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United Medicare Advisors Medicare Supplement

4.85 Stars (10 Reviews)
Updated: October 4, 2022
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Chances are, you'll have to deal with Medicare once you reach age 65. According to a study done by AARP Policy Institute, Medicare insurance covers 15 percent of the U.S. population. However, the rules that govern this social insurance program can be confusing. United Medicare Advisors can help you understand the world of Medicare and work with you to potentially save money on a supplemental plan.

Editorial Breakdown

Coverage Area 4.8 Stars
Benefits 4.8 Stars
Easy Quotes 5 Stars
Coverage Options 4.9 Stars

Overall Rating 4.9 Stars

Bottom Line

United Medicare Advisors is a great option if you're new to Medicare supplemental insurance plans. They're experienced, independent and unbiased and will keep you educated with an annual policy review.

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE (TTY users should call 1 (877) 486-2048) 24 hours a day/7 days a week to get information on all of your options.

United Medicare Advisors Review

When you start considering Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans, you find a dizzying array of options and possibilities. United Medicare Advisors helps consumers sort through the confusion and select the plans that best suit their needs from over 27 Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement providers.

United Medicare Advisors guides consumers through the often confusing maze of information to find the best insurance strategy for each individual’s situation. United Medicare Advisors works with over 27 plan providers in 45 states and has submitted over 100,000 policies, and is featured in our Best Medicare Supplement Plan Companies. The companies they represent include Gerber, Mutual of Omaha, Sterling, and Humana. Founded in 2008, United Medicare Advisors home office is in Kansas City, Missouri. Their agents hold licenses in multiple states to better serve customers.

  • Easy to compare Medicare supplement insurance plans
  • Simplifies cost comparisons over many providers
  • Eliminates hours of research and multiple phone calls
  • Only available in 45 states
  • Insurance plan customer service is separate from United Medicare Advisors

United Medicare Advisors Pricing

United Medicare Advisors asks for a little bit of personal information to show you accurate rates based on your situation, however, they say they save their clients an average of $634 per year when switching to a new Medigap plan.

We looked at some online reviews to see what United Medicare Advisors customers were paying or saving. Most reviews we saw showed a savings of around $380 to $800 per year. For a personal quote check out United Medicare Advisor’s website.

How does getting Medicare Supplement work through United Medicare Advisors?

United Medicare Advisors does not provide insurance itself but acts as an agent for multiple Medicare supplement plan carriers. The company is much like an independent car insurance agent who shops around to find you the best deal on the coverage you want. Customers can call licensed agents or use the form on their website to get in touch with someone for more information or to sign up for a Medicare supplement plan. The website also provides an online comparison tool for those who prefer to do some research on their own before speaking to an agent.

When you talk to a United Medicare Advisors representative, you will supply some personal information to get help with finding the plan that best fits your needs and preferences. Agents can also explain coverage types, the differences in Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplements, and enrollment periods. United Medicare Advisors will handle all of the paperwork for you, you only need to sign the appropriate forms and answer some underwriting questions when applicable. If you currently have a Medicare supplement insurance plan with another company, you may have to contact that carrier yourself to swap the plans.

United Medicare Advisors and Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D Explained

Medicare provides basic coverage for medical costs and is meant to ensure that older Americans can get health insurance as they retire. Medicare breaks down into different coverages with letters to designate the covered areas of medical expenses. Medicare supplement insurance works with Parts A and B to pick up the cost of copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. Medicare supplement insurance does not work with all parts of Medicare. One advantage of using an agent when shopping for Medicare supplement insurance is that the agent should be trained in Medicare and insurance terminology and can assist you in understanding what Medicare does and does not cover.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Source: Getty
  • Part A is hospital insurance covering inpatient care, inpatient nursing, and inpatient services and supplies. It is the part of Medicare that is also responsible for hospice service and home health service coverage. Most people do not have a premium for Part A if they have paid Medicare taxes while working over the years.

  • Part B covers services for general medical care such as that received from a family doctor. This part covers office visits, outpatient care, some home health care, and other medical services. Medicare Part B includes medically necessary care and preventative care services, but there are limits and restrictions. There is usually a monthly or annual premium for Part B.

  • Part C is commonly called a Medicare Advantage Plan and replaces traditional Parts A and B, although you still need to be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B and pay the Part B premium. A Medicare Advantage Plan can save you money because the out-of-pocket limits can be lower and benefits extend to hearing aids, dental, vision and possibly prescription drug coverage. Part C plans vary significantly between insurers, making it confusing to comparison shop. Part C options may include these healthcare networks:

    • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
    • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
    • HMO Point-of-Service (HMOPOS)
    • Medical Savings Account (MSA)
    • Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS)
    • Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

    United Medical Advisors can take the confusion out of shopping for Part C coverage. If you already have Part C coverage and are not happy with it, United Medicare Advisors can help you compare your current plan to available Medicare supplement plans.

