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March 06 2020 2:36PM

I only called one time to have dishwasher fixed. It was 3 days before service came to house and then another week before they decided they would not fix or replace. They very clearly advertise that they replace if not being fixed. They offered a very lower payout amount. When I told them I would like to cancel to go with a different service they said they would not honor the payout amount. Very disappointed in the representation and service.

Linda L.
Richmond, WV
February 18 2020 8:33PM

Total Home Protection replaced my AC unit after it broke down last summer, just as the temperatures were getting in the silly zones. They did it fast and I only had to pay my deductible. They sent a good technician that understood quickly this was a main pump issue and it needed replacing. Everything was done in under 3 days and I even got a warranty for the part installed. This is an excellent company.

Michael B.
Dallas, TX
February 18 2020 8:10PM

A technician I called to have my fridge repaired recommended I get a home warranty and advised me to talk to Total Home Protection, as they have the best price and the largest affiliated technicians network. I did and I thank him for that advice every time something breaks around the house. I even got him again when my fridge again decided to stop working and Total Home Protection sent back the same technician. I love them, they are a great company and a great help around the house.

Molly F.
Philadelphia, PA
February 18 2020 7:48PM

I had my boiler break down on me mid-January and immediately called Total Home Protection to claim the insurance with them. Everything went as expected, they sent a technician to my house the next day and after another day my boiler was back up and running. Very satisfied with the process and the service quality of the company.

Sophia B.
New York, NY
February 16 2020 4:14PM

Have a plumbing leak and the claim was denied. Kitchen faucet had a leak under my sink and the plumber came out took pictures, 4 days later my claim was denied. I paid the 60$ for absolutely nothing. If you're wanting a home warranty keep looking. This company does nothing and I'm out the service fee.

Brenda R.
Spring, UT
February 16 2020 4:35AM

Been with them also a year. Had a call places to fix dishwasher. Took e days for tech to come look. Another 3 days for them to tell me they won't fix it. They are sending minimal check which isn't enough to even come close to purchasing a new dishwasher. Also after all phone calls to customer service they all sound like they don't like their jobs.

The technician that came to house was very unfriendly and never identified himself I was very displeased and want to cancel but they said then I won't receive the check to cover my dishwasher even though policy is paid. I will be going back to American Home Shield.

Linda L.
Richmond, WV
January 15 2020 3:58PM

First time using THP and had a really good experience. The phone call was easy and they understood my problem right away and within a half-hour, I had a response to when a technician would be there. They actually came a day ahead of schedule and fixed my air conditioner. Very reliable!

Andrew D.
New York, NY
January 15 2020 3:18PM

Our first experience dealing with our home warranty was with our water heater that quit working. I received a date & time for the service call within just a couple of hours of making my claim. The service repairman arrived early and fixed our water heater. I am very happy with the services received from our 1st claim with Total Home Protection. I am so glad I purchased the warranty.

Toni B.
Seattle, WA
January 13 2020 1:32PM

Home protection is not something you think of right off the bat when buying a house, but let me tell you, it is a must if you’re trying to save on initial repair money, allowing you to reach a bit higher when it comes to initial purchase budget.

I bought my house 2 years ago, it was a bank repo that was not in great shape. Instead of starting to check and repair everything, I got a home warranty and now I’m replacing them as I go and they fail. I went with Total Home Protection and I couldn’t be happier. I could afford a more expensive house and I feel confident knowing they have my back.

Adam Y.
Denver, CO
December 11 2019 3:03PM

Last year I felt like I was cursed, my heater broke down, then my AC broke down, the pipes were all leaky, I didn't even know where to begin with the repairs. I limited myself to the heater and AC, thinking the pipes will have to wait for a better year to come. Then, my mother told me about this service they were promoting in her area, house warranty protection and the company doing it, Total Home Protection. Hesitant, I gave them a call.

Long story short, I am now their customer, and I recently claimed a section of my pipes that had completely ripped apart. They sent someone over, got it fixed, paid nickels on my side. Give these guys a call if your house is getting ready to quit on you, trust me.

Ben S.
Dallas, TX
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