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Natural Form Adjustable Beds

4.35 Stars (8 Reviews)
Updated: July 9, 2024
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Retirement Living Team
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Natural Form manufactures and sells therapeutic adjustable beds utilizing the company’s patented Self Adjusting Technology, better known as SAT. Adjustable sleep systems and mattresses are available direct-to-consumer through the company’s website. Natural Form adjustable beds are a good investment for anyone looking to improve the quality of their sleep or who suffers from medical conditions that cause discomfort while sleeping.

Natural Form Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 4.5 Stars
Availability 4.3 Stars
Price 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Natural Form makes and sells adjustable bed bases and multiple adjustable sleep systems and mattresses. Sleep systems feature things like multiple sleeping positions, dual massage, under-bed lighting and Natural Form's patented Self Adjusting Technology (SAT).

Natural Form Adjustable Beds Review

Medical research firm BMC found that the right hospital bed is a must for proper patient care and recovery. Natural Form is a recognized bed manufacturer within the health care and hospitality industries, supplying mattresses to leading organizations such as Mt. Sinai Hospital, Mass General, and the Hilton Garden Inn. Family-owned and operated, Natural Form is a trademark under WCW, Inc., a corporation selling adjustable beds and adjustable bed mattresses around the world.

Natural Form started over three decades ago by supplying beds such as the alternating air mattress to the medical industry, eventually branching out to consumer sleep systems and mattresses. The company’s manufacturing process uses a lean model to reduce waste with large-scale recycling and energy efficiency. Natural Form responds to health concerns about some bedding materials by using phthalate-free urethane in the mattresses and offering hypoallergenic wool covers. At this time, the company is working on converting its manufacturing facility to solar power.


  • Utilizes patented Self Adjusting Technology
  • Made in the USA
  • Used in hospitals and hotels around the world


  • Prices not available online for all models
  • Firmness adjustments can take up to 20 minutes to complete

How Natural Form Adjustable Beds Work

Depending on the mattress model, the patented Self Adjusting Technology (SAT) in Natural Form adjustable beds starts with a series of helix-shaped air cylinders or patented Self Conforming Air Springs positions deep in the mattress. These chambers automatically adjust to provide more or less support where your body needs it, without using an air pump and electricity, and you can change the firmness of the mattress using a valve on the side of the bed. A three-inch layer of foam over the cylinders along with a wool mattress cover provides a cozy sleeping surface that stays cool and clean.

Natural Form Garden Sleep System

SAT technology, Source: Natural Form

The benefits of Natural Form’s SAT is that these mattresses reduce pressure against your body, properly support and adjust to your spine to discourage tossing and turning throughout the night and help you feel warmer or cooler as needed. When you lie on a traditional coil mattress, your spine must conform to the surface. Natural Form adjustable beds conform to your spine for optimal support and comfort.

Natural Form’s adjustable beds and mattresses help treat and provide comfort for back pain, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, sleep apnea, arthritis and a variety of other medical conditions. The mattresses increase the quality of sleep, which also can also improve medical symptoms and daytime energy levels.

Natural Form Series S Adjustable Bed

The Natural Form S Series Adjustable Base repositions the bed at the touch of a button on a remote using LP Connect technology to safely raise and lower the head and foot of the bed independently. The S Series adjustable bed features wall hugger technology, so there’s no concern about clearance when you adjust the head of the bed, and your bedside table remains in reach.

Natural Form’s S Series base comes upholstered in your choice of chocolate brown, gray, taupe or black, with attractive wooden legs. Other features are zero gravity positioning, dual massage, under-bed lighting and USB ports for powering your phone, tablet or laptop from the bed. The Natural Form S Series adjustable bed is available in Twin XL, Full XL, Queen and Split California King sizes.

Natural Form Bed

Source: Natural Form

Natural Form Sleep Systems

Natural Form sleep systems consist of the S Series Adjustable Base and one of the company’s adjustable mattresses.

    • The Garden Sleep System features Natural Form’s Refresh 200S luxury mattress, used at Hilton Garden Inn hotels. The SAT in this mattress involves up to 80 self-adjusting air chambers under a three-inch breathable hybrid foam comfort layer. The firmness on each side of the Refresh 200S is individually adjustable.


