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Widex hearing aids are known to deliver the brightest, highest-quality sound and emphasize what the wearer wants to hear rather than just amplifying all sounds. Background noise is one of the most common complaints from those who wear hearing aids. Widex hearing aids distinguish between conversations, wind and other background noise.

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Widex is a leading provider of technologically advanced hearing aids. Choose from several BTE, RIC, and CIC hearing aid models. Its higher price point unlocks features such as Bluetooth, AI, advanced processing, and water-resistance.

Widex Hearing Aids Review

Widex, the company we named as having great sound in our guide to hearing aids, is a family-owned company founded in Denmark in 1956. Today, Widex is one of the largest manufacturers of technologically advanced hearing aids in the world. Hearing aids feature directional microphones, noise reduction, and processing channels for a better, more natural sound.


  • Available at gearing aid centers and audiology offices across the U.S.
  • Free, no-obligation trial
  • All Widex hearing aids are water-resistant
  • Variety of style options (RIC, BTE, CIC)
  • Technologically advanced and highly customizable


  • Not available online, must have prescription
  • Some models are expensive

Widex Hearing Aids Products and Costs

Widex offers a wide variety of hearing aids for adults and children with mild to profound hearing loss. New in 2024, The SmartRIC features a new L-shaped design that places the microphone higher on your ear and at an angle tested to enhance your ability to hear in any sound environment. In this position, the microphones are horizontal, and the inlets reduce wind and touch noise more effectively.

Widex SmartRIC with charger in black
Widex SmartRIC with charger

“By rethinking the way sound is captured in a hearing aid, we’re helping patients enjoy a more engaged life, a life where they feel more connected to natural sound in any situation,” Widex Vice President of Marketing Alan Raffauf said.

Other enhancements to the new Widex SmartRIC include increasing the battery life to 37 hours and a portable charging station, perfect for active wearers. 

The base price of Widex hearing aids varies from around $900 to $6,500 per pair. Each model has multiple sub-models that differ in price due to the addition or subtraction of features and technology. The technology, level of hearing loss, rechargeable batteries and other factors affect the price of Widex hearing aids.

SmartRICNewest model, unveiled in February 2024
Features an L-shaped design for better sound processing
Portable charging case, lasts up to 37 hours 
MOMENTSeveral BTE, RIC, and CIC models and four different technology packages
Best for mild to profound hearing loss and tinnitus
Rechargable battery lasts up to 37 hours
Adjust via mobile app
Bluetooth streaming for iOS and Android users
EVOKEPowered by disposable batteries
10 models available (BTE, RIC, CIC) and four technology packages
Fluid Sound Analyzer, an AI technology designed to automatically adjust your aids according to environment
Bluetooth streaming
CROSDesigned for people with single-sided deafness or one-sided hearing loss
BTW and RIC styles, suitable for mild to severe hearing loss
Battery-saving technology
Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aid Warranties

Warranties on Widex hearing aids depend on the model you buy. Warranties start at one year for repairs and coverage for loss and damage, but most model warranties are for two to three years. Extended warranties are available to cover hearing aids for one or two additional years for $75 to $150, depending on the model.

Widex hearing aid repair warranties protect the hearing aid, the charger, and rechargeable battery door. Loss and damage coverage extends to hearing aids and not to rechargeable batteries, and there is a replacement fee that is a small fraction of the cost of replacing lost hearing aids. A Widex-authorized dealer can explain your warranty options in detail.

Where to Buy Widex Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids are available only through channels providing hearing diagnostics in person, offering help with fitting, selecting and maintaining the devices. If you buy Widex hearing aids online without the benefit of professional guidance these FDA-approved medical devices require, the warranty will be invalid. Use the “Shop Finder” or free trial link on the Widex website to find authorized hearing specialists in your area.

Widex Hearing Aid Complaints

Widex has a 2.7 out of 5 rating based on more than 220 reviews on RetirementLiving and ConsumerAffairs. The most common complaints are about the cost—a higher price tag than most leaves customers frustrated when hearing aids need repair. Working with such advanced technology can be a challenge for low-tech seniors. We suggest downloading the user manual on the Widex website and working with your audiologist to learn how to use hearing aids.

Widex Hearing Aids FAQ

How can I be sure I need a Widex hearing aid?

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, it takes the average person seven years from the time they think they have hearing loss until they seek treatment. You should have your hearing checked if you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves frequently, having trouble following conversations in groups, often turning up the TV or radio volume, or having difficulty hearing on the phone.

Does insurance cover Widex hearing aids?

As a general rule, Medicare Supplement policies and private health insurance companies may cover a portion of the costs of hearing aids. You should always check with your insurance company to determine if your policy has hearing aid benefits before making an appointment with a hearing specialist. Medicare Part B does not cover hearing exams, hearing aids or fittings but pays for diagnostic hearing and balance exams if your doctor orders them to determine if you need medical treatment.

What are the Widex DEX accessories?

DEX accessories extend and enhance the features of Widex hearing aids. These accessories include PHONE-DEX (use with landline phones), TV-DEX (TV), FM+Dex (streaming audio), COM-DEX (mobile phones and Bluetooth devices) and CALL-Dex (discreet streaming from mobile phones), among others. The cost of DEX accessories range from $85 to $275, and all come with a one-year repair warranty.

If I have problems with my Widex hearing aids, how do I get help?

You can get assistance with your Widex hearing aids by contacting the authorized seller you purchased from or clicking on Service and Support on the Widex website. On the site, you can either fill out a form to get service from a nearby Widex partner or call the number listed for help with Bluetooth setup and mobile apps.


