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AmeriGlide Stair Lifts

4.25 Stars (20 Reviews)
Updated: January 25, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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AmeriGlide Accessibility Solutions manufacturers a wide variety of stairlifts for seniors and people with disabilities to help make independent living in their homes more manageable. In addition to stairlifts, AmeriGlide is a major disability and mobility equipment manufacturer and retailer in the U.S.

Editorial Breakdown

Customer Service 4 Stars
Customization 3.8 Stars
Warranty 4.5 Stars
Price 4.8 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

AmeriGlide designs and sells stairlift models for straight and curved stairways as well as outdoor stairs. You can choose between new, used or refurbished stairlifts which give you pricing options. Check out our picks for the top stairlift companies below.

AmeriGlide Stairlifts Review

AmeriGlide provides many products to help people move around every room of their homes including elevators, stairlifts, dumbwaiters, bath lifts, pool lifts, ramps and more. With a focus on streamlining the manufacturing and installation process for these products, AmeriGlide has a reputation for fairly-priced, reliable stairlifts and other accessibility devices. If you or a loved one are finding it difficult to get around your house, AmeriGlide likely has a solution.

Two-thirds of seniors or 15 million people have trouble climbing stairs, and AmeriGlide is well known for their stairlifts with over 40,000 units sold. Designed for people who have difficulty navigating stairs, a stairlift is a chair on a rail that slides up or down a staircase so you can safely use the stairs. AmeriGlide has affordable designs for standard staircases and models for curved and outdoor staircases.

Stairlifts require you to have some level of mobility to sit in and get out of the chair, so AmeriGlide also sells a line of platform lifts and wheelchair lifts which are best for people who use a wheelchair or wouldn’t be able to sit in a chair without assistance.


  • One of the most popular names in accessibility devices
  • Self-install or technician-install options
  • Consults with customers to determine their needs and recommend custom designed stairlifts when required


  • Some products require custom design and measurements, which can drive up the price
  • Customers must install most stairlifts or hire a professional

AmeriGlide Stairlift Costs and Financing

AmeriGlide makes 14 models of straight stairlifts, five models of curved stairlifts and two outdoor models. Curved lifts can be customized to fit U- or L-shape staircases to accommodate 90-degree angles. Outdoor models come with a weatherproof coating to protect them against the elements. AmeriGlide stairlift cost depends on the type and features included with the model you choose.

  • Straight Models: 14 models ranging in price from $1,349 to $3,195. You can connect two or more straight stair lift models to make an L-shape, 90-degree angle.
  • Curved Models: 5 models ranging in price from $6,293 to $10,089. Curved models are more customizable and can be designed as one continuous rail to form L- or U-shaped designs.
  • Outdoor Models: 2 models priced at $2,568 and $3,195. Outdoor models are coated with weatherproofing material to protect motors and other parts from the elements.
AmeriGlide Stairlift Models and Features
Model Typical Cost Installation
Indoor Straight
  • $1,799 (new)
  • $1,299 (used)
  • $1,649 (reconditioned)
Do it yourself or pro install. You provide measurements
Indoor Curved
  • $8,000 to $10,000 (new)
  • $6,293 (used)
Pro installation included. Measuring service included
Outdoor Straight
  • $2,568 (standard, new)
  • $3,195 (deluxe, new)
Do it yourself or pro install. You provide measurements

To help make their products affordable, AmeriGlide provides financing through FirstBank or PayPal Credit if the customer is at least 62 years old and owns their own home. Military veterans are often eligible for a VA home improvement loan or a housing adaptation grant, and many retirees are eligible for grants and loans to make both the outside and inside of their homes more accessible.

AmeriGlide Stairlift Warranties and Installation

Every new AmeriGlide stairlift has a two-year warranty on parts and a five-year warranty on the drive train. Reconditioned products have a one-year parts warranty and three years on the drive train. Used stairlifts sold on AmeriGlide’s website have a one-year warranty on parts.

