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Allegiance Moving and Storage Review

Allegiance Moving and Storage gets the best price for each customer’s move via volume discounts from their moving company partners. Whether the move is local or cross-country, the broker guides each customer throughout the entire process. Allegiance offers a range of helpful services to ensure the customer has a safe and stress-free moving experience.

  • Arranges the entire move
  • Offers several moving services
  • Coordinates residential and commercial relocation
  • Negotiates volume discounts

  • Limited information about auto transport service

Allegiance Moving and Storage Long-Distance and Local Moves

Allegiance Moving and Storage coordinates the full spectrum of moving services, whether customers are relocating across town or the country. The customer service team is available before, during and after their move for support through the whole process. Quality assurance staff check in periodically to ensure customer satisfaction.

Allegiance Moving and Storage Services
Service Description
Residential Moving Transport belongings from any size homes
Commercial Moves Transport furniture and business items from offices of any size
Professional Packing Pack goods securely to prevent damage. Unpack at new location
Auto Transport Car shipping services relocate vehicles safely
Storage Short- or long-term storage in a secure, climate-controlled facility

How Allegiance Moving and Storage Works for You

Allegiance Moving and Storage is a broker that coordinates all you need to complete a safe and timely relocation. A standard move the company organizes includes:

  • Transportation of household or commercial office goods
  • Wrapping furniture to prevent damage
  • An itemized inventory of all goods to include with pre-move condition
  • Up to 30 days of free storage
  • Packing tape and moving pads, but not boxes and packing materials

The mover may disassemble and reassemble furniture. Ask Allegiance to ensure the mover has the proper tools if you need this service. A specialized third party may need to handle particularly delicate or ornate furniture. Give Allegiance Moving and Storage sufficient details to ensure your furniture gets proper handling in your moving estimate.

Allegiance Moving and Storage Professional Packing

Professional packing and unpacking is not part of a standard move. Allegiance Moving and Storage can arrange for this service for an additional fee. Using a packing and unpacking service may be a good idea for consumers if they:

  • Have a large number of belongings
  • Are short on time
  • Are moving long-distance
  • Own several fragile items

Packing services save customers time and in turn, relieve their stress. Professional packers ensure treasured possessions arrive intact at the new location.

Allegiance Moving and Storage Costs

Since every move is different, Allegiance Moving and Storage does not disclose general service costs on its website. However, you will receive a binding estimate, so there are no financial surprises during the move. The estimate shouldn’t change unless you add more services after the quote, or discover additional items you need transported.

To give you an idea of moving costs, we compiled some average long-distance moving cost information.

Allegiance Moving and Storage Add-On Costs

Allegiance lists some potential extra costs in the terms and conditions. Not all movers charge these fees, but they are relatively standard across all moving companies.

  • $50 to move items down each flight of stairs after the first
  • $75 to move items every 100 feet after the first 100 feet
  • $0.35 to $0.45 per cubic foot of belongings stored after the first month of free storage
  • $300+ if the truck is unable to park at the new destination, requiring shuttles

Review your agreement with Allegiance Moving and Storage carefully to be sure you understand all costs. Ask if the carrier charges a tariff, which increases your final bill.

How to Hire Allegiance Moving and Storage

To initiate an Allegiance Moving and Storage move, call the broker or fill out the quick five-question online quote form. Once submitted, a company representative will contact you to discuss your relocation needs in detail.

Once you receive and agree to a firm quote, your downpayment is 30% of the estimate plus an estimate fee. Allegiance then begins coordinating the professional required to complete the move. You must pay 50% of the remaining balance before the moving company picks up your items. The remaining balance gets paid before unloading at the new location.

Allegiance Moving and Storage Complaints

Allegiance Moving and Storage receives mixed reviews online. Raters on VerifiedMovers give the broker 5 out of 5 stars. The average reviewer score on the Better Business Bureau site is about 3.5 out of 5 stars. BirdEye gives Allegiance 3.9 stars on a 5-star scale. The company has many satisfied customers, but there are some complaints online. Issues are regarding unforeseen moving cost increases, delivery delays and poor customer service. Some of these problems originate with the mover and not Allegiance Moving and Storage.

Allegiance Moving and Storage Q&A

  • How does Allegiance Moving and Storage vet its moving company partners?

    Allegiance Moving and Storage carefully screens moving partners by reviewing each company’s safety record and reputation. Movers are verified and authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to transport consumer goods.

    All moving companies have adequate cargo, bodily injury and property damage insurance. Finally, Allegiance ensures partners provide binding estimates to eliminate price changes. However, movers are permitted to use subcontractors.

  • What is the Allegiance Moving and Storage cancellation policy?

