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Acorn Stair Lifts

4 Stars (114 Reviews)
Updated: January 25, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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For over 25 years, Acorn has worked to set new standards in both quality and innovation in the stairlift industry. Acorn Stairlifts has grown to become the world's leading independent company specializing solely in the manufacture and installation of stairlifts, pioneering designs and high engineering standards. Acorn was the first company to introduce DC batteries to power their stairlifts during a power outage.

Editorial Breakdown

Customer Service 4.3 Stars
Customization 3.8 Stars
Warranty 4 Stars
Price 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4 Stars

Bottom Line

Acorn designs and sells three models of stair lifts – one for straight stairs, curved stairs and outdoor use. Its stair lifts are designed to easily mount on your stairs instead of the wall and require no structural changes to your home. Check out our picks for the best stair lift companies by clicking the link below.

114 Acorn Stair Lifts Reviews

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3 Stars

September 13 2021 6:44PM

We had an exterior Acorn Stair Lift installed about 3 years ago. For the most part, my mother has been very satisfied with the device itself. About 6 months ago, the toggle switches on the chair failed and she had to use her remote fob to operate the chair.

Dealing with the Acorn corporate maze to get service has been very frustrating. Their scheduling and service systems are terrible. Every face-to-face interaction we have had with Acorn staff and support has been great.

Their online and over-the-phone support, however, is awful. It has taken nearly 3 months to resolve this toggle switch issue which is unacceptable. Again, the device itself has been satisfactory but customer service and support are lacking.

In addition, we learned that my mother was offered the highest tier one-year warranty without any mention of a lower priced option which is available.

Ryan L.
Colorado Springs, CO
2 Stars

September 11 2021 12:29AM

Purchased acorn chairlift and was informed we would get a follow-up checkup one year from purchase. This did not happen the scheduled visit was postponed and was given a new rescheduled date.

As the new date approached we were called and informed they could not make it and again gave a new rescheduled date. You guessed it. We received another call postponing the date with excuse being cases in covid rising. Well the first two dates had nothing to do with covid.

I will go to say new customers are getting lifts installed even with covid. Because there is no profit In the yearly follow-up the company has seen fit not to live up to their bargain for our owed checkup on the equipment.

If we were broken I am sure they would find time to come. Again 3 cancelations and still owed by contract a yearly checkup visit. Do not trust what they say.

Robert S.
Augusta, ME
1 Star

September 01 2021 2:00PM

My elderly mother has an Acorn chairlift in her home purchased about 5 years ago. The initial installation was incorrect and the lift had to basically be re-installed. Recently the chair has broken down twice and thus become unusable.

Evidently having a product that does not work at all does not move you up to the top of the list for service. In one case had to wait 2 weeks to get the initial repair. The latest repair has taken a week for a technician to show up.

The customer service person on the phone even stated an unit that is not working does not move you to the top of the list. Poor after the sale support.

Chris J.
Carlisle, PA
1 Star

August 31 2021 10:49PM

We bought the chair 5 years ago (curved chair-$10,000) for my Dad who just lost his leg. The install went fine. It was downhill since. We have had motherboard replaced, battery replaced, etc. The cost to just come out is $250 unless you have a $800 yearly service contract.

They can not be reached 24/7 which is poor for a company servicing handicap people. They always have an excuse that the service men can not come right away. Sometimes you wait days....which is not good for someone on dialysis!

I would not recommend this chair company until you do research on other chairs lifts and compare.

2 Stars

August 23 2021 2:39PM

We brought a chair three months ago. It's making lot of noise and scratches the rail. We were told to wipe it using a cloth. The chair is not comfortable to sit and both my parents feel they are going to fall off. It's not easy to get a tech to come and see in a short time.

Everyday I feel this may stop in the middle and nervous. It makes huge noise and we are not happy and seems spent lot of money and no peace of mind.

Srinivas R.
Elgin, IL
1 Star

August 19 2021 12:54AM

Be cautious and hear carefully, they come at your house, they are polite, they install it....but.... after the second year you have to pay $700 per year to have warranty!!! YES you heard well!!!

I called them today to teach me how can I remove the chair so the delivery guy to bring on the second floor my new refrigerator and they didn't tell me.

