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Bruno Independent Living Aids is a third-generation family business located in Wisconsin, dedicated to making lives easier for people with mobility challenges. Bruno manufactures straight and custom-curved rail stair lifts for indoor and outdoor use. The models are known for quality, performance, and customization.

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Bruno makes multiple indoor and outdoor stairlifts including straight and curved stairlifts. Reviews indicate high user satisfaction, and all lifts come with a comprehensive warranty.

Bruno Stairlifts Review

Bruno was founded by a US Veteran with the goal of being a leading provider of solutions for an independent lifestyle. In addition to stair lifts, Bruno designs and builds scooter and wheelchair lifts for homes, businesses and vehicles. Their stair lifts and other mobility products are sold, installed and serviced by factory-trained local dealers.

Whether the stairs are inside or outside the home, Bruno makes stairlifts to accommodate every configuration of curved or straight staircases. Bruno’s unique vertical stairlift rail system allows for maximum open space on the steps, and multiple stairlift options are available to accommodate the individual user’s needs.


  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Indoor and outdoor stairlifts
  • Global brand known for quality and safety


  • No online purchasing
  • No DIY installation, must pay an installer

Bruno Stairlift Models

All Bruno stairlift models feature a chair attached to a rail that is secured on the stairs. When the rocker switch on the chair’s armrest is pushed, the stairlift travels up and down the steps. Bruno straight stairlifts use a vertical anodized aluminum rail. Bruno curved stairlifts feature a custom-made, vertical e-coated steel rail for stability and a precise fit. For details about how stairlifts work, see our Stairlifts Buyer’s Guide.

Bruno stairlifts

Bruno stairlifts are powered by two twelve-volt batteries, allowing the stairlift to operate in a power outage. While in a parked position at the end of the rail, Bruno curved stairlifts are automatically recharging their batteries. Bruno straight stairlift models were the first stairlifts in the industry featuring charge strips along the entire rail, which enable the unit’s batteries to constantly charge no matter where the unit is parked.

All Bruno stairlift models are equipped with standard safety features including obstruction sensors that stop the lift if the chair hits an object on the steps and a seat belt to secure the user in place.

Elan Straight Stairlift
Bruno’s most popular straight stairlift, with a 300 lb – lift capacity, features a vertical rail that allows the stairlift to be installed close to the wall for maximum open space. Folded rail and other power options available.
Elite Curved Stairlift
Custom hand-built rail for precise fit, and smooth, consistent ride. High performance with stylized look offers 400-lb lift capacity. Select power options to customize the Elite curve to your needs.
Elite Straight Stairlift
Custom hand-built rail for precise fit, and smooth, consistent ride. High performance with a stylized look offers a 400-lb lift capacity. Select power options to customize the Elite curve to your needs.
Elite Curved Outdoor Stairlift
Curved rail custom built to exact specifications of stairs. Engineered to withstand harsh weather – performance tested from 0⁰ F to 125⁰F. Cover provided with stairlift.
Elite Outdoor Stairlift
Marine-grade vinyl padded seat and arms and waterproof cover for weather protection. Anodized aluminum rail with covered gear rack. 400-lb lift capacity.
Bruno Stair Lift Options

Bruno Stairlifts Costs and Warranty

Bruno straight stairlifts have a limited lifetime warranty. Curved and outdoor models come with a comprehensive five-year limited warranty on components and two years on parts. You may get additional warranty coverage through the authorized Bruno dealer or installer.

The cost of a Bruno stairlift varies depending on the custom configuration and dealer. The price depends on the model, the rail length, upgrades, and state permitting requirements (businesses). A straight stairlift can cost between $2,000 and $5,000, while curved models range from $8,000 to $10,000. High-end customized stairlifts cost up to $15,000. The average labor cost for installation is $70 per hour, and electrical work should be around $300. Call your local government office to discuss building permits.

How Bruno Stairlifts are Installed

Bruno dealers are factory-trained to ensure proper installation of your lift. It takes an average of two-to-three hours to install a straight stairlift. A curved stairlift takes longer to install based on the complexity of the curves and length of the stairlift rail.

