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Acorn Stair Lifts

4 Stars (116 Reviews)
Updated: January 25, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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For over 25 years, Acorn has worked to set new standards in both quality and innovation in the stairlift industry. Acorn Stairlifts has grown to become the world's leading independent company specializing solely in the manufacture and installation of stairlifts, pioneering designs and high engineering standards. Acorn was the first company to introduce DC batteries to power their stairlifts during a power outage.

Editorial Breakdown

Customer Service 4.3 Stars
Customization 3.8 Stars
Warranty 4 Stars
Price 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4 Stars

Bottom Line

Acorn designs and sells three models of stair lifts – one for straight stairs, curved stairs and outdoor use. Its stair lifts are designed to easily mount on your stairs instead of the wall and require no structural changes to your home. Check out our picks for the best stair lift companies by clicking the link below.

116 Acorn Stair Lifts Reviews

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1 Star

June 19 2023 5:27PM

Do not deal with this company. All they do is pester elderly people to invest with their cover plan load of trash. My father of 92 does not require this plan.

The stairlift came through their sister company confirming no extra cover required pests. Hope this reaches the UK crafty that's leave the UK out of listing. Expensive & clueless.

Chris H.
Grimsby, UT
1 Star

April 10 2023 7:42PM

I would never ever recommend this Acorn Stairlift to anyone or their insurance for maintenance, nor this company, ACORN. I purchased in Oct of 2022, shortly after it broke, that is the chair would stop and go, then stop again. It took me several tries to get someone to fix it.

I canceled one time due to Covid, I did not want anyone in the home, then each time I scheduled the company changed the date for some reason, finally had to beg for extension of insurance. Finally got maintenance out, he stated it was a swivel actuator and he replaced it.

Now about a month later it broke again. When I go upstairs or downstairs the switch to move the chair, on the armrests, may work or it may not. So half the time I get stuck halfway up, and sometimes arm switch won't work at all. Now I do not have insurance, I would never renew.

Final opinion Never buy this product, $3200.00 for a sometime chair, not worth $100.00. Really shop around. There are much better companies.

Rex L.
San Antonio, TX
1 Star

March 22 2023 3:34PM

This company has horrible customer service. We paid our yearly maintenance fee in August of 2023. It took them two months to come to the house for service. The day it was supposed to be serviced they called and cancelled.

It took another two months for another appointment in which they never showed up or called. In March the homeowner passed away, so we asked for a refund since they did not full fill their obligation. They would not even consider it. This company is taking advantage of the elderly!

Brad C.
Castle Rock, WA
5 Stars

March 16 2023 5:44PM

Hi, My Installer of my Acorn Chairlift was Daniel **, March 16, 2023 What an amazing hard-working guy. I appreciate the professionalism, care and treatment he used to install my chair lift. I am looking forward to many years of healthy use from this chairlift.

Mr. ** is an absolutely wonderful role model for this company fyi you have a real customer friendly installer, and he deserves credit for the positive images and workmanship he brings to the customers on behalf of the Acorn family.

Please show your appreciation to this awesome marketing specialist and installer in some meaningful way perhaps a raise or a bonus. Good customer service is hard to find these days and I thank you for sending me one of the best.

Bennie S.
Elgin, IL
1 Star

February 09 2023 7:41PM

Just purchased a used acorn chair lift for 600.00. And called Acorn for a replacement part to learn THEY DON’T SALE REPLACEMENT PARTS, PERIOD!! Must purchase chair lift from them, service by them, soooo I purchased trash!

Another company taken advantage of disabled people. Shame on them, hate to see any company go out of business, but maybeeeee.

Franklin H.
Wallace, NC
1 Star

January 14 2023 12:45AM

The company knew exactly the space and need for having the chair turn to face the downstairs area to stand up with a walker. It was changed to no longer face the correct direction but the wall making the chair dangerous to me, because I can no longer stand to face the walker.

They said it had to be done. They advertise all customers will be helped by 24/7 calls. They refuse to communicate regarding the problem of the change.

1 Star

December 11 2022 6:50PM

My father is just out of the rehabilitation center with a broken hip and my mother needs both knees replaced. I have a broken back and will be getting spinal fusion from L1 to S1 on January the 18th. I’m also THE caregiver for my parents!