    Customers who cancel their move within 72 hours of booking get a full refund of their deposit less a 10% administration fee. Cancellations after the 72-hour mark are eligible for a 50% deposit refund. Cancellations made within 72 hours of the customer’s first available pickup date are nonrefundable.

    Reservations booked within five days of the customer’s first available pickup date are also not refunded. Customers can use nonrefundable deposits toward another move within 12 months.

  • What happens if a consumer’s belongings are damaged during an Allegiance Moving and Storage move?

    Customers experiencing damage should contact Allegiance Moving and Storage. Allegiance will guide them through the claim process. Per the industry standard, customers are eligible to receive $0.60 per pound of damaged goods, up to $10,000. This coverage is industry-standard, but it’s usually inadequate. We recommend buying additional insurance to protect against loss regardless of the mover you use.

  • Does Allegiance Moving and Storage guarantee pickup and delivery dates?

    Unless the customer purchases the optional Premium Guaranteed Service package, Allegiance Moving and Storage does not guarantee pickup or delivery dates. Circumstances like weather, traffic and truck breakdowns can cause dates to shift. Customers should be prepared to wait up to 30 business days from their first available delivery date to receive their items.

  • Does Allegiance Moving and Storage disconnect or reconnect appliances?

    Customers will have to make other arrangements to disconnect appliances at the location they are leaving and reconnect at the destination. Depending on the appliance, this may require an electrician, plumber or handyman.


Allegiance Moving and Storage helps both residential and commercial customers affordably relocate to their new destination. The broker partners with licensed moving professionals to transport consumer belongings safely and securely. Allegiance tailors moving services to each customer’s situation, ensuring a worry-free moving experience no matter how far they’re going.

Allegiance Moving and Storage Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
December 10 2019 2:40AM

Okay, I want to break down my move piece by piece so that anyone out there looking for a recommendation knows what to expect from these guys. I’ll start by saying that they were excellent and that I have no complaints at all. They did a great job for us.

First of all, they showed up on time. This in and of itself was a surprise to me because I’ve used movers in the past who didn’t think this should be a priority. These guys were timely right from the start. Second, they introduced themselves to me, asked me questions, and got right to work. They were friendly, outgoing, and polite through the whole day. They handled everything careful while they were moving us and didn’t cut any corners.

Lastly, when they arrived to our new home everything was intact. Not a scratch or broken item among our things. I would definitely recommend this company above any other that I have used in the past. It was the easiest and fastest move I have ever had.

Theresa G.
Buena Vista, GA
September 08 2021 10:45PM

Stay away from this dishonest moving company. They brokered a move for me from Ohio to Florida in 2021. We were assured by Allegiance that the delivery would be within 6 to 10 days of the pickup. However it is now nearly 4 weeks later and furniture has not yet been delivered.

It turns out the Allegiance did not even communicate the delivery range we were told to the moving company. The movers had no idea about it, and no intention of doing it that quickly.

If I had known that it would take this long I would have packed completely differently and been much better prepared to wait. Allegiance does not care about the customer, only about their profit from the deal.

Certainly no elderly people should be subjected to this company, who deserve better than to be unexpectedly sleeping on the floor because of a dishonest moving broker. Avoid using Allegiance Moving and Storage at all costs.

Jon S.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
July 21 2021 3:03PM

I absolutely HATE writing bad reviews, but the AMERICAN people deserve better than scam artist that have arose from this pandemic! Before you read mine and see all of the other 5 star reviews.... Read into what those reviews are. Then go ahead and read the 1 star reviews.

You have to read between the lines as I too was tricked by the common 5 star review post! Please review YELP as well and other platforms for reviews... This will assist with a more clear picture as to the etiquette of this company.

This is hands down the most un professional company I have EVER met. Let me start off by stating that Mike ** is THE WORST quality assurance I have ever dealt with. I called in to inquire info about my move and was transferred by Angelica to Mike **.

This man proceeded to explain to me that the customer service rep that I placed my order with was no longer with the company. Mike then openly admitted that he was lying to customers and he his hands were tied.

Instead of offering a solution, I was THREATENED to have my service cancelled due to, "I CAN'T AFFORD ANOTHER BAD REVIEW".

What do you do at this point moving from CA to Tx, say ok Mike, I understand now that Todd scammed me but since that was not you, I am just going to cancel the your order to not expose the terrible service provided?

So I HAPPILY just went ahead and thanked Mike **, for what now I don't know... wait I do, I am compassionate and understand that this was not his issue so I gave this company the benefit of the doubt.

This is pathetic, anyone that ever moved before, let alone cross country, it is very stressful. Todd **, the man I scheduled the move with, is no longer with the company due to false advertisement.

They also claim that they are recognized by other large businesses that I too have called to inquire info about this company and they lied about this too. Good luck trying to get a hold of someone to give you actual info, it won't happen.

