Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds

Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds Review

The current line-up of two classic models, three premium models, and nine performance adjustable bed models all come in several sizes with a limited 1-3-25 warranty and features that range from pillow tilt, wall hugger, nap timer, USB ports, programmable positions, under-bed lighting, massage and lumbar support. Pricing and available models vary depending on where you buy, and Leggett & Platt adjustable beds can be purchased online and in furniture and mattress stores throughout the country. See the FAQ section below for warranty details. We rated Leggett & Platt for a Great Selection in our Best Adjustable Beds Guide.

  • Long history of quality products
  • 10+ adjustable bed bases to choose from
  • 1-3-25-year warranty on adjustable bed bases

  • You can’t buy directly from Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed Features and Cost

Sizes available vary by models within the adjustable bed lines, but you can find a Leggett & Platt adjustable bed in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Queen, California King and Split California King. The split models allow for different height adjustments on each side of the bed. Prices for Leggett & Platt adjustable beds depend on the dealer, model and size of the bed.

  • Weight Capacity: The majority of the Leggett & Platt adjustable beds have a lift capacity of 850 pounds. The only models with lower capacity are the Signature with a maximum of 700 pounds, and the Vibrance which tops out at 550 pounds. As for the weight of a Leggett & Platt adjustable base, they average between 150 and 200 pounds.

  • Remote Controls: The Vibrance, Bas-X 2.0 and Promotion 2.0 come with wired remotes. All other models have wireless remotes, and most also work with a mobile app to adjust the bed.

  • Adjustment Angles: All models except Bas-X 2.0 adjust both the head and foot of the bed to varying degrees. The Prodigy line has Pillow Tilt with added adjustments at the head.

Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds
Features Depend on Bed Model
Model Features Price Range*

  • Prodigy 2.0
  • Prodigy 2.0 +
  • Prodigy Comfort Elite

  • All S-Cape 2.0 Foundation features
  • Adjustable legs
  • Nap-Timer
  • USB Ports
  • Lumbar support
$1,459 – $3,000

  • S-Cape 2.0 Furniture Style
  • PS-Cape 2.0 Foundation Style
  • S-Cape 2.0+ Foundation Style

  • All S-Cape 2.0 Foundation features
  • Wooden legs
  • Wall Hugger
  • Furniture style has stylish legs
$999 – $2,399

  • Simplicity 3.0

  • All Falcon 2.0+ features
  • Programmable Positions
  • Massage
$1,459 – $3,000

  • Falcon 2.0+

  • Adjustable legs
  • Under-bed lights
$700 – $1,177

  • Raven

  • Metal legs
  • Flatten button
$749 – $1,459

  • Pro-Motion 2.0

  • Metal legs
  • No king size options
$675 – $1,359

  • Bas-X 2.0

  • Metal legs
  • Only head of bed adjusts
$629 – $1,229

  • Sunrise

  • Adjustable Glide legs
$719 – $1,297

  • Signature

  • 4-inch legs with casters
$849 – $1,799

  • Vibrance

  • Slim design
  • Low profile
$618 – $1,163

*Pricing samples taken from reputable online retailers

Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed Warranty

Leggett & Platt adjustable beds come with a 1-3-25 warranty. The beds are fully warrantied the first year of ownership. During that time period, any defective part will be repaired or replaced and the company will pay for all associated authorized labor and transportation costs. During the second and third years, Leggett & Platt will replace defective parts covered under warranty, but you will be required to pay for labor and shipping. From years four to 25, Leggett & Platt will replace defective steel and mechanical base parts but does not pay for labor and transportation, and there is no coverage for electronics, electrical components, drive motors and massage motors.

Leggett & Platt adjustable bed features

Adjustable Bed Features, Source: Leggett & Platt

Where to Buy Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds

Leggett & Platt adjustable beds are for sale at nationwide at stores like Mattress Firm, Costco and Macy’s. We found these beds for sale online at many retailers, including TheAdjustableBedStore.com, Amazon.com, Wayfair.com and Walmart.com. You can find a local store or online retailer that sells Leggett & Platt adjustable beds by visiting the company’s website and entering your ZIP code in the store locator.

Leggett & Platt Complaints

While Leggett & Platt isn’t a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, the BBB has had a file open on the company for 18 years. The bed manufacturer has an “A” rating with five customer complaints in the past three years. SleepAdvisor.org lists two Leggett & Platt beds in their top eight picks for adjustable beds in 2018.

