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Established in 2016, Total Home Protection is a relatively new company in the home warranty field. Two things set Total Home Protection apart from many other home warranty companies: their low flat-rate service fee of $60 and their highly customizable plans. The company’s 12 month home warranty is payable monthly or annually.

These plans may come in handy because owning a home is likely the most valuable investment you will make in your lifetime. Protecting that investment is critical, and a home warranty from Total Home Protection will help you to do just that. Their home warranties are designed to give some peace of mind when buying or selling an older home and can help you avoid the pain of major out of pocket expenses. Moreover, Total Home Protection will deal with the hassle of finding contractors if you are not able to do many of your own home-related repairs.

  • Fast response time
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Licensed and insured technicians to handle repairs and replacements
  • Low service fee
  • Customizable plans
  • No fee to transfer plan

  • Not BBB accredited or certified by the NHSCA

Total Home Protection warranty plans do not cover every system and appliance in your home. The coverage you get depends on what you elect when you select a plan, so ask questions, read our home warranty buyer’s guide and read through the plan documents carefully. Even though the company name implies total home protection, all home warranty plans have certain limitations. For example, a home warranty will not replace your homeowner’s insurance policy. It won’t protect you against storm, fire, and flood damage, damage caused by a plumbing leak or roof leak, robbery, etc. Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage from these events.

A home warranty may not cover items that you might expect it to, so it is essential to take time to read through your contract thoroughly and ask questions before buying. You will want to be sure you know exactly what the warranty covers and what it does not, keeping in mind that this is a service plan.

Total Home Protection Plans

The company’s two comprehensive warranty plans are labeled Gold and Platinum. An extensive list of optional coverages can be added on to either one of these plans, allowing homeowners to tailor fit any plan to meet their exact needs. The Platinum Plan is the most comprehensive, tacking on heating and air conditioning systems, refrigerator, and clothes washer and dryer.

Optional coverages which can be added on to the Gold or Platinum plans include a pool, spa, central vacuum system, limited roof leaks, sump pump, well pump, septic system, septic pumping, additional refrigerators, free-standing freezers, water softener, ice maker, and so on.

Covered Components and Appliances Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Plumbing System / Plumbing Stoppage X X
Electrical System X X
Water Heater X X
Whirlpool Bathtub X X
Oven / Range / Stove / Built-in Microwave X X
Cooktop X X
Sump Pump (permanently installed) X X
Dishwasher X X
Garbage Disposal / Trash Compactor X X
Ductwork X X
Garage Door Opener X X
Ceiling and Exhaust Fans X X
Heating and A/C Systems (2 units) X
Refrigerator   X
Clothes Washer / Dryer   X

Your service agreement guarantees the repair or replacement of these items no matter their age, make, or model. Keep in mind, most repairs and replacements have maximum allowable benefits. The typical limit per claim on appliances or covered home systems is $1,500. Make sure you know what your benefit limits are for each covered item.

Total Home Protection Prices

The cost of a Total Home Protection warranty plan will vary from state to state and according to the size of your home. The company’s pricing falls on the high end of industry standards with annual premiums starting at approximately $500 for a 13-month contract. However, Total Home Protection’s flat fee for service calls is only $60, which is a deal in the home warranty industry.

The company offers one month free if you pay for the full year up front. A home inspection is not required to acquire coverage, and Total Home Protection provides a 30-day cancellation policy. If you sell your home, transferring warranty coverage to the new owner costs nothing.

How to Buy a Total Home Protection Plan

You can request a free quote from Total Home Protection, and by using the online quote form, you may be eligible for a $50 discount if you purchase an annual plan. You can also call 1-877-655-4260 for a quote. Customers are given one month of free service if they pay for the full year in a single payment.

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What do Total Home Protection Reviews Say?

Total Home Protection launched in 2016, so we found limited availability of customer feedback and consumer reviews due to their newness on the market.

ConsumerAffairs gives Total Home Protection 3.5 stars based on 169 ratings in the last year.

Total Home Protection Complaints

Most of the complaints were filed by customers who did not read their contracts carefully before purchasing and thus failed to understand the services and coverages not provided by the company. For the most part, customers seem happy with customer service, technicians, and fast resolution of claims.

The company currently holds a Better Business Bureau rating of B with Total Home Protection addressing 76 out of 80 customer complaints.

Total Home Protection Warranty-Related Q&A

  • Is everything in my home covered by my plan?

    No home warranty covers everything in your home, and your plan will only cover the items listed in your plan. It is essential that you read through your contract carefully and ask questions before purchasing your home warranty to be sure you know the details regarding what coverage is extended to the appliances, systems or other aspects of your home, and what is not.

  • Is there a limit on the number of claims I can make?

    No. There is no limit on the number of claims you can make or the number of times you can request service.

  • Is there a fee to transfer a policy?

    No. If you sell your home during the contract term, your policy can be transferred to the new homeowners at no additional fee.

  • How do I transfer my policy to a new homeowner?

    You can transfer your policy at any time by calling the customer service number and notify the company of the change of ownership.

  • What happens when a covered item cannot be repaired?

    If a covered item cannot be repaired, Total Home Protection will replace the item within the terms outlined in your service agreement. Be sure to read your contract carefully before purchasing.

  • Does Total Home Warranty have its own local service professionals?

