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Trinity Relocation Group

4.6 Stars (47 Reviews)
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Trinity Relocation Group is a full service moving company helping customers move to their new home, whether they are downsizing or relocating across the country. Trinity Relocation has over 15 years of experience providing moving services directly or brokering services with other moving companies to get the customer the best deal.

Trinity Relocation Group

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4.6 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.5 Stars
Price 4.4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

Trinity Relocation has over 15 years of moving services directly or brokering services with other moving companies to get the customer the best deal.

Trinity Relocation Group Review

Trinity Relocation Group headquarters are in West Palm Beach, Florida. Previously operating as Open Road Moving & Storage, the company has a long history of providing relocation and moving brokerage services. Trinity Relocation Group is a top pick in our Best Moving Companies Guide for having the Best Customer Service.

When you work with Trinity Relocation, the company’s trucks and crew may complete your move, but the bulk of contracts involve brokering services where Trinity acts as a liaison between clients and other moving companies. As a licensed moving broker, Trinity Relocation can organize and negotiate your relocation even if you live outside their service area or need a service the company does not provide. An agent will work with pre-screened movers to find the best prices for the services you require. Trinity Relocation Group is fully bonded and insured.


  • Full-service or do-it-yourself moving
  • Pre-screened network of movers
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Free 30-day storage


  • No instant quotes on website

Trinity Relocation Group Moving Services

Trinity Relocation Group is licensed through the Department of Transportation to provide carrier services. The company owns and operates a fleet of moving trucks. If you are outside of Trinity’s service area, the company is an authorized broker and will find a mover from a network of vetted moving companies. Trinity works on your behalf to find a dependable moving company at the best rate for you.

To learn more about Trinity’s moving services and how they can help you, fill out the inquiry form on the website or call. Estimates are free, and if you decide to move forward, you’ll sign a contract that specifies the fees, pickup date and delivery date.

Trinity Relocation pre-screens all moving companies to ensure they meet high customer service standards. Moving companies must fulfill these qualifications:

  • A strong safety record and a good reputation in the industry
  • Positive customer reviews with a low complaint history
  • The proper credentials from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Insurance coverage for bodily injury, property damage and cargo
  • A binding contract for all customers, to protect your interests

Trinity Relocation Group also provides vehicle shipping and professional packing and unpacking services to ensure your items are protected from damage.

Trinity Relocation Group Moving Services
Service Description
  • Coordinate your move and find the best pricing with a reliable carrier
  • Loading, unloading and short or long-term storage
  • Full-service or do-it-yourself packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading, storage
Auto Transport
  • Safe transportation of vehicles to your final destination
  • Door-to-door dropoff available
  • Identify moving specialists who use care handling equipment, office furniture and office technology
  • Packing, wrapping, unpacking and storage services

Cost of Trinity Relocation Group Moving Services

Because every move is unique, Trinity Relocation does not publish fees online. You can fill out a form on the website with a few details to have an agent call you. You can also call the company for a free quote.

Many moving companies include incidental fees which can change your bottom line cost, so Trinity’s partner companies offer a binding estimate to make sure you’re not surprised with a bill that is higher than your estimate. You will pay the amount quoted unless you add more items or services to your moving package. The company charges a fee for this binding estimate but does not disclose the amount.

A deposit of up to 30% is required to secure your moving dates, and 50% of the balance is due before the moving van gets loaded with your belongings.

Trinity Relocation Group can likely negotiate a lower-priced moving package than you could on your own because of the company’s relationships throughout an expansive partner network. Read the bill of lading from the moving company, which may be Trinity or an affiliate. Ask questions if you don’t understand all the costs before signing.

Trinity Relocation Group Complaints

ConsumersAdvocate rates Trinity Relocation Group a 9.5 on a scale of 10 and highlights the company’s services, reputation and the quality of the fleet. Trinity Relocation Group is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. The company currently has no rating with the Better Business Bureau, likely due to the recent name change. Yelp yielded an average of 2.5 out of 5 score for Trinity, but the most recent reviews were 5-star reviews. A Trinity Relocation agent responded to most negative reviews, and it appears that at least one of the negative reviews is not authentic.