They ask me 250 to uninstall the chair BEFORE the delivery and another 250 AFTER my delivery take place TOTAL $500. My question is: is the technician graduated from Harvard? why do they charge me so much?

On purpose there is NO tutorial on YouTube and there is NO on manual how to remove the chair (you know why). Even if they have special prices, think TWICE the "after" I learned from my mistake!!!

2 Stars

July 24 2021 3:53PM

Bought the curved chairlift for my wife who was having knee surgery. Worked very well the first year. Then it just stopped! Impossible to get customer service to call you back. They called us to buy a service contract for $800 a year!! We said “no!”

Months later after much aggravation we got a call and they sent a man out from Atlanta. That was 6 months ago and over $500 and now it stopped again!

Robert M.
Columbus, GA
2 Stars

July 07 2021 5:08PM

Actually, the product is OK (see below) but the referral program is fraudulent. Don't expect to get your $200. The people in that program are rude and deceptive. They make up stuff as they go along to get you to go away.

We bought two stair lifts. The stairs are long and require a splice that causes a bump, rather annoying for a $2000 investment. The stair lifts require constant cleaning or dust builds up on the rail and the rollers.

I suggest you look for reviews that are written more than a year after installation. I think you will get a more honest appraisal.

Bruce T.
Decatur, AL
1 Star

June 29 2021 5:44PM

THE WORST Customer service EVER... you will be left on your own after paying for stairlift purchased from ACORN, even with extra payment for extended warranty.

It takes months to get back to you to book an appointment and when it gets close to the date, someone is going to call you to cancel or postpone your appointment.

Because at ACORN no one cares about any issue after your purchase is done. Unfortunately there is no (-5) stars here, otherwise I would have selected that one.

Mahdi K.
5 Stars

June 25 2021 10:34PM

We bought a stair lift as my mom was having a little trouble with the stairs. The service could not have been any better. The equipment was fabulous and the guy who installed it was unbelievable. So patient and answered all our questions.

We could not be happier. I thank you all for giving my mother the freedom to run the house. If you want great service call this company. They really care!

Yolanda H.
Villa Rica, GA
1 Star

June 18 2021 4:04PM

We purchased an outdoor and indoor stairlift in April 2020. The products themselves are OK but very slow. The customer service is essentially non existent and literally takes weeks to arrange. While people are nice on the phone they have nothing to offer.

Our stairlift broke after only six weeks and it has taken more than two weeks to get a repair man out. If you really need a stairlift this amount of waiting time is unacceptable.

If you really need a stairlift find a company that has good local repair people and get references from people who use the service.

Lynn A.
1 Star

June 05 2021 2:38AM

I have been watching the tv ads for the Acorn Stair Lift for years and have said that if I ever needed a similar system, I would definitely go with the Acorn brand. After reading the reviews posted, I’d be absolutely crazy to think about buying anything from these people.

Steve H.
Tampa, FL
1 Star

May 23 2021 10:12PM

Problems occur on weekends and it's impossible to get through to customer service. You are virtually abandoned and left to struggle on your own.

After less than 1 year of purchasing the curve for $9000 I had to dish out another $800 for coverage and battery. At these prices I expect to have service on weekends.

Anna S.
Westbury, NY
2 Stars

May 22 2021 3:13PM

My siblings and I purchased an Acorn stair lift for our dad in June, 2020. While there have been no issues with the stairlift so far, after the 1 yr warranty is up, buyer beware.

The annual stairlift checkup which was included is due in June, 2021, but the rep on the phone said the techs are so busy in Pennsylvania that he couldn't come out to the home until November!

Then they try and sell you the warranty for $595, which covers everything in the event you would need a repair (this warranty is only for 1 yr). Otherwise, the service call alone is $200, plus parts and labor. That is totally unacceptable!!!

When I purchased the stairlift, the salesman said the warranty was $250. Yes, there is a warranty for $250, but it doesn't cover a service call or any of the parts. The battery replacement alone would be $300!

Unless your aging parents have extra money in their bank account to spend, I would not recommend purchasing. Like I said earlier, the stairlift itself doesn't have any issues so far, but the warranty is totally unacceptable!!! Not a good package for seniors.

Andrea G.
Allentown, PA
2 Stars

May 19 2021 5:25PM

We have the "curved" stairlift. This is S-L-O-W compared to the competitor's products. This one has been pretty error-prone. The most recent problem was with a non-soldered joint in a small component.