Our chair stopped working Friday at 4:28pm. I immediately called customer support and was told that I could expect a call sometime MONDAY! Sorry, we don’t have Technical Support staff on the weekends! So I’m guessing that no one who owns an Acorn Chair has emergencies on the weekends?!!!

We heavily depend upon this chair! We’ve been dolling out close to $700.00 each year to their program to make sure this situation doesn’t happen but here we are and it’s incredibly dangerous, frightening and absolutely infuriating to be left out in the cold like this!

We wouldn’t have this chair if we didn’t need this chair! I’m very angry and disgusted and I swear to God if I fall attempting to get up and down the stairs manually Lawyers will be called!!!

Tim M.
Williamstown, WV
2 Stars

November 22 2022 1:38AM

We bought an Acorn Stairlift in April of 2021. We have had a terrible experience because in only 19 months we have had 3 maintenance issues. The stairlift has completely failed 3 times rendering my husband incapable of going to our bedrooms upstairs.

The website states that they would have a technician scheduled to come to perform repairs within 24 hours. On Nov. 15 we reported that our stairlift was inoperable for the third time.

Today, Nov. 21, we are still waiting for the company to schedule our repairs. In our opinion, Acorn Stairlifts employees have shown no concern at all for our substandard product. They have only responded that they haven’t forgotten about us. This is totally unacceptable.

We are very dissatisfied and disappointed in this stairlift and with the horrible customer service. It has certainly not lived up to our expectations and their promises. I definitely will not recommend this inefficient stairlift.

Teresa F.
Jackson, MS
1 Star

November 08 2022 11:07PM

I'm 94 and purchased an Acorn stairlift after spinal surgery. The stair lift broke but they cannot send a service person for 3 days! My bedroom with its hospital bed that I need is on the 2nd floor as is my bathroom but they still cannot provide service for almost a week.

I have to sleep on my couch and my 70y/o daughter who takes care of me has to sleep on the floor. All they're interested in is selling service contracts with threats of high prices for parts and labor. I'm sorry I used acorn. BEWARE.

Margaret B.
Chicago, IL
1 Star

October 05 2022 7:21PM

Never buy from Acorn Stairlift. They are gangsters. We bought our second chairlift 4 months ago, and it stopped to work after just four months. We tried to contact them for 4 days without success. Impossible to get someone on the phone from the customer service.

We contacted the salesman and with his help we got someone. We scheduled the repair for October 5th (the chair is out since September 15th). Today the 5th, we tried to get a confirmation, same music, impossible to get connected to someone. We called the salesman and he promised to call us back.

Surprisingly he did and he told us that nothing was scheduled, I am handicapped from my knees and cannot get the stairs. I paid a lot of money and cannot use the chair since September 15th. How long I will have to wait?

Shame on Acorn. Their brochure said "service 7/7 days a week and 365 days a year. What a **. Horrible. I am on the phone trying to reach someone since this morning, nothing. Forget those guys. I will sue them.

John M.
Valencia, CA
1 Star

August 24 2022 6:42PM

My husband and I had an Acorn Stairlift installed in our home 18 months ago. Whenever we needed technical support, it was not forthcoming during a reasonable amount of time. My husband has Parkinson's Disease, and he was finding it very difficult to climb up and down the stairs.

We purchased a very expensive service contract after the first year, and we were promised superior service if we needed technical support.

Our stairlift died the other night, and we were told that no repair person would be available for another week even though I had pleaded with the telephone representative and said my husband not only had Parkinson's Disease, but he was also recovering from a broken hip which had required surgery.

My husband's physical therapist advised him not to try to climb any stairs because he did not think it was safe. I called Acorn several times within the past few days and got nowhere.

I was told that my husband's situation was being flagged as a priority but there would be no repair person available until August 30th. How dare you sell us an expensive service contract and not fulfill your part of the bargain? My husband is exhausted from climbing up and down the staircase.

I worry that he is going to fall down the stairs, and I am completely disgusted with Acorn. I will be sharing my concerns on social media if Acorn continues to ignore us.

Marie M.
West Roxbury, MA
1 Star

August 16 2022 12:25AM

Do not buy!!!! You will be sorry. They have no service. I wish I had investigated and not just believed all their fancy advertising. They need to stop installing chairlifts today and repair the ones they have sold extended warranties.