  • Part D is prescription medication insurance. Like Part C, it is offered by private insurance companies for a premium instead of directly through the government. Part D policies can have copays, coinsurance, and deductible fees but often lower your overall drug costs due to discounts passed on to you from the insurer.

  What It Covers Medicare Supplement Insurance works with:
Part A Hospitalization, Home Health, Hospice Yes
Part B Office Visits, General Medical Yes
Part C Replaces A and B, Purchased No
Part D Prescription Medication, Purchased No

United Medicare Advisors and Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance Facts

Medicare supplement coverage can be a confusing maze with complex regulations. While Medicare offers a chart of the regulated portions of the plans, there are many differences between plans and costs from the many approved providers. There are also differences in available coverage in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin compared to the rest of the country. There are 10 regulated plans, each noted by the letters A through N. The most common, and the ones you’ll most likely find, are Plan A, Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. We explain these plans in brief below, but United Medicare Advisors can help you better understand the differences between these offerings

  • Plan A: All Medicare supplement providers, including United Medicare Advisors, offer Plan A, which covers coinsurance for Medicare Parts A and Part B. Medicare Supplement Part A extends coverage for 365 days beyond the Medicare Part A limit. This plan includes 100 percent of Part B coinsurance. Plan A is generally the lowest cost supplement plan.

  • Plan F: Plan F is a very complete supplement plan, although at a considerably higher premium. This plan covers everything from Plan A, adding coverage for these costs: skilled nursing facility coinsurance, Part A and B deductibles, and some foreign travel medical emergency. Plan F also covers Medicare Part B excess charges, up to 15 percent over the Medicare reimbursement.

  • Plan G: Plan G is nearly identical to Plan F except that it does not cover Part B deductibles.

  • Plan N: Plan N focuses on hospital inpatient coverage. It includes skilled nursing facility coinsurance, medical emergencies during foreign travel, and covers the Part A deductible. While this plan includes 100 percent Part B coinsurance, it requires a $20 copay for each doctor visit and, in some cases, a $50 copay for emergency room visits.

United Medicare Advisors Complaints

The Better Business Bureau lists United Medicare Advisors under their parent company, Spring Venture Group. They are accredited and maintain an A+ rating. With nearly 6,000 reviews, United Medicare Advisors has an overall five-star rating on Trustpilot. Of the few negative reviews, most people who published an actual negative review were confused, thinking United Medicare Advisors was the insurer themselves. Some reviews were regarding a conflict with individual agents.

United Medicare Advisors Screenshot

Screenshot: United Medicare Advisors


United Medicare Advisors Q&A

  • Does it cost extra to use United Medicare Advisors?
    No, United Medicare Advisors is an agent company, paid by the companies they represent through various agreements with each insurer. You do not pay United Medicare Advisors anything for their services.

  • Do agents get a commission for the Medicare supplement insurance sold?
    While insurance providers pay United Medicare Advisors through various arrangements, the agents who speak to customers are not paid any bounty to sell one particular carrier over another. This impartial policy ensures that you get unbiased opinions on plans available to you.

  • What if I already have a Medicare Advantage plan?
    If you already have a Medicare Advantage plan, you can still contact United Medicare Advisors to look at your options and how your current plan compares.

  • What about open enrollment? Can I buy or change plans at any time during the year?
    You can sign up for Medicare, a Medicare supplement, or change plans for the first time only at certain times. Unless a qualified disability has made you eligible for Medicare early, your initial enrollment for Medicare will begin three months before you turn 65 and extends four months after your birthday for a seven-month window.

    Your first open enrollment period for Medicare supplement insurance starts on your birth month the year you turn 65 and lasts six months after that. After your first enrollment, the annual open enrollment period is from October 15 to December 7, and you can make changes to coverage or purchase new plans at this time.

    Outside of open enrollment, you can change or purchase plans under the guaranteed issue clause when specific events occur. These include your current plan leaving your area, or you move outside of the coverage area, your employer plan is ending, or you are still within the first year of your first Medigap plan (with some restrictions).

  • What is an agent?
    Agents and brokers are state licensed professionals who represent insurance companies. They may work with one or multiple lines of insurance. The insurance companies pay the agents and brokers, you only pay insurance premiums and no fees.


Using companies like United Medicare Advisors takes the confusion out of buying Medicare supplemental insurance. The agents can explain terms and options more thoroughly while helping you compare insurance companies and their offerings. Talking to a United Medicare Advisors agent can save you hours of time and frustration. As with all insurance purchases, you should look into the insurance company you decide on as well as companies in your area that are not represented by your agent. Getting all information before signing up for Medicare supplement insurance will help you feel confident of your choice.

To learn more about United Medicare Advisors call 877-850-6440 or check out their website for a free quote.


10 United Medicare Advisors Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

October 14 2023 2:27PM

False information provided by Tessa **. No follow-up response from complaint filed through Carla **. No follow-up by UMA management for my negative report to emailed survey. Would not do business with this company again.

George F.
Box Elder, SD
1 Star

January 20 2022 6:58PM

Used this company when started with medicare in 2019, thought they did a good job helping me. This year I contacted them to upgrade my Rx plan because prescription changes.