Most AmeriGlide stairlifts are designed for the homeowner to install, even if they aren’t mechanically inclined. Usually, it takes two or three hours to complete an installation. If you’re unable to or uncomfortable with installing a stairlift on your own, you can hire an AmeriGlide contractor to do the work for around $500 to $600. Installations on steel, concrete, or tile cost a bit more.

AmeriGlide stairlifts

Source: AmeriGlide

How to Buy an AmeriGlide Stairlift

AmeriGlide sells a diverse selection of new and used stairlifts and mobility products on their website and has about 20 stores located around the U.S., mostly in the eastern states. You can speak with a sales or service representative seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Each product on the website includes warranty information, return policy and product specifications. AmeriGlide accepts major credit cards, PayPal and e-checks as payment on the site.

AmeriGlide Stairlift Complaints

AmeriGlide gets a “B-” rating from the Better Business Bureau with an average of 10 to 11 complaints per year, with all but one resolved by the company. AmeriGlide made ConsumerAffairs list of the top stairlift companies and reader reviews rank the company at 2.8 out of 5 stars. gives AmeriGlide a 9.4 on a scale of 10. The majority of customer reviews on AmeriGlide’s website ranged between four and five stars.

The complaints we found mostly revolved around customer service not being responsive, sometimes taking months to resolve an issue. Other complaints mentioned the quality of the stair lift motor was underwhelming.

AmeriGlide Stairlifts Q&A

  • How much weight can an AmeriGlide stairlift carry?
    Standard AmeriGlide stairlifts have a capacity of 280 to 350 pounds, and the heavy-duty lifts can carry up to 500 pounds.

  • Does an AmeriGlide stairlift need any maintenance?
    AmeriGlide stairlifts required almost no maintenance, which helps tremendously with affordability since there are no regular service appointments. Just place a little grease on the track twice a year.

  • How much space will an AmeriGlide stairlift need to operate?

    Ameriglide measurments

    Source: AmeriGlide

    When the chair is folded up, an AmeriGlide stairlift needs 14 inches of space. The track requires just under a foot of space on the stairs. For staircases over 36 inches wide, an AmeriGlide stairlift should not get in the way of those who use the stairs. If your staircase measures 36 inches or less, sit on a chair against a wall then measure the distance from the wall to your knee to see how much space will be needed and to determine if a stairlift will work without widening the staircase.

  • What is AmeriGlide’s return policy?
    You can return some AmeriGlide mobility products, but not all. Dumbwaiters and vertical platform lifts are custom-made, so you can’t send these products back for a refund, and there is no return on walk-in tubs for sanitation reasons. Customers can return lift chairs, wheelchair lifts, and electric scooters within 10 days of receipt. Stairlifts are somewhat custom built but are usually returnable within five days of receipt. AmeriGlide charges various restocking fees and the buyer pays for return shipping costs for most products.

  • How do I know I need an AmeriGlide stairlift?
    One in every ten seniors over 65 has severe issues with mobility, and that number becomes one in five by the age of 75. If you have suffered an injury that will leave you with a lack of movement in your hips or knees, or arthritis is causing you to dread using the stairs, it’s time to consider a stairlift. Over three million seniors each year are sent to the emergency room for a fall, and a number of those falls could have been avoided with the use of a mobility device like a stairlift. If you’re having trouble getting around or feel unsafe while using the stairs, AmeriGlide will help you to remain active in your home.


If it’s time to get some help navigating stairs, a stairlift from AmeriGlide is a good place to start looking. This company works with each customer to determine specific needs and will design a custom stairlift for curved staircases. We saw thousands of reviews from people who have used AmeriGlide to maintain an independent lifestyle with affordable prices, reliable quality and responsive customer service.

20 AmeriGlide Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

February 20 2023 12:57PM

Bought used Rave 2. Installed myself after waiting 3 weeks for delivery. Believe the heavy weight of each box may contrbute to mishandling and damage during shipping. Installed and worked for 2 wks. Nothing but problems since. No service for Ameriglide in our area.