John B.
San Diego, CA
1 Star

August 13 2022 9:07PM

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. WARNING: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ACORN STAIRLIFT! EVERYTHING THEY SAY THAT THEY ARE AND THEY DO, THEY DO NOT. They took our money instantly but when we really needed them they could've cared less.

Go with a local company that will install and service you. They had no problem leaving my 99 year old mother downstairs without proper bathroom facilities for 9 days. I'm not convinced they will be here in 9 days because they have canceled and been no shows in the past.

Also, Not sure how they have so many stars because all the bad reviews I've read on this website are completely accurate. Ran really well for 2 years and then they came for annual service and upgraded without prior consent and has been problematic since then.

You pay a lot of money for annual service agreement to give you priority service and you get no service whatsoever.

Susan G.
2 Stars

July 26 2022 7:58PM

No problem ordering or scheduling installation. The lift was great until after a few years the battery stopped charging and we tried to schedule a service call. First: couldn't get anyone to answer the phone for at least 20 minutes. 2nd: Person on the phone would not schedule a service call.

My mother was told she would have to wait until a service person was "in the area." Well, a service person is NEVER in the area! My mother waited patiently and called every month for over 8 months!!!

I finally started calling and called to place an order, then told that person, (who magically answered the phone after just a couple of minutes), that I really didn't need to order a lift. We ALREADY HAD ONE AND NEEDED SERVICE!!!!

She transferred me to the service dept where someone finally answered. I told them I was at the end of my nice, and that after 8 months my mother has not been able to access half of her house and we expected service sooner than later.

I was told "Good news! We will have a service rep in your area very soon!" However, I was still not given a date. Instead, I was told someone should call within the week to set it up. I'm supposed to call back by Friday if I haven't been contacted before then. Today is Tuesday.... They have 3 days.

My advice is to save the $10,000+ that this stairlift costs and figure something else out. What good is this if they will not service it?? We asked them to just send us the battery and we will figure out how to install it.

They refused so here we are...And now we are all supposed to go buy electric cars too?! Yeah, right. How long do those batteries last and who's going to service them???!

Darla T.
Ft Pierre, SD
5 Stars

July 19 2022 5:44PM

Yesterday. Late in the day stair lift left me stranded in the middle of the steps. Had to call family to get me down. I called Acorn. Someone came before noon today. Fixed in 30 min. He had all parts in his truck. Great service.

Kelvin was so nice and knew exactly what was wrong. He was same person who installed 1 year ago. Although contracts are expensive. It was worth it. As my bed and all clothes upstairs.

Patricia K.
Ronkonkoma, NY
1 Star

July 16 2022 6:39PM

I do not know who wrote this review but they must have been paid handsomely to do so. This is without a doubt the worst investment we have made in our life time. We chose Acorn because they could install the lift more quickly than their competitor even though at 3x the price.

As I was having ankle surgery within a week, my husband decided this would be a better option in spite of the $11k cost. We have regretted that decision from the moment Acorn finished the install.

It is slow, has been problematic, outrageous repair costs, $250 service charge to just come and diagnose any issue and an hour wait to speak to a representative on the phone with 10-15 minute hold times after reaching a rep. If we could rate this with minus 0's we would.

Leslie B.
Houston, TX
2 Stars

July 15 2022 4:04PM

I would not recommend using this company. Although the stair lift worked very well for a couple of years, once we had trouble with it, we were told we would have to pay $250 for a one time service call plus another $75 if the battery needs to be replaced (which it probably does.) Or we could pay $375 for a one year warranty.

We are very disappointed in this company's service policies. We wish we had done more research before purchasing the stair lift. If you read the other reviews here, you will see how often customers encounter problems once problems occur.

Maitland, FL
1 Star

June 09 2022 3:57PM

When the stairlift malfunctions you can expect to wait a week or more before a repair technician is available to fix it. I have had this happen on three occasions. The fact that you don’t have access to your bedroom or other necessities for that period does not seem to matter. My wife is 83 and partially paralyzed.