  • Natural Form’s Ultimate Euro 300S Sleep System combines the S Series Adjustable Base with the Euro 300S adjustable mattress. This sleep system is very similar to the Garden system, but the Euro 300S cushions the sleeper with four-inches of comfort foam.

Natural Form Adjustable Beds Prices and Sleep Trial

Natural Form does not publish adjustable bed prices. Instead, consumers can call or use a form on the website to request rates for a specific model and size mattress or sleep system. However, you will find prices for Natural Form’s Bed in a Box on the website starting at $799 for a Queen and $949 for a King. We found costs from $1,000 to $3,200 mentioned about the SAT models in online discussions and consumer reviews.

Natural Form’s Sleep Trial lets you try the bed for 90 to 100 days, depending on whether you buy an SAT mattress or a Bed in a Box. If you decide to return the bed in that timeframe, you will receive a refund, and the company will donate the bed to a charitable cause at their discretion.

Natural Form Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Three of Natural Form’s mattresses offer the patented SAT, while the Bed in a Box line provides the comfort of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam.

Bed in a Box memory foam mattresses can be used on any surface and fold to ship in a box, then expand when you remove the box and packaging overlay. Bed in a Box comes in ventilated Plush and gel-infused Firm models, each with a 90-Night Trial and a 10-year guarantee.

Natural Form Adjustable Bed Mattresses & Features
  Garden Sleep System Refresh 200 Euro 300S
Self Adjusting Tech 8 air chambers per side 40 cross-connected air cells 40 cross-connected air cells
Comfort Layer 3” Hi-resiliency foam 3” Hybrid Memory Foam 4” Hybrid Memory Foam
Firmness Control Y Y Y
Merino Wool Cover Y Y Y
10-Year Warranty Y Y Y
100-Night Trial Y Y Y

Natural Form Complaints

Most Natural Form customers are pleased with their beds after combining all the reviews we read on ConsumerAffairs, and other online review sites. The Better Business Bureau-accredited company gets an “A”+ from that organization.

Natural Form scored 4.5 out of 5 stars on Even those who left mediocre reviews scored the beds high for sleep quality, and 82 percent recommended the adjustable mattresses. ConsumerAffairs lists twice as many positive reviews to negative reviews. The positive reviews mention responsive and knowledgeable customer service agents, and many recommended Natural Form to family members because of how much their sleep quality improved. One customer complained when Natural Form would not reimburse him for a foam topper purchased from another company and about the smell of the new mattress.

On other review websites, many customers described how the bed improved the quality of their sleep. A common complaint was regarding an inadequate number of air coils in the center of the bed, causing an indentation when customers did not sleep on one side or the other.

Natural Form Features

Source: Natural Form

Natural Form FAQ

  • What are my delivery options with a Natural Form adjustable bed?
    Natural Form contracts with trained, licensed and insured partners in 48 states to provide their White Glove delivery service. With White Glove delivery, your new mattress or bed gets set up in your bedroom, and the installation team moves the old mattress and box spring to another room. You have the option of having the old bed removed and disposed of, for a fee.

  • Can I manually adjust my Natural Form adjustable bed?
    While Natural Form beds with SAT systems are self-adjusting, you can also use the dials on the side of the mattress to adjust the firmness to your preference. The change can take up to 20 minutes to be noticeable.

  • What is Natural Form’s CertiPUR-US certification?
    Natural Foam has undergone the CertiPUR-US certification process to ensure that the flexible polyurethane foam used in the mattresses meets strict standards for quality, safety, and environmental friendliness. CertiPUR-US is one of the certifications the company maintains, and manufacturing materials are tested regularly for compliance.

  • Do Natural Form adjustable mattresses transfer movement?
    Natural Form makes no claims about being able to jump on one side of the bed without disturbing the other half. However, the mattresses are designed with two separate air systems and provide a higher degree of movement isolation than traditional spring mattresses do.

  • Do I need to buy a Natural Form bed frame with their mattresses?
    While Natural Form’s adjustable bed frames have many benefits, the company’s mattresses are designed to work on any flat surface. If you already have an adjustable frame, you most likely can use a Natural Form mattress on top of it. The only limitation is that slats can’t be too far apart on slatted bed frames to support the air coil chambers.