Trinity Relocation Group Q&A

  • Can I get a refund from Trinity Relocation Group if I cancel my move?
    You will receive a 90% refund of your deposit if you notify Trinity Relocation Group of a cancellation within 72 hours of signing the moving agreement. Cancel after that time, up until 72 hours before pickup, and you’ll receive an 80% refund. If you cancel fewer than 72 hours before your first available pickup date, you are eligible for a 50% refund. One caveat is if you sign the moving agreement and your first available pickup date is within five business days, and then you cancel, then your deposit is only 50% refundable. Cancellations must be requested via email to receive a refund.

  • Does Trinity Relocation Group provide storage at my destination?
    Yes, Trinity Relocation can store your belongings in a climate-controlled facility for up to 30 days at no charge.

  • Does Trinity Relocation provide moving insurance?
    Trinity provides limited liability insurance for up to $0.60 per pound of cargo. While this is the industry standard, the coverage is inadequate. Discuss other insurance options, including full replacement value, when you call for a quote and speak to your homeowner’s insurance agent to compare prices on additional insurance.

  • What fees can I expect in my final bill from Trinity Relocation Group?
    Contracts can vary between carriers, so be sure to read all documentation thoroughly and ask questions if you do not understand all parts of the agreement. Typical fees are for options like:

    • Packing, unpacking and materials such as boxes and tape
    • Storage beyond the free 30 days
    • The mover carrying your items long distances or upstairs
    • Shuttle services if the trailer can’t get close enough to the drop off location
    • Other labor charges
  • What if I need to add items not included in Trinity’s estimate at the time of pick up?
    Most moving companies charge by cubic feet or weight of the freight they are moving. Let your Trinity Relocation Group representative know about any change to your move at least three business days before pickup. You will receive a revised estimate that you must sign to complete the move. You also need to inform the movers of any changes before they begin loading the truck.


Whether you are moving to another state or across town, Trinity Relocation can help you find a carrier to ensure a stress-free move at the lowest possible price. The company staffs moving experts who know the industry and regulations and can research moving companies and negotiate discounts on your behalf. Trinity Relocation Group’s multi-step screening process for vetting their moving partners ensures safe transport of your belongings to your new home.

47 Trinity Relocation Group Reviews

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1 Star

July 25 2023 8:11PM

Don't believe what they tell you in the quote - they charged me literally double what I was quoted. Boxes came in squished and banged up and 3 days later than I was told they would. No customer service to alleviate any of this.

Casey A.
New York, NY
1 Star

July 20 2023 4:50PM

This company was awful. First, DO NOT believe any verbal promises made related to when your items will show up. I was told signing up and by 3 "customer care team" reps 14 days max. Of course the contract says 30 days, but when I inquired, I was reassured this was worst case scenario.

There was NO communication from or with Trinity, no emails answered, phone calls disconnected after long wait periods, and nothing from the freight. The movers contacted me on day 29 first saying they would be there on day 30 from 12-4. Then, it miraculously changed to 8.00 a.m.

8:00 a.m. rolls around, and not surprisingly, no movers. WE contacted them and they said they were broken down in Arkansas, which is 7 hours away. Not sure I believe that at all. Then it was 9:00 p.m. I acquiesced to that time but said no later.

They showed up at 10:30 on a weeknight, in a quiet circle of five houses, in the biggest truck I have ever seen. Every box was upside down. There was only one move "helping" us as the other stayed by the truck the entire time.

My sister and myself were moving all the boxes inside from the garage and moved mattresses, and the dresser. My mid century tv console was broken beyond repair. The boxes are also squished, whether marked fragile or not.

I'm not real sure why we paid movers to help unloading when my sister and I did the bulk of the work. It was ridiculous. DO NOT hire this company.