They brokered me out to Cross Country Moving Company out of CA. They were great however upon trying to contact this company, the phone # that they have, no one answers.

I then am once again at Allegiance mercy, thanks for all the great help once again Angelica, as you will be on hold for minimum at times for 30 min +/-, to only received "0" helpful info.

She then assured me that someone would contact me up to 3 days prior to having my items received, this never happened causing my family that I logistically my items prior to my arrival at my new home, to cause MAJOR displacement for them when all was needed was just at minimum 12 hrs of a heads up...

This NEVER happened. I urge you to reconsider this company. This is not what AMERICA is about. These are scam artist just wanting to do bare minimum and take advantage of individuals that place trust in complete strangers for their livelihood that we all work so hard for.

I don't even want to go into the items that were destroyed upon the move as this has nothing to do with this company. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. VERY UN AMERICAN!

PAY THE EXTRA 1000 to go with another broker company that actually understands logistics and is compassionate to their customers! I have some other friends that are moving cross country now. I will update with who they went with here, hoping to help the next consumer!

Here is the following contacts I will be spending large amounts of time to assess that NO other AMERICAN will be at the mercy of this horrible service.

Based on my communication how my claim results with the other company, I will potentially be seeking legal assistance as I spent way too much money to receive the service I did.

Alan R.
Huntington Beach, CA
March 11 2021 5:47AM

We canceled within 24 hrs, they keep 10% of our down payment, we canceled because the person that called to make sure the inventory was right, he was very rude and disrespectful. I told him to cancel and he said we would not get our deposit back, I finally got all back but 10%.

Mary L.
Plant City, FL
August 10 2020 7:10PM

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Crooks!!! I paid for my father's things to be transported from Upstate New York to North Carolina. They called a day earlier than our moving window and asked if they could pick up his things in 2 hours.

After paying over 100.00 for a cab-ride home to be there to meet the movers unexpectedly and not on the schedule we had agreed to; they didn't show up for another SEVEN HOURS, at almost 8:00pm (AT NIGHT)!

And then charged my father an extra 250.00 alleging his items were more than the quoted cubic footage; which I KNOW is a lie because we measured AND TOOK PICTURES OF EVERYTHING beforehand!!!

Now, almost 2 WEEKS LATER, we STILL DON'T KNOW WHERE HIS THINGS ARE!!!! We were told the things would be delivered 5 days after pick-up, on Monday, August 3rd; so I took off work to be there and they never showed up; that was a week ago.

I called customer service last Friday and they said they would call me back with an ETA later that morning and I still have not heard back from them. When I call the number they called me from, it is forwarded to a voicemailbox that is full.

Melani L.
Hendersonville, SELECT A STATE
April 19 2020 8:26PM

Allegiance Moving and Storage lied to me and took advantage of me. They said they would adjust my cubic feet of household goods when they load it on the truck. They lied and they don't know how to pack a truck. Do not sign anything. They say they unpack your stuff, they don't. I have 11 moving blankets to prove it. I am considered a senior and they took full advantage of me and during the COVID-19 by doubling the cost of my move.

Jeanne R.
January 26 2020 5:06AM

My mother and I were so happy with Allegiance Moving and Storage. They were so professional. They got started promptly and were super nice all day long. She was moving from California to Arizona after retiring and they made a very emotional day for her into something wonderful. This is a great team to work with. Thank you again Allegiance. We are so happy with your work and consider ourselves blessed to have found your services.

Shirley G.
Grand Prairie, TX
January 22 2020 3:05AM

I would recommend Allegiance to literally everyone. They were very affordable and gave us excellent service. I was really worried about my move because it was such a long distance from New Jersey to California but Allegiance made the whole thing seamless.

They were so professional that they were able to ease my mind right away. Their office staff is also wonderful and were always super responsive when we needed something. I also wanted to say that their driver was both quick and great at handling everything during the move.

James Z.
Harrison, AR
January 13 2020 5:18AM

This is the second time I have hired these guys and they are just awesome. We were living in a second floor condo that was very tricky to get large furniture in and out of. These guys however were on top of it and very efficient. They really made the whole thing look easy. Everyone was nice, polite, and very friendly. I highly recommend using this company. I don’t write many reviews but after my experience with this company they definitely deserve 5 stars!

Adam D.
Wheeling, IL
January 12 2020 5:40AM

Allegiance Moving and Storage has the best movers. They did such a great job when they came to our home for our relocation. They got everything to us in record time without a single scratch on anything. Such a great job guys! Thank you Allegiance! Keep up the great work! Also, something I wanted to mention is that their pricing is very affordable. It was much less than what I budgeted which gave us extra money to buy a few new things for our new home. Allegiance Moving and Storage is awesome!

Bryce G.
Portland, WA
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