James D.
Camillus, NY
1 Star

June 06 2022 3:13PM

My 18 MONTH old Acorn Chair lift failed yesterday 6-5-22. I called for service this morning and after describing my urgent need the soonest a tech could come out is JUNE 14, 2022!!!

I am 87 years old and had this $12,000+ chair installed so I could remain in my home. Now with this service I am questioning if I choose the right company. BEWARE!

Mary T.
Waterford, MI
1 Star

May 31 2022 7:14PM

After your first year it will cost you $595 per year for what they call an extended warranty. If your chair breaks down like mine did it will cost you $250 + parts for a service call. What do they get $200 per hour for a service call? They are ripping people off.

I now after about one and a half years of buying this am the proud owner of a piece of junk because I am not going to allow them to rip me off.

Gerald J.
Wisconsin Dells, WI
1 Star

May 04 2022 4:07PM

My mother's stairlift stopped working over a month ago. They made us wait a month to send a repairman. Now they've delayed it another week. She is 96 and has to literally crawl up the stairs to get to her bedroom. She hangs on to the stair rail for dear life to slowly lower herself down the stairs.

I've told them this and asked for a manager to call when they delayed yet again. I have not heard from anyone. I am hugely disappointed in this company to leave a fragile, elderly lady hanging for almost 6 weeks.

Karen G.
Marshfield, MO
1 Star

April 20 2022 11:58PM

Salesman was great but getting service leaves a lot to be desired. We purchased the extended service agreement and when the unit began slowing down and showing a 4 instead of the usual 6 I called and was told they'd call me back soon. That was over a month ago.

Tonight I rode the chair to our basement and when I tried to move it onto the charge port it was showing a ! and wouldn't move for about 2 or 3 minutes. We use the chairlift all the time.

We have another lift between our first and second floor installed by the VA. The star rating I'm giving is based upon the lack of service even after we've spent all that extra money for service. Hopefully this review will get someone's attention and they can do something about our equipment.

Jerry M.
Springfield, MO
1 Star

April 16 2022 5:42PM

Terrible maintenance service. Going on the second month of inoperable lift with no commitment from Acorn to repair. Good lift, but if it breaks you basically are out of luck. I would advise you to never use this company as they obviously are not committed to fixing a broken chairlift.

Charles G.
Filer, ID
2 Stars

April 11 2022 8:07PM

We purchased a stairlift in 2018 when my father was having difficulties walking upstairs. The stairlift worked wonderful, it's the maintenance that's the problem. Being that we live in Hawaii, getting service is difficult.

Every year we paid for the service agreement and only received one service since 2019 and the stairlift has been inoperable since 2020. I placed several calls and was told that due to COVID they have no one available to service our island.

I understand that COVID played a major factor in the delay, but I too am a business owner with business on the outer islands. I managed to service my clients throughout COVID.

My services cost far, far less than what I paid for the stairlift and the service maintenance. It's April 2022, stairlift still not working, and still never got serviced.

LaurieAnne S.
Hilo, HI
1 Star

March 15 2022 3:13PM

$10,000 + for our 180 curved stair system. Needed repair already under manufacturer's warranty (had to wait a month)!! Now it is broke again, have to wait another month for repair. This time was told I have to pay $250.00 service fee but parts are covered!

Extended service after our first year will be $850.00. I'm in a corner with this "investment". Do the math, the monthly cost to have this unit that I can't keep working because they are unable send repair techs out in a timely manner is unacceptable. Don't buy a lift from a company that has their office in Florida.

Robert G.
Morrisdale, PA
1 Star

February 10 2022 5:40PM

We had Acorn come out over a year ago to give a quote. Very high pricing. We went with another vendor. To this day I am receiving aggressive weekly calls from a "Ramona" to call her back as soon as I get this message. We never moved forward, she has no reason to call.

Funny when I read these reviews that they will continue to call after a quote, but won't return calls to actual customers.

Jane D.
Northampton, MA
1 Star

January 26 2022 10:28PM

Terrible experience. We chose Acorn due to getting the taxes refunded with a medical prescription. We did everything right on our part to ensure that they received the paperwork within a few days and yet they never refunded the taxes, as promised.

It has taken a whole year and multiple, multiple customer service calls to even have anyone call me back or even address the situation- only to be told that it’s past the time for them to be able to reimburse the taxes.