    Total Home Warranty uses licensed trades contractors in your area to perform service repairs. These contractors are vetted in advance and must carry at least $500,000 in general liability insurance and auto insurance at acceptable levels. Contractors are required to contact the customer within four hours of receiving a work order or get in touch with the company if the time frame is not possible so other arrangements can be made for service.

  • What is Total Home Protection’s cancellation policy?

    Homeowners may cancel their agreement within thirty days of the order date for a full refund of the paid contract fees (minus any costs incurred by the company). If you cancel after thirty days, your refund will be prorated based on the paid contract fee for the unexpired term, less a $50 administrative fee and any service costs incurred by the company. If provided services and the amount of the service costs incurred by the company is greater than the contract fees paid, then no refund will be issued.


While Total Home Protection is a newcomer to the home warranty market, it has quickly gained reasonable credibility and a positive reputation with many homeowners. As with any home warranty company, it is vital to understand what your plan covers before buying. Total Home Protection publishes their terms and conditions, which are relatively standard in the industry.

Whether you are purchasing a home or simply want peace of mind and protection against unforeseen household repairs of your current home, a total home warranty may be a wise choice. If you’re not the handy type, a home warranty can save you money, time, and the hassle of tracking down reliable contractors. Moreover, if you are selling an older home, offering a home warranty can be a smart incentive to attract potential home buyers.

With the ability to customize your warranty coverage and save on service fees, Total Home Protection is an excellent choice to consider for protecting you and your family from unexpected household repair bills. To view Total Home Protection’s coverage options or to request a quote online or call 877-655-4260.

Total Home Protection Reviews

Recent Reviews

January 15 2020 3:58PM

First time using THP and had a really good experience. The phone call was easy and they understood my problem right away and within a half-hour, I had a response to when a technician would be there. They actually came a day ahead of schedule and fixed my air conditioner. Very reliable!

Andrew D.
New York, NY
January 15 2020 3:18PM

Our first experience dealing with our home warranty was with our water heater that quit working. I received a date & time for the service call within just a couple of hours of making my claim. The service repairman arrived early and fixed our water heater. I am very happy with the services received from our 1st claim with Total Home Protection. I am so glad I purchased the warranty.

Toni B.
Seattle, WA
January 13 2020 1:32PM

Home protection is not something you think of right off the bat when buying a house, but let me tell you, it is a must if you’re trying to save on initial repair money, allowing you to reach a bit higher when it comes to initial purchase budget.

I bought my house 2 years ago, it was a bank repo that was not in great shape. Instead of starting to check and repair everything, I got a home warranty and now I’m replacing them as I go and they fail. I went with Total Home Protection and I couldn’t be happier. I could afford a more expensive house and I feel confident knowing they have my back.

Adam Y.
Denver, CO
December 11 2019 3:03PM

Last year I felt like I was cursed, my heater broke down, then my AC broke down, the pipes were all leaky, I didn't even know where to begin with the repairs. I limited myself to the heater and AC, thinking the pipes will have to wait for a better year to come. Then, my mother told me about this service they were promoting in her area, house warranty protection and the company doing it, Total Home Protection. Hesitant, I gave them a call.

Long story short, I am now their customer, and I recently claimed a section of my pipes that had completely ripped apart. They sent someone over, got it fixed, paid nickels on my side. Give these guys a call if your house is getting ready to quit on you, trust me.

Ben S.
Dallas, TX
November 02 2019 8:26AM

Total Protection is most horrible company. I will never refer it to anyone. I called for services for my a.c.. Thp sent a contractor but the contractor refused to do anything because he was afraid not get pay. I called total. One of the customers service told me I can pay for it and total will reimburse my money. I sent them the receipt for the refund since May. I still don't get my money yet. Please do not sign with them. They are not honest at all.

Mimi P.
Canton, GA
September 13 2019 3:05PM

I had a plumbing issue and I submitted a claim for it with Total Home Protection online. The process was easy. I did it on a Thursday or a Friday, and Lindsay Company, the contractor, came out the following Monday. Communication was good. There were things that needed to be added, which were recommended because the new water heaters are different-sized than the old water heaters. So, we needed all new connections.

Joseph T.
Boston, MA
August 13 2019 3:16PM

HORRIBLE company, totally a scam, they changed their policies three years ago when they changed their name. They just collect he subscription fees and whenever you file a claim they deny it. They deny claims using this excuse" damage due to rust or corrosion is not covered" according to their policy section ivx, section a. Read their policy through the end before you pay them. They have never taken care of any of my claims and they deny them all. Even the technicians who come and collect the $ 60 service fee will tell you they are scam.

Sunny M.
August 13 2019 12:02PM

I made my first claim with Total Home Protection and that went very smoothly, I was very pleased with the gentleman who came out. He was knowledgeable and courteous. I was overjoyed with your company and the technician who solved our problem.

Adam L.
Denver, CO
April 30 2019 10:55AM

My stove would not work when I turned the dial. I was so confused because I could not figure out what the problem was. I called Total Home Protection and they arranged for a tech to come out to check it out. The tech was nice and professional and was able to fix the issue. The pilot light was broken and he replaced it and now it is back in business. Thanks to this very nice girl in customer service over at THP. I appreciate the help. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs an extended home warranty.

Sharon M.
Salt Lake City, UT
April 29 2019 11:18AM

Best home warranty on the market. I've tried shield and another couple of others, but nothing compares to these guys. They just get the job done. Super happy with the service. Will recommend to anyone in need of a home warranty.

Callie W.
Wilmington, DE
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