This problem occurred just after the first annual maintenance, and Acorn said that to repair it would be my next annual maintenance.

When you call for service, the waits are long (don't they use computers these days??), and once scheduled, you'll be waiting a long time. Here in New England, there is only one service tech. Go figure.

Daniel P.
1 Star

May 12 2021 1:20PM

The technician left several dirt spots on a newly cleaned area.. he held me hostage in my garage until he could get a American Express corporate credit card to work when he was too stupid to use the correct 4 digit code.

American Express Delta Reserve was also angry that a vendor treated me so poorly. The card has literally no pre determined limit. I have never been treated so poorly in my life.

James B.
5 Stars

May 04 2021 4:27PM

Tim ** installed the stair lift in our home May 4th, 2021. He was friendly, thoughtful, professional & neat. He wore a face mask for covid protection. He explained it well and did a demonstration. Thank you very much. Larry & Rosalie **.

Larry E.
Des Lacs, ND
2 Stars

April 25 2021 2:57PM

My complaint isn’t about the product because it works great. The chair has been a life saver. My complaint is the service contract. $600 I paid for the technician to come out and say the battery was fine and the chair really didn’t need service.

Had I been aware of this cost, I certainly would have shopped around for another company before purchasing.

Danelle T.
Capital Hgts, MD
1 Star

April 15 2021 3:04AM

Do not purchase!! Had 4 vs after installation to repair. Now they want me to purchase a warranty when yr is up for $683 for a stairlift for 1 yr. This includes taxes for my state. The company doesn't take payments for warranty.

I am a senior. Not able to use steps due to my handicap. The salesmen didn't go over the cost of the warranty. This is a scam for handicap seniors on fixed income. Amelia **.

Amelia D.
Wintersville, OH
1 Star

February 26 2021 7:39PM

A year ago, we purchased two stairlifts. Our stairs go halfway to a landing then turns 90º to reach the top of the stairs. We were sold on the idea two separate stairs would be more cost effective. It was true that the one lift that would make the 90º turn was more expensive.

What we were not told was that after the initial warranty we would need to buy an extended warranty at double the cost. This increased the cost from $565 to $1130 per year. They did offer, after I showed my displeasure, to reduce the cost on one of the chairs by $200.

The person trying to sell the extended warranty was very rude and would not stop giving me the sales pitch to let me speak. I felt as if I was talking to a used car sales person.

In addition, one of the stairs was showing a code that indicated that one of the batteries was getting weak. Because the lift was still operating they refused to change the battery while under warranty.

I would not recommend this company unless funds for the extended warranty is not a problem.

James M.
River Ridge, LA
2 Stars

February 09 2021 6:50AM

I have bought two Acorn lifts, one used and one very expensive brand new unit. Dealing with this company has been a nightmare! I laugh because on their site it says fast installation!!

They have one installer in Saskatchewan apparently because I have had a terrible time trying to get them to install both units!

I started dealing with them weeks before my father was to come home, it was 3 weeks after he arrived before they would come and install the used unit just to hold us off until we could get the new unit. 3 weeks is unacceptable!

Now we are going through the same thing all over again. We were told we had to wait 2 weeks and the day they were due to arrive we got a phone call to reschedule another 2 weeks!!! Almost 2 months before we can properly get my father upstairs!!

For a senior with a degenerative disease this is way too long! 15,000$ we have spent with this company. Completely unacceptable. If you want a huge headache, buy an Acorn lift. I give them 2 stars because their salesman was the best and only good part of the experience.

J D.
1 Star

January 19 2021 12:24AM

We've had an Acorn stairlift for just under year. It makes a horrible loud screeching sound coming downward. A repair person came under warranty. However he did not fix the problem, it continued screeching right after he left. We called back right away to have him return to fix it for real. Now Acorn will not honor their own warranty. They want to charge $750 to come back to fix it correctly. Do not trust this company. Stay away. Go with any other stairlift company.

Jeff W.
Westlake Village, CA
5 Stars

January 16 2021 1:02AM

We purchased our Acorn stairlift in 2013. We’ve had it serviced only twice. In both cases, the service rep was at our house the next day. The service rep was clean & courteous. The problem was diagnosed & repairs were made swiftly. We are both in our 80s & plan to keep using our Acorn stairlift for at least 10 more years, Lord willing.