Your health depends on how well you sleep. Major hospitals and hotels know the difference sleep quality makes and choose Natural Form adjustable mattresses and beds for use by patients and guests. Purchasing a Natural Form adjustable bed for your home could significantly improve your sleep through much-improved comfort.

To get pricing and start your free trial, call 855-247-3147 or visit the Natural Form’s website.


8 Natural Form Reviews

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2 Stars

December 19 2022 6:12AM

After about 3 months, we noticed the mattress was sagging on each side where we slept. We called customer service, left a message and waited weeks for them to return the call. We called several more times with the same results - no response.

Then a couple months ago, I happened to get a real person, Ed, on the phone. He listened and had me take pictures of the problems. By then, the side walls of the mattress had started bulging out, and the sag encompassed the whole center of the mattress.

I sent pictures as requested. Ed said he would send them on to Customer Service. Again, no response. We are very disappointed in the mattress and the so called customer service.

5 Stars

October 18 2019 1:29PM

We've had our bed for about 10 years and I might now replace the foam top on it. Other than that it's as good as when we bought it. I had lower back surgery years ago and went to a hotel and stayed at the Hilton garden inn and I never felt better. A few months later I was having a very bad experience with my lower back and stayed at a Hilton garden inn and felt great in the morning. I called the 800 number to find out if I could buy one and it has been the best bed for me. I don't know how I would sleep on another bed consistently and feel the same way I do with this bed..

Kathy J.
Bloomingdale, IL
5 Stars

August 29 2019 8:16PM

Natural Form is the best thing that's happened to my body and my sleep! At first it was a little firm for my liking, it took me a couple months to adjust, but after that there was no turning back.

The first time I realized what an impact it had was when I went on a business trip for a week or so. I used to love staying in high-end hotel beds, but this time I was tossing and turning all night and woke up with my back aching.

I realized that this is what my sleep had always been like before I purchased my Natural Form. I recommend this bed to everyone I know, especially if you have back problems. You can't put a price tag on great sleep.

Mary W.
Orlando, FL
5 Stars

July 16 2019 3:31PM

I wanted to give this review to help others searching for a great mattress who have similar issues and provide my experience.

1. It sleep COOL!!!! This is one of its best points - I sleep in the desert where most of the summer it’s extremely hot, I have hot flashes and couldn't take it anymore. This mattress for all of the previous summer has not been a disappointment it really does sleep cool with the wool topper.

2. Minimal Motion Transfer - I took off my old boxsprings, followed the recommendations to lay the mattress on a platform and I don't notice my husband getting up and because we both sleep on our own individual air system, I rarely wake up if he gets out of bed during the night.

3. Can take the Weight - We are working on the weight issue but this bed can take it and provide all around support to back, hips and shoulders. My arm would become compressed and go numb on my memory foam mattress. After the first week my backache, hip and arm pain

4. Reduced Back Pain - What more can I say. The quality and construction seem quite good but the best part is the excellent sleep and back pain relief we both have gotten. I wish we had purchased one of the years ago.

5. Customer Service - Outstanding!! - Customer service was outstanding.. My representative was very knowledgeable about the product and very helpful. I had many questions, chatted many times and even asked them to call me. They answered right away, were very patient, answered all of my questions and were always understanding, knowledgeable and patient. I feel the people who work for the company care about the consumer and the product. My recommendation is to give them a try and sleep on their mattress for the whole trial period and I think you will be very happy. I hope my review helps.

