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July 10 2019 4:22AM

I’m not a huge review writer but given the quality of service I received I thought the least I could do was leave a positive review on my experience. Plus, I known how hard it is to find a trustworthy moving company. Trinity was everything I could have asked for. They were honest, responsible, and affordable. If I had to hire a company all over again I would gladly chose them.

Harvey H.
Charlotte, NC
July 09 2019 5:43AM

My wife and I recently moved to Washington from Los Angeles after we retired. We decided to have movers help us as well had far too many belongings to move ourselves. They worked really hard and didn’t mess around at all. They were very careful with everything and no damage was done to our furniture. Overall, they did a great job and I would recommend them to others. Thank you!

Nicholas M.
Spokane, WA
July 09 2019 2:44AM

I called Trinity Relocation Group to help move my mother into assisted living. They arrived early and were not only insanely helpful but were very courteous to my mother. She can sometimes get nervous around new people but they were very kind to her. They were quick and friendly. Because they were so wonderful I will be calling them again to move me in the fall. I highly recommend them and their services.

Anya J.
Denver, CO
June 19 2019 3:40AM

I had a terrible experience with Trinity Relocation because they lied from the start to get my money. The salesman Brian assured me I was hiring Trinity to move my 3 bedroom home from Billings, Montana to Flagstaff, Arizona. He didn't reveal that Trinity was charging me $1500.00 to hire another low life mover called Virgin out of California. Brian told me I would have 4 people who would load the truck.

Moving day came and only 2 movers showed up in a crappy truck covered in graffiti that did not even have a ramp and leaked a puddle of oil in my driveway. The movers worked hard but were extremely slow and it took them 9 hours to load the truck when it really should have taken 3 hours with a crew of 4 people like I had paid for.

When I asked the truck driver where the other 2 movers were he told me they had posted a help wanted ad in Craig's list but nobody replied. Like I believe that. The mover also refused to provide me with receipts and the contract paperwork. That's after I handed over thousands of dollars in cash to pay for that part of the move. When I contacted Trinity to complain the so called customer service rep named Tracy was so very rude and combative that I felt like I deserved a complete refund. When I asked to speak to Tracy's supervisor I was told nobody could help me. Trinity misrepresented their services as a professional moving company. Really they are a bunch of scam artists that could care less that they hired some fly by night movers with bad reviews who threatened to charge more for delivery of my belongings...basically holding everything I own and worked hard for my entire life hostage in some storage unit who knows where.

Trinity did not lift a finger to help me when I told them Virgin movers could not find my payments through digital transfers from my bank account to theirs.. Still NO receipts after I requested them on numerous occasions. I still have no receipts of any kind. I did finally get my stuff after a month of irate phone calls emails and texts. I am not at all happy with Trinity or Virgin. Pick a different company and save yourself the stress that these firms will put you through. Both companies should lose their licenses and should be run out of business. They are not reputable firms.

I had a terrible experience and plan to file complaints against Trinity and Virgin movers with the federal transportation department and Better Business Bureau and local authorities in Florida where Trinity hides out and Caifornia where Virgin bases its scam activities.

Steven S.
Billings, MT
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