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Widex, the company we named as having great sound in our guide to hearing aids, is a family-owned company founded in Denmark in 1956. Today, Widex is one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids in the world, selling hearing aids in over 100 countries. Widex tends to be a leading innovator in hearing aid technology and design.

Examples of Widex’s advanced hearing aid technology development over the years include:

  • Widex received the respected ID PRIZE design award in 1985 for the world’s first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid to produce the same high quality as the best behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid.
  • In 1995, Widex introduced the world’s first fully digital ITE hearing aid.
  • 2008 brought the company’s introduction of the world’s smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid.
  • Widex introduced the first hearing aid designed specifically for babies in 2010.
  • In 2018, Widex pioneered the world’s first real-time, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in a hearing aid.
  • Widex is carried by hearing aid centers and audiology doctors across the U.S.
  • The company offers a free, no-obligation trial
  • Sold by an extensive network of auditory providers around the world
  • All Widex hearing aids are water resistant

  • You can’t purchase hearing aids directly from the website

Widex Hearing Aids Products and Costs

Widex offers a wide variety of hearing aids for adults and children with both behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) models. The price range for Widex hearing aids varies quite a bit due to the extensive model lines. Each model has multiple sub-models that differ in price due to the addition or subtraction of features and technology.

The base price of Widex hearing aids varies from around $750 to $2,860 per unit. This cost is under or nearly in line with the average cost of $2,400 per hearing aid cited in a hearing loss and costs report presented to members of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology in 2015. The technology, level of hearing loss, rechargeable batteries and other factors affect the price of Widex hearing aids.

Widex Hearing Aid Models
Model Description
BEYOND The BEYOND hearing aid uses trademarked TRI-LINK technology
to connect to your iPhone or Android phone, TVs and more. Using
DEX-assisted listening accessories (discussed below in the FAQs)
like telephone and streaming devices, the BEYOND hearing aid can
adapt to your environment. An app for iOS and Android is available
for receiving technical updates to these hearing aids and controlling them.
BEYOND Z This rechargeable version of the BEYOND uses the least amount of power
compared to any other rechargeable hearing aid on the market.
DREAM Whether you are in a crowd, talking on the phone or seeing a movie
at the theatre, Widex DREAM hearing aids offer richer and more detailed sound.
EVOKE The world’s first smart hearing aid, the EVOKE, uses technology to make
hearing aid adjustments depending on your needs and the environment
around you. Use the TONE LINK mobile app to select sound profiles and
make other adjustments discreetly.
CUSTOM Each CUSTOM hearing aid is created using advanced laser technology
to create a unique ITE hearing aid with a perfect fit.
UNIQUE The largest of the Widex hearing aid lines, the UNIQUE offers BTE and ITE
models that adapt to your surroundings to dramatically reduce background
and wind noise. Some UNIQUE models come in several colors, and the line
includes the smallest, most discreet ITE hearing aid.
SUPER The Widex SUPER is a small receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid with distortion-free
sound for those with severe to profound hearing loss.
ZPower 2nd Generation This new model includes the sound technology from the EVOKE and adds ZPower’s second generation rechargeable system. It has the highest energy capacity of other hearing aid models using rechargeable 312 batteries resulting in improved long-term battery life. You can also replace ZPowered batteries with standard zinc air batteries at any time. ZPower parts come with an additional corrosion-resistant coating for all-weather use.

Widex Hearing Aid Warranties

Warranties on Widex hearing aids depend on the model you buy. Warranties start at one year for repairs and coverage for loss and damage, but most model warranties are for two to three years. Extended warranties are available to cover hearing aids for one or two additional years for $75 to $150, depending on the model.

Widex hearing aid repair warranties protect the hearing aid, the charger and rechargeable battery door. Loss and damage coverage extends to hearing aids and not to rechargeable batteries, and there is a replacement fee that is a small fraction of the cost of replacing lost hearing aids. A Widex authorized dealer can explain your warranty options in detail.

Where to Buy Widex Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids are available only through channels providing hearing diagnostics in person, offering help with fitting, selecting and maintaining the devices. If you buy Widex hearing aids online without the benefit of professional guidance these FDA-approved medical devices require, the warranty will be invalid. Use the “Shop Finder” or free trial link on the Widex website to find authorized hearing specialists in your area.

Widex Technology

Widex Technology, Source: Widex

Widex Hearing Aid Complaints

We found several dependable hearing aid information websites listing Widex as one of the most reputable hearing aid brands. The Better Business Bureau opened a file on Widex USA in 1996 but with only one complaint filed over more than two decades, does not rate the company.