After assuring me twice that my plan was updated, I found out that they didn’t follow through and I stuck with my old plan that will cost me over $7000 out of pocket. Took them over 25 days to come up with a lie to cover their mistake. Be very careful if you use these screwups.

John T.
Odem, TX
5 Stars

April 30 2020 6:48PM

My advisor was Adam **, he was outstanding. He answered all my questions and was very patient with me. I would recommend everyone to seek him out to be your advisor. I called numerous times with questions and he was always patient with me. You could tell even over the phone he is a decent, caring person. That means so much to me, when people are patient and caring and truly care about you. He is a definite asset to your company. So when it becomes review time, be sure to give him a raise. Sincerely, a very satisfied customer Gloria **

Gloria K.
Exeter, PA
5 Stars

September 19 2019 4:25PM

I am a physician and my wife and I are turning 65 next year. The alphabet soup of Medicare coverage was confusing but Bailee ** with United Medicare Advisors really listened and helped me understand the pros and cons of all the options. She was transparent and very patient with my questions. She made the process much more manageable. I strongly recommend calling this company before making any decisions. Greg **, M.D.

Greg E.
Nashville, TN
1 Star

August 15 2019 8:29PM

I requested information to be discussed later after I had read and had a chance to compare plans. The form I filled out did not say I would receive a call immediately. The person below spoke very rudely, would not listen to what I was interested in, and hung up on me before I could speak. I am hoping all representatives do not treat prospective customers that way. Please forgive the reason for this communication. I only wanted some information. Thank you for your understanding.

Francine R.
Philadelphia, PA
5 Stars

August 14 2019 8:45PM

Having 3 rare conditions all associated with one genetic condition I have dealt with numerous insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals (luckily as I was premed before my body started deteriorating in my twenties and crashed in my early 30's I am a good advocate, but its exhausting.

Since it takes around 50 years of a condition being taught about in detail at medical school before a condition is no longer considered "controversial" when I had to sign my father up I just wanted to do it online. I knew what plan I wanted and which company would work best for him, the agent Lester winter was not only a pleasure to talk to, but always responds to his messages in a timely manner.

How pleasant to not have to fight for timely advice, no pressure tactics, and being able to have a conversation with a personable and knowledgeable man. And he even informed me of one plan I was unaware of for critical care that has a cash pay out in case something goes wrong. Its a pleasure to know there won't be pressure or a need to spell things out in detail due to lack of knowledge.

Thank you for making a bit of my life that much easier so I can care for both my father and myself a little bit better (every little bit means a lot).

Robin S.
5 Stars

July 22 2019 9:00PM

I started looking at Medicare and Medicare supplements about two months ago, which was two months before my earliest enrollment date for Medicare. I wanted to be armed with information so I could make an educated choice.

I did learn a lot, but it became so overwhelming and confusing when it came to making a decision...this plan vs. that plan, Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage, and so many other little phrases and wordings that seemed to make a different...but, did they really? Retirement Living mentioned United Medicare Advisors so I called.

I spoke with Nathan ** and in short order he cut through the jargon and helped me see the true basics of what I should be looking at and what I needed by asking questions and walking me through Medicare and the supplements. I am still glad I did all the research, but Nathan took all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together for me.

Needless to say, I made my decision on which plan I wanted and signed up for Medicare online all in one afternoon. Now all I have to do is wait for October! What a relief! I am so glad RetirementLiving pointed me to United Medicare Advisors and I want to say a very special thank you to Nathan for his patience and assistance!

Pam M.
White House, TN
5 Stars

June 20 2019 11:05PM

After two weeks of nearly going crazy, studying, reading, visiting websites, trying to understand and figure out what Medicare, Advantage plans, Supplemental plans are all about, I was in a complete frazzled fog and a bit frantic, I need to have something in place in soon days if I'm going to have coverage beyond Medicare A & B. Justin ** here answered all my questions, clearly, patiently, explained pros and cons, weighing them for my circumstances, and finally, finally, I am enrolled, have the coverage that's best for me and affordable. I'm walking around in a daze, so relieved: The hunt is over, hallelujah! Justin, thank you SO MUCH.

Cherie R.
Mount Ida, AR
5 Stars

March 28 2019 12:32AM

Your representative Cameron ** made my day! He helped me with choosing the best Medicare Supplement for me. He was courteous... very patient and extremely knowledgeable. After speaking with him... I knew I did not need to look any further. Your Company is lucky to be so well represented!

Phyllis C.
Gardner, KS
5 Stars

November 15 2018 4:58PM

My husband and I both turned 65 this year. I am still working, but my husband is now an Medicare A and B and thanks to Luke and Drake, agents at United Medicare advisors, he now has medical supplement, vision, dental, and pharmacy programs. They both worked with us in deciding what was best for him. They were exceptional in their professionalism and knowledge of their products. The transition went very smoothly... Thank you to Luke and Drake!!!

Mary Kay S.