James F M.
Baytown, TX
2 Stars

December 19 2020 3:50PM

I was told I would get $200 for a referral. I referred someone and they bought the stairlift but I cannot get my $200.

My son had to do some carpentry to make it work and the salesman also told us he would get $100 for doing that. They now tell me that he is not going to anything. I am very disgusted with the Acorn salesman and the company. I do not like to be LIED to!!!

The people I talked to on the phone about this issue were very unprofessional and kept passing me on to someone else, which was the runaround and wasted an hour of my time. The installer was great. I say buyer beware and would not recommend them to anyone.

Wanda N.
Jacksonville, IL
1 Star

October 19 2020 4:56PM

Six year old lift in my Church has been out of service for months. I have been trying to get it serviced but it seems as though Acorn has no servicemen in our half of the state of Maine.

I finally was referred to a service company that I don't believe is an authorized agent but they would help. I told them that the units batteries were dead and that the charging function was not working. They assured me that changing the batteries would fix the problem.

For $300 plus they replaced the batteries and then noticed that the charging system wasn't working.

They looked at the power supply transformer and didn't think it was the right one for the lift although it was putting out the right voltage and ordered a replacement for another $200 plus.

Surprise, it still doesn't work! Now after putting over $500 into it the unit might might make a decent boat anchor. Do not buy!

Carl S.
Lincoln, ME
2 Stars

October 08 2020 3:15PM

I had to quickly purchase a stairlift to support my mother moving in with us in 2012. Bought a model 180 curved lift. Sale and installation went great, at around 15k. Problems started immediately - the lift kept “losing” the start and end of the track.

At $400 a pop, service calls added up. After at least 6 repair calls, the “floater expert” came to fix it once and for all. That lasted a couple months.

Calls to their support line were insulting, trying to sign us up for extended warranty and extra service - clearly more interested in getting more money from us than providing quality service. The local tech was nice and helpful, but struggled getting the lift to operate reliably.

8 years later and several expensive upgrades and battery replacements, my mother has passed, we’re selling our house and our agent tells us to get it outa here.

Seeing Acorn won’t allow anyone else to install or service the lift, we had zero luck reselling it - and are now paying a company $600 to remove the lift and dispose of it.

Acorn is a profit motivated company trying to take advantage of elderly folks who need help. Shame on them. Find another vendor if you need a lift - Acorn will rob you blind.

David A.
Sterling, MD
1 Star

September 24 2020 10:44PM

Have had the Acorn chair lift for under 18 months, six of which it is not used. I have had a repair person out about 10 times and once again, the chair is broken.

I had to buy the yearly maintenance agreement for $750.00 because the mother board went about 6 weeks ago or I would have paid more that to replace it. The chair broke on a Wednesday and they said a repair person couldn’t come until Monday!

I asked how I was suppose to get up the stairs for 4 days, and received no response. I don’t think Acorn understands that people purchase a stair lift because THEY NEED IT!

For the price paid and the exorbitant maintenance service price, and the amount of time it is inoperable, I would never purchase Acorn Chair Lifts again and I could never recommend it!

Linda D.
Cheshire, CT
1 Star

August 31 2020 2:09PM

This product, costing over $12,000.00, with a yearly maintenance fee of approx. $500.00, dead battery $250.00 approx. every 12 mo., has been the very worst investment in MY 80 years of living. Battery is NOT covered by yearly fee.

Do not waste YOUR money! The reason for the (1) VERY BAD rating today is that the chair started screeching when it runs over the joint in the curved rail.

When I called for an appointment right away, today, Aug. 31, 2020, so I didn't continue using it and possibly making the problem worse, I was given the next appointment date of DECEMBER 1, 2020!!!! Is this hard to believe?

If Acorn built a better product they might not have as many service calls requiring customers to wait THREE (3) months for a technician to show up. How did the BBB give the company a good rating?

Toronto, OH
1 Star

August 19 2020 8:52PM

I purchased a $12,000 chairlift for my 89-year-old parents who depend on the lift to be able to move from the ground floor to the bedroom and bathroom on the 2nd floor.

The chair stopped working and they have been told to wait 3 days before someone can even look at it. Don't believe their phony promises of first-rate service. Avoid this company at all cost.