Aside from the reimbursement, the customer service experience has been horrible with false promises and nobody ever returning phone calls. Very disappointed!

Telia W.
Denver, CO
2 Stars

January 25 2022 5:53PM

I had an Acorn stairlift installed for my wife. Because our staircase is curved it took a number of months to get it installed (the guide had to be custom bend), that is understandable. However, the price of close to $13,000 was a shocker.

After the installation, I noticed a 'crack' in our floor board into which the footings had been drilled by the Acorn technician. Twice I contacted Acorn to get relief from this damage, and I provided them with photos of same after their request.

However, there has not been any follow-up on the issue. I suggest try another supplier, one does not need such service.

Uwe B.
2 Stars

January 12 2022 12:26AM

Pay 12K for a device to help my father move around in his home, pay for service agreements, no one comes to service. Call to make appt. Had to wait several days then that turned into a couple of weeks, then the service man has no courtesy to call when he doesn't show up after waiting all day.

No call, no nothing. I have called and left a message twice - nothing. If you are considering this company reconsider and go with someone else. This is expensive and it will continue to be expensive and maybe you'll get to use it.

Chances are good when you need it the most you will be stuck in your downstairs for days, have a backup plan.

Diane B.
Sammamish, WA
2 Stars

January 04 2022 4:10PM

I have 2 chair lifts that so far have functioned properly. My issue with this company is the cost of their maintenance/warranty agreements. They are charging over 10% per year for a warranty that covers the major parts. There is not a product on the planet that charges that much for a warranty.

Compare this to an automobile that comes with a total warranty for three years and additional warranty of less than 5% of the purchase price for another 3 years.

This tells me that they either have a very good product and they are raking in the profit with these prices, or they have a very bad product and the year to year failure is very high. I'm betting that they have a good product and this is a very high profit source for them. Time will tell...

Dollie S.
1 Star

December 15 2021 2:23AM

My mom was stranded for 6 days and they still haven't fixed it! Customer service is in British Columbia, we live in Ontario Canada, the agent told me he'd hang up if I kept getting upset!!!!

Unbelievable, I'm taking this to social media. I have to carry my mom to her room. Their response was "can't she sleep on the couch?" Absolutely sickening.

Lewis H.
Richmond Hill, SELECT A STATE
3 Stars

December 14 2021 10:30PM

More than disappointing. We have had an Acorn stairlift for a little under a year now and have suffered repeated breakdowns. We are now being asked to buy a 4 year service agreement for over £500. Should we not do so then we would have to pay over £180 for every call out.

In essence this means a total cost of well above the initial cost of purchase and installation; had we known this it would have deterred us from purchasing in the first place. Under the circumstances I feel, sadly, unable to recommend this company as when it does work it is very good.

Philip C.
Pulborough, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

December 13 2021 10:28PM

12k...used for 1 year and now we can not resell as Acorn has no buy back program. The software and battery is proprietary and once you unplug it, the screen goes black. All other stairlifts are compatible with each other and controllers are interchangeable and reprogrammable except Acorn. It's a UK company so steer clear.

John K.
1 Star

December 08 2021 3:00PM

From the beginning of my purchase 2015, this product hasn't work completely. First week I call to inform them that the paint was chipping and till this day it didn't get resolved. Service calls are $250 each time without fixing the problem.

Replace the battery at $540 (to be exact 3 times), within 10 days product once again fail to work. It took a big hit to get it to work again, but once again I'm back to it not working.

I been calling back for help, in which they advise me to open the cover on the left side with a 8mm tool to try to adjust it, which didn't do anything. How can a company ask their customer to try to fix a machine we have no knowledge of, what if I was an older person?

I definitely wouldn't recommend this company to anyone EVER, even if it's for free!! I'm expecting a service call within a week, this will definitely be my last service call.

Noah Z.
1 Star

November 18 2021 10:49PM

Terrible company to deal with. Have a problem with our chair lift making a loud screeching sound. The sound occurred intermittently. Serviceman came to replace a defective electrical wire causing an F 9 flashing. Paid $250 for the service call and 40$ for the part.

