight
  • Customizable low battery warning

Signia myHearing mobile app gives you access to help from your doctor from your home or anywhere else with real-time remote services. The myHearing app is a remote control for your hearing aids and provides:

  • TeleCare remote fine-tuning for hearing aids
  • CareChat gives you access to assistance quickly via text, phone or video call
  • Virtual follow-ups make it easier to adjust to new hearing aids without an office appointment
  • Video tutorials

Signia makes two other mobile apps for controlling hearing aids. The easyTek app controls sound and mic directionality and connects to Bluetooth devices. The touchControl app offers similar features but adds the ability to mute your hearing aids. Finally, you can download Signia’s free Hearing Test app, designed to help you know if you might benefit from hearing aids.

Signia Hearing Aid Models

We’ve listed Signia hearing aid models below along with the type of hearing aid, who would benefit from each model and standard features.

Compare Signia Hearing Aids
Model Best For Features
Styletto Connect
SLIM Receiver in Canal
Mild to moderate loss
Modern, sleek style
myControl app
Pure Charge&Go Nx
Receiver in Canal
Mild to severe loss
Rechargeable with travel charger
myControl app
myHearing app
Motion Charge&Go
Behind the Ear
Mild to moderate loss
Modern, sleek style
myControl app
Styletto Connect
SLIM Receiver in Canal
Mild to severe loss
Pocket controller
In the Canal
Mild to severe loss
Invisible in the ear
myHearing app
Completely in Canal
Mild to severe loss Custom made
Invisible when worn
Type depends on paired aid
Single-sided unaidable hearing loss Rechargeable
Must be used with a hearing aid

Signia Hearing Aids Cost

Signia hearing aids can be expensive, depending on the type you choose. The cheapest option we found is from the Pure Nx line at $1,349 per device, and the most costly option is the Insio 7Nx at $2,299 per aid.

How to Buy Signia Hearing Aids

Check out the company’s website to find a retailer near you. You will need to schedule an appointment to have your hearing evaluated, and your hearing care professional will advise you about which type of Signia hearing aids are best for your degree and type of hearing loss. After the hearing professional takes a mold of your ears to ensure the best fit, it will take a few weeks for the device to come in. Then you return to the office to get fitted with your hearing aids.

Signia Hearing Aids Complaints

Signia hearing aids have mixed reviews. ZipHearing gives the brand 5 out of 5 stars, with positive reviews for technological options, hearing quality and customer service. ConsumerAffairs readers rate the company 2.5 out of 5 stars with mixed reviews, some regarding the old Seimens brand and not Signia. ConsumersAdvocate ranks the brand 3.5 out of 5 stars but notes that it is difficult to provide a full evaluation because the brand is new.

Signia Hearing Aids Q&A

  • What are the advantages of lithium-ion rechargeability in Signia hearing aids?
    Lithium-ion rechargeable cells are used in consumer technology to ensure a quick charging time and more time between needing to charge again. You can use most Signia rechargeable hearing aids for 19 hours without needing to replenish the battery, and the devices reach a full charge in about three hours.

  • Does insurance cover the cost of Signia hearing aids?
    Some insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of Signia hearing aids. Discuss your insurance with your hearing care provider, and they can help you check to see if your coverage includes the device you need. Medicare does not pay for hearing aids, but some Medicare Advantage plans, Veteran’s Affairs benefits or nonprofit organizations can help you afford the cost of hearing aids.

  • Is it easy to recharge Signia hearing aids?
    If your Signia hearing aids are rechargeable, they will come with a charging station and simple instructions. If you still have questions, contact your provider or download the free myHearing app on your smartphone, and a hearing care specialist will help you charge your hearing aids.

  • Are Signia rechargeable hearing aids more expensive to buy?
    At first, the cost of rechargeable hearing aids can be higher compared to devices with replaceable cells. However, if you use your hearing aids for 10 hours a day and stream audio and talk on the phone for three hours each day, you can save around $50 a year by not buying batteries. There’s also a convenience factor to recharging hearing aids, including not dropping tiny, difficult to see batteries.

  • Do Signia hearing aids come with a warranty?
    We searched Signia’s website and two consumer brochures and found no mention of a warranty, but found a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on other websites with options to extend coverage. Check with your retailer for warranty details for the device you are buying.