Where to Buy Bruno Stairlifts

You can buy Bruno stairlifts from an authorized dealer in your community. To find an authorized dealer in the United States or Canada, visit Bruno’s website. If you need to find a Bruno Stairlift dealer outside of North America, there’s a form you can complete and submit on the website. You can also request a stairlift quote on the Bruno website.

Bruno Stairlift Complaints

Bruno Independent Living Aids is rated at nearly 5 out of 5 stars with 1,550 reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Customer feedback frequently mentions the quick installation process and how well the stairlift improved mobility. Reviewers often spoke highly of the authorized dealers as being friendly and professional.

Bruno has an “A+“ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with 46 reviews and an average rating a 4.3 out of 5. Bruno resolved or offered to resolve each complaint, even contacting dealers to get customers the resolution they desired. On TrustPilot, Bruno scores 9.6 out of 10 stars across 1,854 customer reviews.

Bruno Outdoor Elite stair lift
Bruno Outdoor Elite stair lift

Bruno Stairlifts FAQs

Can I install a Bruno stairlift myself?

Only authorized dealers and technicians can install Bruno stairlifts. There are no DIY options available at this time.

Does insurance cover some of the costs for Bruno Stairlifts?

Most health insurance plans don’t cover the full cost of buying and installing stairlifts, and Medicare provides no coverage. See How to Pay for Aging in Place Home Remodeling for tips on making a stairlift affordable, and ask your Bruno dealer about financing.

Can you order Bruno stairlifts online?

New Bruno stairlifts must be purchased and installed by a local authorized Bruno dealer. Most Bruno dealers will not install a stairlift not purchased from them, so ordering them online is not recommended. In addition, by using a dealer, a trained specialist is able to properly measure the steps and also determine if any options are needed to customize the stairlift based on the individual user’s capabilities.

Are Bruno stairlifts permanent?

Since Bruno Stairlifts are not permanently installed and do not require home modification, you can remove them from your home if they are no longer needed.

Will Bruno stairlifts work in a power outage?

Bruno models are battery-powered and continually charged via a wall outlet. If the power goes out, the stairlift will pull from the battery power for an additional number of rides.


When you’re in the market for mobility equipment such as a stairlift, it’s essential to choose the highest quality and safest product possible. Bruno Independent Living Aids has been in business for more than 35 years, stands by its products, manufactures all its lifts in the United States, and carries leading industry certifications for safety. Consumer reviews indicate that Bruno stairlifts are reliable and the company listens to customers.

If you are interested in learning more about a stairlift from Bruno, give them a call (877) 718-1244 or visit their website.

218 Bruno Reviews

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Featured Review

5 Stars

May 06 2022 11:06AM

The Bruno chairlift is working well. Bruno looked like it would fit our needs and they gave us the price of it, and it was affordable. The installers were courteous and kind. They cleaned up their mess when they were done. So, I was happy with that.

My dad uses the product. He's having difficulty climbing the stairs and now, he can get up and down the stairs.

Wanda B.
1 Star

April 29 2024 1:52PM

It’s bait and switch at its finest, They don’t tell you about the yearly service needed. Your cost of ownership will skyrocket. These lifts take 2 batteries that cost $125 each that have to be replaced every 2 years and it needs track lubrication yearly. There is also a trip charge that they don’t tell you about. I'm spending $550 a year to maintain this piece of equipment that cost me $5800.00. Nonsense Lies.

Miguel P.
Indianapolis, IN
5 Stars

March 29 2024 7:50AM

Our Bruno stairlift works. I'm waiting for some support at the bottom of the stairlift so I can walk around the lower level, and they haven't come yet, but the stairlift itself is fine.

David W.
Waupaca, WI
5 Stars

March 23 2024 7:33AM

I talked to the sales ladies and salesmen from Bruno, and I had no problems. My brother talked to the installer kid. Everything went okay.

