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February 03 2021 4:31AM

I didn't wanna have to do the stairs anymore. I have a problem with balance, and the stairs is a danger zone for people who have problems with balance. So, I determined that I should get a stairlift.

My neighbor had one for a long time, and so I knew about it. I got the name of the company that she had used, so I made the call. They were very nice and they came right over.

The Bruno stairlift is fine. I found out that I was doing something wrong, so the guy came over again. He was very nice and showed me the right way to work the seat. It was perfect after that.

Lucille M.
Orleans, MA
January 20 2021 7:16AM

The Bruno chair system is working fine. It's working as installed. It has a very good quality, too. The installers were very professional.

Mr. D.
Kent, WA
January 17 2021 8:54AM

The quality of our Bruno stairlift looks good. Getting on it and going up the steps is a relief.

George A.
Wilmington, DE
January 15 2021 3:56AM

The sales visit with Bruno went very well. They were professional and they did a great job. The installation team was great. They got done very quickly and it's worked well. The stairlift's quality is fine.

Howard W.
Dawsonville, GA
January 15 2021 2:28AM

Our Bruno stairlift is absolutely wonderful. My husband likes it very much. He uses it always. It was a very nice, seamless transition from not having anything to having something that worked very well.

All of the equipment is absolutely durable and beautiful and we're very grateful to have it. The installers were very considerate, very conscious of being careful in the home, very clean, very professional and very kind.

Bruno is the best company in the whole wide world to work with, their people are the most efficient and considerate people to work with, and I was very blessed to be able to have their services for our home.

Wendy B.
Roseburg, OR
January 11 2021 7:52AM

It was time I got a stairlift because I'm having a heck of a time going up and down the steps with my cane, and I'm very happy with mine from Bruno.

The installation was quick. There was hardly any wait for them to come and put it in. I love how the lift goes up and twirls you around. It gets you right where you want to go.

Christine B.
Altoona, PA
January 07 2021 4:02AM

Everything's working fine with Bruno. My wife had a stroke and we were looking at getting a stairlift. I have a good friend that knew the operator and owner of the one where we got our Bruno up at Canal Winchester.

The guy that installed the stairlift was excellent. He was top-of-the-line guy. My wife wasn't here at the time because she was still living with my daughter.

We got it in. It just needs lowered somehow. I don't know what the technique is to lower it down a little bit. Her feet don't quite hit the floor. It's a little bit high for her. But other than that, everything is perfect.

The stairlift fits in the stairwell perfectly fine. We can still walk beside it as we're going up the steps. It goes clear at the top, everything swivels, but it sets just a little bit too high. The guy said we could lower by calling him, but I just haven't got around to calling him yet.

Now that we have our Bruno, my wife doesn't have to walk up the steps. I got 13 steps and she has trouble getting up steps. I have two steps to get to the landing.

The worst part of her trip is getting up those two steps to get into the chair. Then once she's sitting in the chair, we get to the top of the stairwell, and everything is fine after that.

Paul V.
Bremen, OH
January 06 2021 10:44AM

There was a guy that came down and installed my stairlift. He was very nice. I'm very happy with my Bruno stairlift.

I have terrible trouble getting up and down the stairs. The stairlift certainly helps me. It makes my life a lot easier. I like the convenience of me not having to lug stuff up with me when I walk up.

Albert R.
Rochester, NY
January 04 2021 10:06AM

We like the location of Bruno. It was close to us. The in-home sales rep was very knowledgeable and very nice.

Two men came up for the installation and they were very nice and got along with my dog. They got the installation done quickly. I have had no problems with the quality of the stairlift and it seems to be nice.

Kay W.
Hixson, TN
January 03 2021 3:45AM

I entered the house in the middle of October. I have 16 stairs to go up and I was out of breath when I got to the top. I was in there five days. When I came out, I knew I wasn't going to make these stairs every day. So, I made contact with the VA and they got people come over.

My Bruno stairlift has been working fine. It's helped me a lot. I don't have that trouble breathing anymore. I get to the top of the stairs. My bedroom and my bathrooms are upstairs so it was a needed product. I'm very satisfied with it.

The rep who came expressed everything I wanted to know and seemed very knowledgeable about it, so I was satisfied with that. Then the installer that came out a few days later was as knowledgeable and went over everything with me.

Before he left, he made sure I could work. I had a wide stairwell. So, it still leaves room if something had to be moved up or down. The chair is not in the way at all. I recommend to old friends about it.

I would be situated downstairs all the time. Since I got at the house, I've been on oxygen. So, with the hoses up and down , the stairlift made a big difference. It feels safe. It doesn't go too fast, it doesn't go too slow. It's a smooth ride.

It's got a little control at each handle. As your arm is sitting on the armrest, you have the control right at your thumb. You gotta press. If you release the control, it stops. Halfway down, if for some reason you want to stop it, you just release the control.

Joseph S.
Schiller Park, IL
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