Steven G.
New York, NY
3 Stars

August 10 2020 8:29PM

Contact is professional, but warranty is only 1 year. Then they want to charge you around 600$ a year to keep from being robbed by Various service issues. In 5 years we would have been paying for our whole device again.

Every service call begins with $150 charge. Made us feel violated. It seemed it would almost be cheaper to buy a new one every 5 years.

Nancy W.
Mount Pleasant, SC
2 Stars

August 07 2020 11:24PM

During a recent power outage 2 1\2 days we had to listen to beeping from the chairlift every 15 seconds with no way to turn it off. It was like Chinese torture. They wanted to charge is us $150 to turn it off and another $150 to turn it back on when power returned. Very disappointed.

Charlotte K.
PomptonPlains, NJ
5 Stars

July 25 2020 8:15PM

I paid a $500 deposit on a stairlift as my wife and I were bringing her father to live in our home. Since this was during the COVID-19 pandemic, he took a severe turn for the worse and we were unable to move him into our house.

I notified our representative "Anny" and she assured us a refund in 4-6 weeks. Our refund check arrived 4 weeks to the day. These are reputable people.

William D.
1 Star

July 25 2020 10:41AM

I can’t begin to say how bad and dangerous this stairlift is! Last night was the 3rd time that I had to carry my father in-law out of the stair lift and carry him up the rest of the way because it just stops when it wants to!! All light shut off on it.

And that’s not the only problems since we bought this at least 8-9 and each time is $250 just to walk in the door. I was on the phone with them last night (just like all the other times).

When I say maybe it’s defective and it should be changed I get, "We don’t do that" and I’m told that it’s not defective. They Absolutely don’t care about the Elderly only the money that they keep taking from them!!

Not 1 time in my conversation with this man on the phone did he say, "I’m sorry this keeps happening" or "I’m sorry that you’re father in-law was stuck and had to sit there until I came a 40 minute drive..."

No I got why didn’t they call the fire department. They would’ve taken him out.. WHAT!! And when I said that I call all the time with issues and have to pay again for a technician to come out..his reply back was "It’s been 2 months since your last problem."

I guess 2 months is a long time to them!! Please read all the other reviews before you buy a acorn stairlift. They nothing but a money pit!! And this company does NOT care about the customers AT ALL!! DON'T BUY THIS!!!

John H.
Medford, MA
1 Star

July 21 2020 9:11PM

Bought a refurbished "supposedly" outside lift...had to have just about everything in it replaced a year later...and now this year it started getting stuck half way down...then would go up n down by itself..

Now it actually broke a hole in the rail where the connection is between the two sections that were put together...too costly to maintain...piece of crap!

Pamala K.
Van Dyne, WI
1 Star

June 22 2020 8:50PM

If I could leave zero stars, I would. We purchased our Acorn Stair life 3 years ago, and paid $10,000 for it. In that three years, we have had to have service on it 4 times. The first time was in the 1 year warranty. After that, there was a $250 charge per service call plus parts. The third time we had service was 3 weeks ago, paid $250. It broke down last Friday and we could not get a service tech out here until Monday, which is earlier than previous visits.

Usually they don't come out til Wednesday. I called the CS department on Friday explaining the numerous problems we've had with their product and how ridiculous it is that they take so long to service the chair. I asked to speak to a manager, who told me she would waive the $250 service fee on this visit.

The service tech came out today and had no note of the waiver. I called back and spoke to another manager (who by the way, said the person I spoke to on Friday was NOT a manager). After much of my complaining she said she would notify the technician to waive the $250 on this visit.

We ended up having to pay $272 for a new battery. So, not only have we paid $10,000 for the chair, but have paid a number of $250 service fees plus parts. You would think that a company who is in the business to assist with elderly people who cannot get up and down stairs, would consider this an emergency and have a process in place to take care of their customers immediately.

Their website clearly states that they strive to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied! Well, this is certainly not the case with this company. I am extremely unhappy with this chair and this company and do not recommend it to anyone. Beware of Acorn Stair Lifts!

Robin R.
Hendersonville, NC
1 Star

June 19 2020 2:02PM

When Acorn came in to install the stair lift in our home I told them that there wasn't enough room to get up and down the stairs because our stairs are not that wide. I was told if I wasn't happy to contact them and they put the lift in anyway.