Consumer advocate website SleepLikeTheDead.com gives the company the highest marks in health benefits and comfort and convenience but low marks in the easy-to-handle, move, transport and return categories. Almost all adjustable beds are not returnable regardless of manufacturer, so it’s reasonable that Leggett & Platt retailers don’t generally allow for returns either. Most adjustable beds are heavier than standard beds, so we weren’t surprised to see a low score for ease of movement and transport.

Leggett & Platt

Source: Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt Q&A

  • What makes a Leggett & Platt adjustable bed better than a regular bed?
    Lying on a flat bed can be uncomfortable under the best circumstances, especially if you have acid reflux or back pain. When you’re in bed for an extended time due to illness or injury, a traditional bed can contribute to pressure sores and swelling in your legs and feet, impeding healing. While you could use pillows under your legs to reduce fluid build up, the pillows usually end up on the floor. An adjustable bed allows you to raise the upper and lower half of the bed and hold the position all night long.

    The New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mercola endorses elevating the head of the bed, saying that raising the head of your bed six inches so that you’re sleeping on a five-degree incline” may improve your blood circulation, metabolism, and respiratory, neurological and immune function.”

  • Do I need special sheets for my Leggett & Platt adjustable bed?
    All Leggett & Platt adjustable beds are compatible with regular fitted sheets unless you purchase a split bed. Split mattresses need separate sheets to move independently.

  • How does a Leggett & Platt adjustable base work with a bed with side rails?
    The adjustable beds are designed to fit inside most side rail mechanisms.

  • Do I need to buy a box spring for a Leggett & Platt adjustable bed?
    No, the mattress is placed directly on the base, so no box spring is required.

  • What type of mattress do I need for my Leggett & Platt adjustable bed?
    Leggett & Platt adjustable bed bases are compatible with most innerspring, foam, and air mattresses. However, any innerspring or hybrid mattress with a border wire will not be compatible with an adjustable base.


Leggett & Platt is a company that deserves your consideration when you’re buying an adjustable bed. The company has decades of experience and a wider variety of adjustable bed models compared to most of the competition. Since Leggett & Platt doesn’t push sales of mattresses, you may be able to save money if you have a relatively new mattress that will work with one of their beds.

Leggett & Platt Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
April 17 2019 2:10PM

I've had my S-cape adjustable bed for a month and I am loving it! I am retired so I find myself clinging to stay in bed longer because it is so comfortable. Even though I use the wireless remote, I had no problems pairing it to the bluetooth on my phone. My new bed is another item to assist me as I am living my best life!!

Gloria L.
Atlanta, GA
September 19 2021 7:38PM

This more than a comment is an ALERT, do not buy this basic crap, do not be fooled by the MATTRESS FIRM sellers, this is basic crap, and extremely expensive.


June 15 2021 3:30PM

This is the worst foundation I have ever bought. Everything mattress firm sellers say about this foundation is a lie. Do not be fooled, the truth of this base is the following: Expensive, Uncomfortable, HEAVY, LOUD, POOR.

LEGGETT & PLATT WARRANTY SERVICE Sellers say this massages: FAKE. This what it does is an impressive noise. Do not buy. This base is bad. Super bad. Do not be fooled. I've been asking for a guarantee for 6 months and this is the date that no one responds.

May 05 2021 9:56PM

We have a queen size adjustable. It is beastly heavy, which is also a function of durable quality. The heavy weight caused the legs to sink into the carpet and underpad despite large foot pads. When we tried to push the bed, the legs collapsed.

We have tried to purchase replacement legs for two years now. One set was purchased and received, but they were the wrong ones (although sales made it out to be that they were all the same except for length). Have asked for return authorization to no avail.

Asked for Information leading to correct legs... but had no response. — Bed has been standing on its side in our living room for nearly two years.

This summer I will have to pay for someone to haul it off to the dump, even though it is in perfect working order aside from the missing legs which are ostensibly replaceable.

— Stay away from this brand. Zero customer support. Zero customer relations. Zero respect for the customer after initial sale.

Steve A.
Port Angeles, WA
February 01 2021 6:54PM

You can’t get ahold of them by phone to order a part. The remote control for my Essential 2 Adjustable base keeps going bad.