The lift did not squeal that visit. Loud screeching noise screeching sound reoccurred one day later. Finally got through to Acorn 2 days later. Acorn wanted $250 for another service call. Spoke to the supervisor who stated they were a business, not there to coddle people.

Their representatives have been rude and nasty, having absolutely no consideration for their customers, unless you pay. Suggest not using this company!

Frank L.
East Setauket, NY
1 Star

November 08 2021 8:35PM

We have an Acorn chair lift installed in our home. Acorn support is very difficult to near impossible to contact. When calling them, they transfer you to the service department. Your call does not get answered. Their phone system states that they are unable to accept any voicemails.

Their system then hangs up on you. FYI...We have been trying for 4 months to have our chair lift serviced by Acorn. They either do not show up for the appointment with no notice or they simple reschedule the appointment.

You decide if you want to buy the lift from them and then fight with them to provide support. Unhappy customer.

Steve K.
Overland Park, KS
1 Star

October 27 2021 8:37PM

Acorn? Run away. Quickly. 86 year old mother with end stage COPD lives with us. Chair is currently broken, 4th time in 3 years.

At one time the Extended Warranty ensured service within 48 hours, good luck even getting someone on the phone in that amount of time. Finally got an appointment scheduled, 9 days from now.

Rodney W.
Williamsburg, VA
1 Star

October 27 2021 1:15PM

Cannot reach them by phone. Not answering calls. Our chairlift does not work at all and we were given an appt date for today—our chairlift broke over a week ago. Have a disabled person living in our home. DO NOT USE THEM.

Sandra D.
Bloomfield Hills MI, MI
2 Stars

October 22 2021 3:08PM

Last week my parents, who are in their 90's, stairlift stopped working. I called Acorn to set up a service appointment. Had to leave a message. No return phone call. Called again and left another message. I did receive a call back and was told that someone in our area would call us. Nobody called back.

The next day I called and left another message. No response. Waited two days and called and actually spoke to someone who indicated to me that a technician would have to service the chair. I was told an agent from the scheduling department would call to set up an appointment.

Again no response. We are still waiting. I would not recommend purchasing an Acorn stairlift. People who have purchased this have done done so because of a disability.

This company has a total lack of regard for their clients, their clients safety nor do they have any pride in their product. A company with this kind of attitude should not be in business.

Sue B.
Putnam Valley, NY
1 Star

October 22 2021 11:37AM

My 92 year old mom and dad have been crawling up and down the steps for over a month. You delayed sending out a technician and now you say you do not have any parts to repair the burned out motor.

How long will it be before a serious injury or even a fatal fall? Take a motor out of a new one you are selling and fix theirs. They are still under warranty. Awful customer service.

Donna K.
1 Star

October 20 2021 10:25PM

My actual rating of ACORN is NO STARS ZIP ZERO NADA. WORST Company!!! I have had a chair Acorn Superglide 130 Straight Stairlift since 08/23/2016 and have had 4 armrest completely break off, almost throwing me out. Good thing I had my seatbelt on.

I have also paid $595.00 every year to continue warranty and have not gotten much in return. Every time that the armrest has broken it has taken several calls to get someone to answer the phone as messages are NOT returned.

Acorn will say that because of Covid 19 they are behead and lack staff...this is a crock of you know what as before we even knew what COVID-19 was. Acorn was the worst at returning calls and then getting someone out to your home took 4-5 more days.

At this point I can not use my chair lift due to the broken arm and am stuck on the second floor of my home. I have been in this situation since Monday 10/18/21 at 1pm. 53 hours of having a broke chair lift and NO call back.

Bottom line DO NOT BUY AN ACORN CHAIR LIFT. Please Please find someone else as Acorn only cares about their bottom line $$$$ and not the customer.

Greensboro, NC
1 Star

October 20 2021 4:00PM

Can’t get a service call to come out and service my two chair lifts. I guess if you don’t buy a service contract you’re left out in the cold. Little do they care, my two chair lifts were quite an investment, but ACORN Could care less. Without an expensive contract they will not stand behind their product,

Sarah H.
Canton, GA
2 Stars

October 17 2021 8:10PM

I have been waiting 2 weeks for a technician to come fix a foot rest problem on my mom's Acorn stair lift. I received an appointment 9 days from when I first called and no technician showed up. I called and they said they had technical difficulties and our appointment wasn't in the schedule.