Widex has a 2.7 out of 5 rating on ConsumerAffairs based on 34 reviews, but Widex resolved customer complaints and responded to negative reviews to help resolve issues. Many of the most recent consumer reviews rate the company at 4 or 5 out of 5 stars, and a customer took the time to go back and increase their rating after being happy with how Widex resolved a problem. ConsumerAdvocate.com rates the company 7.9 out of 10.

Widex Hearing Aids Q&A

  • How can I be sure I need a Widex hearing aid?
    According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, it takes the average person seven years from the time they think they have hearing loss until they seek treatment. You should have your hearing checked if you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves frequently, having trouble following conversations in groups, often turning up the TV or radio volume, or having difficulty hearing on the phone.

  •  Widex hearing aid

    Source: Widex
  • Does insurance cover Widex hearing aids?
    As a general rule, Medicare Supplement policies and private health insurance companies may cover a portion of the costs of hearing aids. You should always check with your insurance company to determine if your policy has hearing aid benefits before making an appointment with a hearing specialist. Medicare Part B does not cover hearing exams, hearing aids or fittings but pays for diagnostic hearing and balance exams if your doctor orders them to determine if you need medical treatment.

  • What are the Widex DEX accessories?
    DEX accessories extend and enhance the features of Widex hearing aids. These accessories include PHONE-DEX (use with landline phones), TV-DEX (TV), FM+Dex (streaming audio), COM-DEX (mobile phones and Bluetooth devices) and CALL-Dex (discreet streaming from mobile phones), among others. The cost of DEX accessories range from $85 to $275, and all come with a one-year repair warranty.

  • How do Widex hearing aids work?
    According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, all hearing aids have three parts. The device receives sound through a microphone, which converts the sound waves to electrical signals and sends them to an amplifier. The amplifier increases the power of the signals and then sends them to the ear through a speaker. Digital hearing aids such as those sold by Widex add a tiny but powerful microchip to process and select the sounds to amplify or push into the background.

  • If I have problems with my Widex hearing aids, how do I get help?
    You can get assistance with your Widex hearing aids by contacting the authorized seller you purchased from or clicking on Service and Support on the Widex website. On the site, you can either fill out a form to get service from a nearby Widex partner or call the number listed for help with Bluetooth set up and mobile apps.


Widex knows that hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all product. Widex offers a great deal of helpful information about hearing loss and hearing aids on their website, but your audiologist or healthcare professional should ensure you get the hearing aids that work best for your lifestyle and level of hearing loss. Widex hearing aids are some of the best you can buy due to the company’s technology and years of development to serve those with hearing loss.

To learn more about Widex Hearing Aids, and take advantage of the Evoke hearing aid offer visit the Widex website.

Widex Reviews

Recent Reviews

October 09 2020 7:38PM

Hearing Aids might be good, but customer service is badly lacking - run around from both local servicer and corporation has cost me thousands of dollars and at least 25-30 man hours of time more than it should have to get a pair of hearing aids that work correctly for me.

Very discouraging! If you decide to buy these aids, make sure your provider is well trained and their time is not stretched too thin among many offices!

Clare G.
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
October 06 2020 8:47AM

I purchased the best available Widex rechargeable hearing aids in January 2018 @ $3k a piece. The reason I selected this model was the rechargeable batteries and the 3 year warranty.

After only 18 months one of the rechargeable batteries could no longer be recharged. After taking to my audiologist, I was advised there was a problem with the rechargeable battery and given disposable batteries to use until the problem could be resolved.

After 3 months (during which I couldn’t use the hearing aids b/c the arthritis in my hands rendered disposable batteries a non-option), I was advised that the manufacturer of rechargeable battery had gone bankrupt.

I was offered two new rechargeable aids for $300 each with a 3 year warranty. Since I’d paid $3,000 each for the previous aids yet received only 50% of warranted usage, this did not appear to be a drop dead bargain.

Widex has offered no financial consideration for breach of its warranty. Widex offered the warranty, not the mfgr of the disposable battery, regardless of its source, yet breached the warranty by not making the customer whole.

I had no practicable alternative to spending another $600 to resolve the issue. While Widex is apparently legally indemnified by bankruptcy proceeding of its supplier, I believe it acted in bad faith by not supplying new hearing aids of equal quality with functioning disposable batteries for the remainder of the warranty.

At least I now understand why the industry has such a poor reputation for value, easily achieved by gouging its customers, in as much as Medicare does not pay for hearing aids. I can now see why.

