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November 06 2020 2:06AM

My mother-in-law had had several falls and she needed to be able to go up and down the stairs in her townhome. Her Bruno stairlift has made a major difference. She's comfortable, she's still got her independence left, and she's thoroughly enjoying it.

The set-up was great. The people who did it were very knowledgeable with any of the questions we had. Everyone was very nice. Everything was very easygoing.

Juanita V.
Portsmouth, VA
October 27 2020 2:42AM

Bruno's rep was very professional. The installation team was good. They did the installation in about two and a half hours. From the time I ordered the stairlift to the time it was installed and working, it was not 10 days. It went very quickly.

Our Bruno stairlift works very well. I've been recuperating from some problems, and getting up and down to my basement was a problem. The stairlift solved that. It's very good.

I can access all of my house now, which is important. I've got a lot of books and such in my basement that I need to access. So, that's been very helpful.

William R.
Middleton, WI
October 23 2020 6:27AM

I had three companies come in to give me estimates. Bruno was the very first to come. I liked their rep a lot. I felt like he made me feel comfortable. The night before when I was just doing stairlift research online, I found Bruno.

I watched some kind of video about Bruno, and I liked the video. The stairlifts were made in Wisconsin and is manufactured in the United States. I'm trying not to buy anything overseas now.

I didn't have anybody else come to my house. I knew what it was gonna cost, and the Bruno rep's estimate was right at where it should have been. He didn't hose me. It's a custom stairlift so I know how much the difference is. Being in real estate, I have an idea what it cost.

I got a curved custom stairlift. I love it. It's all great. The only negative I have for that stairlift is when my grandma gets to the top of the stairs, she forgets to turn it, and so it's sitting sideways to the stairs.

I'm afraid that if she tries to get out because she forgets, she could fall down the stairs. She's trying to remember, though. She's 91. I wish when it went to the stairs, it just wouldn't turn. She has to lift up that handle and turn the seat.

The guy that did the measuring that sold it, John, was perfect. He was very professional, but personable and likeable.

Then the installation team was three kids, but they did a great job. They're very well trained. One of the kids is one of the owner's kid. He was good. They had an older kid who's probably in his 20s, and he was the foreman. He did a great job too. They put it in quickly.

As far as the Bruno stairlift, we haven't used the remotes, but they're nice. We just took a velcro and put it on both sides, top and the bottom. Grandma really doesn't use them. But it's nice to have them because I grabbed it before where it's at the bottom of the stairs.

A couple of times, she's feisty, and she climbed the stairs a couple of times without getting on the Bruno. So, I just grabbed the remote and pull it up so it's ready for the next time she's ready to go down.

The only negative is one of the armrests won't stay up. It just keeps falling down. It's a wide stairs. So, it doesn't really bother me, but it would be nice if that would fold up.

When you push it up, it just comes falling down. It's loose. I'm a do-it-yourself person, but I haven't really messed with it. I'm wondering if I'd just take my screwdriver and put it in the screw and tighten it.

My grandma is using the stairlift, and she's like 95 pounds. It has a 400 pound limit, so we're pretty good. It's enabled her to live in the lower level. It's really allowed us to move her in.

We got a living area upstairs, a living area downstairs, but no living area on the first floor. It's a big house with a bunch of kids, so it worked out.

My overall experience with Bruno was very smooth, easy, and I felt like I was delivered what was promised.

Rob F.
Noblesville, IN
October 19 2020 3:05AM

I've been having a really hard time getting up the stairs. I've had a lot of chest pain and breathing problems. I finally decided, rather than continuing with that, I would go and get a stairlift.

As far as Bruno goes, I did some research on the internet and they have a really good rating so I decided to go with them.

When I researched it, Bruno seemed like the logical choice. One of the things I was looking for was the weight capacity because I'm pretty heavy. They have that available. I thought that was nice.

As far as the sales experience goes, I just called them and told them what I wanted and they came out and did measurements, and then three days later, they came and installed, so it went really smooth. They did a great job.