They said they would call with an appointment 4 days ago and they still have not called back. I called today and they said someone would call but they don't know when. My mom is 85 years old in a split level house. This chair allows her to live in her house. Her chair keeps getting stuck.

We pay for the "platinum" upgraded extended warranty package to get help when she needs it. They have no problem taking the money and every problem showing up to fix the stair lift. Custom service is useless. The technicians when they show up are usually great.

Gena G.
West Haven, CT
1 Star

October 16 2021 2:20PM

Ordered and made 1/2 payment the first of September and was given an install date of Sept.28. They called and cancelled...said installer broke his leg. Rescheduled for October 13. They didn't even bother to call this time. Waited all day for a no-show.

Made numerous calls, put on hold or hung up. Three days of calling and emails before someone finally told me that the man who gave me the Oct. 13 date was not authorized to do so.

Got a call last night from Michael...said now scheduled for October 27 and could not do better because he only has one installer in the whole STATE! AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE

Fae L.
Cleveland, TN
1 Star

October 15 2021 6:19PM

Acorn has scheduled me twice Sept 28 and October 15, the first time the tech had called out. The 2nd time they couldn't find the appointment cause the system wasn't up and running. I have a cancer patient here and still no appointment.

Dorri M.
Teaneck, NJ
4 Stars

October 13 2021 2:46PM

We have made appointments for installation of stairs...did not show....whenever we call we're put on hold for ten minutes, then are told the installer called us 3 times and left a message...did not happen.

The latest person, Milessa, put us on hold, then too us they would get back to us....This fiasco has been going on for more than3 weeks....if it continues we're going to cancel this order and go with another company. Bob P.

Robert P.
Savannah, GA
2 Stars

October 12 2021 1:50AM

It stopped working 10 days ago. They will not return my call. My little girl cannot make it to her room safely. I have to now carry her up and down the stairs. My wife has to leave work early to make it home to get her down the stairs safely.

Stanley A.
Spicewood, TX
1 Star

October 09 2021 10:56PM

I have had to call for service 3 times since May. Every time I call it's almost 3 weeks before I see a repairman. The last time I had them here the man worked from 4:30 to 7:40 pm. That repair lasted down once, up once then 1/2 way down before it completely quit.

So actually I rode it twice before it quit again. I called again and they told me they would be there the next day to fix it. Next day I get a phone call saying the guy is sick so they will be here on Wednesday. When I asked if they could do better she came back with we can come back on Tuesday.

Tuesday comes and they call again and say the guy called in sick again so there would be someone here on Saturday between 8 am and 12 pm. To make a long story short, when they didn't show by 12 I called Acorn.

The man told me that I probably wouldn't know but their entire system went down and they can't get in touch with the repairman to see if he was still coming. They would call me back as soon as they had the information. He assured me it would be today.

It is 6:50 pm and I never heard from them again. The people they work for are elderly and or disabled. I unfortunately are both. When I have to walk up the stairs I need 10 to 15 minutes to be able to breathe easier again. And this is all happening when I have my oxygen on.

I took out a $795.00 a year contract and have had to wait almost 3 weeks every time I call. I know with Covid it's harder on everyone but this is still not acceptable. My contract is running out soon and I hope they aren't stalling me until that happens. I wouldn't put anything pass them now.

I have threatened to let people know I wouldn't recommend them to anyone but they don't care. I never thought I would write a review like this but enough is enough and my patience has run its course.

Alice M.
Lowell, MA
2 Stars

September 28 2021 12:06AM

Acorn postponed my appointment twice. The second time with two hours notice. Each time the postponement was over a week long. Not reliable. They weren't very pleasant on the phone and we had to reschedule our appointments for doctors to accommodate them. We went with another company.

Larraine D.
Levittown, NY, NY
1 Star

September 22 2021 6:00PM

Terrible customer service. Made appt 10 weeks in advance, only to have them not show up. When called they said the tech had an emergency and they would have to reschedule, which turned out to be three weeks away.

Even when told the routine maintenance had turned into an emergency they would not move up the appointment. Customer service tech was borderline rude. Don't buy an Acorn. Filed complaint with BBB.

D. T.
Virginia Beach, VA