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Trinity Relocation Group Review

Trinity Relocation Group headquarters are in West Palm Beach, Florida. Previously operating as Open Road Moving & Storage, the company has a long history of providing relocation and moving brokerage services. Trinity Relocation Group is a top pick in our Best Moving Companies Guide for having the Best Customer Service.

When you work with Trinity Relocation, the company’s trucks and crew may complete your move, but the bulk of contracts involve brokering services where Trinity acts as a liaison between clients and other moving companies. As a licensed moving broker, Trinity Relocation can organize and negotiate your relocation even if you live outside their service area or need a service the company does not provide. An agent will work with pre-screened movers to find the best prices for the services you require. Trinity Relocation Group is fully bonded and insured.

  • Full-service or do-it-yourself moving
  • Pre-screened network of movers
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Free 30-day storage

  • No instant quotes on website

Trinity Relocation Group Moving Services

Trinity Relocation Group is licensed through the Department of Transportation to provide carrier services. The company owns and operates a fleet of moving trucks. If you are outside of Trinity’s service area, the company is an authorized broker and will find a mover from a network of vetted moving companies. Trinity works on your behalf to find a dependable moving company at the best rate for you.

To learn more about Trinity’s moving services and how they can help you, fill out the inquiry form on the website or call. Estimates are free, and if you decide to move forward, you’ll sign a contract that specifies the fees, pickup date and delivery date.

Trinity Relocation pre-screens all moving companies to ensure they meet high customer service standards. Moving companies must fulfill these qualifications:

  • A strong safety record and a good reputation in the industry
  • Positive customer reviews with a low complaint history
  • The proper credentials from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Insurance coverage for bodily injury, property damage and cargo
  • A binding contract for all customers, to protect your interests

Trinity Relocation Group also provides vehicle shipping and professional packing and unpacking services to ensure your items are protected from damage.

Trinity Relocation Group Moving Services
Service Description
  • Coordinate your move and find the best pricing with a reliable carrier
  • Loading, unloading and short or long-term storage
  • Full-service or do-it-yourself packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading, storage
Auto Transport
  • Safe transportation of vehicles to your final destination
  • Door-to-door dropoff available
  • Identify moving specialists who use care handling equipment, office furniture and office technology
  • Packing, wrapping, unpacking and storage services

Cost of Trinity Relocation Group Moving Services

Because every move is unique, Trinity Relocation does not publish fees online. You can fill out a form on the website with a few details to have an agent call you. You can also call the company for a free quote.

Many moving companies include incidental fees which can change your bottom line cost, so Trinity’s partner companies offer a binding estimate to make sure you’re not surprised with a bill that is higher than your estimate. You will pay the amount quoted unless you add more items or services to your moving package. The company charges a fee for this binding estimate but does not disclose the amount.

A deposit of up to 30% is required to secure your moving dates, and 50% of the balance is due before the moving van gets loaded with your belongings.

Trinity Relocation Group can likely negotiate a lower-priced moving package than you could on your own because of the company’s relationships throughout an expansive partner network. Read the bill of lading from the moving company, which may be Trinity or an affiliate. Ask questions if you don’t understand all the costs before signing.

Trinity Relocation Group Complaints

ConsumersAdvocate rates Trinity Relocation Group a 9.5 on a scale of 10 and highlights the company’s services, reputation and the quality of the fleet. Trinity Relocation Group is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. The company currently has no rating with the Better Business Bureau, likely due to the recent name change. Yelp yielded an average of 2.5 out of 5 score for Trinity, but the most recent reviews were 5-star reviews. A Trinity Relocation agent responded to most negative reviews, and it appears that at least one of the negative reviews is not authentic.

Trinity Relocation Group Q&A

  • Can I get a refund from Trinity Relocation Group if I cancel my move?
    You will receive a 90% refund of your deposit if you notify Trinity Relocation Group of a cancellation within 72 hours of signing the moving agreement. Cancel after that time, up until 72 hours before pickup, and you’ll receive an 80% refund. If you cancel fewer than 72 hours before your first available pickup date, you are eligible for a 50% refund. One caveat is if you sign the moving agreement and your first available pickup date is within five business days, and then you cancel, then your deposit is only 50% refundable. Cancellations must be requested via email to receive a refund.

  • Does Trinity Relocation Group provide storage at my destination?
    Yes, Trinity Relocation can store your belongings in a climate-controlled facility for up to 30 days at no charge.

  • Does Trinity Relocation provide moving insurance?
    Trinity provides limited liability insurance for up to $0.60 per pound of cargo. While this is the industry standard, the coverage is inadequate. Discuss other insurance options, including full replacement value, when you call for a quote and speak to your homeowner’s insurance agent to compare prices on additional insurance.