Now my stairs are not safe to use normally and the stairlift started making weird noises and the covers started falling off after a few weeks. Also the batteries are junk.

When I talked to them on the phone they were very rude act like I was bothering them and their answer was if didn't like it take it apart and throw it out in my garage they didn't care what I did with it all sales final. I was also told if they come out to look at it they may have to charge me $250.00 after telling me that the warranty covered everything for the first year.

If you're looking for a stairlift don't use acorn. All they care about is getting your money. Look for another company that actually stands behind the product they sell and cares if your home is safe. Mike.

Michael F.
Akron, OH
1 Star

June 18 2020 5:31PM

My octogenarian parents purchased one of these units, and true to form, with very limited use it still lasted about 11 months before causing problems. Acorn has made two service calls, problems persist, and now after less than a year they want to sell my parents an "extended warranty plan" for about 20% of the replacement cost for this unit annual fee.

This is a borderline fraudulent business practice where I suppose the power of their advertisements sells the units to unsuspecting consumers, and then Acorn lives off of the repair service contract for the life of the consumer. I have become engaged with the situation, and I am looking hard into the possibility that the unit they installed in my parents home is used. Any ideas on how I can prove or disprove this definitively?

Steven M.
Wilmington, NC
1 Star

June 09 2020 4:07AM

The Acorn stairlift itself is excellent but have been unable to get any service. Need a new battery but they say they don't service in this area. Don't buy an Acorn in Lake Havasu City Az. It's out of their service area per this #888-563-0410.

Lila L.
1 Star

June 05 2020 8:45PM

Paid what we consider a lot of money for stairlift, worked ok for a year, it quit working, had a tech come out and change batteries, worked for two days. Now dead again. Poor customer service when this is Friday and you can't get a tech out here until next Tuesday. Will never recommend or refer your company to anyone. Service agreement is way overpriced. Not a happy camper.

Dennis L.
Anthem, AZ
1 Star

April 16 2020 12:54AM

After 14 months, chairlift stopped working. Called Acorn and they have said I would need a tech to come out and quoted an outrageous price for this. Said I would need a new computer panel. My son then called Headquarters and they quoted a different even higher price (about a third of the price of the lift). They offered no tech help by phone.

I then called a place that did repairs. (not associated with Acorn) He walked me through a few steps and we got it working. He said no way did I need a new panel. Acorn tried to take full advantage of a situation for their benefit.. They are total frauds. Won’t deal with them again. They should be put out of business. Stay away from this Company!

Barbara D.
Branchburg, NJ
2 Stars

February 11 2020 6:09PM

Acorn Superglide 120. The lift itself works. I can't comment on the expense of the lift and installation as compared to other companies except to say that in general, it is expensive. But the contract is more-so out of line. Read it carefully. The common things that go wrong (like battery replacement) are not covered. I have an engineering background so I took over maintenance.

The wiring is very fragile. The arms of the chair can actually crimp the wiring and break it. I had to fix the wiring on both arms. The common issue is that the battery has to be replaced after 3 years. Reading the issues people are having, I wonder if the tech is replacing other parts when all that is really needed is a fresh battery. Underneath the chair you will see codes. You can look up what those codes are telling you (such as low voltage). That means the battery can no longer stay charged so it's due for replacement. Order the replacement online or stop by a battery store. In my opinion so little is covered by the warranty that you should not get it. If you are handy, do it yourself. Or find a handyman who can help you.

B W.
Boston, MA
1 Star

December 10 2019 8:24PM

Like a few other reviewers, I wish I had seen this site before I bought my Acorn Stairlift. I also had only two options where I live and the other one wouldn't return phone calls. I've had this for just over four years and have had to have service done about 23 times. Not the regular annual service, but problems. It likes to stop working leaving me stranded either upstairs or down. I would never buy Acorn again and am actually getting a quote from a new company that serves my area. At this point, the cost of a new stairlift from a company with great reviews, is worth it.

Narda B.
Loveland, CO
1 Star

December 07 2019 10:50PM

I just wish I had seen this site before I bought my two 130 outdoor stair lifts . Everything all others are saying is correct. The chairs are very unreliable, and Acorn’s service contract is outrageous. You basically pay for a complete chair every 4 years. It’s still cheaper than having them come out fix them. $250 initial fee, plus parts and labor. I have had my lifts for 16 months and have had to replace a control board twice, transformers twice and both sets of batteries.

