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December 02 2020 4:35AM

I'm 75 years old and crippled. I decided to purchase a stairlift from Bruno. It took them almost a year to get it installed. The VA had someone from Anchorage come all the way up the Fairbanks to do it, and they only come up twice a year.

The installation part of it, once they got here, was fantastic. The stairlift works. When a person has a narrow staircase like I've got, it would be good if they would make the seat where it would turn and you end up backwards. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with the product.

Gerald R.
Salcha, AK
November 22 2020 8:20AM

I got a stairlift to help me get up the steps to the bedroom. The price is the main thing and I went with Bruno because of that. The sales visit was really good. The rep was Wendy. She was very good. She explained it all to us, and that worked out really well.

The installers were fine. I got the straight one. They were able to do it in a really timely manner, and I really liked it.

I like the ease of using my stairlift. It's much easier going up the steps. I can make trips up there when I need to instead of just going, "No, I'll have to wait until nighttime to go up there." Now, I can go up during the day, so it's doing daily activities. I feel very safe using it.

So far, so good. If someone would ask about it, I'd say, "It changes your life and it makes life so much easier. So, don't be afraid to get a device that's going to help you to achieve your goals and your daily activities. Don't let the looks of it scare you away."

Shirley L.
Clive, IA
November 18 2020 2:42AM

I went online to compare different stairlifts and pricing, and Bruno's seemed to be the highest ratings. The stairlift was installed for my mother, so it gives her a little freedom. As far as the installation, we dealt with Westchester Stairlift, and they were perfect. It was really a great experience.

Barbara F.
Irvington, NY
November 12 2020 5:17AM

The VA bought a Bruno stairlift for me. I'm a 240% disabled veteran, so they buy everything I want except lunch. Bruno sent out a guy to take a look at what needed to be done, and then they sent out a guy to install it.

The estimator was a gentleman and the installer was very skillful. He did a very nice job, kept it very neat all the way through, didn't make a whole lot of noise, and it works. They were both very good.

The stairlift works. The quality is very good. I can get up to the second floor now, which is where my office is since I'm a writer. Not having to crawl up those stairs like an old crippled man is a pleasure.

The stairlift is easy to operate, comfortable and quiet. It takes a lot of pressure off of me. Instead of forcing myself up and down that one flight of stairs once or twice a week, I can go about four times a day if I feel like it. I can go back and forth as much as I want, and that's helpful.

Matthew P.
Cumming, GA
November 11 2020 1:31AM

I run out of air before I get to the top of the stairs. I went through the VA and got a Bruno stairlift. It's indoors and it's straight. It's 400 pounds. It fits the stairwell very well. It's compact, and it has very good quality.

My stairlift improved my life a lot. I'm very comfortable with it. I hardly use my emergency inhaler. I had to use it every time I walk the stairs, and I don't use it now.

Gary G.
Anchorage, AK
November 09 2020 12:27PM

The Bruno stairlift works great for Fedeles. It's really helpful. She was a little scared the first few times, but she's been doing really good on it. I was here the day it was put in. It went really good. The gentleman was really professional and he did a really good job.

Gene W.
Bloomington, MN
November 07 2020 9:27AM

I like Bruno. It's great. My legs were getting bad and I went to the VA and they told me if I wanted to live or stay in my house, they would put a stairlift in.

The people are really nice when they came. Someone came and laid out a diagram and there were people who put it in. They did a great job with cleaning up and putting it in.

I got a curved stairlift and it fits good in the stairwell. I like the part where you put your feet on it and you let your feet down on it. My stairlift makes it a lot easy getting down the steps.

Coleman W.
Lincolnton, NC
November 06 2020 12:48PM

My husband had gotten to the point that he was having problems with his blood pressure getting really low, and he would eventually just pass out. And in climbing the stairs, I was concerned about him on those stairs. So, we went ahead and got the stairlift.

I had heard some TV commercials about Bruno a couple of times. Then, I had a friend that had done some investigation of that particular stairlift. I talked to him and he said he would advise it and give it his okay. I thought, "Well, if he thought it was okay, it would be okay."

The young man that came out was really on his toes and he sold the goods. The installers came in here, and within a matter of minutes, they were gone.

They gave us all the information that we needed to know about using the stairlift and told us all the pros and cons and what we should do and what we shouldn't do.

My husband would still try to walk the stairs if that stairlift wasn't here. But it was me that was really concerned because I knew how his blood pressure was doing. It was my concern that he was going to fall down those stairs.

The Bruno stairlift has been super fine for us. It has done a sufficient job for the length of time that we have had it and our experience is super. If anybody needed one, immediately I said, "Go with it." I would advise anybody to use it. It's been good for us.

Virginia W.
Chickamauga, GA
November 06 2020 11:02AM

Bruno is a good product, but I'm a little upset with the fact that I had the lift for 10 years, and I was having a problem with the motor. They told me that to replace the motor, it was as much as buying a new lift. So, I bought the new lift.

I really think they ought to be able to repair something for less than the cost of a new unit. Maybe it wasn't as much as a new lift, but that's what the dealer told me.

I found Bruno online, and then I looked into the feedback from other people and then I found a dealer.

There are no dealers near me, unfortunately. It's probably an hour and a half away either dealer. I'm right in the middle. They had some very good ratings and it was American-made, so I bought it.

Also, I bought it because I had a problem with my knee. I did it by the phone and then people came and installed it. They were very nice people. It's a family. A lot of the family works in the business. They were very friendly and helpful and made me comfortable to buy from them.

The stairlift fits well into the stairwell. My house is older, so the stairs are not super wide and it leaves ample room for everybody else to go up and down and fits in there fine. It's a straight. It's a 2010 SRE.

I'm having a problem with the new one right now. The tech has to come here on Thursday. I'm sure we'll get it sorted out. Generally, it works well. I'm quite heavy, so that's why I got the heavier model. It operates quicker than a lot of the lifts I've seen.

Edward T.
Highland, NY
November 06 2020 3:52AM

We got a Bruno stairlift for my father who is 90. Getting the stairlift will help my father with getting up and down the stairs. Bruno was recommended to us. Their customer service was very good.

What stood out was the knowledge that the people that we're doing it have and the way they handled everything. It was professionally done. We're happy with Bruno. It works great. My father seems with no trouble using it, so we're very satisfied.

Elliot E.
Juneau, AK
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