Susan M.
Sante Fe, NM
1 Star

May 08 2019 11:21PM

My boyfriend and I purchased a Natural Form mattress in the late months of 2017. The mattress came with a 10 year guarantee. Around 5 months of having the mattress it began sagging in the middle. We got in touch with natural form and they sent us new air chambers three separate times. New knobs to replace on the bed. And a firm mattress topper to help try and solve the issue of the sagging middle, Natural Form also suggested we wash the topper (which we did.) Natural Form has been sending us new parts for the last 7 months, which none of the parts work. While on the phone with a customer service representative of Natural Form Jason the representative told me I was a liar, and was lying about the issue because the product cannot physically do what I was explaining. We have sent numerous of pictures showing the defective mattress, which Patti and Jason state the pictures do not prove anything. Patti and Jason are extremely rude and unprofessional. We are very displeased with Natural Form Mattress, our mattress is faulty and we cannot use it. We feel like we have been scammed out of money, and even worse their company does not care! Or follow through with their 10 year guarantee. Due to not being able to use this mattress anymore, and of the unwillingness of the company to send us a new mattress. DO NOT BUY!!

Shawndra D.
Las Vegas, NV
5 Stars

December 18 2018 7:35PM

My wife and I had our Tempurpedic mattress for several years, but found that we were tossing and turning more and more to try to get a good night sleep. A friend had just purchased a Natural Form mattress, and was quite pleased. We spoke with one of the knowledgeable salespersons, Ed, who took as much time as was needed to answer all our questions. We decided on a double king, so both of us could control the firmness of the mattress to suit our Individual needs.

We had an adjustable base in the past, and would not consider a new mattress without one. Being able to adjust up the back and legs to help me with my back issues was of prime importance. This adjustable base has lots of bells and whistles. USB ports to charge your devices if you are one of those people that cannot leave your cell phone in another room, a light under the bed, being able to customize your sleep position to name a few. My only suggestion to the manufacturer would be to have a button to return the bed to the flat position by just punching it, rather than having to hold it until the bed is flat. As most of you know, especially as you get older, your need for various levels of firmness can change based on what is going on with your musculoskeletal system. You can make changes with this system. If a major change to a softer mattress is needed, they will even be able to send you what is needed for the inside of the mattress for you to be able to do this at home. The customer service is really quite extraordinary.

The white glove delivery system was not without its issues. The gentlemen that set my system up were very professional, but had never set up the adjustable base before, so they had to spend a fair amount of time reading the directions. It all seems to work, so I guess they got it right. Better them than me doing it! At any rate, about 3 months into our purchase, we are happy. Still tweaking the settings, but that may be reflective of our body's needs as they fluctuate. Good luck with your search for the perfect mattress.

Scott F.
5 Stars

December 12 2018 8:02PM

Since I have psoriatic arthritis and flip around a lot during the night trying to get comfortable, I would keep my hubby awake. Thus, my husband and I were forced to start sleeping in separate beds. But I missed the physical closeness of having the love of my life nearby. So we declared we needed to get a new mattress and found Natural Form after some searching. We called and spoke to a nice gentleman Ed, and we were delighted to discover that we could purchase a bed that was large enough (size of two full sized beds together), so Natural Form made us a custom Texas King with each side adjustable. Besides the blissful adjustable firmness mattress, we find the quiet and multi-positional bed adjustments indispensable to sleeping. We both like to read in the Zero Gravity Setting.

At lights out, we smoothly adjust to our own preference. I like my feet elevated. To combat his GERD, Hubby likes his head elevated. Nearer morning, he quietly slides down to flat. And, we both love the convenience of plugging in our phones and I-pads into the bed. I especially like the under-the-bed light which I use for nighttime visits to the bathroom. We are now retired and moving to our second home full time, and without a doubt, Natural Form was the ultimate decision in our sleeping delight. My only regret? Not doing it sooner! Having owned my own business, I always welcomed constructive feedback... My only feedback would be to have a better user's manual with suggestions on best ways to use the features! I still haven't figured out the remote TV thing. Also, the White Glove Delivery is lacking some experience on set up, but handy Hubby was able to put it all together successfully. FYI... We use full sheets on the bottom, but I tailored custom top sheet, blanket, and spread.

Joanna M.
5 Stars

December 05 2018 5:36PM

My sleep improves as time goes on. I’ve had the bed maybe six weeks. I’m able to do lie in one position all night. The bed is so comfortable that I don’t have to change positions during the night. I did purchase the adjustable frame with it which is really nice. I’m elderly and have broken my spine. There is no pain when I’m sleeping nor when I getup in the morning on this make tress. I am more than pleased. I wish I had purchased it long ago.

Sandi D.