Nicole V.
Huntsville, AL
1 Star

July 03 2023 1:36AM

I wish I had done more research and read reviews about this company before booking them. First and foremost, this company is an agent that finds you a moving company. They booked me with a TERRIBLE moving company with awful reviews.

I don’t want to make this too long, but the gist of it is that it ended up costing me 3x what was originally quoted, they broke and damaged more than half my stuff even though they were the ones who wrapped it, gave me stuff that was not mine, and rushed me through the paperwork so I didn’t realize that the insurance was $0.60 per lb.

When I made a claim for the well over $1,000 in damage that they caused me, I received a settlement of $75. What a joke. When I emailed Trinity Relocation for assistance since they brokered it, I never received a response.

Same with Star USA, the moving company with 2 star reviews that they hired for me. Lesson learned: never book a broker and always get full coverage insurance for the move.

Sharon O.
Cypress, TX
1 Star

June 04 2023 8:30PM

A joke/absolute scam of a company. William ** told my wife we didn’t need anyone to come and look through our stuff to quote our move. We requested this multiple times and we were told they didn’t need anything - cause “you know your stuff”.

Movers come and tell us that this company has done this multiple times and they always tell people it is less than expected just to get your business and then leave the homeowner footing the bill.

So we call during the move to try and get things squared away and an older lady in customer service - Lisa - tells my wife that it’s all her fault cause she (my wife) quoted them wrong. My wife isn’t a professional mover or relocation expert.

Lisa then began yelling at my wife and my wife had to hang up due to the harassment. Will be letting everyone know how bad our service was - specifically William ** and Lisa.

Tyler W.
Lakeland, FL
1 Star

May 21 2023 12:11AM

Trinity is a trash company. Always get moving quotes from someone is person so you have some recourse when the movers show up and tell you that the estimate was way too low and you are in a corner and have to use them. Trinity is underhanded and non-responsive. Do not use them under any circumstances.

Thomas B.
Richardson, TX
1 Star

December 14 2022 10:39PM

Do not use this company. They will underbid the job then take your money with no chance of a refund. Broker out the move to a moving company that will double the price the day of the move. Bait and switch. Please look at all the reviews and most are 1 star or less.

I am out $5,000 for nothing. No service was provided. Just a shady estimate. My Inventory was 98% that of the mover that showed up, but for some reason cost doubled. DO NOT USE THIS SHADY COMPANY.

No one will treat you with respect once you have a concern. They should be sued for all the horrible reviews I have seen including my experience.

1 Star

September 16 2022 8:46PM

My experience with Trinity Location Group and All Points Moving & Storage. I reached out to Trinity Relocation group for an estimate for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, single occupant 800 square feet apartment from New Jersey (elevator) to California (1st floor).

I was given a quote of 3594.27 which included packing services and materials, disassembling and resembling furnitures upon pickup and drop-off. I sent them a list of my inventory, pictures of all my furnitures as well as a video of my entire apartment because I wanted to get an accurate quote.

I even asked if they could come out and look at my apartment to make sure there is no surprise. After “reviewing” everything, James **, a senior moving coordinator, gave me the aforementioned quote. He even told me he overestimated my needs to make sure don’t get extra charges.

He applauded me for the extra efforts of the pictures and video to avoid underestimation from my end.

I did a quick search about their company. I saw some horrific negative reviews with the main theme of “they give you a low quote to get you in the door, then on the day of charge you double and extra fees, customers have no other choice but to pay”.

Reviewers also mention that Trinity Relocation Group is a broker, they sell the moves to independent contractors. I was concerned and talked to James ** about this. He said 1) they are NOT a broker but rather have multiple teams across different states. 2) Happy customers don’t leave reviews, only the disgruntled ones leave reviews.

And because I sent him a comprehensive list, pictures, and video, the quote I receive is very accurate. They asked me to pay in cash or money order 1/3 as deposit, 1/3 before the move, and 1/3 after the move. I insisted on paying with my Amex for the deposit in case of any issues.

