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Best Medicare Supplement Companies in Georgia

We chose the best Medicare supplement companies in Georgia based on coverage options, costs, and customer reviews.

Latest update: October 28, 2022

Medicare Supplement Companies in Georgia

United Medicare Advisors

United Medicare Advisors simplifies finding the right Medicare supplement insurance by providing tools to compare plan benefits and costs. The company provides options from more than 20 providers to consumers across 45 states.


Humana offers Medicare supplement insurance Plans A through N in most states. Each Humana policy comes with benefits other companies don’t offer. Perks include discounts for using electronic payments, fitness programs and more.

Cigna Medicare Supplement

Cigna is an industry-leading Medicare supplement insurance company, serving 95 million customers. Plans work with any provider that takes Medicare. Cigna offers plans for Part A, B, C, D, F, HD-F, G and Part N.

Georgia Medicare Insurance

Local and family-owned. Independent agents help clients find the best Medicare coverage. Schedule a free consultation to get started, or enter your zip code online to begin comparing plans. Agent experience suggests premiums average about $125 per month.

Medicare Advisors GA

Local independent agent will guide you through the Medicare and supplement coverage selection process, comparing options from multiple carriers. Schedule a free consultation or request a quote and enroll online.

Savannah Medicare Specialists

Independent insurance agency which offers all plans from all companies available in the area. Helps clients select the best Medicare and supplement plans for their needs. Plans are guaranteed renewable and cover you at any doctor that accepts Medicare.

Robert Edgar - Independent Medicare, Health & Life Insurance Agent

Local independent agent representing most major carriers. Works with clients to find optimum Medicare supplement coverage. Visit the office or call to get started.

iHealth Brokers

Independent insurance agency specializing in affordable insurance solutions for seniors from A-rated carriers in your area. Available online or by phone. A licensed broker will walk you through your options.

Macon Medicare Specialists

Independent insurance agency helping clients navigate through the daunting process of Medicare supplemental care. Consult with a specialist for a review of your health and needs to find optimum coverage. Plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Medicare Supplement Costs in Georgia

The cost of Medicare supplement plans in Georgia depends on your age, the plan you choose, the provider, and whether you use tobacco. Georgia residents under 65 who enroll in Medicare supplement plans will pay higher premiums overall.

Georgia Medicare Supplement Costs by Plan (Annual Premiums)
Plan Monthly Premiums (Range)
Plan A $97 – $367
Plan B $132 – $378
Plan D $128 – $377
Plan G $101 – $372
Plan G High $40 – $70
Plan M $89 – $301
Plan N $79 – $288
Data collected on Prices are accurate as of publication.

If you have Medicare and limited income and assets, you might qualify for financial assistance programs such as Extra Help and Medicare Savings programs. For the most part, Georgia follows the issue-age pricing policy; although, insurance companies have the option to choose community ratings. The issue-age rating means that your premium is calculated by age at the time of enrollment and does not increase by age. Community rating means that premiums are the same for everyone over 65. Coverage under Medicare supplement plans is standardized by law, but premiums vary between providers. You will most likely get the best price if you sign up during the first six months after you enroll in Medicare Parts A and B when you have a guaranteed issue right and providers cannot charge you more based on your health history.

When Should You Enroll in a Georgia Medicare Supplement Plan?

Georgia Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in a Medicare supplement plan without being subject to medical underwriting during the first six months after they are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B—at age 65. During this one-time election period, enrollees have guaranteed issue rights, which means insurers cannot turn down applicants or charge more based on medical history. After the initial six-month open enrollment period, a Medigap policy provider can deny your application for coverage or charge you more based on your medical history. Certain other situations are eligible for guaranteed issue of Medicare supplement plans:

Medicare Enrollment In Georgia

The Georgia State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) provides free, certified, unbiased Medicare counseling to beneficiaries and their caregivers. Medicare supplement plans in Georgia come with a 30-day “free look” period, which means you can get a refund for any reason if you change your mind within thirty days of signing up for a plan. All Medigap providers are required to offer Plan A, and a choice of Plan C or Plan F plan at a minimum. In some cases, you can enroll in Medicare before age 65. Younger Georgia residents with end-stage renal disease or ALS are eligible, as are people who have been on social security disability insurance for at least 24.

Georgia Medicare Supplement Company Reviews

Georgia Medicare Insurance

Georgia Medicare Insurance

Georgia Medicare Insurance helps clients navigate Medicare enrollment, along with Advantage, supplement, and prescription drug coverage. The company works with multiple insurance carriers to find the best coverage for your needs and budget. Fill out your zip code online to begin comparing plans, or schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Past customers give this business high remarks for their extensive knowledge of local available coverage and for helping clients navigate the challenging process of transitioning to Medicare and choosing supplemental insurance.

Georgia Medicare Insurance
Address Services the state of Georgia
Phone Number (770) 452-9335

Medicare Advisors GA

Medicare Advisors GA

Medicare Advisors Georgia is an independent licensed health and life insurance agent specializing in helping clients find the optimum Medicare and supplement coverage. Schedule a free consultation or enroll online. Reviewers consistently praised this business for its knowledge of different options, excellent support, honest representation of plans and immediate responses. Clients said the owner, Nancy, made sure they got the right plans and greater discounts with unbiased advice. Access educational videos about enrollment.

Medicare Advisors GA
Address 105 Knollwood Ln, Cumming, GA 30040
Phone Number (770) 990-9721

Savannah Medicare Specialists

Savannah Medicare Specialists

Savannah Medicare Specialists is an independent insurance agency specializing in the Medicare market. With the freedom to offer any product from any company, agents work to bring local clients the best options to fit their needs and budget. Supplement plans come with a 30-day free look that guarantees money back on any policy if you change your mind. Go to any doctor that accepts Medicare. The company has helped more than 10,000 clients since 2019. Customers claim this business is trustworthy with sincere agents who listen to local Savannah customer needs and follow up to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Savannah Medicare Specialists
Address 2 E Bryan St #431, Savannah, GA 31401
Phone Number (912) 514-6464

Robert Edgar – Independent Medicare, Health & Life Insurance Agent

Robert Edgar - Independent Medicare, Health & Life Insurance Agent

Robert Edgar offers a variety of insurance coverage from most major carriers, including Medicare, Advantage, supplement and prescription drug plans. All Medigap plans are guaranteed renewable as long as you pay the premium. Customers said Rob Edgar was great to work with and found them the best pricing, and that he simplified the process of getting insurance.

Robert Edgar – Independent Medicare, Health & Life Insurance Agent
Address 6605 Abercorn St St 208A, Savannah, GA 31405
Phone Number (912) 660-5236

iHealth Brokers

iHealth Brokers

iHealth Brokers works for you as an independent company. An agent will help you compare rates and coverage from the leading A-rated insurance companies in your area. Carriers include Humana, Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield, Anthem, Aetna, healthnet and more. Call to speak with a licensed broker about which options are best for you, or view plan overviews on the website. Customers were impressed by the rapid response times and helpful agents who helped simplify a complex topic.

iHealth Brokers
Address 730 Peachtree St NE #570, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone Number 1 (866) 260-9829

Macon Medicare Specialists

Macon Medicare Specialists

Macon Medicare Specialists is an independent insurance agency offering Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans to local Macon residents. The company offers any product from any company available in the area and review your medical history before determining your best options. Medicare supplement plans have no restrictive networks and are guaranteed renewable. Clients said this company gave them peace of mind that they made the best decisions about their healthcare, and that they made navigating Medicare simple.

Macon Medicare Specialists
Address 658 Presidential Pkwy #1039, Macon, GA 31206
Phone Number (478) 444-3726

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