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October 26 2019 4:27AM

The movers that we had the pleasure of working with from Allegiance Moving were very professional and showed great care with our belongings. They not only loaded my home up in a very timely manner but they also transported and unloaded everything much faster than expected. They were flexible with our moving plans which meant the whole thing couldn’t have gone better. I also didn’t find a single damaged item. I’ve never had that experience with a moving company before.

Typically, there’s always some sort of mess up but not with these guys. They were excellent. They even protected my carpet when moving things into the new house! That’s not something you see often. Everyone was wonderful and everything came to me safely, that’s really all I can ask for. They also helped me put together some of the harder furniture pieces that needed to be disassembled during transport. I would recommend these guys.

Tyree B.
Chicago, IL
October 24 2019 5:56AM

I had a wonderful first experience with Allegiance Moving and their whole crew. They were so nice to my family and I and made us feel like no matter the task they were up to it. They worked so hard and tirelessly to get the move done in a timely matter. They were organized, polite, and best of all they knew what they were doing.

From the best way to move heavy furniture to how long it would all take there wasn’t a question I had that I couldn’t answer. I don’t find companies like this very often so I wanted to take the time and give them my support for it. I happily give them 5 stars.

Karen K.
Sacramento, CA
October 23 2019 6:29AM

I used Allegiance Moving Group when we moved my mother from her home into a senior living community closer by. It was a somewhat long distance move as the senior living facility was 2 states over. I was there on the moving day so I can attest to what a great choice we made hiring them.

The movers were not only skilled at what they do but they were also highly polite to my mother. They consulted her on what items were fragile or breakable and really listened to her. When the items made their way to us for drop off everything was in the exact condition she left them in. I highly recommend this moving company. The whole experience was ideal.

Dan P.
New York, NY
October 22 2019 4:20AM

There just aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to Allegiance Moving. They helped us so much with our move. Our house ended up closing early and we had to reschedule our move entirely. Thankfully Allegiance was happy to give us flexibility. Their rates were excellent and they stayed true to our original quote. Their team was able to get everything loaded up quickly and their driver kept us updated on the progress of our drive. They were so careful. We literally didn’t have a single thing broken. I would gladly use them again and have already told family and friends about what a wonderful experience it was.

George H.
Saint Louis, MO
October 16 2019 8:59PM

I wanted to place an update in regards to my initial review. Since the time of my first writing I have been contacted by Austin the dispatch manager with Allegiance. We had a lengthy conversation and so far he appears to be getting this all on the right track. He has not only spoken to me personally, he has also reached to the carrier he uses and has assured me all of my items should be here safely and in good condition no later than this upcoming Monday the 21st, but thought they may even be here Friday or Saturday.

In addition to that, he has also agreed to credit me back $200.00 for the trouble I initially had and I greatly appreciate this. As soon as my delivery arrives and this is all finalized, I will be sure to post another update which reflect on the overall process and the final outcome of my move. I will say at this point I am far more confident in the outcome than I was earlier and am looking forward to remaining process being one that is smooth and ultimately a positive. Chad

Chad H.
Tracy, CA
October 14 2019 5:55PM

I will start out by saying that their pricing was competitive and that is the only reason I am granting them a 1 star. Remember that's an F in school. I made a move from CA. to TX and was starting a new position here. When I reached out to Allegiance I told them that I was starting on 10/7 and that I needed to be certain that my delivery would be here on or before 10/6 and reiterated that it was of the utmost importance and they assured me that would be no problem at all because they called their carrier and he confirm that wouldn't me an issue. WELL IT IS NOW AN ISSUE!!!

It is 10/14 and I still have no earthly idea when or if my stuff will be arriving, I called and called and called no less than 10 times and that is an underestimate and had no return calls from anyone. I didn't get a call saying they were not coming. I didn't get a call saying there was a delay. When I called the guy that packed me he said his part was done and there was nothing he could do.

When I called Allegiance no call back, when I called their carrier no call back and yep you guessed it crickets. I finally filed a Better Business Complaint and guess what I got a voicemail, but now that I call back I cant reach the guy on the number he called from. Well in short if you don't mind not know when your stuff will or if it will arrive then go ahead and pull the trigger with this place.

At best they are just horrible and at worst literally criminal I will know that answer hopefully in the next few days as they don't seem to feel its important to keep you up to date if they have all your worldly possessions and you have no idea when they are going to arrive after being more than a week late and care even less if you have any idea at all if they're ever going to get around to delivering them.


Chadwick H.
Tracy, CA
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