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March 07 2019 5:02PM

The unit sold for outdoor use is the same as the indoor model. Frequently inoperable as a result. Atrocious is an understatement when describing service. Service policies are expensive and very necessary. Hard to believe that they are able to continue their enterprise. Truly awful. Avoid!!

Edward B.
Milford, CT
February 27 2019 7:51PM

They have a dangerously bad service policy. They advertise a 365 days service, but this only means the phone lines are open, not that the engineers are available. We are paying a FORTUNE for the annual fee, and when stair lift stopped working, we’ve been told that the engineers go home at 5pm and cant come out till "Sometime tomorrow". My mother is 96 and lives alone. She cannot get to get to her bedroom or her bathroom if the stair lift is broken. Not having any form of on-call engineering service is huge issue, and would make me strongly recommend going with any other provider. No-one we spoke with had showed any form of responsibility or even empathy for the situation. Avoid at all costs.

Gerri M.
January 23 2019 2:05AM

Acorn stairlfts unreliable. Acorn installed a 120. This stairlift was not used for approximately 6 months after installation due to patient not being released from hospital. After user started using the lift quickly stopped working, the repairman said that the limit switches weren't working and replaced them. Approximately 3 months later the emergency brake engaged, the limit switches again stop working. Had this same problem a total of 5 times. Today 5 years after install, I am told that the 120 isn't available, and some of the parts are not available for the installed version. So something that is 5 years old, trouble from very start, can't be serviced. The company told me that they can install a new stairlift. A 130 for more weight limit. I am over 60 lbs lighter than I was at the beginning. So not only did I lose weight but the operation of the lift. Very disappointed, in the company and their product. Expect to have to spend approximate $1000.00 a year with this company.

Ronald D.
Huntsville, TX
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