Signia hearing aids may be an excellent option for people who want the latest technology in a streamlined, user-friendly device. While this premium brand is new, it replaces a highly-regarded name in hearing aids and is built on some of the same technology. Savantos, the company behind the Signia brand, is a well-established leader in the hearing aid market and is known for innovative developments.

Signia Hearing Aids Reviews

Recent Reviews

December 11 2020 7:51PM

Hearing aids quit working many times. Constantly sending them in to get fixed. Would never purchase this brand again. Supposed to be waterproof, then they said water resistant, then I have to buy a dryer to put them in every night.

Ron E.
Mountainview, HI
May 08 2020 4:26AM

If there was a zero I would use it! I had the Signia Nx5 pure hearing aids fitted in November 2019- the left ear is ok, the right ear I have endless trouble with, the dome will have to be remade again. As for the remote control, it’s hopeless, I am forever rebooting my iPhone or re-pairing the aids, I have given up using it now. The money we spend on these things, they are not worth it!

Jennifer F.
March 17 2020 7:56PM

I have had my Charge & Go 7nx hearing aid for only two days and they are great. I should have bought them sooner. Thanks for all the support. Keep up the good work. I would recommend Signia hearing aids for all my friends and family.

Joe C.
Mansfield, TX
February 11 2020 11:17PM

I was fitted for and purchased a pair of Signia Pure Charge and Go Nx hearing aid devices in June 2019. In less than 6 months I returned to the place where I purchased the pair stating that the left aid would not hold a charge and was no functioning as designed. The office was cordial and after several explanations and demonstrations as to what was wrong they were sent back for analysis. I received the pair approximately 10 days later.

I picked them up at the point of origin and was not able to test them out because they were not charged. I was told that the receivers were bad and both had been replaced. So at home after charging the pair I was able to test them out and link them to my iPhone. Everything seemed to be working as designed until four weeks later. The right aid failed to function properly and was not receiving anything. It would charge fully but would not amplify any sounds. I would think the product would be more reliable than what I have encountered.

Bob R.
September 09 2019 10:59PM

I just returned the Signia Pure Charge&Go 7NX. I have no hearing in one ear so that ear was served by a matching Signia CROS transmitter. The first week was terrific - For the first time. I was able to hear conversations in a noisy environment and overall rated the hearing aid very highly.

After the first week the settings appeared to change and I was no longer able to understand voices in the same noisy environment. I returned to my audiologist and all he did was increase volume which made them uncomfortable and did not return the hearing aid to its original settings. At this point wind noise and feedback when close to a wall (like inside a car or a bathroom) became unbearable. I was unhappy with the CROS and its integration with the iPhone app. The CROS volume setting at the start was too low and every time I needed to use the app to increase volume so it was the same as the other ear.

Upon shifting to "noisy environment mode," the ability to change the volume of the CROS disappeared completely. There are a number of other functions, like "motion sensor" which were not explained by my audiologist and on-line directions from Siemens provide very little help in understanding how to use these functions. On the plus side, I enjoyed being able to answer my iPhone and hear directly into my hearing aid. Likewise, I was able to listen to videos in privacy.

Negatives - utilizing wifi when flying Southwest. There did not seem to be a way to listen to live TV and movies over wifi when my phone was in airplane mode. Also - at home, could not figure out how to switch between speaker and hearing aid while listening to a video. I would likely recommend the Signia for a non-CROS user who has a capable audiologist. Like I said, the first week, great - then something changed and that was the end of a good experience.

Peter S.
August 30 2019 2:59AM

SIEMENS/SIGNIA IN-THE-CANAL HEARING AIDS (Insio 7bx IIC): Approx. 3 yrs ago, I purchased Siemens/Signia's top-of-the-line hearing aids (Insio 7 bx IIC) from a manufacturer authorized audiologist. Had nothing but trouble with the aids ever since! At first they seemed to clog too easily, especially since I never had, or continue to have, any type of wax problem with my ears.

Nonetheless, I even became much more diligent in cleaning the Signia aids. Yet, they still had to be sent back to the manufacturer far to many times for adjustment and repairs. Still didn't help---problems continued: the sound would start to fade in and out or they would die completely! In fact. Over the last THREE+ years, because of the problems with Signia's aids, I probably have worn them less than ONE full year in total! 

Unfortunately, due to the cost, I couldn't replace them. Recently, I went to a free hearing screening: a different Audiologist even tested my Signia aids on her equipment and again found them dead: not emitting or receiving any sound (even with her trying to re-clean them and changing to new batteries). So I go back to my own Audiologist, who also finds them to not be working, AGAIN!!! She, yet again, sends them back to Signia for diagnosis and repair. Get them back, with a charge (to me) of almost $300, since the aids are now out of manufacturer's warranty. 