Carl S.
Strongsville, OH
5 Stars

March 21 2024 6:01AM

We live in a condo with an unfinished basement, but it's a very long stairway and the Bruno stairlift has been valuable to us. We're very old, in our mid-90s, and we've enjoyed it very much. We feel safe. So far, we're very pleased with it. Everything is neat and clean and it looks great. We use it every time we're up and down the stairs. The installer was most congenial. He was fast and very neat and clean. He went through all the steps with us as to how to run the stairlift and how to use it and fold it. I was very pleased with him. He said that we could get some money back if we declared it a health aid, that our doctor would agree, too. He said that we would get some texts in the sales aspect.

Kurt U.
Hudsonville, MI
5 Stars

March 20 2024 11:14AM

The Bruno salesperson was a joy to work with. He was empathic. He was knowledgeable and informative, and we had a good time together. The installation went perfectly. There was a guy called Terry, and I have never seen a workman work as completely dedicated to doing a great job. And also, he's done this for 19 years. So, there was never a wrong movement. Whenever he put something here, then picked up that, then put it there, and from there to there, there were no extra movements of any kind. He didn't lose anything. He was totally clean. He put paper around where he was drilling to catch the wooden pieces that might fly with a drill. He was terrific. He did not have the long enough kind of copper band for the charging. So, from the beginning, he said, "I'll be back and put that in as soon as I can get it." Apparently, our steps are longer than most. And he did that with efficiency again.

I wish that Bruno did make an improvement on their thing. I think that one has to bend down to lift the foot rest or put it down. That's unfortunate. There should be a way of how you can have a lever or something to do that. Because for people that can't breathe, it's not an easy thing for them to do. Other than that, we've had a very good experience with Bruno.

Christiane S.
Pittsburgh, PA
5 Stars

March 17 2024 6:17AM

The Bruno stairlift serves its purpose. My experience with it is satisfactory. I'd rather not have it, but we needed it. I'd recommend it if anybody needed one.

Elizabeth T.
Chattanooga, TN
5 Stars

March 15 2024 2:37AM

We're familiar with chairlifts and when we decided to get one here, it seemed that the Bruno seemed to be top quality, if not one of the best alternatives. We stopped at a showroom at a dealer in Salem and spoke with a gentleman there and looked over the chairlift. We already had measurements with us. The next day, he came out because he said, "I'd have to look it over and just double-check the measurements and see how we'd set it up." Two days later, they came and installed it.

We have no problem getting around the chair to use the steps. It takes up not quite half the stairs where the chair is and once you round the chair, there's no problem at all. The track takes up almost no space at all. We love it. We can put a basket full of stuff on our lap and just go down and load the basket up again. We have our freezer and refrigerator and stuff downstairs. It was difficult to keep going up and down. So, we love it. We wish we had done it sooner.

Nick & Elke S.
Roanoke, VA
5 Stars

March 10 2024 5:43AM

The stairlift is beautiful. My husband uses it and loves it. The bedroom is upstairs and when he was sick, we put the bed downstairs. But when we installed the stairlift, we put the bed in the bedroom upstairs again. He goes on the stairlift all the time to go up to sleep in the bedroom. He is so happy.

Lilly M.
Miami, FL
5 Stars

March 08 2024 6:14AM

Bruno 's sales rep was a young lady. She was very nice. She talked to me good, she worked with me, and she got the work done. The stairlift is fitting very well into our stairwell. I love it. I got the model SRE-3050. It is perfect. You can walk down the side of it and it does not take up a lot of room. It's functioning very well. The speed is not fast. It's a little medium speed, and that's good. Everything is really good. I really like it. It did wonders for my life. I don't have to put pressure on my legs to come up the steps. The Bruno stairlift is very good, nice and compact. It is not too big or clumsy-looking. It has a nice slim fit. And if you have anyone in your house who needs one, it's a good idea that they look into it further and try to see if they can get one. It's perfect for me. My legs feel so much better by me not having to walk up and climb up and down the steps.

Sheila W.
Washington, DC
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