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December 14 2019 7:31AM

This may be the first time I’ve ever taken the time to write a review but I really feel like the guys from Allegiance earned one. They were so hard working and made sure to do everything in the most efficient way possible. They were able to get everything packed into the truck in just a few hours and had us on our way. I also couldn’t believe the cost. It was the best by far of any place I reached out to. I cannot recommend their services enough. Any time I need a mover or know someone who does my first thought will be Allegiance Moving. You should definitely give them a call.

Wilburn C.
Edgemont, CA
December 13 2019 7:52AM

Their movers were efficient and very careful with my stuff. After we retired my husband and I decided to downsize our home and move several states away. These movers were professional at each step of the move. Not only were the movers great but the price was wonderful as well. I have moved many times over the years but this was the easiest move both my husband and I have ever had. I want to say thank you to Allegiance for getting us moved so quickly. Though we don’t expect to move again we will certainly be recommending Allegiance and their services in the future.

Mary R.
Kearns, UT
December 11 2019 10:59PM

I had a very complicated cross country move which required two stops in order to get things from both my home and storage unit. Our home also had 3 flights of stairs which definitely was a hassle. The guys from Allegiance were very helpful however, and didn’t put up a single complaint.

I would really like to thank them for all of the effort they put into my move. They were upbeat and positive through the whole thing and didn’t take a single break. I would recommend that anyone moving use this company. They are highly skilled and have excellent customer service.

Cassandra P.
Portland, ME
December 11 2019 6:15AM

Allegiance Moving and Storage was very professional. They showed up on time and were completely prepared for the move. They had all the necessary materials to pack things up and to transport them safely. The guys took care of everything for us. No one in my family had to lift a finger. They gave us a nice, stress-free move and they did it all for a very affordable price. I am so impressed with the quality of service we received and I’m more than happy to give them 5 stars.

Ira K.
San Bernardino, CA
December 09 2019 7:43AM

I have been planning my move for months and the first thing I did was book a moving company. Finding the right one was very difficult but after enough searching I found Allegiance. They were some of the nicest and most professional people I have ever dealt with. They made setting things up and scheduling with them so easy. The movers themselves did a very good job with our move. They were dedicated, skilled, and honest. I have nothing but positive things to say. It was such an easy and wonderful move. I’m glad I hired them.

Lisa L.
Moline, IL
December 08 2019 5:26AM

Allegiance sent us three movers who couldn’t have been more professional. They packed us up, filled the truck tightly, and were on their way to our home in only a matter of hours. They treated everything nicely and managed to keep everything safe during transit which was quite the fete given that we had a very long distance move.

I was very pleased with every aspect of our experience with them. When they arrived they unloaded everything with the same amount of care and got our move finished quickly and efficiently. I really enjoyed working with these gentlemen and hope to do so again. Highly recommended.

Katie C.
Philadelphia, PA
December 07 2019 6:51AM

The crew from Allegiance Moving and Storage moved us from Durham, NC to Los Angeles, CA. It was a huge move and the first that my family had ever done across the country. They gave us a seamless move and such professional service. Their movers were on time, mindful of each item, and got straight to work upon arrival.

They really made sure to do everything the right way. When our stuff was dropped off they did more than just bring it in the house they made sure each box and piece of furniture was put in the right place before they left. That was a huge help to us and made unpacking so much easier. This move could have been so stressful but Allegiance really made it easy. I would happily use these guys again.

Kay F.
Los Angeles, CA
December 06 2019 6:31AM

We just moved to Michigan and had a 4 bedroom home that we needed packed and transported. Allegiance had both trucks they used packed full with all of the stuff we needed brought to our new home. Their movers did an awesome job. They carried everything with such care, including the furniture that was on our second floor. They were so respectful of all of our things. I highly recommend them. Not only was everything safe and secure in their care but their fee was very reasonable. They are the best movers I have ever used.

Jessica T.
Saginaw, MI
December 05 2019 7:25AM

I had another moving company scheduled for my move in July but by the time the 1st of that month rolled around they had canceled on me. I was in such a panic trying to schedule a new moving company in order to get me moved on time but Allegiance came to the rescue.

The nice girl I spoke to on the phone was so sweet and generous with her time. She walked me through everything and assured me that they could get everything taken care of. There absolutely did and for a very fair price. I really couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Allegiance.

Gladys S.
Philadelphia, PA
December 04 2019 5:04AM

We moved out of Georgia after living there for the last 15 years. As you can imagine when you’ve been in a home for that long you accumulate a lot of things. We needed movers who were able to help us get all of that to our new home in Connecticut and we were on a tight schedule. Allegiance was recommended to us by a friend and it was a wonderful recommendation. Our move went perfectly without any issues or damage to a single thing.

The whole crew was polite, professional, and respectful towards us. They were also very careful. Moving is stressful for anyone but Allegiance made the experience very easy. I highly recommend them. Thank you to everyone who helped us.

Lucy S.
New London, CT
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