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October 09 2020 7:38PM

Hearing Aids might be good, but customer service is badly lacking - run around from both local servicer and corporation has cost me thousands of dollars and at least 25-30 man hours of time more than it should have to get a pair of hearing aids that work correctly for me.

Very discouraging! If you decide to buy these aids, make sure your provider is well trained and their time is not stretched too thin among many offices!

Clare G.
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
October 06 2020 8:47AM

I purchased the best available Widex rechargeable hearing aids in January 2018 @ $3k a piece. The reason I selected this model was the rechargeable batteries and the 3 year warranty.

After only 18 months one of the rechargeable batteries could no longer be recharged. After taking to my audiologist, I was advised there was a problem with the rechargeable battery and given disposable batteries to use until the problem could be resolved.

After 3 months (during which I couldn’t use the hearing aids b/c the arthritis in my hands rendered disposable batteries a non-option), I was advised that the manufacturer of rechargeable battery had gone bankrupt.

I was offered two new rechargeable aids for $300 each with a 3 year warranty. Since I’d paid $3,000 each for the previous aids yet received only 50% of warranted usage, this did not appear to be a drop dead bargain.

Widex has offered no financial consideration for breach of its warranty. Widex offered the warranty, not the mfgr of the disposable battery, regardless of its source, yet breached the warranty by not making the customer whole.

I had no practicable alternative to spending another $600 to resolve the issue. While Widex is apparently legally indemnified by bankruptcy proceeding of its supplier, I believe it acted in bad faith by not supplying new hearing aids of equal quality with functioning disposable batteries for the remainder of the warranty.

At least I now understand why the industry has such a poor reputation for value, easily achieved by gouging its customers, in as much as Medicare does not pay for hearing aids. I can now see why.

Laurie J.
St. Louis, MO
August 24 2020 9:34PM

I bought an expensive set of Widex hearing aids last year (2019) from an audiologist. I immediately ran into a problem with the rechargeable batteries as after a few days one of them went dead. I was given a replacement no charge.

Shortly thereafter one of the hearing aids became defective. I waited several weeks for it to be repaired. I again had a bad battery which once more was replaced free. About two months ago (6/2020) the repaired hearing aid stopped working again.

To make matters worse, the battery in the other died about 5pm every day. Last week I obtained a new set of Phonak aids as I could no longer put up with Widex. My opinion is that they are just an overpriced very poor product with terribly overpriced unreliable batteries.

Louis R.
Marco Island, FL
August 01 2020 6:09PM

I got Evoke about 2 years ago....well I’m on my 3rd new one. Breaks down every few months. It’s either the battery cradle or the mic or the wire. The wire is the worst, breaks down so often that my audiologist gives me spares. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

When the warranty is out, I’m switching brands. Mine are rechargeable and the charge doesn’t hold up for more than 6 hours. AND the batteries go bad, I’ve had 6-7 batteries in 2 years. I’m glad they help me hear but the issues need addressed.

Tim P.
House Springs, MO
June 21 2020 12:22PM

This company will not provide its customers with a phone number for customer service. In fact, as they told me "we do not have customer service and you must go to the people who sold you our device." What if you are not located near your seller, they do not care.

My Widex Beyond aids provide me with screeching feedback anytime I am near anything: metal, wood, people. My audiologist told me "they are that way" regarding the feedback. Both aids have been broken twice in the past two years, and after the three year warranty is up, you are on your own. So if you are seeking to pay a high price for an inferior product with a company that does all it can to divorce itself from the customer, Widex is for you.

Jack C.
February 01 2020 2:13PM

These $6,000 hearing aids were a big disappointment. They are terrible with feedback. Way much more than my previous Starkey aids. Ambient noises override close conversations. While driving down the highway, I could her the road sound of my tires but could barely hear my radio.

Would not buy again, especially at this price. Going to COSTCO for less expensive brands that offer the same features - such as hook up to phone. Only had had these about eight months and they required frequent re-tuning by the audiologist. Unsatisfied all the way around.

Walter W.
Beavercreek, OH
December 09 2019 3:17PM

I purchased the top of the line rechargeable hearing aids in August 2019. Soon after, I had to return one hearing aid and the charger because they failed. A loaner charger from the audiologist would not charge a single hearing aid. I picked up the repaired or replaced hearing aid and charger three days ago. The charger has failed again. I tried the online customer service chat but they hung up on me because I told them I can’t keep returning to the audiologist because of their faulty very expensive product.

Fred B.
Kensington, MD
November 22 2019 12:09PM

We have had them in 2x now to be fixed in a year and a half and they are just too complicated for a senior. There is a wax guards that needs to be changed which are small and almost impossible for a senior to change. The remote is tough for a senior to operate. They may have built the edsel of hearing aids.

Brooks V.
Bradenton, FL
November 19 2019 10:11PM

The problem I have is a very important issue. I cannot talk on my phone without putting my phone on speakerphone! Everyone in the room hears my conversations or I have to find a place out of hearing range. Very annoying. I was given a phone to try out in accordance with my home line. This was going to cost more than $200.00. This did not work either. Have to put on speakerphone on cellphone also. Very important issue when I can not have a private phone call because I can't hear people talking to me on my phone when I am wearing my hearing aids!!

Jean H.
South Charleston, WV
October 04 2019 5:14AM

I've used several named brand hearing aids in the course of 18 years. I have never had one that reproduces faithfull music sound from my top of the line sound system (Cost over $40K+). Most of the hearing aids I've owned distorts music approaching live sound levels.

After searching reviews of several hearing aids from YouTube, I discovered that Widex hearing aids have the best performance, especially for music listening. I tried the Evoke. These are excellent sounding hearing aids. They sound silky smooth without a trace of distortion even at the highest level (95+db). When it comes to distortion, I was an expert on detecting distortions on amplifiers, speakers and turntables and cartridges.

I am an audiophile with some well-trained hearing acuity. My only minor complaint is it does not stream very well on YouTube using an iPhone. It does not adjust volume levels automatically. It may be a calibration issue on my audiologist part himself. I prefer all my listening to Music mode without any digital manipulations. I believe if hearing aids are properly designed, digital tailoring causes distortion. Highly recommended.

Ricardo S.
Long Beach, CA
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