Had service man from acorn come in. He said I don't know much about these but found loose wire and it worked for 3 wks. $400. They warranted repair for 30 days so they sent a different guy who was a little more familiar. He told me the new problem but could not order parts for it.

Called Keith at Ameriglide in NC. Sent new part. $52 for part $40 shipping. I'm handy but this required taking 90% of the seat , footrest and base chassie apart to get to the bottom under the motor and then reassemble. $2600 going to waste.

Will buy from Acorn if I can't get it reassembled. The Usmedical I bought it from won't respond to my calls for assistance. Beware.

Lerry M.
Lima, OH
1 Star

December 07 2022 12:25AM

Poor customer service from seller, Ameriglide, and installer, Delstal. Telephone glitches with both companies resulted in inability to communicate effectively.

Installer texted, no phone call, 20 minutes prior to installation time to say he couldn’t make the appointment. Delstal could not, would not provide a different installer. Terrible experience overall.

Marty G.
Gold River, CA
1 Star

September 09 2022 9:51PM

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! Someone else mentioned fraudulent and that is not too far off. I worked with Timothy (he and one other I found out work out of a small office in Mesa, AZ selling only) the salesman sold me a bill everything we would get and the exceptional service that would come after.

They told me it was going to be a six week turn around (they make it seem it’s made by them in the USA “not”). As soon after they took our monies in full we stopped hearing from them. Not even up dates….

Had my contractor lined up and after my 5th or 6th call spoke with Timothy to find out it would be an additional 4 weeks with many excuses why. It turned out it was a total of 11 weeks before it shipped.

Thinking it was local delivery USA found out it was coming from Canada. So it arrives and two weeks after that our contractor has time. I fly over also. We unload and place the vertical life only to find the install instructions don’t match the unit made for them called Atlas in Canada.

Also was missing critical parts. This is where the service promise really did not happen from AmeriGlide. They made us do two days of work to inventory with videos and photos of parts missing.

They got so tired of me calling for help. They sent me direct to the company they buy from (they are just a middle company with a deceiving name “Ameriglide”) Atlas Lifts. With him we did their job and they agreed those parts were not with the unit.

Now I’ve lost my experienced contractor and lost another two weeks before they sent the missing parts. I was able to talk with a Nick ** their senior sales guy. He was done with me and too busy from the first. Was arrogant and sent me to a lower management person that in no way she could help.

THEY TOLD ME TO GET AN ATTORNEY. I’ve read that in others with their produce. To date, they have all my monies (about 25K) and I still have their unit at my facility on the ground. Have another contractor to come in to help in three weeks (maybe).

I did asked them to reimburse only for the first contractor time in trying to install but spending time to find they were missing parts (asked for $1500 just him for 2 days I already paid).


I did find there are local companies out there that believe in their mobility lift equipment and stand behind it till it's operating.

I heard this and stories about Ameriglide from “authorized installers”. Spoke with 4 of them and they started the nightmare of missing parts, not standing behind their product and having to make parts for the Ameriglide product made by others.

Don’t let the name fool you! I’m a contractor myself for 40 years. They could have corrected this with communication instead of blame Their product and blame you after they get their money and hold you up for months.

I do have a call for their boss to call me to make it right. Nothing yet! ** Michael ** Storage Corral Camp Verde, AZ. 86322

Michael S.
Camp Verde, AZ
1 Star

August 23 2022 4:49PM

BUYER BEWARE! When I purchased the Ameriglide RAV2, the installer said the rail was cut wrong and the drill holes were misaligned. Got a replacement within a week. Spent the next 2 MONTHS waiting on an installer to come back.

Lost lots of time waiting for an appointment installer that never showed. Wasted way too much time calling and trying my best to "work" with Ameriglide to get the unit installed. Suggested I would return the unit and got threatened with a "restocking fee".