I like the stairlift a lot. It makes it much easier to get upstairs. A lot of times, what I'll do is take it upstairs and then walk back downstairs and I come back down. I really like the remote to be able to bring it back down.

Nora G.
Indianapolis, IN
October 11 2020 6:48AM

My wife got to the point where she couldn't go more than three steps at a time up the stairs. She's got a bad heart. I had to do something, so I thought getting a stairlift might be the right solution. Bruno is working great.

I met the salesman when he came out. He was local. He also seemed more sincere and more reliable to take care of the problem. He was more believable. He was a better salesman.

The installation was easy. I'm a building contractor, and I'm used to this stuff. The installer was here a little over two hours. It was great.

We got a straight stairlift, and there's plenty of room. I got a big stairwell. I got the one where you lift the seat and the step goes down. I thought that was a pretty important option, and it turned out to be very good.

I don't like the fact that I got the track on the stairs, but you can't do without it. I thought that one was less revealing than the other. The seat could be a little more comfortable, but I think it compares with anything else I looked at.

It works just like it's supposed to. It does everything that the salesman said it would do. It's quiet. My wife uses it all the time. Now, she can go up and down the stairs. She loves it.

Larry K.
Napa, CA
October 10 2020 10:18AM

We're pleased with Bruno. The installation was wonderful. There was an issue and the installer had to come back a second day. But it wasn't his fault. It was a mechanical issue.

Now that we have the stairlift, my mother is avoiding the stairs and she's able to bathe. With assistance, she's able to shower on her own.

Joanne S.
New Paltz, NY
October 10 2020 3:20AM

My Bruno stairlift is beautiful. It's a lifesaver for me because I just had knee surgery. My children were after me constantly for going up and down the steps. So, they sorta insisted that I do something that would help me.

I had Acorn come out a couple of years ago, and they viewed what I had such as the steps. Then, when I got really serious about it this year, I thought, "Well, I'll call somebody local," because Acorn is from Florida.

Bruno had a rep here in town. They came out and they explained what they would do and they said that they would mount it on the steps. Acorn mounts on the wall. I didn't want it mounted on the wall. Bruno did a beautiful job mounting it on the steps.

Bruno's rep was a very nice young man. The installers were outstanding. You really wouldn't have even known they'd been here. They were so clean when they left. The men were very polite. They did their business, and left. They were very quiet.

It was a very nice decision that I went with Bruno. I'm very satisfied with my decision. It was an outstanding experience.

Darlene K.
Red Bank, TN
October 03 2020 3:51AM

Because my father is an old man, he's not able to go up the steps. My friends recommended me to Bruno and it is where we got a stairlift from.

I was 100% satisfied with the person who came to install it. It was done in two and half an hour. The stairlift has very good quality. I'm very happy. I'm using it every day.

Israel W.
Monsey, NY
January 14 2020 6:05PM

Had Access stair-lift for 17 years. Extremely comfortable chair and easy to use. Replaced with Elan, disappointed and upset. Installer 1 kid, very nice but needed more help. Track way into stairs, past previous one. Chair functions, but terrible. VERY slim seat, afraid of sliding off, 5"2" petite. Feels like sitting on metal, NO padding. Arms curve out SO far my arms can't rest on them so difficult to hold lever. Extremely slow and not told how to use. Track so far past bottom step interferes with wheelchair on ramp. Altogether not anything I expected.

Read multiple reviews that were good. Would have had tech remove completely but he was firm that other seat options available. UNTRUE now stuck with nearly unusable lift. Would almost rather crawl UP AND DOWN..I LIKED IT BEING AMERICAN MADE BUT COMPANY HAS A long WAY TO GO. REALLY CHECK THIS OUT PRIOR TO PURCHASE. GOOD POINT (1), IT IS QUIET. If tech had not assured me of different seat options would not have kept. Anyone want a good deal?

Gigi M.
Burnsville, MN
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