It’s not even the money that really bothers me, it’s the fact that when I get to my beach house and can’t get up the stairs because they don’t work after spending $8000 + it really gets me mad. You then call them and they tell you it will be a week before they can out to fix them! What’s the point of having them? I have outdoor models. The transformers have failed twice which then kills the batteries which are not warranted!

The transformers are clearly marked for indoor use only and all Acorn says is these are all they have. It doesn’t take an engineer to figure out why they keep failing. Indoor use only, installed outdoors on a beach?? If I actually would be stranded if these didn’t work I would be in big trouble. Do not buy these if you are in that state because I assure you that you will be stuck. Maybe this time the fix will work and they will actually run. All I can do is hope.

Frank S.
Gulf Shores, AL
1 Star

November 30 2019 12:44PM

I've had this chairlift for 3 years and have had 3 years worth of trouble. 3 times now the handle has completely broken off(one left 2 times on right) causing me to lose balance and almost coming out of chair. So far only thing has been minor scratch and bruising. Now do not expect to get any empathy from Acorn as all they care about is there bottom line and how mauch $$$ they can get out of you.

On Friday 11/29/19 I was on hold for 3-8 minutes only to be told to leave my name and number and someone will get back to me. (as they say they realize your time is valuable). I left message at 11:30am EST and did not hear anything from them. I finally called back and hit the option for billing and my call was answered immediately. (again $$$). The person I spoke with was rude and immediately went defensive. I was told I should have had the seatbelt on to which I replied "you have to get into the chair first and get seated before putting on a seatbelt". #2 I was told by agent that I was too heavy for chair, if the armrest handles were breaking that much and I should have the chair lift that supports 300 pounds or more.

The unit that was sold to me is for 300 pounds plus or at least that what was told to me by original sales representative. Because it supports 300 lbs plus it is a "straight" stairlift; in other words it will not make a curve as you see in the ads. So I have to climb(crawl is better word) up 3 stairs to the landing to get into this chairlift. There is only 1 year warranty and the best of the warranties (I'll be nice) is $595.00 per year and does NOT cover the battery, which had to be replaced after about 2 years of use.

One cannot fix this stairlift on your own as no other place sells their parts. Back to rep I talk to after he got my info and contract/invoice number he put me on a 3 minute hold. Once back he had done a 180% in his tone of voice, however the first available time that it can be fixed is Thursday Dec 5, so I'm with a broken chairlift for 6 days.

Now in the other 3 calls it has taken anywhere from 3-5 days for someone to come out. What Acorn needs is staff that has a spouse, relative, or friend that has to use one of there chairlifts and see what their tune would be like when they encountered the problems I and my spouse have had with this chair.

I've decided that I'm going to shop around, get reviews, and warranty info on other stairlifts because the next time this chair breaks down for any reason I'm going to (or at least my younger nephew) take the damn thing out and put it in the street for trash to pick up, because ACORN will charge you to take it out; I know as we were going to have carpet replaced and Acorn told me that they'd have to come out and uninstall it, then reinstall and you guessed it they would charge $$$$ to do it to the tune of close to $800.00, if I remember correctly.

Needless to say carpet did not get replaced. This is the last time I'm calling Acorn to fix something that should be sturdier that what it is (cheap plastic) as I'll get nephew to get it out to street and buy another one from a company that DOES NOT HAVE THE NAME ACORN and has reps that treat their clients in a much better way than the cold hearted sales staff I've talk to. The only person that has been extremely nice, courteous and caring has been the person that has come and fixed the unit. Stay far away from this company if you want peace of mind for your loved ones or friends. I have pics of broken parts and the $595.00 warranty and pics are posted on a google review.

Stuart B.
Greensboro, NC
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November 19 2019 9:43AM

What they don't tell you about the warranty... You only get one free service during the one year warranty. If you need service and they don't find a problem you have to pay the $250.00 trip charge. This is a horrible warranty. My mom's lift began making a noise and then we were advised that she had already had her one free call for service. When she declined to have the lift checked they asked her if she could make it up the stairs without the lift. Swindling elderly people on fixed incomes!!!