  • What fees can I expect in my final bill from Trinity Relocation Group?
    Contracts can vary between carriers, so be sure to read all documentation thoroughly and ask questions if you do not understand all parts of the agreement. Typical fees are for options like:

    • Packing, unpacking and materials such as boxes and tape
    • Storage beyond the free 30 days
    • The mover carrying your items long distances or upstairs
    • Shuttle services if the trailer can’t get close enough to the drop off location
    • Other labor charges
  • What if I need to add items not included in Trinity’s estimate at the time of pick up?
    Most moving companies charge by cubic feet or weight of the freight they are moving. Let your Trinity Relocation Group representative know about any change to your move at least three business days before pickup. You will receive a revised estimate that you must sign to complete the move. You also need to inform the movers of any changes before they begin loading the truck.


Whether you are moving to another state or across town, Trinity Relocation can help you find a carrier to ensure a stress-free move at the lowest possible price. The company staffs moving experts who know the industry and regulations and can research moving companies and negotiate discounts on your behalf. Trinity Relocation Group’s multi-step screening process for vetting their moving partners ensures safe transport of your belongings to your new home.

Trinity Relocation Group Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
July 31 2019 4:40AM

I love these guys! They were great at every turn. They didn’t overcharge us and kept the timeline we needed them to keep. They worked fast and were highly efficient. They guys were friendly and made my wife and I feel very comfortable. I really can’t say enough good things about these guys. They actually made moving a good experience which I couldn’t have expected. We have already recommended them to family friends and I’m glad I can recommend them here. I would give them 10 stars if it were possible.

Ralph M.
West Andrews, SC
September 08 2021 2:45PM

DO NOT USE!!! F rating with Better Business Bureau and they are not accredited by them. Unprofessional, charged incorrectly, have tried to contact numerous times with no success.

Was moving across states and everyone was nice over the phone and setting it up, then the day came. (Long story short) The driver kept calling me changing the pickup time, and continued to show up outside this window.

Tried to charge me for materials that I already paid for, had to call and dispute it. Told him I needed the furniture first and then can see what else I can put into my space. Asked me to go to the store to buy them water.

After 8 HOURS spent loading my small two bedroom apartment, calls me over and says, "I’ve met my limit" and they did not load my furniture in. I told him what I said at the beginning and he said that he has other loads to do.

Tried to convince me to have them drop it off early and I'll be charged for it because he wanted to go home. They continued to call and tell me they want to drop it off early, I continue to say no.

The drop off was fine, and those movers were able to put all my belongings in my quoted price. So the original mover charged me $2,000 over!!

Contacted customer service over phone, several emails, AND NOBODY HAS CONTACTED ME BACK!!! Contacted the Better Business Bureau and they aren’t accredited by them.

Taylor G.
Grand Junction, CO
July 25 2021 12:38AM

I've been close to tears all day. I booked TRG in May 2021 for a move from Minneapolis to Boston July 23rd to August 1st. We paid our deposit, picked up the cashier's checks for pick-up and delivery as instructed and confirmed our final pack list by email.

Then as the days grew closer to our pick-up, there was silence from TRG and when I called, no one picked up and no one returned my messages. Finally they told us today they cancelled us. No explanation except there just aren't enough trucks.

Some of you may recall the Seinfeld skit where he says, "See, you know how to Take a reservation, you just don't know how to Hold a reservation...and isn't that the Most Important Part!" We are now in a crisis, struggling to figure out how to safely get from here to there.

It is true in life that sometimes you cross paths with evil people. This company should not be allowed to ruin any other lives.

Keri A.
Hugo, MN
July 12 2021 5:46AM

Stay away from this company if you don't want to be scammed. I was first given initial estimated cost for my moving of 4300 $, after I spend 15 min on the phone, explaining to one of their employees how many and what items exactly I need to be moved.

Next day I realized I have forgotten some items, and I took photos of everything, including the items described in our initial conversation. I asked for updated new estimated moving quote over a dozen times in the next few days.

On July 1, someone named Bruce ** finally sends me an email, in which he assures me, and I quote “The driver can adjust the estimate on pickup with minor changes.“

My emails and phone calls were either ignored, or I was told over the phone that someone will get back at me.

Someone from Trinity called me at 9:30 pm and told me the movers are coming next day, Wednesday, possibly in the morning, even though I was told I will be given a call that would give me time to prepare.

I asked for the pick up date to be moved to Thursday and I was told that will cost me 750 $. No movers showed up on Thursday or the following day, no explanation was ever given, no one tried to contact me to tell me what is going on.

On Saturday, the movers from Jet moving and storage finally showed up and the driver after looking at my items at home, gave me a new estimated quote of 11 222 $. He told me that he doesn’t have the refrigerator, the patio chairs and few more items on his list.

I showed him the email with the attached photos of all those items that I send on July 1. According to the initial estimated cost, my estimated cubic feet space was calculated at 360, but the driver said that would actually be over 1300 cubic feet.

How adding a few items that he did not have on his list and should have had can take up more than triple room in the truck? How is going from 4300 $ to 11222 $ a minor change?? Why all my voicemails and emails repeatedly asking for updated moving quote were ignored.

Well according to the electronic agreement you have to sign with Trinity relocation group, you lose your right for refund if you have to cancel 48 hours before the moving date.

