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October 04 2019 5:27PM

I have had them since July 2019. I paid extra for roofing. They have no one in my area. So I have to pay out of pocket. My refrigerator went out 8 days ago. They are making up excuses on why their funding dept hasn't helped me. Now I have to wait four more days before I get any help. That means we will be without a refrigerator for what 12 or 13 days. I am so done with this. No help what so ever!!!! I would never recommend anyone to them.

Christina H.
Springfield, OH
September 22 2019 9:52AM

Worst experience ever. Awful customer service. It always take a week or more to get someone to come to the house to evaluate the problem. If a part needs to be order, you looking to another 2-week process for the part to arrive. Then another week for a company to show to your doorstep to fix the issue. That is if you are lucky. I waited three weeks just to find out that the part they ordered went to the wrong place. I got tire a paid $300 and waited 48 hours to fix the issue. Don't recommend these folks!

Ramon G.
Spring Lake, NC
September 18 2019 1:25AM

Awful experience they keep sending the same unqualified tech and tech smells awfully bad that we have to literally open all the doors. We don’t understand how someone working with clients with no care for the smell. The refrigerator was never repair and on top of that 100 extra paid and they offer 100 off out of a new refrigerator if we decide to buy one... What a joke.

Y C.
Dacula, GA
September 03 2019 12:30AM

I have been without AC for 1 month and the company seems to not care. It took them 2 weeks to order the part in the middle of summer. I have kids and it is hot. This is the worst company ever. Please don’t waste your time using them if you want your stuff done in a timely manner. They have no concern about you being without. They just want the money. The worst customer service.

Legione F.
Waldorf, MD
August 22 2019 10:31PM

My air Condition stopped working for more than 30 hours. I have been calling them but no one answer. The only person answer. She said within 24 hours they will call you to schedule appointment. It’s very bad customer service. I don’t recommend them.

Pary M.
Aldie, WA
August 20 2019 4:08PM

2-10 Home Warranty from Colorado Contracts with unprofessional and unqualified repair techs. If you make an appointment, the RUDE service that sends the tech is based in Vietnam! The tech visits your home, seem to know what their doing and BOOM! The appliances never are repaired... They keep sending unqualified repairmen over and over with no repair parts nor do they order the needed parts to actually repair the appliance. So... you pay for nothing! Over and over! SCAM COMPANY

Shosh C.
Fort Myers, FL
August 06 2019 5:00PM

I rarely go out of my way to give a bad review but DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I’m not going to go into the whole story, out a/c went out in May- it is now August- we spent $75 for their guy to came out (did not seem to have any knowledge and had terrible reviews online) so spent $100 for a second guy to come out for a second opinion. 2-10 said they will cover $140 of the $800 estimate that we were given. We got this answer after probably 4-6 hours on the phone with their customer service representatives. If this sounds fun to you, hire them. I would save the money and the headache.

Haley R.
July 30 2019 3:50PM

I don't like seeing this place with a 4 1/2 star review. Especially for a Retirement Living page. I have been without AC for a month, since I requested service. They have even escalated my ticket to "high priority". From which they have called me multiple times, which I do appreciate, yet each time their excuse is "we can't get ahold of our contractors". So they still don't have a date as to when they will even have my parts order to fix my AC unit. Don't pay for this "service". If there was a 0 star rating, I would have used that instead.

Anthony T.
Broomfiled, CO
July 20 2019 10:09PM

This 2-10 warranty is a joke! I wish I have the possibility to give 0 star. Had a contract with them and Called them for my refrigerator that was having some issues. After the agent spent like 39 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong I was told I wasn’t covered because this was a secondary refrigerator. Why trying to diagnostic the issue if you knew I wasn’t covered for it. Now they asked me to pay the service fee of $89. Wasn’t never told I wouldn’t be covered for a “secondary“ appliances. I have service one on my others houses and very satisfied with the service I thought I was going to give a chance to this one but definitely closed my contract with them!!! NEVER NEVER WITH THEM.

Brice T.
Omaha, NE
July 19 2019 10:06PM

As a realtor, I have bad experience with 2-10. Case one: Seller bought 2-10 for my client buyer at COE. After two weeks my client moved in the house, the washer started leaking. Before closing escrow buyer's home inspector checked the dishwasher, there was no indication of leaking. Then buyer called 2-10, a plumber came in and reported to 2-10 and said the leaking was cause by the existing problem and refused to fix. Case two: My client bought a house two years ago and have had 2-10 HW for 2 years. 2-10 refused to fix the heating/cooling system after my client has paid two year home warranty. The inspector said that the unit was install improperly. So they refused to fix it. I really feel sorry for my clients. I will no recommend 2-10 to my client anymore.

Ellen Z.
Tucson, AZ
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