I also needed another hearing test to re-calibrate the newly repaired aids, another charge from my audiologist (to my Insurance Company) of over $3K for the test. THE RESULTS: SAME AS BEFORE!!! Wore my repaired aids off & on for a few weeks, meticulously cleaning them every evening and storing in a case with a humidity controller. 

Then---guess what? My Signia hearing aids died, yet AGAIN!! So, here we go again. Back to my Audiologist, who AGAIN tried to revive my aids---and AGAIN to no avail---and was yet AGAIN forced to return them back to Signia for resolution, HOPEFULLY, FINAL---but judging from the past three+ years, I strongly doubt it!!!

SIGNIA/SIVANTOS CUSTOMER "SERVICE": Now since my Signia Insio Aids are recently out of warranty and I now have to pay for factory repairs and adjustments, I contacted both Signia, USA and Sivantos (Signia's Parent Company) numerous times, unfortunately to no useful avail!

Trying to cut to the chase, I was asking Signia if there was anything they, as a hopefully responsible, customer-centric organization, could do in offering some reasonable trade-in allowance/rebate toward the purchase of another set of hearing instruments to replace their Insio's, that haven't worked properly for me since day one. 

Cars have Trade-Ins and Lemon Laws, shouldn't hearing aids? (After all, they almost cost as much!) What I got instead from both Signia & Sivantos seemed more like simply abandoning their users, after spending thousands of dollars purchasing their product. Signia already got their money, so why give a crap about their customers!

Take the money and run!!! Basically, instead of providing any fair & equitable resolution, Customer Service seemed to only offer flippant excuses: (A) Signia hearing aids normally "can require two or three (factory) services a year on average". Well, lately, how about twice in as many months, with a need to go back again?! Pretty sure that isn't listed in any of Signia's sales brochures.

(B) "simply opening the door is all that is necessary to properly disconnect the (hearing) instrument and allow it to air out" Come on, do they really take their customers to be completely brain dead! Even an idiot knows to disconnect a battery!

(C) "recommend to contact your hearing care professional to send your hearing aids to us." This recommendation has already been done far too many times over the past three+ years, the last time just a month or so ago. Customer Service even acknowledged that this had already been done in their e-mail sent just prior to this latest duplicate request: " ... I have put a note on the serial numbers to have them diagnose and our audiologist will contact your hearing care professional to find the best solution to resolve this."

Already been there, done that! Seems quite naive, and a waste of everyone's time, for Signia to keep doing the exact same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result.

(D) ...And, the straw that really broke the camel's back: Signia USA, while never responding to my trade-in/rebate suggestions or offering any appropriate adjustment, did send me three very limited rebate forms for rather insignificant amounts. 

Even if I could add all three amounts together with the ONLY restriction being the purchase of a Sivantos/Signia hearing aid (from any reputable hearing aid distributor, not just Signia's higher priced preferred vendors), it might have even been acceptable... EXCEPT, EXCEPT, EXCEPT: ...The first rebate code was sent 8/20/19 from Signia USA for $100, but had EXPIRED on 9/30/18! ...The second rebate code was sent 8/21/19 from Signia USA for $100 to $300 (depending on the Signia aids purchased), but had again EXPIRED, this time on 12/17/18! ---The third rebate code was sent 8/20/19 from Sivantos (Signia's Parent Company) for $100, but that had also EXPITED on 8/15/19! (

E) Finally, on 8/26/19, I get an e-mail from Sivantos/Signia Customer "Service" telling me that, "We recommend consulting with your hearing care professional on purchasing a better hearing aid with better wax systems." Gee, I had purchased the Insio "7" series hearing aids exactly because they WERE Siemans/Signia's top-of-the-line. 

Is Signia's Customer "Service", rather than offering me any sort of prudent and reasonable adjustment, instead just telling me that the Silvantos/Signia top-end products really suck and I should now go elsewhere and "purchase a better hearing aid with better wax systems"? Interesting admission from Sivantos/Signia!!!

If you are looking for hearing instruments, which could be your third largest expenditure after your home and your automobile, would you really want to do business with a company like this? There motto is "Life Sounds Brilliant" ...At least something is!!! Very, Very Unsatisfied Signia Customer! Greg **

Gregory S.
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