So I was given absolutely intentionally unrealistic moving quote, with inaccurate numbers of how much cubic feet space my items would take in the mover’s truck.

In an email received on 11 of July, someone from Trinity relocation group customer service has the audacity of actually asking me “What is the difference? You would have paid for all of the additional items you had, whether you gave them to Bruce initially or the driver”.

This is so absurd and that I am lost for words. Trinity employees deliberately did not update their estimated moving cost so I can miss the time frame to ask for a refund according to their electronic agreement.

Rosen K.
Laguna Hills, CA
October 01 2019 3:05AM

I would avoid this company like the plague. I nearly had a disaster on my hands when I could not get an exact moving date and learned they used a broker. I quickly picked another company who could give me a firm date. He even said the furniture may even be in that day (my father was going to an assisted living place 69 miles away). When I wanted a partial refund, they promised me the world. I cancelled and happy I did! This could have been a huge disaster.

Sandra S.
Lopatcong, NJ
August 29 2019 12:16AM

I want to share my most horrible moving experience with Trinity and the fact they do business with Unique Van Lines (Unique is rated D- on BBB). Jeff from Trinity sales mentioned to my husband multiple times throughout the process that Trinity stays away from brokers only to find out later that Trinity acted as a broker in our case.

They also jumped the price up significantly during QA check when we added 10 boxes and few pantry items as they knew that canceling the job would make us lose our deposit. TRG gave out our job to a failed carrier “Unique Van Lines”.

After approximately 2.5 months of delays, excuses, lies, regular follow up calls, we finally received our stuff this week to find out most of the fragile items were broken and our living room TV was MISSING in addition to few other items (patio cushions, décor, fan, glass set, rice cooker).

When we confronted the movers, they said you have standard insurance and you packed the boxes, so I am not responsible (does that mean you are obliged to mishandle customer stuff in front of them?). When the driver and his guys arrived, we could hear them dropping a box while unloading and saying, “I am dropping bombs and laughing about it”.

They promised to assemble everything back, but they left most of the items disassembled including beds. For missing items, they told us we have to file a claim. The driver started yelling when we asked him to "I am not going to change my paperwork and I don’t care that you are missing a TV or any other items, you have to file a claim".

Filing a claim should come after the carrier has not been able to locate an item- in this case, they were not even willing to look up for the missing items or document it and just brushed the claim point as it’s standard insurance so the customer will get peanuts in return.

As per the contract, they are supposed to document any items which are missing or damaged. HE VIOLATED THE CONTRACT. They were disrespectful ran away leaving the stuff in chaos with no respect.

When I called their dispatch manager Elfie and asked about the TV, he said, if you stay on the call “I am going to hang the TV on my damn wall” and was rude to me. We are still waiting for a call back which we were promised. I'm surprised Trinity chooses to do business with a company like that. Their customer service is full of lies, their drivers are rude to customers and top of that all they exercise false business practices.

I request everyone to make sure that your brokers (Trinity Relocation Group in my case) do not pick UNIQUE VAN LINES. We are still following up on my items with no success as we really want our TV to be found and shipped to us.

I hold Trinity EQUALLY responsible for this traumatic experience because they are the ones who hired a failed carrier and acted as surprised when we confronted them of our experience.

Shumaila A.
San Diego, CA
August 07 2019 3:10AM

We had an excellent experience with Trinity Moving Group and the movers they sent us. They were very professional and accommodating to our needs. The crew of movers was always polite and took the time to answer questions and explain what they were doing. Our stuff was very well cared for. Their price was cheaper than any of the other companies I reached out to. If you need a moving company don’t waste time getting a bunch of quotes just call Trinity. We don’t plan on moving again but if we do we’re calling Trinity.

Stewart B.
Topeka, KS
August 06 2019 6:40AM

This was the first time that I used Trinity Relocation Group but I would definitely use them again. They did a great job of moving all of our furniture and boxes from our old home. The movers were very handy and even helped us with the furniture that needed to be disassembled. They didn’t over charge us or give us any crazy fees. These guys are very dedicated to their customers. Thank you Trinity for such a pleasant and positive moving experience.

Shirley K.
Pittsburgh, PA
July 30 2019 5:34AM

This review is for the moving services provided to us by Trinity Relocation Group. My daughter hired them for my wife and I to help us move from our previous home to a home near her. We had always wanted to live near our kids once we retired and Trinity helped us make that possible. They were courteous, flexible, and hardworking. They moved all of our furniture carefully and listened to where we wanted it to go. I doubt we will be moving again but if we did I would use Trinity.

Alice R.
Conshohocken, PA
July 29 2019 5:55AM

I had the absolute pleasure of hiring Trinity Relocation Group. These gentlemen worked tirelessly to get us moved safely and on time. They really treated our home and our belongings with the utmost care. They were also friendly and respectful. Everything really went flawlessly. I truly wish there was more than just 5 stars to give them.

Hugo L.
Frederick, MD
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