I have ordered a third one since 2016. This should not be happening. It should be good for the life of the bed. The bed is only 4 yrs old. I’m frustrated with this!

Melissa D.
Corvallis, OR
December 09 2020 2:49PM

I am writing this review for my 96-year-old mother who bought one of these adjustable bed frames a couple of years ago and promptly had issues. The bed got stuck in the up position and getting someone to come out and look at it was impossible.

The people from Mattress Firm came out and reset it, but only because the guy we worked with was the brother of one of my co-workers. Leggett and Platt never even responded.

When we found out the warranty was only available on new beds, my mother bought a new bed just to get the warranty.

Sure enough, less than a year and the same problem, only this time Leggett and Platt said (over the phone) that it needed a new part and they would order it. (I wonder how the girl knew what it needed over the phone?)

Then my mom got the phone number for the closest repairman and he came out, said it only needed to be reset and the part they had ordered was for a different bed!

He wanted $150.00 for his labor and when we refused, stating it was fully warrantied, there ensued a long string of phone calls to try and get the repair guy reimbursed from L&P.

They finally sorted it out, but my mother had to crawl in and out of her bed with it in the up position for 3 weeks. Did I mention she is 96 years old???

That is the last L&P product she and I will ever buy, and I am not sure I will ever buy another mattress from Mattress Firm because they were not very helpful either.

I am so sick of shoddy workmanship, rude or totally clueless workers, and disreputable companies with no pride in their products. The state of American work ethics and craftsmanship is shameful. Donna C.

Shirley F.
Sylva, NC
July 08 2020 2:00PM

I love the bed, but when changing sheets 1/2 of the bed didn't come up. I called Leggett & Platt and was on hold for 59 minutes.

A nice lady finally answered and got most everything from me, but we were disconnected. She did email me note about what had done. She was very competent and all seemed well, but no one showed that same day so I slept straight up.

The next day I called and was on hold for another 57 minutes and the guy said he was sorry about the wait, but they needed more quality helpers. Funny, I went to the Relax in Comfort store and was given 2 remote chargers and I got it to go down. Quality helpers huh?

Why didn't L&P tell me that? In any event no one has even shown up or called today, so I'm still waiting. So now I'm in the 3rd day and haven't heard from anyone at all. Wayne **.

Wayne M.
Maitland, FL
March 12 2020 2:09PM

We are buying our adjustable bed made by L&P at a local family owned mattress company. We were told the mattresses and adjustable frame (L&P) would be deliverable in about 2 weeks,,, the mattresses were in within two weeks, we are now pushing 5 weeks with no frame and L&P rep telling our local store that it will be in such and such and day and each week it never arrives....its a customer service issue on the part of L&P....

My husband has health issues that prompted us to buy an adjustable bed to help him sleep better. A shame that a company of this caliber and longevity is not meeting the needs of a local family owned store meeting the needs of its community....L&P started out in the same manner....maybe they are valuing the big box stores more...I buy local and family owned as much as possible.

Leslie M.
Foley, AL
February 01 2020 6:52PM

Jan. 2020, We bought the Leggett and Platt adjustable base Designer Series D-222 Split King in 2015. As mentioned, it forms to positions fine when you can get it to work. The problem is it NEVER has worked properly. It also depletes batteries like crazy! It will pause and stay in that position for extended periods on the way up, on the way down or just not move at all. We've had to abandon our bed and sleep elsewhere on occasion because the bed will get stuck in a position and will NOT function with the remote.

At first we would contact the Service Department and they would run us through all the same routine to sync the remotes to the bases. Then they sent out fixes to try and even new controllers that meant tearing down the beds and lifting them to their sides to install. No change. After many calls to the Service Dept. we gave up. for the last 3 years we have just left the beds down and batteries out of both the remote controls and the 9v safety backups. Most expensive do nothing bed frames you'll ever buy!

Dean S.
Washougal, WA
January 23 2020 2:05PM

I just bought an adjustable base on 1/4/2020 and what a mistake. Its not working right and it's not making my body feel better at all. I tried to return it at Mattress Firm but wouldnt do that for us. Just a FYI for you. If you buy it you are stuck with it. I am going to make this a life purpose to tell everyone and then some NOT to buy one.

Danny C.
Holly Springs, NC
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