Me M.
Houston, TX
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November 04 2019 7:22PM

We had a stairlift installed at my parents house 3 years ago. Installer was good, lift worked well. This year the gas spring on the bottom fold up section of rail failed. We where told there is not a replacement gas spring available and would need to replace the whole rail (at a cost of close to $1,000). I removed the gas spring myself.

Acorn USA told me there was no part number for that spring. Did some research called U.K. and Scotland was able to track Acorn part number, Acorn USA would not sell me the gas spring, asked the local rep. She called them and they would not sell her the part either. I feel like they don't want people to fix a simple problem, they would rather up sell elderly or disabled people, make them pay for the whole rail system even after I tracked their own part number. I feel this is very dishonest and for that reason would not recommend ACORN.

Steven M.
Buffalo, NY
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September 28 2019 3:20AM

Ashamed of myself for doing hardly any research. I thought my wife, who was in the hospital with a badly fractured leg was going to require a lift as soon as she got home. I got bids from three different companies, Two of them had their salesman out that day.

Acorn couldn't have their salesman at my home for five days(I should have known then!). I preferred to do business with had a three to four week delivery time as did the second company. I mistakenly chose to await Acorn's bid, since there was now no hurry. The acorn sales man showed up on time and, unlike the other two salesmen who spent most of the time finding out what I wanted, began a rather hard sales presentation. He took measurements of the stairs and presented me with the price.

I asked him when the unit would be installed and he said that uponmy giving him a check for $2800 he would get in touch with the office to find out. I told him, "no thank you, and thanked him for his time. I walked to the door and opened it. He took the hint and left. About two hours later, the Acorn salesman called and said he pulled some strings and could get the unit installed the next day. Relieved that I could have a lift ready when my wife came home from the hospital, I told him,"let's do it". He said he would be by in 30 minutes to pick up the check ( I should have known then!). He came by, and I asked him why the Harry to get the $2800 if the payment in fulll was due tomorrow. He said something about company procedure.

Ok, but if the installer is not here by 8:00am as promised, I would be cancelling the check (I really didn't think the installer would show up). Yet, he did and did a quick, clean, and professional job. He told me to try it. I did, and found it to be molasses slow when maneuvering the two landings and the two ending sections. I told the young man that this was not at all what I needed. He said I needed to call the number on the chair because all he did was install per the salesman's spec. He asks for the balance which I reluctantly handed over (I should have known then!).

The people I spoke to in Florida (the main sales office) said the there was nothing they could do, and that I should please re read the contract and I would find that they had met all of their obligations (to their management perhaps, but most assuredly not to the customer). I am ashamed for having done business with this company. They are only interested in selling their equipment and, according to the reviews I've since read, their equipment is sub par.

L.J. B.
Houston, TX
1 Star

July 12 2019 2:35PM

7/12/2019 This stair lift was purchased 2/11/2019 So a purchase of $9,950 is 5 months old and not working. We called for service on 7/8 and the soonest they can come to repair is 7/16. For people with health problems, who purchased help, what are they to do SAFELY while this is not working? I'm sorry I did not read all these reviews before I Purchased it. My BIG mistake.

Romaine C.
Arlington Heights, IL
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June 26 2019 4:36PM

Your company is shameful in the way it hard sells with scare tactics the most vulnerable of customers. And frankly if your product was any good those warranty plans wouldn't be necessary would they? To have a back up battery die within 9 months of purchase causing the unit to beep continuously is bad enough but then to not be able to get a service person out for THREE WEEKS is disgusting. Just throw a comforter over the chair to muffle the sound was the advice. Now William, our account advisor calls constantly trying to sell an extended warranty plan. Each call gets more and more threatening with the high costs of just keeping the chair operating, all the while referencing our recent repair needs. Again, doesn't speak highly of your product now, does it?

Angela P.
1 Star

June 03 2019 7:35PM

Would give them a 0 if I could. I paid $5000.00 for a lemon Totally misrepresented their service. They are in Colorado and get handymen to install and they know nothing about them. Mine worked for 3 days. Getting a repairman is a major problem. They came out once and it ran for another 3 days. Would not take it back or exchange it and I have it laying in my basement. I bought a Stannah for $3000.00 and have had it 12 months now and never a problem. Bought locally with in-company service if needed 24 hrs. Never buy from Acorn. Don't believe anything they tell you.

Edith T.
Hohenwald, TN