Finally I filed a complaint with the BBB and got results. Ameriglide was given a week to get an installer to my house and failed. They agreed through BBB to give me a full refund. Over a week after they received the returned equipment, my refund was posted.

Next day, I ordered another stairlift through 101 Mobility. 5 days later the chair was installed and is fully operational. They did within 2 weeks time, what Ameriglide could not within a 3 month period. Shameful.

White Bluff, TN
1 Star

April 06 2022 8:52PM

Stay away!! Had trouble with stairlift from day 1. Sloppy installation job!! Can't get anyone from tech support to call you back!! Shouldn't sell you the stairlift if they do not have someone in your area to come out and fix it!

R R.
Vernon, NJ
2 Stars

November 04 2021 7:32PM

We purchased an AmeriGlide stair lift. It worked about a week. It just won’t charge. So here I am after my total knee replacement without a working chair lift. The installer is here now trying to find out what is wrong.

We have tried numerous times to get ahold of Ameriglide and they never respond. We leave our number and requests for help, they never respond. I think we got stuck with a defective unit. I would not recommend this company.

Kathleen K.
Port Orcharf, WA
1 Star

September 16 2021 7:08PM

Stay AWAY!!! Ordered a custom lift for my business in March that was supposed to ship in 6 weeks. In August after being strung along with and endless list of excuses and non communication, I had to pull the plug. I prepaid for it, so getting a refund was like pulling teeth.

I couldn't open my business without the lift and was bleeding cash daily after Covid restrictions were lifted. Ameriglide didn't care at all that they put me to the brink of bankruptcy.

Nick ** and Tim ** are two of the most incompetent people I have ever worked with in my career. Steer clear of this company!!! If I could give negative stars, I would.

Brandon P.
Laguna Niguel, CA
1 Star

August 18 2021 8:37PM

I just recently purchased the stairlift the end of July 2021 and the installer was late and did NOT have the courtesy to call and tell me this! I had to call him to see if he was coming while I was waiting for him (1 hour later).

He also did a sloppy job installing my chair because it didn’t work the very next day. I made multiple attempts to call Ameriglide and all I got was the runaround. I called the installer himself and he still has not returned my calls.

All around this company is so unprofessional and once you’ve paid them they no longer want to help! Customer Service is a joke, only one girl answers this phone call Latia! The Tech guy Curtis is rude and didn’t want to help at all.

He passed me off to the service department who sent the installer out in the first place! Overall I am VERY disappointed with this kind of business and they should NOT be in business any longer!

I live in California and they only have one guy out here which should have been a red flag for me and now I’m suffering with not being able to use my stairlift.

My chair was installed on Saturday August 14th and it is now Wednesday August 18th and still no callback from Keith (installer). What a disappointment.

D Q.
Sacramento, CA
1 Star

June 23 2021 9:32PM

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Told them what my staircase was. I was told we needed a curved stairlift. I agreed. Gave me a price of $8,485 plus $2,995 for shipping. Total of $11,490.

Order says Rave Curve. Tried sending in pictures. Emails came back as undeliverable. A couple of days later salesman called. Said his email should h

Judith D.
Lemont, IL
3 Stars

March 11 2021 1:16PM

The only reason this company gets a 2 stars is because the employees I interacted with were very nice and the installer was very nice. The price is great and if the correct parts arrive customers should be all set. The company is OK if you don't need the stair climber quickly.

We paid for our units at the beginning of January and the unit was shipped to us and received around January 20th. Installer could not come until February 17th.

One of the parts was unusable, and the installer will help us to finish the job over the phone when the part arrives... however Ameriglide had me calling the installation company several times and the installation company says Ameriglide has the part.

Went through several weeks of that nonsense. March 11th and I still don't have the part. WE have needed to cancel several doctors appointments for our family member because we can't move them in and out of the house.

I have been patient for two months and currently have a $5000 unusable unit. Ridiculous!

Pamela Y.
Warwick, RI