Laurie J.
St. Louis, MO
August 24 2020 9:34PM

I bought an expensive set of Widex hearing aids last year (2019) from an audiologist. I immediately ran into a problem with the rechargeable batteries as after a few days one of them went dead. I was given a replacement no charge.

Shortly thereafter one of the hearing aids became defective. I waited several weeks for it to be repaired. I again had a bad battery which once more was replaced free. About two months ago (6/2020) the repaired hearing aid stopped working again.

To make matters worse, the battery in the other died about 5pm every day. Last week I obtained a new set of Phonak aids as I could no longer put up with Widex. My opinion is that they are just an overpriced very poor product with terribly overpriced unreliable batteries.

Louis R.
Marco Island, FL
August 01 2020 6:09PM

I got Evoke about 2 years ago....well I’m on my 3rd new one. Breaks down every few months. It’s either the battery cradle or the mic or the wire. The wire is the worst, breaks down so often that my audiologist gives me spares. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

When the warranty is out, I’m switching brands. Mine are rechargeable and the charge doesn’t hold up for more than 6 hours. AND the batteries go bad, I’ve had 6-7 batteries in 2 years. I’m glad they help me hear but the issues need addressed.

Tim P.
House Springs, MO
June 21 2020 12:22PM

This company will not provide its customers with a phone number for customer service. In fact, as they told me "we do not have customer service and you must go to the people who sold you our device." What if you are not located near your seller, they do not care.

My Widex Beyond aids provide me with screeching feedback anytime I am near anything: metal, wood, people. My audiologist told me "they are that way" regarding the feedback. Both aids have been broken twice in the past two years, and after the three year warranty is up, you are on your own. So if you are seeking to pay a high price for an inferior product with a company that does all it can to divorce itself from the customer, Widex is for you.

Jack C.
February 01 2020 2:13PM

These $6,000 hearing aids were a big disappointment. They are terrible with feedback. Way much more than my previous Starkey aids. Ambient noises override close conversations. While driving down the highway, I could her the road sound of my tires but could barely hear my radio.

Would not buy again, especially at this price. Going to COSTCO for less expensive brands that offer the same features - such as hook up to phone. Only had had these about eight months and they required frequent re-tuning by the audiologist. Unsatisfied all the way around.

Walter W.
Beavercreek, OH
December 25 2019 5:54PM

My Widex hearing aids are my third set over about 11 years (I had ReSound and another brand). These are by far the best I have had, and my hearing is much better, even though my hearing loss has increased over the years. I am happy that these work with my iPhone, which helps me to have more options for TV watching, noisy environment hearing, etc. No hearing aids give perfect hearing, but these have made me feel almost like a normal hearing person. T

he recharging function had some issues in the beginning, maybe because it was a very new technology, but the company sent new parts without cost. The aids took numerous adjustments in the beginning and I think that is to be expected with any hearing devices. I have an extremely patient and caring hearing aid specialist (not an audiologist) who has worked with me to get these well adjusted. He doesn't charge a fee for those visits, since I think he considers this built into the cost of the hearing aids.

If your audiologist is charging fees for adjustments, you might ask Widex for a practitioner who does not. Audiologists are important for checking our ears, hearing health, etc. but not needed for the technical part of hearing aids. Hearing aid technology is evolving quickly and I hope we will see better and better hearing in the future. Overall, I am happy with my Widex aids and would recommend them.

Ruth C.
Greensboro, NC
December 09 2019 3:17PM

I purchased the top of the line rechargeable hearing aids in August 2019. Soon after, I had to return one hearing aid and the charger because they failed. A loaner charger from the audiologist would not charge a single hearing aid. I picked up the repaired or replaced hearing aid and charger three days ago. The charger has failed again. I tried the online customer service chat but they hung up on me because I told them I can’t keep returning to the audiologist because of their faulty very expensive product.

Fred B.
Kensington, MD
November 22 2019 12:09PM

We have had them in 2x now to be fixed in a year and a half and they are just too complicated for a senior. There is a wax guards that needs to be changed which are small and almost impossible for a senior to change. The remote is tough for a senior to operate. They may have built the edsel of hearing aids.

Brooks V.
Bradenton, FL
November 19 2019 10:11PM

The problem I have is a very important issue. I cannot talk on my phone without putting my phone on speakerphone! Everyone in the room hears my conversations or I have to find a place out of hearing range. Very annoying. I was given a phone to try out in accordance with my home line. This was going to cost more than $200.00. This did not work either. Have to put on speakerphone on cellphone also. Very important issue when I can not have a private phone call because I can't hear people talking to me on my phone when I am wearing my hearing aids!!

Jean H.
South Charleston, WV
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