Widex knows that hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all product. Widex offers a great deal of helpful information about hearing loss and hearing aids on their website, but your audiologist or healthcare professional should ensure you get the hearing aids that work best for your lifestyle and level of hearing loss. Widex hearing aids are some of the best you can buy due to the company’s technology and years of development to serve those with hearing loss.

29 Widex Reviews

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5 Stars

November 25 2023 4:13AM

All staff were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I decided not to purchase because I already have hearing aids, even though the ones from Hear.com were a little better than the pair I have. I returned them within the 45 day trial period with no problem. No hard sell.

David G.
Boulder, CO
2 Stars

December 30 2022 4:13AM

When they work, they're fine. But at $7000/pair, you actually expect them to work all the time. I have to pair these via bluetooth to my phone at least 2-3 times a day.

Widex customer service is of no help; they claim that the problem is with the phone, that it's a "known problem" and that Samsung will come out with a fix any day. But that's pretty much **, because I don't have bluetooth issues on my phone with any other device, and of course Samsung says that there is no such problem nor pending fix.

It's quite disappointing to pay for top-of-the-line technology and then have Widex point the finger at someone else when something goes wrong.

Fred S.
New York, NY
2 Stars

January 27 2022 9:58AM

I bought a pair of hearing aid Widex moment for almost 12,000 Dhs. I thought my hearing problem will be solve with wearing hearing aids during my work since this was my problem why I decided to buy hearing aid.

I got upset since I cannot still understand clearly what my colleagues was telling me, if I will increase the audio I can hear the sound of AC like a strong wind on my ears and this make me headache. My audiologist said to return again to her to be able to fix the problem, I hope this can be fix.

Sherwina S.
1 Star

December 23 2021 1:31AM

Widex hearing aids squeal & have feedback when your hands get near your ears. They are advertised to block background conversations from making primary conversations unintelligible. They do not do that. TV background noise is not canceled too.

When I complained to the audiologist, she said I needed to pay lots more money for Widex models with more features or return the new ones I was just prescribed. I returned the ones I had just been prescribed because they were crap.

Phil K.
Colorado Springs, CO
5 Stars

July 15 2021 9:17AM

I have L and R Widex Evoke 440 hearing aids. They work together to achieve sound quality that rivals natural hearing. They adjust to different scenarios such as restaurants, background noise, conversation, music, TV.

Each feature is controllable through your iPhone or Android. If you misplace one, you can identify when it was last discoverable through the search feature on your phone. You can stream music from your phone or through Bluetooth technology through your car media.

I have the type with batteries that have to be replaced and the hearing aids say, "battery low" so that I know it will soon be time to replace them.

They are easy, lightweight...but, the only drawback is that if you wear glasses or a mask or have long hair, they are easy to lose. I just lost one and now have to replace it at $1,800.

Rhonda E.
Atlanta, GA
4 Stars

June 09 2021 7:10PM

I have virtually no discernible hearing on my right side so I have been fitted with a bicros hearing aid. Many companies do not even make these kind of hearing aids because it is rare to be deaf on one side. I have had a Starkey bicros and my recent bicros made by Widex.

I cannot begin to tell you how much better the Widex bicros is compared to the Starkey. The sound quality is so much better with Widex, the battery life is triple that of the Starkey, the Starkey technology seemed very clunky, but the biggest difference was that the microphone side of the bicros on the Starkey continually died.

It would be fixed only to die within hours or days later. Was returned five times in a year! When my new hearing plan kicked in I ditched the Starkey and have been very happy with the Widex.

Not all audiologists really know how to properly program a bicros so that is also hugely important.

Glen M.
1 Star

May 11 2021 10:56PM

I purchased these hearing aids about 4 years ago. During the 3 year warranty, they were replaced multiple times as they failed repeatedly. Now they are out of warranty and, of course, they are failing again.

When both hearing aids are turned on, I get a clicking in the left ear. I believe this is due to a problem in the digital communications between the two hearing aids. I am ready to abandon them.

I paid over $6000 for these and regret it. Other things indicate that Widex as a company does not care about their end users, only the audiologists that sell their stuff.

I reported a problem with the Bluetooth system that could have been corrected with software but they did nothing. I will not get Widex again.

Steve A.
Marietta, GA
2 Stars

April 30 2021 12:23AM

Widex recently pushed a firmware update through their app that breaks the hearing aids. Mine are now randomly rebooting multiple times a day, which means that for several seconds they totally stop working - usually right in the middle of a conversation.

This has made them almost useless. They've been totally unresponsive and my audiologist says that there's no timetable for a fix.

Jamie N.
San Francisco, CA
1 Star

January 21 2021 2:33PM

I paid $8000 for repair Widex hearing aids. Once your warranty expires, repair cost is basically buy a new pair. Though I know these devices are probably the most profitable margins sold, The industry controls the market pricing. I'm pulling for Apple to develop air pods that will replace them. Just tried to buy the little plastic tools that change out the end on the mic from them. Probably cost them a dollar to make. But they tell me I have to go back to my audiologist which will cost me $50 for a visit, just to pick this up for free. And with the pandemic going on this is stupid. I will never buy wideX again, Costco looks much better at this point.

Ralph M.
Galveston, TX
1 Star

December 15 2020 9:06PM

I bought the top of the line WIDEX hearing aids less than two years ago. Because my dexterity is lacking, I also purchased the CHARGER so I wouldn't have to change batteries weekly or open the battery doors nightly.

The charger suddenly stopped working and IS NOW OBSOLETE. Not sure if the rechargeable z power batteries are the problem or the actual charger.

I called the location that sold me the hearing aids and charger for $6000+ (again, less than two years ago) and they say I can get an upgrade for $1400+. Otherwise, the hearing aids are useless. Unbelievably disappointed and frustrated!

Jane H.
Fort Myers, FL
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