After much convincing, they let me but charged me 5% extra. They also did not give me a date or time of the move until less than 14 hours before.

They said they could only give me a 3 day window, they can come at any time, any day during that time and this is a very customary thing to do for long distance moving. If I want a specific date and time I have to pay 400 extra. I had to book my elevator for 3 consecutive days.

On the day of the move, All Points Moving & Storage showed up with 3 guys, 1 in charge names Jesus and two movers in a 22 foot Penske rental truck. This was not their company truck. This was clearly a daily rental that these random guys rent for the day to do the job.

I was expecting Trinity so I quickly googled All Points. They have a 1.5 star with 37 reviews on Yelp. Jesus told me he cannot park in my high rise luxury apartment complex loading dock because he can’t clear the ceiling.

He said that would be extra for Long Carry and additional for every 10 feet they have to park further away. I told him bigger trucks have parked here before. And just to make sure, I have my concierge team come out and assess the truck.

They told Jesus for sure he can clear the ceiling and park in the dock and yes much bigger trucks have done so. Jesus refused and was offended that I questioned his assessment of not being able to clear the ceiling. He threatened to pull this team and not doing the move. I told that’s fine.

He “called” his boss to complain. And Trinity called me on my phone and reprimanded for questioning their “contractors”. Everything went down hill from here. I was a 35 year single female doing this alone (my family was coming into town the next days).

Jesus gave me a new price, 6020.97, almost double what they quoted me because I needed two times the amount of boxes I was quoted, and extra fees for the extra materials and packing services that exceeded the number of boxes quote to me, extra fees for long distance carry, extra fees for each piece of glass I have because they require special handling and packaging.

At this point, I had no choice but agreed as they have already starting to pack my things. I felt bamboozled. I noticed they started “packing” the boxes 1/2 full. So instead of needing for example 10 boxes, there were now 30 boxes for the same amount of stuff.

They also parked as far as possible from the entrance to double the “Extra distance that they have to walk”. At the end, Jesus demanded a tip that was based on the new price.

I did ask Trinity/ James ** about customary tips for these move and he told me “these guys get pay really well for what they do from us so 40-50 bucks is more than enough”. I was planning to give them a 15% tip based on the quote.

I was forced into given a tip, I was afraid that they would damage my stuffs if I refused. They had my stuff hostage at this point. I took a vacation abroad and had my family receive my stuff in California in a again luxury apartment complex that is on the first floor.

They again played the our truck could not clear. Mind you this is a open space, no ceiling, almost townhouse complex in CA. They demanded another 1250 extra from my family otherwise they wouldn’t unload my stuff.

I found out that All Points stored my stuff in storage and have a long distance moving group top pick up and do the actual move. The team delivering my stuffs was a different group/company. They also demanded a tip based on the new…new total.

My vanity’s leg was broken. My bedroom lamp was broken. Besides my bed, they did not reassemble anything. My move ended up being 2.5 times more expensive than quoted. 2.5 times!!!

The major issues I have with this experience are 1. Deceitful representation from Trinity Relocation Group as if they are actually the moving company, they are not. Their goal is to get as many people to sign contracts with an underestimated quote so they get a cut.

2. Deceitful representation from All Points Moving, they did not move my stuffs across the country. They rented a truck, moved my things to a warehouse and then paid someone else to move my things.

3. Upsell, in this case, forceful and threatening upsell tactics including refusing to park in the designated loading dock, park further to charge more, packing boxes half, 1/3 full to increase number of boxes, charging extra for packing the smallest glasses, threatening to cancel not completing the move, not unloading until they get what they asked for.

4. Refusal to do what they had contracted to do after they got paid that is disassembling the furnitures The common themes here are: false representation and trapping customers at the last minutes so they have to choice but to pay.

If you do research on these two companies, you will notice these common threads. My advices are to trust your instinct when you feel suspicious, and run away from them as fast as possible.

