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August 13 2019 3:16PM

HORRIBLE company, totally a scam, they changed their policies three years ago when they changed their name. They just collect he subscription fees and whenever you file a claim they deny it. They deny claims using this excuse" damage due to rust or corrosion is not covered" according to their policy section ivx, section a. Read their policy through the end before you pay them. They have never taken care of any of my claims and they deny them all. Even the technicians who come and collect the $ 60 service fee will tell you they are scam.

Sunny M.
August 13 2019 12:02PM

I made my first claim with Total Home Protection and that went very smoothly, I was very pleased with the gentleman who came out. He was knowledgeable and courteous. I was overjoyed with your company and the technician who solved our problem.

Adam L.
Denver, CO
April 30 2019 10:55AM

My stove would not work when I turned the dial. I was so confused because I could not figure out what the problem was. I called Total Home Protection and they arranged for a tech to come out to check it out. The tech was nice and professional and was able to fix the issue. The pilot light was broken and he replaced it and now it is back in business. Thanks to this very nice girl in customer service over at THP. I appreciate the help. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs an extended home warranty.

Sharon M.
Salt Lake City, UT
April 29 2019 11:18AM

Best home warranty on the market. I've tried shield and another couple of others, but nothing compares to these guys. They just get the job done. Super happy with the service. Will recommend to anyone in need of a home warranty.

Callie W.
Wilmington, DE
March 24 2019 7:19PM

I have been a customer of Total Home Protection for over two years now. I've had everything fixed, from electrical outlets to water heaters and fridge. They get the job done every time. They work with great contractors, I've even become friends with one of them, Frank from the Electric Kingdom, cause things just keep breaking in the house and he's my favourite handyman.

Taylor T.
Minneapolis, MN
March 24 2019 7:16PM

I have a car warranty and home insurance. It's the only way to keep up in this consumeristic world. Repair instead of replacing. Plus, it saves me a great deal of money. I love Total Home Protection, they offer amazing service and professional technicians.

Hank M.
Houston, TX
March 24 2019 7:13PM

Great company! Worth every penny. Saved me a lot of money by repairing things around the house instead of replacing them. I have a 20-year-old fridge that's still running after they had it repaired. Awesome deal!

Michael M.
Chicago, IL
March 24 2019 7:11PM

Positive experience, overall. Had an issue with my oven, it just would not get hot, although the lights went on and everything. Called THP and they sent a technician the next day. After checking it, he told me it's an induction coil failure that needs replacing. He called Delta, they gave him the go-ahead on the phone and he got my oven fixed the next day. It all cost me $45 dollar, instead of buying a new one, which would have been MUCH more.

George C.
Oklahoma City, OK
February 14 2019 6:19PM

This company is the worst of the worst! they are simply a SCAM! They do not honor their policies they will take $500 dollars from you and when the problem arise they will scam you to evade their responsibility. We bought a policy with them to cover our new home appliances and furnace. We got an issue with the furnace a day after we got the keys, our policy was purchased at closing and paid by the title company. They said that we "ARE NOT COVERED" and did not give us any service... be aware of this company and run away! They are simply a SCAM!

Ann N.
Denver, CO
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