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January 09 2020 4:54AM

When I first reached out to Allegiance they were very responsive. They genuinely wanted to know what our needs were and gave us a spot on quote. The price was far more affordable than many of the other companies I had used in the past and so I was more than happy to hire them. They were very professional to work with.

I genuinely felt like they went above and beyond to work with me and my family and get things done on time. If you are moving this company does it all! I would use them again without any hesitation.

Kirk M.
Wallingford, CT
January 08 2020 2:19AM

Such an awesome company! I highly recommend using them if you’re planning a move. Their office staff are such effective communicators. They made scheduling easy and handled everything professionally. The three movers we had were so hard working. Our move was long distance and so it took a lot of work but everyone Allegiance worked hard to make it happen. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. It was so nice to not have any stress on the day of my move.

Nancy G.
Denver, CO
December 31 2019 2:45AM

Allegiance did such a great job. Their costs were so affordable. They also explained everything in great detail. They more than met my expectations. I didn’t have anything at all broken during our move. I don’t know what more to say other than the service was excellent. I will be moving with them again I’m sure. I highly recommend them. They were highly professional and at a fraction of the cost of many of the other movers I reached out to. I look forward to moving with them again, though hopefully not too soon.

Florence W.
Smyrna, TX
December 30 2019 5:02AM

We moved clear across the country from Washington state to New Jersey. I have never done this kind of move before and have never had to find movers that could handle this kind of thing so the beginning of my experience was pretty overwhelming. I was lucky that a co-worker of mine had moved with Allegiance before and suggested them to me. Our move couldn’t have been better. I really mean that.

I usually hesitate to say anything was done perfectly but I honestly don’t think Allegiance could have done anything better. I was happy with both my experience moving with them and with the fact that all my belongings were protected. They deserve more than 5 stars if you ask me.

Jason J.
Maple Shade, NJ
December 29 2019 6:38AM

Years ago I used to do all the moving myself. I always thought that hiring movers was an unnecessary expenditure but as I’ve gotten older moving heavy items has become harder and I decided I needed to find a trustworthy company who could get the job done for me for a fair price. I had a hard time finding the right one which is part of why I wanted to right a review. I figured that maybe this might help someone else from having to look so hard.

When I found Allegiance I was so happy with the way I was treated and their prices were the best I could find. I’m glad I hired them because my move was as smooth as butter. I didn’t have a single problem. I really do think this is the best company out there and I just wanted to take some time and recommend them.

James D.
Marietta, GA
December 28 2019 6:22AM

I had heard nothing but good things about this company before hiring them. They were referred to us by my daughter who used them to move several months ago. She was just raving about the experience and so we decided to use them when it came time for us to move. They did the job to our complete satisfaction. I have 0 complaints whatsoever.

These are hard working guys who really hustle and take professionalism seriously. I will recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for help finding a moving company. They are great workers!

Alexandra R.
Wichita, KS
December 27 2019 6:33AM

This was a 5 star experience in every aspect. I really loved how customer service oriented everyone was. They answered questions, were flexible with time, worked hard, and got the job done very quickly. You really won’t find a better or more dedicated moving company out there. I would trust them again in a heartbeat. I just love a company that can take the stress out of a situation and can assure you that they’re on top of everything. They really handled everything we needed and made this the easiest and most enjoyable move that I have ever experienced. If you’re looking for a moving company you should definitely consider Allegiance. They’re THE BEST!

Robert T.
Los Angeles, CA
December 24 2019 3:45AM

The service from these guys is really great! They are so responsive and professional. They made sure the whole moving process was quick and easy. My move was rather abrupt and kind of unexpected but Allegiance couldn’t have made the whole thing easier. I really don’t have any complaints. Everyone working for them was very accommodating. They also moved everything with a lot of care and skill. I will definitely be recommending them to family and friends who are moving. They exceeded all of my expectations.

Mary H.
Indianapolis, IN
December 23 2019 7:45AM

Giving Allegiance 5 stars is a no brainer for me. They did everything the right way and really showed a lot of great work ethic. Everything we asked them to do they did with no questions asked and they made sure to do things quickly and efficiently as well. I never had a single issue the whole time they were in our home. You really want to hire this company. They were worth every penny we paid and couldn’t have been kinder to us.

Dana S.
Brookings, OR
December 22 2019 7:31AM

Was so stressed about my move. I had so much going on and due to unforeseen circumstances I even had to reschedule a couple of times. Allegiance was more than accommodating with me. They were really assuring and kind through the whole process. The crew that showed up were fantastic. They loaded everything super fast and as soon as they got to work I was really put at ease. I could tell that they really knew what they were doing. Allegiance really makes the process of moving easy. I would recommend their services to anyone!

Carroll B.
Woodville, TX
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