Bao T.
Napa, CA
1 Star

April 05 2022 7:47PM

Elder abuse. They should go to jail. They referred us to R and M transportation which is really Energy Movers. My husband and I are in our eighties. We moved from North Carolina to Florida. All our belongings were broken. They were verbally abusive including customer service and the driver who had no regard for our furniture.

Sergio the driver made us sign another contract before he even started to pack. I could go on and on but Trinity Relocation Group advertises to retirees. I have referred this company to Adult Protective Services. They are con artists preying on helpless elders.

The worst was when they came to deliver they insisted on full payment before they unloaded the truck. I was threatened by both R and M and Trinity, When they drove away, my husband ran after them. I hope someone reads this before all their belongings are destroyed.

Beverly E.
Hollywood, FL
1 Star

March 08 2022 8:13PM

Stay away. They doubled the cost of our move and the storage was a disaster, a true wrecking crew. They should be run out of business.

Once the original payment was made for their services this is where the service ends. I do not know how they stay in business unless there are a bunch of naïve, unsuspecting seniors like me.

Barbara R.
Naples, FL
1 Star

January 02 2022 10:56PM

This company is a SCAM!!! Don’t go with them. They talked me out of going with a different moving company saying that they were a scam and that they had bad reviews when in fact, Trinity is the company with the bad reviews. Check their Yelp reviews also!

As the other reviews state, all these accusations are true (from my own experience as well):

1. Once the sales rep gets you to sign the contract, you can’t reach them anymore.

2. The quote they give you, written in the contract, is only and estimate (which they don’t tell you prior).

The final quote we agreed on (and I emphasized not having any additional charges as long as I only loaded all the items on the contracted inventory list) was just under $3000 and when the movers showed up they said it was an additional $5000 to take everything, $8000 total!

Even the mover said that Trinity didn’t quote me properly and said that the inventory descriptions were all Inaccurate.

3. They go by how much cubic feet all your items will take up, NOT THE ACTUAL INVENTORY LIST. They fail to mention that.

4. The delivery takes longer than local moving companies. 2-3 days versus 8-10 days.

5. They do stuff everything into a truck, with other people’s things. You’re better off hiring a moving company that dedicates one truck to you, so it’s faster, safer, and less likely to get damaged or lost.

They charge the most at the initial deposit, of course, and then split up the balance into to payments, which they collect at the time of pick up and the time of delivery. Worst moving company experience ever.

If you try to communicate with them after the close of the sale, with anything you might have issues with or with any dissatisfaction, all they will do is continue referring to the fine print on the contract you signed and nothing that was actually discussed of course.

I have attached photos of what my inventory list was, as emailed in detail, versus what was actually on the inventory list on the contract.

And based on that inventory list described on the contract, the movers flat out told me that they couldn’t take half the things on that list because Trinity low balled the inventory item sized to get me a lower price, just to jack up the price on me when they arrived.

They refused to refund me my $1050 deposit and they didn’t end up even loading anything on the truck. The truck was also a day and a few hours later than scheduled. GO THROUGH YELP AND FIND LOCAL STATE TO STATE COMPANIES!

Don’t get scammed by any of these advertised companies online. And please check all reviews! **Couple weeks after going back and forth on my refund** Following up on my last review, Trinity's cancellation clearly states that "estimates may be cancelled within 72 hours of placing their reservation" and not only did I cancel within 72 hours, the services they were supposed to provide was never provided.

The truck didn't even load anything into their truck. Trinity customer service sent me an email saying that they would refund me 50% of my deposit, but although in their cancellation policy, it doesn't say anything about having to remove honest reviews, look at this email they sent me, basically threatening not to credit me my rightful (FULL) refund, unless I move my reviews.

This company needs to be taken down for SCAMMING so many people. If I don't receive my refund, and if any other customers who left a negative review, based on similar experiences/any money lost, would like to file a lawsuit also, I will gladly get a class lawsuit started.

Jane C.
Los Angeles, CA